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Chapter 352: Zhou Wu: My Son has Power in the Capital

After leaving Song Ci’s roomy, Zhou Wu went to the dormitory and squatted on a big rock in front of the courtyard.

Zhou Wu stared in the direction of the Shen Si Building and sighed.

Two years ago, after the news of Song Fei being kidnapped by Mu Mian was exposed, Zhou Wu saw Song Fei’s photo on the news on Friday.

However, he was blind in his previous life and did not know what the commander of the Nangong family of the Luo Dynasty looked like. He only heard from others that the little general was born with a beautiful face and moon-like features. She was drop-dead gorgeous and had a heroic spirit.

He went to the capital last year to visit his son. His son knew that he was interested in the things of the Luo Dynasty, so he took him to visit a museum.

In the museum, Zhou Wu saw a portrait and realized that the woman was the Luo Dynasty’s general, Nangong Xian. Zhou Wu then realized that the little general actually looked like this.

Two months ago, when he opened the Mo family’s registration website, he saw a face that looked a little similar to the little general’s. He clicked on that person to take a look and realized that it was actually Song Fei.

At that time, Zhou Wu started to suspect the relationship between Song Fei and Nangong Xian. However, he didn’t expect that General Nangong Xian’s reincarnation wasn’t Song Fei but Song Ci.

He had finally found little General Nangong and His Majesty. He had succeeded in making people recognize the hypocrisy of the Mo Clan’s ancestor and expose the ugly conduct of the Mo Clan. The huge stone that had been weighing on Zhou Wu’s heart for decades had finally been lifted.

Zhou Wu’s WeChat suddenly beeped twice.

He opened WeChat and saw Song Ci in the group chat.

Song Ci: [Good morning, everyone.]

The people in the WeChat group were all the big shots of the Flower Country’s Chinese Medical Association and Chinese medicine families.

The Mo family had always been the boss of the group. The other medical families followed the Mo family’s lead. Song Ci’s nickname was’ Young Master Mo ‘, so when she appeared, she attracted the warm welcome of others.

[Good morning, Young Master Mo. When will the funeral be held? I want to buy tickets in advance. It’s not easy to buy train tickets now.]

That day, when Mo Suixin died, Song Ci notified everyone in the group.

Now that the Mo family head had passed away, all the big shots in the Chinese medical field had to attend the memorial service.

Old Mr. Long also asked, [Young Master Mo, is the date of the funeral confirmed? I called the Mo Family yesterday and your people kept saying that the date of the funeral has not been confirmed yet. Did something happen?]

Song Ci spoke again. This time, she posted a long announcement—


With a heavy heart, we are here to inform everyone that our clan’s Old Master Mo Zhangkuang, Clan Leader Mo Suixin, Clan Leader Madam Mo Yang, had died the night before and last night.

The memorial service will be held in three days at the Medicine God Valley Sect. Friends and family may come to pay their respects on time.]

Over a hundred people in the group, whether it was those who loved gossip or not, appeared one after another. Their comments were like duplicates—

First floor: [!!!]

Second floor: [!!!]

Third floor: [!!!]

After a brief moment of shock, the group of friends opened the ticketing app and bought tickets to the Medicine God Valley Sect.

After reading the message, Zhou Wu lit a cigarette and stared blankly at the Medicine God Valley Sect.

The Mo Clan, which had been glorious for more than six hundred years, was finally about to fall.

This day had come too late.

Song Ci suddenly received a large amount of memories. Her mind was a little confused, and she quickly fell asleep again. About an hour after she fell asleep, the man beside her opened his grayish-blue eyes.

Han Zhan stared at the ceiling above his head and noticed the glaring light beside him. He turned his head to look over and realized that the setting sun had passed through the glass window and shone into the bedroom.

Han Zhan looked confused. His memories were still from the moment he died while carrying Nangong Xian. He could not tell where he was.

He felt that his shoulders were a little heavy. He turned his head and saw Song Ci’s quiet sleeping face. His wandering consciousness suddenly woke up.

