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Chapter 381: Little Uncle Said That Boys Who Know How to Play Disc Are Scumbags

After God F went into hiding, Jiang Zhen created a virtual identity on the Internet. In the name of that identity, he sold and sent the software that his master had given him. He earned money and made connections.

In the blink of an eye, Jiang Zhen was fifteen years old. During this period of time, he had accumulated a large sum of money. As his wealth grew, so did his height.

This year, Jiang Zhen’s height jumped to 1.75 meters like a sprout. Although his figure was very slender, when his thin muscles burst out, he had astonishing strength.

In the morning, Jiang Zhen was doing push-ups on the floor of the small room. When Duan Wuyang pushed open the door and saw him working out seriously, she clicked her tongue twice. He squatted down and pinched the muscles on Jiang Zhen’s arms. He sighed and said, “Who would have thought that that weak little chicken from back then actually grew muscles too?”

Jiang Zhen slapped Duan Wuyang’s annoying hand away in disdain. “Did you race car last night?”

Duan Wuyang nodded. “I’m going out today. You don’t have to prepare lunch for me.” Duan Wuyang usually rested at home during the day and wouldn’t go out unless there was something important.

Jiang Zhen asked, “Where are you going?”

“Take a guess…” Duan Wuyang sat down on Jiang Zhen’s waist and pressed him onto the ground. Jiang Zhen sucked in a breath of cold air and cursed angrily,” Get up, are you treating me like a stool? ”

Duan Wuyang: “Today is my sister’s death anniversary.”

Jiang Zhen stopped moving.

“Do you want me to go with you?” Jiang Zhen knew that Duan Wuyang had a good sister who was willing to do anything for him. It was indeed his duty to pay respects on his sister’s death anniversary.

Duan Wuyang shook her head. “There’s no need.”

Duan Wuyang and Jiang Zhen hurriedly ate a few mouthfuls of breakfast before leaving with a bag of fruits. Jiang Zhen stood by the window and stared at Duan Wuyang, who was driving away in a crappy car. He thought of his younger sister and missed her a little.

He picked up his coat and went to the bus stop to buy a ticket to the county.

Jiang Zhen didn’t dare to loiter around her sister’s adoptive parents’ house for fear of being discovered by them. After Jiang Bi was taken away, she studied at home for a year before entering sixth grade.

Jiang Zhen was in her third year of middle school exams in a month or so. Jiang Bi’s adoptive parents intended to train her into an artist, and Jiang Zhen had received professional painting training since he was ten.

It was Saturday. Jiang Zhen didn’t go to her school but went straight to the studio she was in.

The studio was located beside a small river.

Jiang Bi moved the easel to the open balcony on the river, facing the mountains in the distance.

In the short span of five years, Jiang Bi’s appearance had completely opened up and she had grown taller. She was wearing a checkered shirt and jeans, and her hair was tied casually behind her head. She sat there quietly and drew seriously, looking especially attractive.

Jiang Zhen looked at Jiang Bi from afar. When he saw that his younger sister was doing well, he felt that everything was worth it. Jiang Zhen was about to leave when Jiang Bi suddenly turned around and looked towards the main street at the back.

Jiang Bi immediately saw Jiang Zhen. Although Jiang Zhen’s appearance was still young and immature, he was still handsome. If he stood in the crowd, it would be very easy for others to notice him.

The siblings had not seen each other for five years, and Jiang Bi’s impression of Jiang Zhen was already very vague. She stared blankly at the tall youth on the street and felt a sense of familiarity. She could vaguely guess this person’s identity.

Jiang Bi put down her paintbrush and walked to the railing of the balcony. She looked at Jiang Zhen with tears in her eyes and silently shouted something.

Jiang Zhen recognized that she was calling him brother.

He was hesitant about whether he should just turn around and leave or stay behind to talk to Jiang Bi. In the end, Jiang Zhen still could not resist his longing for his younger sister. He slowly walked to the downstairs of the drawing room and looked up at Jiang Bi.

After a moment, Jiang Zhen curled his lips and said with a smile, “Little girl, you’ve grown up. I didn’t even recognize you.”

Jiang Bi suddenly covered her mouth and sobbed. “…Brother.”

Her adoptive parents did not know that Jiang Bi had an older brother and thought that she was an orphan who had no one to rely on before deciding to adopt her. If they knew that Jiang Bi had an older brother and that the two of them had met privately, they would definitely feel uncomfortable.

