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Chapter 387: Your Little Uncle Saw What Happened Last Night

Han Wangwang was still worried after hearing Jiang Zhen’s promise. She took out a piece of toilet paper and twisted it in her palm. She shouted at the person outside the door, “Then you promise not to seduce me.” She was worried that she would not be able to control herself.

Jiang Zhen let out a short laugh outside the door.

“… Okay, I promise.” There’s still a smile in his voice, and it sounds inviting.

Han Wangwang said again, “Then go out first.”

“… sure.”

Han Wangwang stood up from the toilet bowl after hearing Jiang Zhen’s footsteps. She threw the toilet paper into the bin and walked out.

When she walked out of the toilet, she felt that something was wrong. She looked up and saw Jiang Zhen still standing at the end of the bed with his arms crossed, looking at her with a faint smile.

Han Wangwang blushed. “What are you laughing at!”

“It’s rare to see you shy. I want to take a few more glances.” Jiang Zhen rarely saw Han Wangwang shy so he naturally had to take a few more glances.

Previously, Han Wangwang had treated him as a woman and had no shame in front of Jiang Zhen. She said whatever she wanted to say and took off her clothes whenever she wanted to.

After suddenly finding out about Jiang Zhen’s true gender, Han Wangwang suddenly felt that Jiang Zhen had become very unfamiliar. When they interacted with each other, they would feel uncomfortable and shy.

Han Wangwang quickly opened the door and gestured at Jiang Zhen. “Please leave.”

Jiang Zhen went to the cabinet and wrapped a thin blanket before walking towards the living room. When he passed by Han Wangwang, Jiang Zhen suddenly stopped and looked down at her obedient look. He smiled and said, “I forgot to tell you that I like you wearing green lace underwear the most. Remember to wear green on our wedding day. I will like it very much.”

After saying that, he had a premonition that Han Wangwang would beat him up, so he quickly ran away. When Han Wangwang found a pillow and chased after him to beat him up, Jiang Zhen had already run to the sofa in the study room next door to sleep.

“Jiang Zhen, don’t think that I won’t dare to hit you just because you’re a man!” Han Wangwang threw the pillow back onto the bed. Jiang Zhen’s words replayed in her mind. She couldn’t help but walk to the mirror, lift up her shirt, and stare at her body.

Would I look good in a green lace bra?

Han Wangwang blushed again.

She went back to bed and lay down. It was already 2: 30 am, but she did not feel sleepy at all. Han Wangwang opened the shopping app and walked around a few lingerie flagship stores, adding three or four sets of green lace lingerie to the shopping cart.

However, she did not place an order because she was afraid that she would regret it once she woke up with a calm mind.

Han Wangwang stared at the clothes in the shopping cart and thought of the lingerie that she had bought for Jiang Zhen in the past. She immediately covered her face.

She wondered what Jiang Zhen was thinking when he received her personal gifts.


Han Wangwang was even happier when she thought about how Jiang Zhen looked at her gift with a conflicted expression and couldn’t fall asleep.

Jiang Zhen turned on the surveillance camera and saw Han Wangwang rolling around with a pillow on his big bed. She covered her face and laughed secretly at one moment and punched the pillow the next. He couldn’t help but laugh too.

After confessing his biggest secret to Han Wangwang, he felt extremely relaxed.

The next morning, when Han Wangwang woke up, he saw the girl with blue eyes in the mirror. He immediately wanted to take leave and not go to work.

If the customers saw her like this, they would definitely complain about her. However, she could not take leave. Yesterday, an old man asked her to discuss a case. She could not miss the appointment.

Han Wangwang tidied himself up and walked out of the room. He realized that Jiang Zhen was not at home. Thinking that Jiang Zhen was still sleeping, he pushed open the study door and walked in.

Jiang Zhen was not in the study either.

Where is he?

Han Wangwang was about to go to work when she opened the door and bumped into Jiang Zhen.

Jiang Zhen was holding a bag in his hand. He handed the bag to Han Wangwang and said, “I went back and got you some cosmetics.”

He stared at the shadows under Han Wangwang’s eyes and said, “I heard that you took on a criminal case. This is your first major case. It’s not good to meet a client with dark circles under your eyes.”

“Thank you.” Han Wangwang carried the cosmetics back to the living room and sat on the coffee table. Jiang Zhen took out a mirror from the room and placed it in front of Han Wangwang.