I am Han Zhan!

This was the 21st century, and it was no longer the Luo Dynasty!

Han Zhan looked at Song Ci and compared her to Nangong Xian in his memory.

Just by looking at them, their facial features were indeed somewhat similar, but their temperaments were completely different. Nangong Xian’s appearance was more heroic, and her gaze was arrogant and unruly.

Song Ci, on the other hand, was truly a beauty that could topple countries. Her facial features were all exquisite. They were both beauties, but Song Ci was more charming. Her manner of looking at people was more charming and seductive.

Han Zhan secretly held Song Ci’s hand. When he thought of how she had cut herself open to refine medicine six hundred years ago to protect her territory, his heart ached.

It was said that Song Ci had good taste and was lucky enough to marry the richest man, Han Zhan. Only Han Zhan knew that marrying Song Ci was his fortune.

]Song Ci was sleeping soundly when she suddenly felt a weight on her body. She opened her eyes and saw someone pressing on her. That person was taking off her clothes!

Song Ci was speechless.

You want to sleep with me when you wake up. So you are such an indecent man.

Song Ci didn’t push Han Zhan away. She asked Han Zhan, “So impatient?”

Han Zhan pressed her arms down and looked at her with a complicated gaze filled with love and pain. “You’re so cruel. How could you torture me like this!”

Han Zhan kissed Song Ci fiercely, as if he wanted to tear her apart.

After the clothes were removed, Song Ci felt Han Zhan’s unprecedented dominance and excitement. Only then did she understand how painful this person’s heart was.

Han Zhan came downstairs to cook. Zhou Wu did not sleep and was watching a sci-fi movie.

Upon the sight of Han Zhan walking down the stairs in a set of black silk pajamas, Zhou Wu stood up subconsciously and knelt on the ground. “Greetings, Your Majesty!”

Han Zhan stopped in his tracks.

He stared at Zhou Wu for a long time before saying, “Uncle Zhou, there’s only Han Zhan in this world. Dugu Jie is long gone. You can call me Han Zhan or Mr. Han or Little Han.”

The respect and reverence Zhou Wu had for Dugu Jie was carved into his bones. It was difficult for him to remain calm when he saw Han Zhan.

Han Zhan understood what Zhou Wu was feeling. No one dared to be disrespectful to the Emperor in the era of royal power. Any actions that were disrespectful or offensive might cause them to lose their heads.

Han Zhan knew that he couldn’t persuade Zhou Wu, so he said, “If there are people around in the future, don’t do this.” After a pause, he said, “I don’t want to be treated as a mental patient.”

Zhou Wu nodded quickly. “I understand, Your Grace.”

Han Zhan corrected him again. “Call me Mr. Han.”

Zhou Wu: “… Mr. Han.”

Han Zhan went into the kitchen to cook, and Zhou Wu followed him in.

Seeing that Han Zhan was about to wash the frying pan, he hurriedly walked up and snatched the frying pan from Han Zhan’s hands. He said, “Your Majesty, quickly rest. I’ll do these things! Your Majesty’s hand wields a brush and wields a sword. How can you touch the pots and pans?”

Han Zhan was speechless.

Fifteen minutes later, Zhou Wu prepared a large plate of beef noodles. It smelled spicy and numbing, whetting his appetite.

Zhou Wu passed the chopsticks to Han Zhan with both hands. “Your Majesty, please.”

Han Zhan really couldn’t stand Zhou Wu’s subordinate behavior. He picked up the bowl of noodles and ran upstairs. Song Ci saw Han Zhan carrying the noodles back to the room to eat and was a little surprised. “Why are you eating in the room? It will smell.”

Han Zhan said emotionally, “There’s a person downstairs who keeps kneeling down and calling me Your Majesty. My head hurts.”

Song Ci laughed, then got off the bed and walked to Han Zhan. She stared at the bowl of noodles in front of Han Zhan and suddenly shouted, “Your Majesty.”