Jiang Zhen could not bear to disturb his sister’s peaceful life. He did not even dare to go upstairs to talk to Jiang Bi or hug her.

The two of them chatted from two floors away. Jiang Zhen said to Jiang Bi, “Good luck in the middle school examination. If your results are good, Big Brother will give you a gift.”

Jiang Bi didn’t care about the gift at all. She asked Jiang Zhen, “Brother, are you doing well?”

“I’m doing pretty well now.” He had food, a place to stay, and money. His sister also had her own family, and Jiang Zhen was extremely satisfied.

Seeing that Jiang Bi seemed to be doing well, Jiang Zhen felt a little more at ease. When Jiang Zhen saw Jiang Bi’s art teacher walk out, he quickly turned around and left. The brother and sister pair met again after five years and only chatted for two minutes before hurriedly ending.

When Jiang Zhen returned to Nanxing City, Duan Wuyang was already back.

Duan Wuyang’s expression was solemn, as though she had encountered something bad. When he saw Jiang Zhen return, he asked without looking up, “Where did you go?”

“I went out for a walk.” Jiang Zhen closed the door and saw Duan Wuyang holding the red brick with a long history. He couldn’t help but ask, “Are you waiting for me to come back and prepare to hit me?”

Duan Wuyang would raise this piece of red brick several times a day, but it never really hit Jiang Zhen. This person looked fierce, but he was actually a kind person.

Duan Wuyang shook her head and said, “Don’t look down on this brick. There’s a treasure inside.” He smiled mysteriously and asked Jiang Zhen, “Do you believe me?”

Jiang Zhen pursed his lips. “The house is rented and the computer is second-hand. You picked me up. Do you think you look like someone with a treasure?”

Duan Wuyang was rendered speechless by Jiang Zhen.

He threw the brick on the bed and said, “I’m hungry. I want to drink some wine tonight. Jiang Qin, give me a whole spicy chicken and drink with me.”

Jiang Zhen recognized most of the Chinese characters and already knew that his name was Jiang Zhen and not Jiang Qin. He corrected Duan Wuyang, “My name is Jiang Zhen.”

“What Zhen? It’s not as nice as Qin.” Duan Wuyang was about to call him Jiang Qin.

Jiang Zhen shrugged. “Uncultured.” He decided not to argue with Duan Wuyang.

Jiang Zhen went downstairs to the market across the street to buy a chicken. He went back to his room and prepared a pot of spicy chicken. He carried it to the table and called Duan Wuyang to eat. Duan Wuyang seemed to be in a daze especially today. He didn’t even react when Jiang Zhen called him for the first time.

“Eat!” Jiang Zhen walked up to Duan Wuyang and shouted. Only then did Duan Wuyang come back to her senses. He stood up and walked to the table to sit down.

He unscrewed a small pot of wine, poured himself a glass, and fixed another for Jiang. Jiang stared at the wine and said sternly, “I’m still underage.”

Duan Wuyang: “It’s fine. I’m not a police officer. I won’t arrest you and send you to jail.”

Jiang Zhen had nothing to say. He picked up the glass of wine and gulped it down.

Putting down his wine glass, he picked up a piece of chicken and bit into it expressionlessly. Duan Wuyang was also very quiet. He just quietly drank and ate her meat, looking like he had a lot on his mind.

“Did something bad happen to you today?” Jiang Zhen put down his chopsticks and asked.

“Do you really want to hear it?” Duan Wuyang said with an unfathomable expression. “Some words will cause your ears to fall off. Do you still want to hear it?”

Jiang Zhen looked at him speechlessly.

Duan Wuyang laughed out loud before saying, “Someone dug my sister’s grave.”

Jiang Zhen’s expression changed instantly. He wasn’t sure if Duan Wuyang was joking or if he was telling the truth. Jiang Zhen observed Duan Wuyang’s expression and realized that it was very likely true.

How big of a grudge did he have to dig up someone’s grave so many years after someone died?

“Can you guess who did it?” Jiang Zhen asked.

“The man my sister used to work with was a drug lord. Her death sent that man straight to jail. Back then, that man was sentenced to life imprisonment. After that, it became twenty years. Later on, due to good performance, his sentence was reduced and he only stayed inside for sixteen years before coming out.”

Duan Wuyang swallowed the last mouthful of spicy wine and said in a muffled voice, “Last week, that man came out.” After he came out, he brought people to dig up Duan Wuyang’s sister’s grave.