Time was running out. Han Wangwang had yet to eat and had to put on makeup. Seeing that she was too busy, Jiang Zhen said, “Drink some milk first. I’ll help you put on your makeup.”

Jiang Zhen had been a girl for a few years, and his makeup skills were even better than Han Wangwang’s. Han Wangwang bit the straw and drank the milk. She didn’t even dare to blink and let Jiang Zhen apply some foundation powder on her face.

She looked at the serious Jiang Zhen and suddenly felt happy.

How many boyfriends would personally put on makeup for their girlfriends early in the morning?

After putting on the makeup, Jiang Zhen started to put on eye shadow eyeliner for Han Wangwang. Han Wangwang had already finished her milk. She smiled and teased Jiang Zhen, “Other than me, who else did you put on makeup for?”

Jiang Zhen glanced at her and said with a wooden expression, “Only you.”

“Then, have you kissed anyone else besides me?”

Jiang Zhen couldn’t be bothered with her. He took the eyeliner pen and knocked Han Wangwang’s head. “It’s so early in the morning. Ask some nutritious questions.”

Han Wangwang looked down at Jiang Zhen’s waist and asked a very nutritious question. “You’re so close to me and it’s early in the morning. Do you have a special reaction?”

Jiang Zhen passed the eyeliner pen to Han Wangwang and stood up coldly. “Draw it yourself!”

Han Wangwang regretted it.

“Fine, I’ll do it myself.”

After a while, Jiang Zhen walked over and sat beside Han Wangwang.

He wanted to put on makeup too.

In order to dilute his masculine features, Jiang Zhen had to use cosmetics to soften his overly sharp edges every day. However, he only wore light makeup. He could not accept eye shadow.

Jiang Zhen simply drew an eyebrow. Seeing that Han Wangwang had also packed up, he picked up his car keys and said, “Come, I’ll send you to work.”


Wangdong City’s Law Firm was concentrated in the same area. This area was nicknamed Law Firm Mainland.

Han Wangwang’s law firm was a reputable old law firm called Hongzheng Law Firm.

Jiang Zhen opened his own law firm. The company had just been established, but its strength was not to be underestimated. It was unknown what method he used, but he actually managed to poach the top ten lawyers in the country into his company.

In this area, the Blue Sea Law Firm that Jiang Zhen opened was the most famous.

Jiang Zhen placed Han Wangwang below their office. He said, “I have something on at noon. I’ll pick you up for dinner tonight.”

“Not tonight. I’m going to my little uncle’s house to eat crayfish tonight.” Summer had arrived, and it was time to eat crayfish once a year.

After the death of the Grand Duke, Han Zhan entrusted five or six retired veterans to look after the villa in Shunchen City.

Han Zhan had told Han Wangwang yesterday that he would send some lobsters over from Shunchen City today for her and Han Junjun to eat at night.

Jiang Zhen leaned closer to her and asked, “Aren’t you bringing me along?”

If this was in the past, Han Wangwang would definitely bring him along. However, now that Jiang Zhen had become a man, Han Wangwang felt a little guilty and didn’t dare to do so.

Seeing Han Wangwang’s terrified look, Jiang Zhen deliberately provoked her. “What are you afraid of? I used to be a woman. You even dared to bring me along when we were doing lace. Now that I’m a man, we’re considered a normal couple. Why don’t you dare to bring me along?”

“I don’t know!” Han Wangwang pushed Jiang Zhen away and ran out of the car.

Jiang Zhen stared at her back view, shook his head, and smiled. Then, he put away his smile and continued driving with a wooden face to his own office.

Jiang Zhen had just graduated not too long ago and could only be considered a rookie in the lawyer industry. However, this rookie looked young and did not have much experience in litigation, but he was very good at managing a company and knew how to pull business.

The Blue Sea law firm currently had five first-grade lawyers, 20 second-grade lawyers, 30 third-grade lawyers, and 80 assistant lawyers.

In order to give his employees a comfortable working environment, Jiang Zhen bought a 12-story building in this area and hung the name of the Blue Sea Law Firm.

The first floor of the building was the reception hall and logistics department. The second floor was the fitness and leisure area. The third floor was the dining room and library. The fourth to sixth floors were office areas. The seventh floor was Jiang Zhen’s personal office area and his living area.

