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Chapter 382: Dad, I’m Going to Meet My Internet Lover!

Jiang Zhen didn’t know how to clarify this misunderstanding. He didn’t know if boys who played discs would pick up girls, but he didn’t know how to play discs or flirt.

He only knew how to punch.

In his entire life, apart from Jiang Bi, no other girl had ever appeared by his side. Jiang Zhen was like a pure white piece of paper when it came to how to interact with girls, completely clueless.

Their first exchange ended with Han Wangwang unilaterally thinking that Jiang Zhen was a jerk.

After going offline, Han Wangwang opened an app called ‘Mathematical Olympiad Faction’. This app was specially designed for Mathematical Olympiad enthusiasts. She had not been online for a week and her ranking dropped from first to 15.

Han Wangwang played online for two and a half hours. All the users watched as she jumped from the 15th place to the first place. Seeing that she had successfully taken back the first place, Han Wangwang stopped.

Staring at the golden ID that represented her on the top of the ranking board, Han Wangwang maliciously changed her personal signature—

Han Wangwang: [Everyone, work hard to catch up with me. I’ll rest for a week before fighting again.]

Seeing that Han Wangwang had changed her signature, the students in the APP discussion group were all scolding her.

First post: [Brainiac is a dog. She defeated fourteen competitors in less than three hours. We all have brains, but why is her brain glowing?]

Second post: [To be honest, I saw Wangwang in person during the competition last time. I’m telling everyone that Wangwang not only has an excellent brain structure, but also an outstanding appearance.]

Third post: [Talent.]

Fourth floor: ]Who can take such a girl in the future?”

Han Wangwang was about to turn off the app to take a shower and sleep when she saw a message from the fourth floor.

Han Wangwang pouted and typed quickly: [Don’t worry about my marriage. Think about how to defeat me first.]

Han Wangwang got off the app and went to shower, after throwing such an infuriating sentence.

The next day after school, Han Wangwang walked out of the school and saw the driver parked the car by the roadside. She pulled the back door and didn’t see Han Junjun. She asked the driver, “Where’s my brother?”

Primary school ended fifteen minutes earlier than junior high school. Usually, the driver would pick up Han Junjun first before picking up Han Wangwang.

The driver explained, “Junjun is on duty today, so I came to pick you up first.”


Han Wangwang placed her bag by the left window and started playing with her phone.

Han Wangwang opened Weibo and subconsciously entered Jiang Zhen’s Weibo page. She found out that Jiang Zhen had posted an activity where he would choose lucky fans at 8 pm and send them discs.

Han Wangwang was instantly excited. Discs! Discs!

She had even sent a message in QQ yesterday saying that she wished for a disc player!

This was really a case of someone handing her a pillow when she was sleepy.

Han Wangwang had never thought that Jiang Zhen had purposely dug a hole for her to jump into because he had overheard her.

Han Wangwang was afraid that she would miss the lucky draw time when she was busy, so she set an alarm. Just as she set the alarm, she heard the driver say, “We’re here.”

Han Wangwang looked out of the window and saw Han Junjun.

At that time, Han Junjun was less than 1.3 meters tall. Because he was lazy and lazy, he had gained some weight. He was not as handsome as when he grew up.

Other people wore loose school uniforms that looked a little tight and round on him.

Han Junjun carried his bag neatly. When he saw Han Wangwang, he grabbed the bag and rushed into the car.

Han Junjun threw away his school bag and said, “Sister, there are three people on duty with me today. There’s also a boy and a girl. After cleaning up, the boy and I are responsible for dumping the trash, but the girl volunteered to help me carry the trash.”

Han Junjun raised his chin proudly and asked his sister in a flaunting manner, “Sis, do you think my female classmate has a crush on me? That kind of situation where she secretly likes me but is too embarrassed to confess.”

When the driver heard Han Junjun’s words, he was amused. However, he was afraid that his laughter would embarrass Han Junjun, so he held it in until his shoulders were shaking.