No wonder Duan Wuyang was so weird today.

Jiang Zhen didn’t know how to comfort Duan Wuyang, so he placed the drumstick he had saved for tomorrow into Duan Wuyang’s bowl.

“Eat meat.”

Duan Wuyang looked at the fat drumstick and couldn’t help but laugh. “Brat, according to my age, I can also be your father.” Duan Wuyang was already 42 years old and was indeed at the age where she could be Jiang Zhen’s father.

Jiang Zhen sneered. “Why? Do you want to acknowledge me as your son?” Actually, they had lived together for five years and Duan Wuyang had treated him well. Jiang Zhen had long respected Duan Wuyang as a father.

Although he always mocked Duan Wuyang, he actually respected this man.

He had given his siblings rebirth.

Jiang Zhen would never be able to repay this favor in his entire life.

Duan Wuyang smiled like a ruffian. He pointed his chopsticks at Jiang Zhen and asked, “Do you want me to be your godfather?”

“Father.” Jiang Zhen didn’t have any burdens and immediately called out to him.

Duan Wuyang was stunned for a moment before she laughed out loud. “If I’m your father, I don’t have anything good for you.” Duan Wuyang went back to his room. When he came out, he was holding a brick.

Jiang Zhen frowned. “So you decided to beat me up?” That was a special greeting gift.

Duan Wuyang shook his head. He smacked the brick hard against Jiang Zhen’s hand and said with a smile, “This is a family heirloom. It’s passed down from my sister to me. I’ll pass it to you today. Kid, you have to protect our family heirloom.”

Jiang Zhen didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. “You were also beaten up by your sister?” Jiang Zhen stared at the brick and said, “Should I pass it on to my son too?”

Duan Wuyang narrowed his eyes and said inexplicably, “That day would never come.”

Jiang Zhen misunderstood what Duan Wuyang meant and frowned instantly. He said unhappily, “You think I won’t get married and have children?”

“You’re handsome. You’re the most popular gigolo among women. You can get a wife,” Duan Wuyang said.

Jiang Zhen was not comforted by these words.

After the meal, when Jiang Zhen was clearing the table, he threw the piece of brick onto the floor.

The next day was the day Jiang Zhen went to the underground boxing club.

Now that Jiang Zhen was becoming more and more formidable, Duan Wuyang rarely watched him practice. Hence, when Jiang Zhen was carrying a bag and preparing to head to the boxing gym, he was a little shocked to see that Duan Wuyang was still at home.

“You didn’t go out to race?”

“There’s no work today. Let’s go. I’ll go to the boxing gym with you to test your results for the past year.”

“Let’s go.”

Duan Wuyang followed Jiang Zhen to the martial arts school. Jiang Zhen changed his clothes and sat backstage while Duan Wuyang sat beside him.

Through the surveillance television, Duan Wuyang saw a burly man being kicked out of the ring by his opponent. He suddenly turned to look at the young man beside him and asked, “What do you want to do in the future?”

Jiang Zhen rarely talked about the future with others, so when he suddenly heard this question, he still felt a bit curious. He muttered to himself for a bit before saying, “I haven’t thought it through yet.”

“You may not remember, but when you first followed me, you said something. You said that uneducated people can only fight, and cultured people get people to fight.”

Jiang Zhen could no longer remember these words, but he still thought the same. “Mm, I’m so young, yet I can say such things. I really am a genius.”

Duan Wuyang :”…”

“When you have money in the future, just find an easy job and stop boxing. Very few people who fight in the dark have a good ending.”

Jiang Zhen knew that there was no way out for those who did underground boxing, but he was a little surprised. He didn’t expect Duan Wuyang to say something like that to him. “You look like a kind and good father tonight.”

When it was Jiang Zhen’s turn, he stood up and took two steps forward. Suddenly, he turned back to look at Duan Wuyang and said, “Father, once I have money, I’ll bring you and sister to live in my big house. We’ll support you in your old age.”

Duan Wuyang looked at him with an exceptionally gentle gaze before saying, “Alright.”

Mu Feng had been practicing boxing for five years. Apart from losing once in a while, in the first two years, he would not lose again. Therefore, every time Jiang Zhen went on stage, everyone would bet on him. He always made sure that no one would win and was very liked by everyone.