The 8th floor was empty.

There were also people who came to ask Jiang Zhen if he was willing to rent an office building, but Jiang Zhen rejected them straight away. The reason was that he did not lack money and did not like people jumping above his head.

Because of this, everyone in the Wangdong City Law Firm knew that the beautiful boss of the Blue Sea Law Firm was a person who spoke arrogantly and arrogantly.

Jiang Zhen arrived at his office. As soon as he sat down, he picked up the cup of bitter coffee his secretary had prepared for him and drank it. He had just finished a cup of coffee when the company’s current signature lawyer, Wei Xingxing, came to look for him.

Wei Xingxing was a famous inland mouth. He had been working for twenty years and was invincible in court with a glib tongue. He was the living sign that Jiang Zhen had paid a high price to get from S City in the south.

Wei Xingxing was forty-seven years old this year, and due to his work ethic, he was slightly plump. However, after he arrived at the Blue Sea Lawyer’s office, he would take some time to work out for forty minutes every day. Now, he looked much more energetic than when he first arrived.

He thanked Jiang Zhen for setting up a gym in the company.

Jiang Zhen put down his coffee and looked up at the elite man in his forties. He asked, “Lawyer Wei, have you had breakfast?”

Wei Xingxing said, “Last night, I ate a bowl of Chongqing noodles with chili. My stomach hasn’t been feeling well today.”

Upon hearing this, Jiang Zhen took out a bottle of medicine to regulate the stomach from his desk and said, “Eat this. Three times a day. Two pills at once.”

Wei Xingxing looked at his boss’s desk in shock and asked, “Is that Doraemon’s pocket?”

Jiang Zhen didn’t answer. He picked up his coffee cup again. “Tell me what you want.”

Wei Xingxing pulled out a chair and sat down. After sitting down, he said, “There have been some problems with the legal department at Jiangdong Pharmaceuticals recently. Their company plans to cooperate with our law firm and has been contacting me for a few days.”

Because he knew that Jiang Zhen had a deep relationship with Jiang Dong Pharmaceuticals, Wei Xingxing wanted to hear Jiang Zhen’s opinion. He said, “That’s your father’s company. Director Jiang, do we accept this collaboration?”

Jiang Zhen finally laughed. “Don’t we run a law firm to make money? If someone sends money, why don’t we accept it?”

“Then, should we calculate the money according to the normal market price or discount it?”

Jiang Zhen said mercilessly, “My brother has already taken over the company. Even blood-related brothers have to settle accounts clearly. We’ll do whatever we have to.”

“Then there’s no problem.” Wei Xingxing loved his boss, a selfless capitalist who only cared about earning money.

Jiang Zhen asked Wei Xingxing, “Have you asked around? Is there a problem with the legal department?”

“They said that the head of the legal department did not have a good personal style and used his public office to seek revenge. He deliberately tampered with the contract and cheated the company of a large sum of money. He was sued.”

“… interesting.”

After Wei Xingxing left, Jiang Zhen picked up his phone and made a call to a number that was labeled ‘Tool Man 3’.

The call went through and Jiang Zhen told the other party, “You’ve done well. I’ve already paved the way for you. The money has been transferred to your overseas account. You can leave now. Remember, if you leave, don’t ever come back.”

“I understand, sir.”

After hanging up, Jiang Zhen received a call from Jiang Weimin.

“Bi’er, are you free tonight?”

Jiang Zhen wanted to go to the Han family with Han Wangwang to eat crayfish, but he could tell that Jiang Weimin was implying something. He said, “No, what’s the matter, Dad?”

Jiang Weimin said, “It’s like this. Tonight, your Uncle Sheng will bring their daughter over for dinner. Do you know him?”

Jiang Zhen shook his head. “I don’t know.”

“Your Uncle Sheng is your mother’s senior brother and your grandfather’s eldest disciple.” Grandpa ran a gold jewelry business and was a gold jewelry designer himself. He had taken in a few disciples before.

Gold accessories have always been popular among men and women in China.

At that time, Lan Ruoyun’s father was a famous gold master in the city. His requirements to take in disciples were extremely strict. Being able to become his disciple was a kind of glory in itself.

Uncle Sheng, who was coming to the Jiang family for a meal today, was called Sheng Jing. He was only 16 years old when he joined Grandpa Lan’s family and was still a young man.

