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Chapter 34: Put Your Name On My Family Register, Lock You Up in My House

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Seeing that Song Ci was determined to cut her hair, the nurse asked, “How short?”

Song Ci pointed to a spot above her shoulders, but worried that Han Zhan liked girls with even shorter hair, she pointed just below her ears. Gritting her teeth, she said, “Cut it until… this level at my neck.”


The nurse cut Song Ci’s hair according to her instructions. It was over quickly. The nurse gathered up some cut-off hair and handed it to Song Ci. With regret lacing her voice, she said, “Such beautiful hair. It’s a pity to cut it off.”


Song Ci clutched the remains of her hair tightly. Her long lashes quivered as the rims of her eyes turned red.


She smiled. “It will be worth it.”

Using a head of hair in exchange for a year with Han Zhan. Song Ci felt it was worth it.

When cutting Song Ci’s hair earlier, the nurse noticed two dark bruises on Song Ci’s pristine, white neck. She was a nurse with many years of experience and could distinguish what had caused such bruises.

Worried that Song Ci was in danger, the nurse said in a low voice, “Ms. Song, are you alright? If there is someone who wishes to harm you and you need help, you can tell me…”

This stranger’s concern warmed Song Ci’s heart. “I am fine. But I truly appreciate your offer.”

The nurse readjusted Song Ci’s collar before leaving.

Song Ci felt rather tired after that ordeal. But she could not fall asleep and just laid in bed in a daze.

Li Li also noticed the bruises on Song Ci’s neck. He was curious as to what had happened between Han Zhan and Song Ci when they were alone inside the ward. But since he knew his boundaries, he pretended not to see.

“Mr. Li,” Song Ci called.

Li Li snapped out of his trance. “What?”

“Could you bring a box over the next time you visit? I wish to keep this hair,” Song Ci said as she pointed at the hair on the dresser. Throwing away the hair that she had kept for so many years was a hard thing for her to do, and so, she ultimately decided to keep it.



Han Zhan went to the hospital canteen to get some food. He thought about what Song Ci said as he ate.

Song Ci said that the person who was trying to kill her was her adopted father, Mu Mian. He wanted to kill her, so he could take her heart and save Mu Qiu. She also claimed that in her previous life, she died in a car crash that Mu Mian planned. After she died, they took her to Newbridge Hospital.

It looked like Mu Mian had bribed that doctor…

After eating, Han Zhan passed by a large hall on the way back to the ward. He saw several girls buying soft drinks from a vending machine.

Song Ci’s words earlier popped into Han Zhan’s mind, and the image of her licking her lips visualized as well. Han Zhan turned and walked over to the vending machine.

Han Zhan returned to the ward and saw Li Li holding a broom and sweeping up something.

Since Song Ci had a concussion, did she vomit?

Han Zhan took another look and saw that Li Li was sweeping up hair. Han Zhan entered the ward and glanced behind Li Li to see Song Ci lying on the bed.

His eyes wavered when he saw her.


She had really cut her hair. Her waist-length, burgundy-colored, curly hair was cut to just below her ears, and the ends of her hair curled against her neck. With her short, red hair, Song Ci’s pale, sick face looked even more pitiful now.

Looking at the long hair strewn about the floor, Han Zhan’s eyes dimmed and he didn’t speak.

Perhaps because she had just cut off her beloved hair, Song Ci felt rather down. Her eyes were red, and she was staring out of the window in a daze.

A word suddenly sprang to Han Zhan’s mind.


He had sinned. He had caused a perfectly fine girl to become so unhappy.


Li Li noticed that Han Zhan already came back. He smiled at him. “Mr. Han, look at how good Ms. Song is to you.”

After Li Li had finished speaking, he shot Han Zhan a meaningful look which implied, ‘Since the lady already showed her devotion, don’t hesitate anymore.’

With that, Li Li carried out the dustpan filled with hair.

Song Ci turned and looked at Han Zhan. Still, in a daze, she gave him an alluring smile the moment she saw him. “How is it? I look just as beautiful in short hair, right?”

Han Zhan felt rather glum.

He replied, “Ms. Song has always been beautiful.”


Song Ci smiled. “So what if I am beautiful? Brother Han doesn’t like me either way.”

Han Zhan had nothing to say to that.

He took out a bottle of lemon vitamin C drink from his pocket and offered it to Song Ci. “If you don’t have any appetite, drink some lemon water. You might feel better.”

“I should drink something sweet, but you gave me something sour…” Song Ci gazed at the pale yellow drink and then gave an ironic smile. Nevertheless, Song Ci took the bottle and drank it in front of Han Zhan.

“Brother Han, you should treasure this girl who is still willing to drink your lemon water even though her heart is feeling sour.” Song Ci finished the drink before adding, “Even more so, you should cherish this Song Ci, who is beautiful and has countless admirers, but still willing to sacrifice her prime years being devoted to you.”

Song Ci pointed at her heart and meaningfully said, “Only I will love you until the end of time.”

Han Zhan smiled.

Song Ci had so many antics.

Han Zhan said, “After you get discharged, come and stay at my place.”

Song Ci choked on a mouthful of lemon water.

She swallowed hard and asked in a rather shocked manner, “So… You agree?”

Nodding seriously, Han Zhan said, “A woman who is beautiful and has countless admirers, but still willing to sacrifice her prime years being devoted to me—there is only Song Ci.”

Han Zhan walked over and tugged on Song Ci’s short hair with his left hand. He gazed at her in all seriousness. “I have to bring you home as soon as possible. Put your name on my family register and lock you up in my house.”


Song Ci’s heart thumped wildly.

There was just no way to resist when an older man flirted with you.


Li Li had just returned with the dustpan when he heard Han Zhan’s flirty words.

He quietly put down the dustpan and turned to leave.

It looked like Mr. Han finally saw the light. He finally cast off his cold, rigid manner and indulged in some flirting. There was hope for him to shed his single status.

Song Ci was truly exhausted. Unable to endure it any longer, she laid down on the bed and fell asleep. Han Zhan didn’t leave after she fell asleep, so he had Li Li send someone to bring his laptop and work documents over to the hospital.

Since Song Ci was now his girlfriend, how could a boyfriend leave just like that when his girlfriend got involved in a car accident?

It was in the middle of the night when Song Ci woke up. She just had a nightmare and broke out in a cold sweat. But seeing Han Zhan sleeping by the side of the bed and still in his work clothes, her heart calmed down.

She was no longer alone. Since she had Han Zhan, she continued to sleep a little longer.

Song Ci fell asleep again, but when she woke up, Han Zhan was no longer in the ward. She saw a note on the dresser. Song Ci opened it and saw a sentence scrawled on it:

‘I went to the supermarket to buy a toothbrush.’

Song Ci admired Han Zhan’s handwriting and then slowly realized how foolish and lovesick she was behaving. Folding the note in half, she placed it back on the dresser.

Someone suddenly pushed the door to the ward open. Song Ci thought Han Zhan had returned and didn’t turn around. She asked, “Back so soon? Did you eat breakfast?”

When she didn’t hear any reply, Song Ci finally turned around.

She saw Mu Mian.


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