In this match, Jiang Zhen was fighting against a 26 year old strong boxer. The opponent was taller than him and had more experience than him, but he did not have the ferocity to fight with all his might. The two of them confronted each other on stage for a long time, and in the end, Jiang Zhen won and ended the match.

Jiang Zhen sat on a stool to rest. The staff from the boxing gym took the initiative to come forward and help him relax his muscles. They took out a towel to wipe his sweat.

Where’s my manager?” Jiang Zhen asked the staff at the martial arts school.

The other party said, “Someone’s looking for your manager. He’s not free to come now.”


Jiang Zhen frowned and pondered for a moment before grabbing the towel from the staff member and walking backstage.

Jiang Zhen walked down the stairs. Before he even reached the lounge, he saw Duan Wuyang. There were indeed two people surrounding Duan Wuyang, but they were two people with ill intentions.

The two unfamiliar men were very strong. One of them had a scar on his neck, like an ugly centipede stuck to his neck.

The two of them were practically holding Duan Wuyang.

When Jiang Zhen saw this scene, he knew that these two people were here to cause trouble for Duan Wuyang.

Jiang Zhen was about to step forward to help Duan Wuyang out when Duan Wuyang noticed him. Duan Wuyang shook her head at him. He was warning Jiang Zhen not to act rashly and not to approach him.

Duan Wuyang mouthed something. After Jiang Zhen saw what he was saying clearly, his mind suddenly buzzed.

— They have guns.

These were Duan Yang’s original words.

Jiang Zhen clenched his fists and did not dare to move anymore.

Seeing that Jiang Zhen didn’t rush up rashly, Duan Wuyang felt relieved.

Duan Wuyang was afraid that if those two men discovered Jiang Zhen, they would implicate him. Hence, he said, “Let’s go out and talk if there’s anything. If they see blood here, you won’t be able to answer to the boxing club owner.”

To be able to open an underground boxing club secretly in Nanxing City, the boss naturally had a background. Those two people looked hesitant. They searched Duan Wuyang’s body once and confirmed that this person wasn’t dangerous. Only then did they grab his arm and bring him out.

Jiang Zhen followed quietly.

Just as she was about to be taken out of the resting area, Duan Wuyang suddenly turned around and said two words to Jiang Zhen. However, Jiang Zhen’s mind was in a mess and he couldn’t distinguish his lips clearly.

Jiang Zhen subconsciously opened his mouth to imitate Duan Wuyang’s lips and said uncertainly, “Carrying bricks?” Jiang Zhen knew he had misunderstood, but he couldn’t understand what Duan Wuyang was talking about.

The two of them stuffed Duan Wuyang into a car.

Jiang Zhen was about to give chase when the female owner of the martial arts school suddenly walked over and placed a fair hand on Jiang Zhen’s shoulder.

Jiang Zhen tilted his head slightly and stared at the female boss. “Let go of me!”

The boss was a voluptuous middle-aged woman. She wore a yellow floral dress, and the low neckline revealed her white breasts. Her manicured fingers stroked Jiang Zhen’s chin as she said in a warning tone, “What are you going to do? Are you going to send yourself to your death?”

Jiang Zhen: “Duan Wuyang is in danger.”

Duan Wuyang had some ties with the boss. The boss shook his head and said, “That’s someone from Poison Scorpion. Poison Scorpion used to be the most powerful person in our area. Duan Wuyang can’t come back. If you go with him, you won’t come back either.”

“Little friend, on account of my friendship with Duan Wuyang, I advise you not to throw your life away.”

Jiang Zhen understood that he might not be able to save Duan Wuyang even if he followed him. However, he couldn’t just watch Duan Wuyang die.

Jiang Zhen took his boss’s hand away and chased after him.

The lady boss sneered. “Little chick, you dare to fight a wolf after a few years of fighting? You’re overestimating yourself.”

Jiang Zhen followed the wheels of the car to a cliff on the coast.

When he arrived, he saw Duan Wuyang kneeling on the ground while being escorted by the burly man. Opposite him stood a middle-aged man in a flowery shirt. The man looked short and fat, but he had a face that would scare anyone who saw him.

When Jiang Zhen saw the gun in the man’s hand, he subconsciously crouched down and hid in the grass. He widened his eyes and nervously watched the scene in front of him.

The grass beside him rustled in the sea breeze. In the distance, Jiang Zhen heard their conversation.

“Did your sister give you the thing?” The fat man who was named Poisonous Scorpion by the city questioned Duan Wuyang as he pressed the muzzle of the pistol between her brows and spun it forcefully.