Han Wangwang looked at his brother and said slowly, “When you see a girl who treats you well, you suspect that she has a crush on you. This can only mean…”

Han Junjun listened humbly and asked her, “What does that mean?”

Han Wangwang said, “It means that you lack love. You think that everyone loves you.” To put it bluntly, he was too narcissistic.

Han Junjun snorted. “You don’t lack love. It’s just that no one loves you.”

Han Wangwang had never been pursued by anyone in her life. Now that she had been exposed, she retorted arrogantly, “That’s because I have high standards. I don’t like these brats.”

“Isn’t it because you’re not sexy enough?” Kids these days matured early and had their own way of judging aesthetics. Han Junjun felt that a girl must be curvaceous to be considered a beauty.

The girl at this age was already in puberty and had started her second puberty. However, Han Wangwang had yet to develop. Her chest was flat and she was not tall. Her legs were long and straight.

Han Wangwang was a little sad when she thought that she might be an A cup holder. Therefore, she didn’t say anything when she heard Han Junjun’s words.

Han Junjun didn’t notice that his sister was angry. He continued to complain, “The nutrients that you absorbed were given to your brain. Han Wangwang, no man will want you when you grow up!”

Han Wangwang was so angry that her lips were trembling. He turned off his phone and pressed Han Junjun on the car. The driver was used to seeing the siblings fighting, so he had no intention of stopping the car to stop the fight.

When they reached home, the siblings got off the car together. Both of their hairstyles were messy and their school uniforms were crooked. It was obvious that they had been through a fight.

Lin Jiao’e’s face darkened when she saw them like this. “Put on your clothes and comb your hair properly. Your Second Grand Master is here. If he sees this, what will he look like?”

Upon hearing that their great-grandfather was here, Han Wangwang and Han Junjun hurriedly put on their clothes, straightened their collars, and grabbed their hair before running into the house.

As they ran, the siblings shouted, “Great Grandfather! Great Grandfather! We’re back!”

They rushed into the living room and saw Han Aoyu sitting on a rosewood chair drinking tea.

Han Aoyu lived in the countryside and it wasn’t far from Shunchen City. They could reach there in an hour or so.

Han Aoyu was wearing a light blue striped shirt. He had his black pants pulled up to his chest and was wearing a black leather belt around his waist. He looked like a standard retired veteran.

The siblings were like two asteroids that crashed into Han Aoyu’s side and hugged his arms from both sides.

Han Junjun looked up and asked his great-grandfather, “Great-grandfather, did you bring us watermelons? Did you bring grapes? Did you bring peaches?”

Every summer, they would go to Great-grandfather’s house in the countryside to stay for a period of time. They would go to the mountains to pick various fruits and catch loach eels and lobsters in the water fields.

“Not only fruits, even crayfish too!” Han Aoyu decided to enter the city at the last minute to deliver crayfish to them.

The lobsters that he farmed were especially good looking this year. Not only were they big, but there were also a lot of them. Thinking that Han Wangwang was about to enter middle school exams and liked spicy crayfish, he brought a bucket full of lobsters over.

Han Wangwang was elated when she heard that there were lobsters. She quickly rolled up her sleeves and went to the yard with her mother and the cook to wash the lobsters.

Han Aoyu was helping too. He cut off the lobster’s long whiskers and pulled out the intestines from the back of the lobster skillfully before throwing them into the trash can.

Seeing Han Junjun and Han Wangwang surrounding Lin Jiao’e, he couldn’t help but think of Han Zhan at home.

Han Aoyu sighed. “Zhan Zhan loves to eat this. Sigh, but he’s busy this year and won’t be back until his grandmother’s death anniversary. By then, the lobsters would have already left the market.”

When Han Wangwang heard that his great-grandpa missed Little Uncle, she knew that he must miss Little Uncle. “Wangdong City has crayfish too. Great Grandpa, don’t worry about Little Uncle.”