Sheng Jing and Grandpa Lan had been studying together for two years. When he turned eighteen, Grandpa Shen had given him some calligraphy because he hoped that he could think before speaking.

When Jiang Weimin introduced this uncle, Jiang Zhen had already found out about him.

He browsed through the general information about Sheng Jing. He noticed that this person had a broad forehead. He didn’t seem like a vicious person. He then asked, “Do you want me to go home for dinner?”

“Yes. Uncle Sheng went to the capital twenty-six years ago and opened a jewelry store. Later, the store grew bigger and bigger, and now it has become a well-known jewelry chain in the country. He has a deep relationship with your mother and wants to come back to see you. Try to come back and have a meal with him.”


After hanging up, Jiang Zhen started to study this Sheng Jing.

Sheng Jing Entertainment was registered under his grandfather’s name when he was 16 years old. When he was 25 years old, he went out to establish his own family. Now, he was considered a jewelry master in the country. He was famous and wealthy.

Sheng Jing also had a daughter who was 24 years old, the same age as him.

Jiang Zhen tapped the mouse with a few fingers. Did Sheng Jing bring his daughter to the Jiang family for a meal because he wanted her to marry into the Jiang family?

After work, Han Wangwang skipped straight to Jiang Zhen’s company. The receptionists downstairs recognized her and didn’t stop her.

Han Wangwang entered Jiang Zhen’s office easily. She didn’t see Jiang Zhen in the office but heard the sound of water in the bathroom.


Han Wangwang sat on the sofa and waited.

After waiting for less than three minutes, the sound of water stopped and footsteps could be heard.

Han Wangwang looked up and saw that Jiang Bi was only wearing a bathrobe. She subconsciously turned her head to the side.

In fact, apart from taking off his clothes and showing his body to Han Wangwang last night, this was the first time Han Wangwang saw Jiang Zhen’s body so clearly.

Jiang Zhen had always been very careful in the past. He never bathed in front of Han Wangwang or took off his clothes in front of her. Han Wangwang always said that she was conservative and shy.

From the looks of it, he wasn’t shy. He was afraid that Han Wangwang would see his body and realize that he was a man.

Jiang Zhen was surprised to see Han Wangwang. “When did you come?”

Han Wangwang looked at the pot of Bird of Paradise plant in the office and said without turning his eyes, “You don’t even know that I’m here. If someone comes in and sees you showering, aren’t you afraid that they will find out that you are a man?”

Jiang Zhen said, “It’s not working hours now. If it’s not working hours, my office will automatically activate the fingerprint auditory system. Even secretaries can forget about sneaking in.”

“Then what am I?” Han Wangwang turned to face Jiang Zhen. She waved her right hand in the air and said, “I opened the door and walked in.”

Jiang Zhen put on a T-shirt and said as he put it on, “You’re the future lady boss. Of course the lady boss can come and go as she pleases.”

Han Wangwang was stunned for a moment. Then, she looked at Jiang Zhen suspiciously. “Are you really the only one who can come in?”

Jiang Zhen shrugged. “Try someone else if you don’t believe me.”

There was no need for Han Wangwang to look for someone. She took out a disposable glove from her bag. This was given to her by the boss of the fried chicken shop when she ordered the takeaway this afternoon.

Han Wangwang put on his gloves and stood at the door, trying to open the door again. However, just as she grabbed the doorknob, she saw a red light flash on the door lock. Then, she heard a robotic female voice in the room shouting, “Warning! Warning! Master, someone is trespassing on your office!”

Han Wangwang took off his gloves and twisted the doorknob again.

She walked into the office and saw Jiang Zhen shaking the phone in her hand. “The alarm and surveillance footage have reached my phone. Look.”

Han Wangwang watched as Jiang Zhen put on his pants so quickly and admired his speed. She walked over and snatched Jiang Zhen’s phone to take a look. There really was an emergency notification.

Such things are very helpful for single people.

“Where did you get this? I’ve never seen such an intelligent anti-theft product. I’ll buy one later and put it on my doorstep.”

“You like it?” Jiang Zhen took his bag and put on flat canvas shoes. “I’ll give it to you if you like it,” he said.

“Is it expensive?” Han Wangwang asked.

Jiang Zhen replied, “It’s not that expensive.”

“From which technology company?”

Jiang Zhen said, “F International Smart Technology Company.”