That was the first time Jiang Zhen had seen a gun. He subconsciously shivered.

Duan Wuyang laughed and said, “No. You guys went to my house to search. If there really was something, you should’ve found it long ago, right?” Duan Wuyang didn’t believe that they could find anything useful.

“You’re so stubborn!” The fat man raised his gun and threatened Duan Wuyang. “I’ll give you one minute. Think about whether you want to tell me or not. If you don’t, I’ll send you to see your sister! You haven’t forgotten, right? When your sister fell down from upstairs, her body was split into two…”

Duan Wuyang stared fearlessly at Poison Scorpion and said, “Not only do I remember my sister’s death, but I also remember how you were taken away in handcuffs.”

“F*ck!” Poison Scorpion raised his gun and smashed it forcefully at Duan Wuyang’s head. Duan Wuyang’s scalp was bleeding from that hit.

Blood flowed down Duan Wuyang’s eyes, and his vision turned dark red. “Poison Scorpion, even if you play me to death, I won’t tell you where that thing is.”

“Very good! Very good!”

“Pull out his teeth!”

As soon as Poison Scorpion gave the order, the two men pulled out Duan Wuyang’s teeth one by one.

Duan Wuyang’s mouth was being pinched and his teeth were pulled out by the roots. Wave after wave of pain tortured him until he almost fainted. He let out a strange and treacherous cry of pain. That cry sounded like the roar of a demon on the beach in the dark night.

There were really demons in this world. They killed without opening their eyes, treating human lives as nothing.

Jiang Zhen covered his mouth with his hand, not daring to make a sound.

In the end, Duan Wuyang fainted from the pain. He didn’t even tell them where the thing they wanted was.

In the end, the fat man got impatient and shot Duan Wuyang away. Jiang Zhen’s eyes widened in fear as he saw them tie a rock to Duan Wuyang’s body and throw him off the cliff.

“Continue searching! Duan Wuyang must have hidden it! It’s impossible for it to have disappeared!” Poison Scorpion swept his gaze across the endless grassland in front of him and cursed angrily. “F*ck!”

“Big Brother, Duan Wuyang has been following a little kid around all these years. Do you think he gave the thing to that little kid?”

“Oh? Capture that thing too! I don’t believe we can’t find it!”

The group left arrogantly, preparing to capture Jiang Zhen.

Jiang Zhen lay in the grass for six hours. When it was almost dawn and he was sure that those people would not return, he got up and ran towards the cliff.

He only saw the boundless sea, not Duan Wuyang’s corpse.

Jiang Zhen stared at the boundless sea, his heart filled with sorrow.

Duan Wuyang’s death made Jiang Zhen understand the logic of being bullied by others. He swore that he would become stronger and would never be belittled by others!

Those people were still searching for his whereabouts. Jiang Zhen absolutely could not go home, nor could he go to the martial arts center. He hid outside for half a month and only ran back after confirming that they were not near the rented house.

The rental apartment had been ransacked and it was a mess. His computer had been destroyed and Duan Wuyang’s things had been turned upside down.

Jiang Zhen sat in the living room and stared at the old photo Duan Wuyang took at the boxing ring when he was young. His eyes suddenly reddened. Duan Wuyang might not be a good person, but he was the best person Jiang Zhen had ever met.

What were those people looking for? What did Uncle Duan say to him before he was taken away?

What did he want to tell me?

Jiang Zhen packed up his valuables and closed the door. Just as he was about to leave, he caught a glimpse of the red brick on the floor beside the dining table. Jiang Zhen couldn’t help but think of how Duan Wuyang would raise the brick to hit him every time she went berserk, but she couldn’t do it.

After all, this was a family heirloom passed down for three generations. It was better to take it away.

Jiang Zhen picked up the brick and put it in his bag. He quickly went downstairs, put on his hoodie and left. His top priority now was to buy a computer. With a computer, he could find a way out.

Jiang Zhen disguised himself and went to the computer city to buy a computer with top configurations. He pocketed the money and booked a room in a high-end hotel using his virtual identity.

He settled into his hotel room and slept in peace.

After waking up, Jiang Zhen went to take a shower. When he opened his bag, he saw the brick. He picked it up and weighed it in his hand before realizing that there was something wrong with it.

How could there be such a light brick!

Jiang Zhen stared at the brick, his eyes flickering.