Han Zhan’s body trembled, and the hand holding the chopsticks became a little unstable.

When others called him “Your Majesty”, he would only feel helpless. However, when Song Ci called him “Your Majesty”, Han Zhan wanted to cry. Han Zhan put down his chopsticks and turned his head to say to Song Ci, “You calling me ‘Your Majesty’ is killing me.”

Song Ci fell silent.

“Baby Ci.”

Han Zhan used his broken right hand to hold Song Ci’s hand and put it into his pajamas pocket to hide it. He picked up a pair of chopsticks with his left hand and took a bite. After that, he bit several peppers.

Han Zhan frowned and pushed the bowl of noodles away. “So many pepper.”

Song Ci picked up his chopsticks and carefully picked out all the pepper from the bowl of noodles. She wrapped them in tissue paper and threw them into the trash can.

Only then was Han Zhan willing to eat that bowl of noodles.

As he ate the noodles, Song Ci supported her cheek with her hand and tilted her head to look at him. “You’re more handsome than Dugu Jie.”

Han Zhan would not be jealous of his previous life. He said, “It’s my father’s genes that are not good.” If not for his mother’s beauty, Dugu Jie would be even uglier.

In this life, with Han Mulan and Edward’s excellent genes, Han Zhan would look good no matter what.

Song Ci was amused by Han Zhan’s words. She thought of something and her expression suddenly changed. “Ah, we didn’t use contraception tonight.”

Han Zhan said, “I did it on purpose.”

There were tools in his suitcase, but he didn’t use them. He couldn’t wait to have a few more children with Song Ci. Song Ci almost suffered from depression from her first pregnancy, and now she had a headache when she heard about pregnancy.

However, when she thought about how she didn’t even have a child with Han Zhan in her previous life, she wanted to have another child with Han Zhan. She touched her stomach and said, “A year and a half after my cesarean section, I can start preparing for pregnancy, right?”

“Yes. Don’t worry. I won’t let anything happen to you.”

Speaking of pregnancy, Song Ci thought of her mentor’s wife. She found her phone and said, “Godmother Rongrong will be due in a few days, right? I’ll ask Teacher and see if Godmother has given birth.”

Han Zhan looked at the time on his watch and said to Song Ci, “It’s late, Teacher Shen might be asleep.”

“No, I know Teacher’s personality very well. Godmother Rongrong is about to give birth, Teacher will definitely not be able to sleep these few days.” Song Ci sent a WeChat message to Shen Yubei: [Teacher, are you asleep?]

Shen Yubei: [No.]

Song Ci pouted at Han Zhan. “Like I said, Teacher must not be asleep yet.”

Han Zhan nodded and said, “You can talk on the phone, I’ll eat noodles.”


Song Ci took her phone and went to the small balcony. She leaned against the railing and called Shen Yubei. Shen Yubei answered the call and said, “Is the delivery period predicted accurately? Will it be early?”

Song Ci smiled. “Teacher, have you not been sleeping well these few days?”

Shen Yubei nodded. “How would I be able to sleep? The thought of your godmother giving birth makes my heart in turmoil.”

When he picked up the phone, Shen Yubei was sitting in the nursery. He said, “I’m packing my luggage. I’ve been packing intermittently for the past few days. I was afraid that your mistress would be too anxious and leave things behind.”

Song Ci gave the names of the things she used during her labor. She read them out while Shen Yubei sorted out the list.

In the end, he realized that he did not lack anything and even prepared some extra things. Only then did Shen Yubei feel at ease. “Everything is ready.”

“Teacher, don’t be too nervous.”

“How can I not be nervous!” Shen Yubei’s heart clenched. He said, “Your mistress is an aged pregnant lady. Even the doctor doesn’t recommend that she go into labor naturally. When I think about how your mistress is going to be stabbed though her body is fine, I feel anxious.”

Song Ci was fed a handful of dog food, sweet and honest.

She chatted with Shen Yubei about confinement. As they were talking, Shen Yubei suddenly heard Di Rongrong shouting from the room next door. “Beibei! Beibei!”