“From F International?” Han Wangwang knew about F International. This high-tech company had been established less than ten years ago, but it had produced many high-tech products. The most famous one was their drone.

“My uncle said that this company is very powerful. He also said that he wants to cooperate with F International to develop a driverless rescue plane.”

Jiang Zhen raised an eyebrow and said, “Really? Why haven’t I heard your little uncle say that?”

“How could I tell such confidential business secrets to outsiders? I only heard it unintentionally.”

The two of them talked as they went downstairs. When they reached the garage, Jiang Zhen told Han Wangwang, “An important guest is coming home tonight. I have to go back for dinner. I can’t go to Imperial Dragon Mountain with you.”

“Then put me at the intersection in front. I’ll get Han Junjun to pick me up later.”

It was around 5: 40 p.m. and the sun had not set yet. The temperature in the city was still hot.

Jiang Zhen couldn’t bear to let Han Wangwang bask in the sun by the roadside, so he parked the car on the side road and pulled Han Wangwang into a cafe.

“Stay here and drink coffee while waiting for Han Junjun. Call me when you reach the mountain.”


After settling Han Wangwang down, Jiang Bi drove home.

Han Wangwang sat in the cafe and waited for half an hour before Han Junjun arrived. Behind Han Junjun was Nan Guanguan. The two of them became good friends at the wedding yesterday.

The two boys were talking about games, as they entered the cafe. “Sister, let’s go!” Han Junjun waved at Han Wangwang at the door.

Han Wangwang took his bag and walked out. The three of them took the same car. When Han Wangwang saw Nan Guanguan was also in the car, she asked them, “Who’s going to eat lobster tonight?”

“Just us, Sister-in-law Yanyan, and Sister Zhong Ling’er.” Han Junjun asked Nan Guanguan who was sitting in the passenger seat. “Has Brother Aaron’s parents gone back?”

Nan Guanguan shook his head and said, “Not yet. Brother-in-law asked them to stay in Wangdong City for a few more days. They might only return to Qingshui Town next week.”

Han Junjun said to Han Wangwang, “His parents should be there too.”

It seemed like there were quite a lot of people tonight. “How many lobsters did our hometown send over? Little Uncle has called everyone over. Aren’t you afraid that we’ll make him poor?”

“What are you worried about? It’s more than fifty kilograms.”

Han Wangwang was relieved. With so much food, she could even pack a basin for Jiang Zhen.

When Han Wangwang and the others arrived at Imperial Dragon Mountain, the lobster was about to be served.

The kitchen was very busy. Several chefs were braising crayfish.

Song Ci loved to eat crayfish the most. She was a person who paid attention to ceremonies. She asked the house helpers to place the table while she ate crayfish in the courtyard.

Imperial Dragon Mountain was very lively tonight. Other than Zhong Ling’er’s family, there was also Shen Yubei, Di Rongrong, and the rest.

Di Rongrong was having a video call with her sisters, Mo Yao and Jin Luolan. She was holding a bowl of crayfish and seducing Mo Yao.

Mo Yao silently swallowed her saliva on the other end of the video call, but her face was expressionless. “Eat as much as you can. If you get fat, you won’t be able to wear S size clothes.”

Di Rongrong loved beauty the most, so Mo Yao deliberately provoked her.

Di Rongrong was so angry that she immediately turned off the video call and bit the tail of the prawn fiercely. “You can’t eat grapes, so you say that the grapes are sour!”

Han Wangwang saw this scene and felt that she had made a call. Seeing that Song Ci was talking to Shen Yubei, Han Wangwang walked over and hugged Song Ci’s waist. He asked Shen Yubei, “Teacher Shen, is this the daughter of you and Teacher Rongrong?”

The child was 100 days old these few days. She looked more and more adorable. When she heard Han Wangwang’s voice, the little girl stared at Han Wangwang with her black grape-like eyes.

Han Wangwang asked Shen Yubei, “Can I hug her?”

Shen Yubei gave her daughter to Han Wangwang. “Come, be careful.”

Han Wangwang hugged the baby girl and teased her. She noticed the broken hand of the child and asked Shen Yubei, “When is the surgery scheduled?”

“She’ll do it after she turn one year old.”

“The surgery will definitely be successful.” Han Wangwang stared at the little girl, and her mind was wandering.