“How can I not worry? That child…” When he thought about what Han Zhan had suffered three years ago, Han Aoyu’s heart ached for his grandson.

Lin Jiaoe’s culinary skills were very good. Back then, she had learned how to make lobsters from Grandma Han. After she was done with the bucket of lobsters, she made a huge pot of spicy lobsters. She had to use two pots to store them.

Han Aoyu stared at the bright red lobster. He really missed Han Zhan, so he said, “Bring me a takeaway box.”

Lin Jiao’e and the two children were stunned. “Second Grandpa, why did you pack this?” Lin Jiaoe couldn’t guess what Han ayu was thinking.

Han aoyu said, “I’ll send some to Zhanzhan. These lobsters are so delicious. If I don’t give Zhanzhan a few, I won’t be able to sleep.”

Han aoyu really doted on Han Zhan a lot. He immediately packed half a pot of lobster and took Zhong Buhui to Wangcheng City overnight.

That year, Han Zhan was 27 years old and Zeus International had just gotten on the right track. He would be busy until midnight before he could sleep.

Han Aoyu took a cab directly to Zeus International. He went straight to Han Zhan’s office and when he saw that the lights in his grandson’s office were still on, Han Aoyu revealed a heartbroken and gratified expression.

When the secretary reported to Han Zhan that there was an old man outside visiting him, Han Zhan was a little confused.

Who would visit me at this hour?

Han Zhan saved all the documents and exited the document. He then stood up and walked out. When he saw Han Aoyu sitting in the waiting room, he was so shocked that he almost couldn’t speak.

He looked at the white-haired old man and almost burst into tears.

Han Zhan lowered his head and sorted out his emotions before calling out, “Grandpa.”


Hearing Han Zhan’s voice, Han Aoyu raised his head.

He stared at his grandson’s appearance for a moment. Seeing that his grandson was becoming more mature and steady, he felt heartache at the same time.

He smiled at Han Zhan and said kindly, “Zhanzhan, come over quickly. Grandpa brought you spicy crayfish. Your sister-in-law learned her culinary skills from your grandma. The crayfish she makes tastes the same as your grandma’s. I know you like it, so I brought some over for you.”

Han Zhan stared at the two bags of crayfish on the coffee table and was extremely touched.

He walked forward silently and opened the packaging. The lobster had already been added. It was spicy, numbing, and very hot. Han Zhan felt that it was so spicy that tears were coming out.

Han Aoyu took a photo of Han Zhan eating and sent it to the WeChat group. At the end of 2013, WeChat gradually became popular. This year was 2015 and WeChat had successfully replaced QQ as a new chatting tool.

Han Wangwang saw the picture her great-grandfather sent and commented that he was really handsome. She chatted with her family for a while and felt that it was a little late, so she prepared to sleep.

When she was showering, Han Wangwang felt that she had forgotten something. She tried hard to remember, but she could not remember what she had forgotten. When she was about to fall asleep, Han Wangwang suddenly woke up and sat up.

She turned on her phone’s alarm clock and realized that she had forgotten to choose the time in the afternoon. It had been set to Wednesday. It was already 11: 20 pm. The lucky draw event must have ended.

Who would be the lucky one?

Disheartened, Han Wangwang opened Jiang Zhen’s Weibo page and saw that Jiang Zhen had sent an apology letter at around 8: 20 pm. It turned out that he had something on and had changed the lucky draw time to 12 am.

Han Wangwang instantly revived on the spot!

That’s great!

She stared at the time and waited until 12.59 minutes. Then, she left repeated messages on Jiang Zhen’s Weibo comments. The lucky audience was drawn by Jiang Zhen and would only be announced tomorrow morning.

Han Wangwang left more than twenty messages before going offline to sleep.

The next day, Han Wangwang opened her eyes and found her phone. She opened Jiang Zhen’s Weibo to check the list of winners.