Shen Yubei’s heart trembled. “Your mistress is calling for me!”

Shen Yubei hurriedly stood up, opened the door and walked out. He pushed open the master bedroom door and walked in. He saw Di Rongrong supporting herself on the bed as she stood up.

She held her big belly and said nervously, “My amniotic fluid broke!” Di Rongrong had woken up because of contractions. When she woke up, she realized that her amniotic fluid had broken. She had no idea how long she had been suffering from contractions!


Shen Yubei’s brain exploded!

“Song Ci, your mistress’s water broke!”

Shen Yubei’s shout made Han Zhan, who was eating noodles in the room, hear it.

When Han Zhan heard this, he quickly put down his chopsticks and walked to the balcony. He hugged Song Ci’s waist. “Is she giving birth?”

“I’m afraid she’s going to give birth soon.”

Through the phone, Song Ci told Shen Yubei what to do next and told him not to panic.

Shen Yubei listened to Song Ci’s instructions and sent the things he needed into the car, before returning to his room to carry Di Rongrong downstairs. Although Shen Yubei had long hair and looked like a cultured and noble young master, he had a lot of strength.

Hugging Di Rongrong in his arms, he walked quickly.

He placed Di Rongrong on the passenger seat and heard her say, “Beibei, I think…” Di Rongrong looked flustered. She said,” I don’t think we can make it to the hospital in time. ”

Shen Yubei was stunned.

“What?” Didn’t they say that there will be a few hours between contractions and delivery?

Di Rongrong had given birth to a daughter before and she had experience in giving birth. She realized that her contractions were too frequent and the pain was too fast. Her uterus might have opened up.

Di Rongrong felt that the baby was about to be born, and it would take at least half an hour to reach the hospital from here. Di Rongrong immediately said, “Beibei, let’s give birth at home!”

Shen Yubei: “!”

Song Ci was also shocked by Di Rongrong’s decision. However, she quickly calmed down and said to Shen Yubei, “Teacher, listen to Godmother and give birth at home!” If the child was not really going to be born, Godmother Rongrong would not make such a decision.

Shen Yubei carried Di Rongrong back to her room and placed a pillow behind her for her to lean on. As soon as Di Rongrong lay down, Shen Yubei heard her say, “I feel that the child is out.”

Di Rongrong’s face turned pale from the pain.

Shen Yubei did not believe it at first, but when he looked down, he really saw the child’s hair!

Shen Yubei’s legs turned to jelly. He was in despair. How should he deliver the baby?

Di Rongrong gritted her teeth in pain and was trying hard to give birth. Shen Yubei’s mind was in a mess. He could only ask Song Ci for help. “Song Ci, I saw the baby’s head. What should I do next?”

“Teacher, calm down. Don’t mess around! Next, do as I say.” Song Ci started to teach Shen Yubei how to deliver through the phone. Then, she asked Han Zhan to call Shen Yubei’s butler and inform him to prepare hot water scissors and baby clothes.

Five minutes later, a baby’s cry sounded in Shen Yubei’s villa.

Hearing the child’s cries, Shen Yubei was stunned. Song Ci and Han Zhan revealed relieved smiles.

Outside the door, the butler had already prepared hot water and scissors. He knocked on the door and asked Shen Yubei, “Sir, can I come in now?”

Shen Yubei quickly covered Di Rongrong with the blanket and said, “Come in.”

The butler brought the things in. Shen Yubei placed the child on the bed in front of him. He picked up the scissors but did not dare to cut the umbilical cord.

Di Rongrong had eaten two bowls of rice and drank a bowl of soup that night. She seemed to be in good spirits. She leaned against the pillow and noticed that Shen Yubei was hesitating. In a weak voice, she told Shen Yubei, “Cut it off. It won’t hurt me and the child.”

Shen Yubei frowned and pinched the little baby girl’s umbilical cord. He gritted his teeth and cut off the umbilical cord. The old butler dressed the baby at the side while Shen Yubei helped Di Rongrong deliver the placenta.