In the past, she had thought that Jiang Zhen was a girl and had never thought about giving birth. Now that she knew that Jiang Zhen was a man, she could not help but fantasize. If Jiang Zhen and I gave birth, what would the child look like?

Would she be as cute as the baby in my arms?

Song Ci saw Han Wangwang staring at Baby Shen with an adoring gaze like a kind old mother and teased her. “Do you like children so much?”

“Yes, she’s very cute. Look, she keeps looking at me. Oh my, my heart is going to melt.” Han Wangwang hugged the baby and didn’t know what to do.

Song Ci thought of Han Wangwang’s unclear relationship with the younger daughter of the Jiang family and felt very complicated. She asked Han Wangwang in a low voice, “Um, will you have a baby in the future?”

Han Wangwang nodded. “Yes, I want to have two. It would be best if both of them are boys. You don’t know, I really wanted to be a boy when I was young.”

Han Wangwang did not favor boys over girls. She just liked boys. When she was young, she always liked to sit with her legs crossed when she wore skirts. She was always scolded by her mother. Han Wangwang felt that she had chosen the wrong gender. It would be great if she was a boy.

Because she was not a boy, she really wanted to have a boy.

Song Ci suddenly said, “Come with me.”

Han Wangwang returned the child to Shen Yubei before following Song Ci to the pool.

In the pool, Han Jun and Han Miao were swimming. Yan Qingxiu stayed by the side of the pool and guided their swimming posture.

Song Ci sat down on the lounge chair next to the pool while Han Wangwang sat down on the chair next to her.

Han Wangwang could tell that Song Ci wanted to tell her something, so she waited for her to speak. However, she kept speculating in her heart. What did my aunt want to talk to him about? She looks quite serious.

“Wangwang.” Song Ci opened her mouth and shouted ‘Wangwang. She opened her mouth but didn’t know how to say it.

Song Ci looked conflicted.

Han Wangwang saw Song Ci’s hesitant expression and felt anxious for her. “Little auntie, we’re both beauties. You should speak more straightforwardly.”

Song Ci burst into laughter. “You said it yourself.”

“I said it.”

“Okay.” Song Ci suddenly held Han Wangwang’s hand and said earnestly, “We are of the same age. You can treat me as a caring sister today. Let’s talk from the bottom of our hearts.”

Han Wangwang realized that the topic Song Ci wanted to talk about must be very serious. She asked anxiously, “Little Aunt, what exactly do you want to tell me?”

Song Ci held Han Wangwang’s hand tightly and stared straight into Han Wangwang’s clear eyes. She asked her, “Tell me honestly, you and Jiang Bi, you two…” Song Ci bit her lip and asked awkwardly,” Are you two dating? ”



Han Wangwang suddenly stood up from the chair and looked at Song Ci with panic in her eyes.

Seeing this, Song Ci understood everything.

“It’s true…” Song Ci murmured.

Han Wangwang looked around and then squatted next to Song Ci. She put her hands on Song Ci’s knees and looked up at her. “Little Aunt, how did you know about this? My Little Uncle doesn’t know, right?”

Song Ci said with a dark face, “I think he probably saw something.” Song Ci and Han Zhan had long been suspicious about this, but they didn’t dare to ask Han Wangwang for confirmation.

The first time we saw Jiang Bi, we felt that the child was a little unique. After that, at the Drunken Gold Club, Han Zhan and I saw the two of you hugging each other beside the car. At that time, we felt that something was wrong, but we were afraid that we had made a mistake, so we didn’t disclose it and didn’t ask you about this matter.”

“Yesterday…” Song Ci lowered her head and stared at Han Wangwang with a serious expression. She said,” The vampire that appeared at the banquet last night, was it Jiang Bi? ”

Han Wangwang’s back was drenched in cold sweat, almost wetting her shirt.

When she opened her mouth to speak again, her tongue was in a knot. “Wh-what vampire?” Han Wangwang wanted to pretend to be confused and refuse to admit it.

Song Ci knew that Han Wangwang didn’t tell the truth. Her tone became stern and she said, “Don’t lie to me. The vampire last night was Jiang Bi, right? I didn’t notice it, but your little uncle saw it.”

Han Wangwang felt even more uneasy. Her heart was pounding wildly. She stammered, “What did he see?” Did Little Uncle see me and Jiang Zhen kissing in the corner?

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