Jiang Zhen announced the list of winners punctually at six in the morning. Han Wangwang saw her ID and instantly jumped off the bed onto the wooden floor. She proudly twisted her butt while praising herself. “Han Wangwang, you’re really a koi. Well done!”

The naive Han Wangwang didn’t know that she was the only living fan among Jiang Zhen’s 30,000 fans. The other fans were all zombie fans bought by Jiang Zhen. Therefore, as long as Han Wangwang participated in that lucky draw event, she would definitely win the prize!

Last night, Jiang Zhen was on the Weibo page at eight o’clock. When he realized that Han Wangwang hadn’t left any messages, he guessed that she might have been delayed by something. He entered Han Wangwang’s WeChat and QQ and realized that she had gone to eat crayfish.

Hence, Jiang Zhen changed the lottery time temporarily just to wait for Han Wangwang to come online.

Jiang Zhen was eating breakfast in the hotel, waiting for Han Wangwang to look for him. He didn’t wait long before he saw a new message on Weibo. Jiang Zhen opened the chat window and saw Han Wangwang saying: [Little Brother, did I really win the lottery?]

Han Wangwang won the award and was in a good mood. Jiang Zhen was promoted from a ‘scumbag’ to a ‘little brother’ from her.

Jiang Zhen didn’t know if all girls were as fickle-minded as Han Wangwang. He said in a business-like manner, “Congratulations on winning the prize. Please give me the address. I’ll send you the disc player.”

Han Wangwang was worried that Jiang Zhen was an online scammer, so she said, [It’s not convenient for me to receive packages. Send the packages to XX place. I’ll get them when I’m free, okay?] She didn’t want to reveal her real address and name.

Jiang Zhen agreed.

Three days later, Han Wangwang received a brand new black disc player. It was the first disc player she had ever touched in her life, and she liked it very much.

Han Wangwang asked the driver to bring the disc machine home for her. When Lin Jiao-er saw the huge box, she asked, “Wangwang, what did you buy?”

Han Wangwang lied and said, “Little Uncle rewarded me for getting the first prize in the Mathematical Olympiad and bought me a disc machine. Mom, you can’t take it away!”

Upon hearing that it was a gift Han Zhan bought for Han Wangwang, Lin Jiao’e didn’t say anything. “Then give your Little Uncle a call to thank him.”


Han Wangwang got someone to put the disc machine in her room and sent Han Zhan a message immediately.

Han Wangwang: [Little Uncle, I spent money to buy a disc player. I lied to my mom and said that it was your gift to me for winning the Mathematical Olympiad. Don’t let it slip!]

Little Uncle doted on her and would definitely cooperate with her.

When Han Zhan received this message, he was speechless at first. Then, he asked her: [How much did you spend? I’ll pay for it.] To outsiders, it was already said that he bought it. As an uncle, it didn’t seem good if he didn’t pay.

Han Wangwang hurriedly replied: [No need, no need. I won a bonus for this competition. It’s not expensive. Little Uncle, you can just give me a gift next time.] She got this from the lottery. How could she accept Han Zhan’s money?

Besides, her uncle’s company was on the rise and he might even have a girlfriend. She could not spend her uncle’s money recklessly.

Han Zhan: [Okay.]

Han Wangwang touched the disc machine like it was a treasure. After half an hour, she finally calmed down.

She wasn’t familiar with Jiang Zhen and accepted his gift just like that. Han Wangwang felt that she had taken advantage of him. She thought for a while and opened Weibo to tell Jiang Zhen: [Little Brother, send me your address. I’ll send you a gift in return.]

Jiang Zhen had mixed feelings.

She wanted to give me a present?

He said: [Let’s add each other on WeChat. I am not always online in Weibo.]

Han Wangwang: [Sure.]

The two of them added each other on WeChat, and Jiang Zhen then sent the address to Han Wangwang. The address was a stationery shop two kilometers away. The stationery shop would collect packages for them. Three days later, Jiang Zhen received his first gift in his life—

A pair of coconut shoes.