After that, the ambulance arrived.

Shen Yubei heaved a sigh of relief.

At this moment, the butler exclaimed, “Sir, look! The baby has five fingers!”

Hearing this, both Di Rongrong and Shen Yubei were delighted.

Shen Yubei hurriedly ran to the small bed and picked up the baby girl’s hand to take a closer look. She did have five fingers on her hand, but her middle finger, ring finger, and little finger were stuck tightly to her palm. It looked like her development was unusual.

Shen Yubei tried to separate the child’s fingers from her palm but to no avail. He frowned and said to Di Rongrong, “Rongrong, the child has five fingers, but the other three fingers have grown together with the palm.”

Di Rongrong comforted Shen Yubei instead. “Maybe doing a separation surgery can cure her hand.”


The butler brought the doctors and nurses into the house. Shen Yubei accompanied them and sent Di Rongrong and her daughter to the hospital. On the way, Shen Yubei squatted beside the bed and kissed Di Rongrong’s hand. “It’s been hard on you, Rongrong.”

Di Rongrong shook her head and said, “Give me something to drink.”

Shen Yubei used a straw to feed Di Rongrong some warm water before she heard Di Rongrong say, “Beibei, you must protect our baby.”

The death of her first daughter had dealt a heavy blow to Di Rongrong. She would definitely protect this little darling!

Shen Yubei nodded. “Of course. I will definitely protect you and your daughter.”

“I’m calling Luolan and Mo Yao right now.”

Shen Yubei picked up Di Rongrong’s cell phone and started to call his family and friends one by one. After making the calls, he shared the good news of his beloved daughter on WeChat.

Song Ci went to her teacher’s new circle of friends and enlarged the photo. She stared at the wrinkled little girl in the photo and suddenly said, “I miss Miaomiao and Junjun a little.”

Han Zhan bit her neck before saying, “We’ll go back in three days.”


The next afternoon, many colleagues arrived at the Medicine God Valley Sect to attend Mo Suixin trio’s funeral. The night before the memorial service, all the bosses of the WeChat group arrived at the Medicine God Valley Sect.

Mo Fengying had already taken over the Mo family. She sat in the position of the head of the Mo family and looked at these Chinese medicine big shots who had come from afar. When she thought about how the Mo family’s glorious history, which had been maintained for more than 600 years, would be destroyed tomorrow, she felt ashamed.

However, Mo Suiyun noticed something. He brought a cup of honey pomelo tea for Mo Fengying and said to her, “I didn’t hear you cough these two days, Miss.”

Mo Fengying was slightly stunned. “Really?”

She thought about it carefully and realized that she had indeed not coughed for the past two days. Her body did not feel as tired as before and she could catch her breath.

Mo Fengying was bewildered. She murmured, “Could it be that the curse was removed after the Mo family’s true colors were revealed?”

Mo Fengying could not figure it out, so she did not think too deeply.

On the morning of the third day, there were three coffins placed side by side on the square in front of the Shen Si Building. From left to right, the elderly head, Mo Zhangkuang, the family head, Mo Suixin, and the family head’s wife, Mo Yang.

Three pitch-black coffins were placed in front of the Shen Si Building. It was very creepy. Some people noticed that the sacred statue of the Mo family’s ancestor had disappeared from the building, and they all found it strange.

“Zhanzhan, why is Old Ancestor Mo’s sacred image gone?” Old Master Long was standing next to Han Zhan, and both were wearing black clothes. He knew that Han Zhan had been recuperating in the valley during this period of time, so he must know what had happened.

Han Zhan smiled mysteriously and said, “Grandpa Long, you’ll know later.”

Old Master Long had sharp eyes and could tell what Han Zhan was plotting. He could not help but be suspicious.

Everyone gathered in the hall and whispered to each other, secretly guessing the cause of their deaths.

At eight o’clock, Mo Fengying walked onto the stage.

