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Chapter 351: It’s Great To Meet You Again

The sky was already bright.

Song Fei sat by the bed and looked at Song Ci and Han Zhan who were asleep on the bed. His brows were furrowed, and she was very worried about them.

Yesterday at the Shen Si Building, when Song Ci and Han Zhan picked up the dragon-shaped jade pendant under the bones, both of them fainted on the spot.

Song Fei got Zhou Wu to send them back to the dormitory to rest. The two of them had been unconscious for more than ten hours, but they hadn’t woken up.

Song Fei was an atheist, but at this moment, she had doubts. Could these two people have been possessed by the ghost of the owner of the bones?

Just as Song Fei suspected that Song Ci was possessed by a ghost and was about to find an exorcist to look at the two of them, she suddenly noticed two drops of tears sliding down Han Zhan’s eyes and behind his ears.

Song Fei was stunned.

What kind of heartbreaking dream does he have?

Song Fei used a tissue to wipe Han Zhan’s tears, but Han Zhan’s tears rolled out one drop after another as if they were free. His body started to struggle uneasily, and his hands gripped the bedsheets tightly as he muttered a name.

Song Fei didn’t hear him clearly. She stood up and leaned against Song Ci’s chest before she heard Han Zhan shout, “Xian’er… Xian’er…”

Song Fei’s face instantly darkened.

Damn it!

Which lover of Han Zhan’s was Xian’er?

Right at this moment, Song Ci’s chest, which was being pressed down by Song Fei, suddenly rose and fell violently. Song Fei sensed it and quickly stood up. She saw Song Ci open her mouth and let out a breath. Then, she suddenly opened her eyes and sat up in shock!

“Your Majesty!”

Song Ci opened her mouth and called “Your Majesty”.

Song Fei blinked and looked speechlessly at the two people on the bed, feeling a little tired. She waved her hand in front of Song Ci and asked, “Excuse me, are you my sister Song Ci, or are you some ancestor from six hundred years ago?”

When Song Ci heard Song Fei’s voice, she slowly turned her head and sized her up with an unfamiliar gaze. Staring at Song Fei’s face, Song Ci’s eyes trembled a few times before she finally understood who she was, where she was, and who the person in front of her was.

“Song Fei.”

Song Ci hugged Song Fei tightly and said, “Song Fei, it hurts.”

It’s Song Ci!

Song Fei heaved a sigh of relief. She held Song Ci’s head and gently stroked her back. “Where does it hurt? Tell me.”

Song Ci said with tears in her eyes, “My chest hurts.”

Song Fei gently patted Song Ci’s back and told her, “It’s all a dream. You’ve already woken up. No matter how scary the dream is, it’s all in the past.”

Song Ci asked Song Fei, “Song Fei, do you believe in the past and present lives?”

Song Fei was stunned.

She wanted to say that she didn’t believe it, but since Song Cici could be reborn, why couldn’t they have a past life? Song Fei said, “Maybe. Maybe Grandma Meng[1] is superficial. When she sees someone who’s good-looking, she’ll feed them some fake medicine.”

Song Ci was amused by Song Fei.

She let go of Song Fei and wiped her red nose, saying, “Song Fei, go and rest first. My heart is in a mess right now, and I want to lie down for a while.”

“Sleep after breakfast!” Song Fei went to the first floor and poured a bowl of porridge that he had prepared earlier. She was about to serve it to Song Ci, when she met Zhou Wu in the living room.

Zhou Wu stared at the porridge in her hand and asked, “Is Song Ci awake? Or is Han Zhan awake?”

“Song Ci.”

Zhou Wu said, “Then I’ll check on them too.”

“Yeah, whatever.”

Song Ci changed into her pajamas and sat on the sofa weakly. She stared at Han Zhan on the bed in a daze.

Dugu Jie, Han Zhan…

They were actually the same person!

When Song Ci thought about how she had been entangled with Han Zhan for three lifetimes, she felt uncomfortable.

Your Majesty…

The thought of His Majesty made her heart ache.

“Song Ci, drink this congee.” Song Fei walked in with the congee. She put the congee on the table and said to Song Ci with a cold face, “You must eat it. Don’t leave anything behind!”

No matter how awesome Song Ci was, she would always be an obedient baby in front of Song Fei. She quickly stood up from the sofa and walked to the dining table to sit down.

She picked up the spoon and was about to eat the first mouthful of porridge when Song Ci noticed that there was another person standing outside the door. Zhou Wu was wearing an old sportswear and holding a taiji sword.

Song Ci stared at Zhou Wu and felt a sense of deja vu from this person, like…

Song Ci thought of someone and felt that she was thinking too much.

“Uncle Zhou, did you just finish practicing your swordplay?”

Zhou Wu looked at Song Ci and didn’t realize anything. Then he walked in with the Taiji sword. He sat down on the stool next to Song Ci and asked her, “Song Ci, why did you suddenly faint yesterday?”

Song Cici said truthfully, “That jade pendant has a spiritual nature. During the time I was unconscious, I saw many things through the jade pendant. Those should be the memories of the owner of the white bones.”