[This is a family heirloom. It was passed from my sister to me. I will pass it to you today. Kid, you have to protect our family heirloom.]

The words that Duan Wuyang had said when he passed the brick to him popped up in Jiang Zhen’s mind. Now that he thought about it, there was clearly a hidden meaning behind those words.

This thing belonged to Duan Wuyang’s sister!

After Duan Wuyang discovered that his sister’s grave had been dug up, the first thing he did when he returned was to pass this unremarkable brick to him. He was handing over his belongings!

Jiang Zhen realized something and his heart raced.

This thing…

Jiang Zhen grabbed the two ends of the brick and used all his strength to break it in half.


The brick was split in half, and the middle was actually hollow. There was a white round pill inside!

Jiang Zhen had lived in Nanxing City for so many years, so he naturally knew what crimes the people here relied on. This thing was most likely that thing. Something that could make the Poison Scorpion think about it for more than ten years, how could it be anything ordinary!

Jiang Zhen held the hot potato in his hand, feeling that it was a thorny problem.

If Poison Scorpion’s men continued to search, they would find him sooner or later. It was fine if he was found, but this harmful thing could not be found.

Duan Wuyang and her brother hadn’t destroyed it after so many years. Clearly, it was useful.

Why didn’t Duan Wuyang give this to the police?

Did he not trust those people?

Jiang Zhen thought about it and finally decided to hide this item before handing it over to someone he could trust.

Jiang Zhen hid his things overnight. When he returned to the hotel, he saw a report that someone had reported the underground boxing club in South Star City. The boxing club was being investigated.

At this moment, the commoners realized that there was an underground boxing club in Nanxing City.

Jiang Zhen realized that Poison Scorpion and his gang were forcing him to show himself. He had implicated the underground boxing club. He could do nothing but apologize to the lady boss in his heart.

It was impossible for him to walk out and accept death.

While he was in hiding, Jiang Zhen kept receiving messages from the leaders of Nanxing City. After spending a few days, Jiang Zhen finally decided who to give the pill to.

Two months ago, the capital sent a big shot to South Star City to oversee the situation. This big shot was called Han Yueyun. It was said that Han Yueyun was born in a family with an extraordinary background. No one dared to offend him.

He had come here to change the chaotic South Star City.

Everyone said that this Mr. Han was upright and honest, like an iron tiger. If he handed this thing to the other party, the other party would definitely investigate this matter thoroughly.

But the question was, how should he hand this item over to the other party?

Sending a package was obviously inappropriate, but he was too lowly to approach Han Yueyun.

What should I do?

Jiang Zhen went to investigate Han Yueyun’s identity but could not find anything else. Instead, he found out that Han Yueyun had a pair of children. The daughter was a year younger than him and the son was still in primary school.

In the end, Jiang Zhen decided to start with Han Wangwang, who was about his age.

He hacked into Han Wangwang’s computer and saw that she liked to listen to DJs. He opened an account on Weibo and specially posted some classic DJ live videos. Occasionally, there was a professional DJ tutorial.

After spending a few days keeping his account, Jiang Zhen sent his own account to Han Wangwang’s Weibo.

Han Wangwang quickly discovered the other party. She entered Jiang Zhen’s Weibo and realized that Jiang Zhen had 30,000 fans. Every video had hundreds of comments. She thought that he was a big shot.

Han Wangwang watched him silently.

Knowing that Han Wangwang liked the godly DJ, Martin Gareth, Jiang Zhen specially wore a live video of Martin Gareth on Weibo. The night the video was released, Jiang Zhen received Han Wangwang’s private message.

Han Wangwang: [Little miss, how long have you been a DJ?]

The little miss was silent for a while before replying truthfully: [I’m a guy.]

Han Wangwang: [Sorry to disturb you.] Knowing that he was a guy, Han Wangwang lost interest in him.

Jiang Zhen was stunned.

Am I guilty just because I am a boy?

Why was this girl so biased?

Jiang Zhen: [Am I not fit to be a DJ just because I’m a man?]

Han Wangwang said: [Your DJ skills are very professional. You must have played with a lot of people.]

Jiang Zhen was speechless.

Jiang Zhen: [Why do you say that?]

Han Wangwang: [My Little Uncle said that the more a boy who knows how to play the discs, the better he is at flirting.]

Jiang Zhen silently complained in his heart: Is your little uncle Sun Wukong? Does he think he has sharp eyes?

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