She didn’t take the microphone and stood alone on the stage. She raised her voice and said, “Welcome, seniors and colleagues who took time out of their busy schedules to pay their respects to my grandfather, father, and mother.”

“The Mo Family has been around for 672 years and is recognized as one of the most influential families in TCM. The Mo Family of Sichuan is the best in the country! I used to feel honored to be a part of the Mo Family. However, the recent events have made me feel ashamed…”

Upon hearing this, the big shots looked at each other.

What exactly happened in the Mo Clan?

Mo Fengying could not bear to continue. The thought of the Mo family’s glory ending in her hands terrified her.

Behind the crowd, Song Fei waved his phone at her.

Mo Fengying’s face turned pale when she saw Song Fei’s actions.

Song Fei found her last night and told her that she had recorded everything that had happened in the Mo family during this period.

Song Fei threatened Mo Fengying that she had to confess the Mo family and Mo Liansheng’s crimes publicly at the funeral today!

If Mo Fengying didn’t cooperate and take the initiative to confess, Song Fei would edit the things that happened a few days ago into a video and upload it on the Internet, exposing the Mo family’s scandal to the entire world!

Losing face in front of their colleagues was better than losing face in front of the whole world.

Mo Fengying pinched her thigh hard. Feeling the pain, she regained her rationality and continued, “Today, I want to confess to everyone that the Mo family has been hiding their crimes for more than 600 years! I want to make a confession to those innocent victims of the Mo family!”

“What is Miss Mo talking about?”

“What crime did the Mo Family commit?”

The big shots below the stage were all confused.

Mo Fengying was about to cry when she heard the commotion below the stage. However, she was also a sinner. She had to confess to the crimes that she and her family had committed.

Mo Fengying spoke with a trembling voice. “Six hundred years ago, the ancestor, Mo Liansheng, was able to save the Taiping Emperor because he created the unparalleled Rejuvenation Pill! To the outside world, the ancestor claimed that the Rejuvenation Pill was refined from the heart of a magical beast, but in reality…”

“In fact, the so-called magical beast is actually a human!”

Hearing that, everyone was dumbfounded!

“The Rejuvenation Pill made of human hearts?” Old Mr. Long’s face turned pale at the thought of the Rejuvenation Pill in his house. “Miss Mo, are you really not lying to us?”

The others stared at Mo Fengying in shock, waiting for her to explain herself.

Being stared at by her colleagues, Mo Fengying was so embarrassed that her face turned red and tears flowed down her cheeks. She wiped her tears and sobbed as she recounted the ugly things that Mo Liansheng had done back then.

The entire square was silent. Only Mo Fengying’s repentant voice could be heard.

“Every Rejuvenation Pill of the Mo Clan was refined from the heart of an innocent medicine man. Those miraculous medicines were also mixed with the blood and flesh of the medicine man. This is also the reason why others couldn’t concoct the same medicinal effects even though they’d already understood the Mo Clan’s prescription.”

The people present were all big shots of the Chinese medical world. Even if their medical skills had not reached the pinnacle, they still had the benevolence of a doctor.

In the past, they had treated the Mo Family as a pyramid. When they were young, they had been proud of being able to enter the Mo Family and study! However, after hearing the ugly truth today, they felt that the Mo Family was really disgusting!

How was this a group of doctors? They were simply a group of heretics!

When Mo Fengying saw the anger and condemnation on everyone’s faces, she was so frightened that she did not dare to speak. This was the first time Mo Fengying had encountered such a situation in her entire life. She could not even speak properly.

At this moment, Han Zhan walked up to the stage and said, “Hello everyone, I’m Han Zhan, the boss of Zeus International.”

There were many people who knew Han Zhan.

Seeing that Han Zhan had stepped onto the stage to speak, the noisy square instantly quieted down.

Han Zhan waited for no one to make any more noise before saying, “A few days ago, a core disciple of the Mo Clan secretly released the last medicine man in this world. For now, we will call her Granny Yao.”