In February 2015, the A family released their first coconut 750, and only 9,000 pieces were sold globally. It was said that only high-level VIPs could buy them. If this shoe had been made by someone else, Jiang Zhen would have doubted that it was fake, but it was a gift from Han Wangwang.

With Han Wangwang’s status, it was impossible for her to buy fake shoes.

Jiang Zhen had been paying attention to this pair of shoes since a long time ago. When it was first released, it wasn’t expensive and not many people bought it. However, after a few famous people wore it, the price of this pair of shoes was sky-high.

The pair of shoes Han Wangwang had given him were obviously purchased from someone else at a high price. Jiang Zhen touched the shoes and put them on. He stood on the soft carpet in the hotel room and walked a few steps.

He didn’t know if it was because the shoes were comfortable or because this pair of shoes was the first gift he had received in his life, but Jiang Qin felt that these shoes were especially comfortable. He couldn’t bear to take them off, but he couldn’t bear to take them off, afraid that they would spoil if he wore them.

In the end, Jiang Zhen took off the pair of shoes and wrapped them carefully before putting them into the backpack he carried with him.

[I’ve received the gift. I like it very much.] Jiang Zhen left a message for Han Wangwang. He had just sent the message when he received a message on his phone.

After Jiang Zhen went into hiding, he did not change his phone. He added a GPS tracker to his phone and was not worried that others would track his location.

Jiang Zhen turned on his phone and realized that an unknown number had sent him a message. Jiang Zhen opened the message and when he saw the back view of the girl in the message, he felt as if he had fallen into an icehouse.

It was Jiang Bi!

Stranger: [Mu Feng, you have two days to hand over what we want. Otherwise, your sister will die.]

Jiang Zhen never expected that Poison Scorpion’s men would actually find out Jiang Bi’s and his identity.

Jiang Zhen clenched his fists and did not reply to the other party’s message.

It was Monday. Han Wangwang walked out of school after class but was stopped by the guard. “Classmate Han, you have a Shunfeng Express.”

Han Wangwang was puzzled. She hadn’t bought anything online recently.

Who could it be?

Han Wangwang took the parcel and stood by the roadside, waiting for the chauffeur to pick her up. She looked down at the parcel and saw the familiar handwriting on it. She immediately guessed the identity of this person.

It was the DJ Little Brother.

The driver stopped the car in front of her and smiled. “Wang Wang, have you been waiting for a long time?”


Han Wangwang opened the package in the car and found a few bags of special Lotus Root Starch in it. Han Wangwang was puzzled. Why did Little Brother send me Lotus Root Starch?

Han Wangwang carried the things home. Suddenly, her phone rang.

She opened her WeChat and saw the DJ leaving a message: [Hello Wangwang, I think you’ve already received the package. First, I have to tell you that not all the things in the package are Lotus Root Starch.]

Han Wangwang narrowed her eyes, when she saw this.

She was Han Yueyun’s daughter. The experienced and knowledgeable her immediately detected the abnormality. Han Wangwang hurriedly asked Jiang Zhen, [What exactly did you send me? Who are you?! Why did you approach me on purpose?!]

At that moment, Han Wangwang finally realized that this person had an ulterior motive.

Jiang Zhen: [You live in South Star City. I have something that I have to give to your father, but I can’t get close to him. I’m also worried about giving this to others. Wangwang, I beg you to pass this to your father. This thing is very important. It’s something that Poison Scorpion would want to find.]

Jiang Zhen: [Sorry to drag you into this conspiracy.]

Han Wangwang knew about Poison Scorpion. Her father went to work in South Star City this time because he wanted to kill Poison Scorpion and the company behind him.

Han Wangwang glanced at the delivery box on the bed, her heart beating faster.