“Oh?” Zhou Wu’s expression was subtle. He couldn’t help but ask, “Who are those skeletons?” Zhou Wu had been curious about it and could not sleep well the previous night.

Song Ci said, “The Taiping Emperor Dugu Jie and the National Guard General Nangong Xian.”

Zhou Wu’s eyes widened. “How could that be! How could His Majesty die in the Mo Family?!”

Song Ci felt that Zhou Wu’s reaction was not right.

She turned around and said to Song Fei, “Song Fei, go out first. I have something to say to Uncle Zhou.”


Song Fei really went out obediently, and wasn’t curious about what secret things Song Ci had to say to Zhou Wu. After Song Fei left, Song Ci put down the spoon in her hand and looked at Zhou Wu seriously with her beautiful eyes. She suddenly said, “Are you Divine Doctor Zhou?”

Zhou Wu fell silent.

Song Ci continued, “When people talk about Dugu Jie, people who respect history would respectfully call him the Emperor Taiping. Ordinary people would also call him by his name. Only people who lived in that dynasty would usually address him as’ Your Majesty ‘…”

Song Ci asked Zhou Wu thoughtfully, “Are you a reborn person?”

Zhou Wu smiled bitterly. “For you to ask such a question, it means that you have already remembered your past life.” Zhou Wu put down the Taiji sword and stood up. He cupped his fists at Song Ci and said, “Little General Nangong, it’s been six hundred years since we last met.”

Song Ci sighed with emotion. “You really are Doctor Zhou.”

Zhou Wu stared at Song Ci’s face and said, “Little General Nangong, your appearance in this life is somewhat similar to your appearance during the Luo Dynasty. I originally didn’t plan to participate in this year’s Mo Family’s test, but I saw Song Fei’s personal appearance on the Mo Family’s registration website…”

Zhou Wu said sadly, “I think that God arranged for me to be reborn so that I could expose Mo Liansheng’s hypocrisy and expose the Mo Family’s inhumane methods!”

“Thus, I came.”

Zhou Wu turned his head and looked at Han Zhan, who was still unconscious on the bed. He smiled and said, “That day, I saw Mr. Han pick up the Sun Chasing Arrow with my own eyes. I was extremely surprised.”

“No one knows better than me how much the Sun Chasing Arrow recognizes its owner. The Sun Chasing Arrow has a soul. It is the longbow used by the Taiping Emperor Dugu Jie. Later on, the Taiping Emperor gifted it to his beloved woman, Nangong Xian. The Sun Chasing Arrow accompanied little General Nangong into battle to kill the enemy. It has drunk too much blood and is a famous killing weapon!”

“In the past six hundred years, no one has been able to shake the Chasing Sun Arrows. The only ones who can lift the arrows are the Taiping Emperor and Nangong Xian!”

Zhou Wu looked at Han Zhan with admiration and respect. “As expected of His Majesty. He’s so outstanding in both the past and present lives!”

Everyone who was born in the Luo Dynasty respected Dugu Jie. Even though Zhou Wu was reborn into the modern world, his respect for the Taiping Emperor did not decrease at all.

After listening to Zhou Wu’s words, Song Ci was also deeply moved. She sighed and said, “Back then, before I died, I made a curse. I cursed Mo Liansheng’s descendants to not live past 25 years old. Who would have thought that in order to break that curse, they actually secretly cultivated countless medicine men!”

If she had known that her curse would cause the destruction of the Nangong family, she would not have said such harsh words back then.

“Little General, don’t blame yourself. You didn’t do anything wrong. The Mo family is in the wrong.” Zhou Wu couldn’t figure out one thing. He said, “Little General Nangong, you’re very capable. How could that bastard Mo Liansheng hurt you, Little General Nangong?”

“You’re right. With my ability, Mo Liansheng can’t kill me easily. I…” Song Ci looked back at Han Zhan on the bed. She smiled slightly and said,” When he shot at me, I didn’t dodge. I was killed by him willingly. ”

Hearing this, Zhou Wu was shocked. “Little General Nangong, you…”

“His Majesty is a wise lord and a good ruler. By that time the war has died down and the dynasty of Lo needs His Majesty more. And I… I wish the man I love had a healthy body.”

Although she had died under Mo Liansheng’s arrow, she was willing to sacrifice her life for Dugu Jie.

Zhou Wu was shocked by Nangong Xian’s feelings for Dugu Jie. He was filled with regret and said in frustration, “I regret sending that bastard Mo Liansheng to your side. It’s my fault. I indirectly caused your death.”

“Uncle Zhou, don’t blame yourself. Mo Liansheng is a hypocrite. Even I only saw his true colors before I died. Forget it, let’s not talk about the past.”

She chose to let go of her past regrets and pain.

She should cherish the happiness and happiness she had now.

Hearing the person on the bed crying and calling Xian’er, Song Ci smiled apologetically at Zhou Wu. “Uncle Zhou, please leave first. My Mr. Han will never let anyone see him cry.”

Zhou Wu smiled and got up to leave.

Song Ci drank a few mouthfuls of porridge before she got up and sat down by the bed. She held Han Zhan’s cold hand and rubbed it against her cheek. “It’s so good to see you again.”

[1] [Annotation text missing]

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