“Granny Yao’s escape allowed me and the Mo clan’s clansmen to discover the existence of the medicine man. Through Granny Yao’s words, we learned the secret of the Rejuvenation Pill, and learned of Mo clan’s extermination of Nangong clan in order to obtain more medicine men!”

“Through the diary of a doctor surnamed Zhou, we discovered that during the time of the Luo Dynasty, the ancestor of the Mo family, Mo Liansheng, had used the medicine man’s heart to save the Taiping Emperor. The first victim was the most famous female general in history…”

“…Nangong Xian!”

“Six centuries have passed. General Nangong Xian has finally waited for the day of redress. The souls of countless victims of medicine can finally be released.”

Han Zhan’s gaze swept across the three coffins in front of him and said expressionlessly, “Seeing that the Mo Family’s crimes have been announced, Mo Zhangkuang, who knows full well that he has committed countless sins, committed suicide with the family head and his wife to atone for his crimes! The other elders and insiders of the Mo Family will also be brought to the First Prison to serve their sentence.”

As everyone knew, the First Prison was hell on earth. The people locked inside were all criminals who had committed heinous crimes. Every criminal who entered could forget about coming out.

Just as Han Zhan finished speaking, he saw Zhou Wu walk up the stage with a man in a black suit. Many people who often watched the news broadcast recognized the young man behind Zhou Wu.

Everyone was shocked to see this Mr. Zhou.

Why was he here?

Zhou Baoguo was 38 years old this year and was Zhou Wu’s adopted son. When he was brought home and adopted by Zhou Wu, he was already 8 years old. Friday lamented that the world was now peaceful and happy, so he named his adopted son Zhou Baoguo[1] and hoped that he could serve the country!

Han Zhan only heard Zhou Wu say that his son had some influence in the capital and could handle this matter well. Hence, he handed the punishment of the elders of the Mo clan to Zhou Wu’s son.

However, he never expected that the son that Zhou Wu said had some power in the capital would be the Zhou Baoguo!

Zhou Baoguo!

The wolf in sheep’s clothing, Zhou Baoguo!

When Grandpa was still alive, he would always mention Zhou Baoguo to Han Zhan. Every time he mentioned him, Grandpa would look surprised and satisfied.

How could someone whom Grandpa acknowledged and looked forward to not have some skills?

Zhou Wu brought his son to meet Han Zhan. After the two young men shook hands and exchanged a few words, Zhou Baoguo brought his men to the West Mountain, dragged the elders out of the West Mountain and brought them back to the capital.

It had been a long time since Zhou Wu had seen his son. He explained the situation to Han Zhan and left with his son.

As for the group of people that came to attend the funeral, they didn’t want to stay in the Medicine King Valley any longer after knowing the true identity of the Mo Family. They left early and didn’t even attend the funeral.

When Mo Fengying saw the elders being taken away, she didn’t dare to say anything. She just asked Han Zhan worriedly, “Will the elders die?”

Han Zhan stared at Mo Fengying sternly and asked, “If you’re worried that the elders will die, who will be worried about the extermination of the Nangong family?”

Mo Fengying bit her lip, not daring to say anything else.

At noon, Han Zhan left the Medicine King Valley with Song Ci and Song Fei. Han Zhan sat on the helicopter and looked at the West Mountain.

What had once been a limestone cavern had been built into a cage, but the fifty or sixty feet wide opening at the top of the cavern was still there, overgrown with lush trees.

Staring at the cavern, Han Zhan suddenly grabbed Song Ci’s hand.

Song Ci saw that his whole body was tense and his mood was a little off. She covered his eyes with her hand and said domineeringly in his ear, “Don’t look at the past cloud and smoke. Look at me. I’m as beautiful as a flower. Seeing me makes you happy.”

Han Zhan’s painful heart became happy.

The tone of her voice was exactly the same as when Nangong Xian had asked him if he wanted to be with her for the rest of his life, or if he wanted to flirt with her.

Some things could not be washed away by time.

For example, her personality, her smile, her arrogance and deep feelings.

[1] [Annotation text missing]

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