Jiang Zhen: [Wang Wang Wang, please transfer the item to your father in the shortest time possible. There can be no delay!] There were only a few hours left until the two-day promise given by Poison Scorpion. He had to hurry.

Only by ensuring that the item was handed to Han Yueyun would he be able to meet Poison Scorpion, and Uncle Duan’s death would be meaningless.

Han Wangwang realized that this matter was imminent. She stuffed her things into her bag and ran downstairs.

When Lin Jiao’e saw her running out with her bag, she asked, “Wangwang, where are you going?”

Han Wangwang said, “I’m going to the Mathematical Olympiad to practice. Mom, don’t wait for me to come back for dinner!”

After running out of the house, Han Wangwang sent a message to her father as she bought the earliest flight. Afraid that the message would be monitored, Han Wangwang left a message to her father: [Dad, I’m in an online relationship. I’m going to take a plane to Nanxing City Airport to meet him!]

When Han Yueyun finished his work for the day and was ready to leave, he took out his phone and saw the message. Han Wangwang was already on the flight from Shunchen City to South Star City.

Han Yueyun’s first reaction when he saw the message was anger. He almost vomited blood from anger. However, he soon realized that something was wrong. If Wangwang really wanted to meet the netizens, why would she send me a text?

Wangwang’s message was actually hinting for me to meet her at Nanxing City Airport!

Han Yueyun understood what was going on and quickly got the driver to drive to the airport. The airport obediently drove the car to the airport. Once Han Yueyun got off the car, he ran to the passenger exit.

Han Wangwang was wearing a light yellow dress with a baby collar. She was carrying a school bag. She grabbed her bag nervously and looked around anxiously.

Han Yueyun shouted at her, “Wangwang!”

Han Wangwang was relieved to see his father.

She strode towards Han Yueyun and hugged him. She whispered into his ear, “Dad, I’m not in an online relationship. A netizen sent me a package containing Lotus Root Starch. However, he told me that not all the things inside are Lotus Root Starch.”

Han Yueyun understood Han Wangwang’s hint.

He said with a sullen face, “You’re disobedient. You’re so young and yet you don’t study well. Why did you come to see the netizens? Come, let’s go back first!” Han Yueyun carried Han Wangwang into the car and scolded him along the way.

Han Yueyun waited for the driver to leave before asking Han Wangwang seriously, “What else did that person say to you?”

Han Wangwang took out his phone and showed it to Han Yueyun. Han Yueyun read the message on WeChat and his eyes lit up. “Quick, take the thing out!”

Han Wangwang quickly took out the Lotus Root Starch from her bag and spread it on the table for Han Yueyun to take a look. Han Yueyun had been in the army when he was young, so he knew this thing too. He carefully examined the Lotus Root Starch and finally picked out a packet of finer powder.

Han Yueyun told Han Wangwang, “That year, Poison Scorpion worked with a drug dealer overseas and caught a drug expert. That expert developed an unprecedented lethal drug. However, before the drug could be put into production, Poison Scorpion was caught and the drug dealer outside the country was caught.”

“Poison Scorpion was caught because his mistress betrayed him. His mistress was actually a spy on our side. If this thing is really what Poison Scorpion was looking for, then it must be that thing.”

“This matter should not be publicized. If it gets out, Poison Scorpion will do anything in desperation. You and I will be in danger too.” Han Yueyun patted her daughter’s shoulder lovingly and sighed. “I’ll have to trouble you.”

In order to cover up, Han Wangwang had no choice but to take the blame for being bold enough to reveal herself to her online boyfriend at such a young age.

Han Wangwang handed the things to her father and then heaved a sigh of relief. She informed Jiang Zhen of the news and when Jiang Zhen received the news, he heaved a sigh of relief.

Jiang Zhen: [Thank you. If I have the chance, I will thank you in person.]

After sending out the short breath, Jiang Zhen began to hide his weapons one by one. Finally, he carried his bag and went to meet Poison Scorpion’s men alone.

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