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Chapter 33: Blame It On Her Good Looks

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Han Zhan seemed to accept Song Ci’s explanation.

He asked Song Ci, “Why do you want to collaborate with me? Also, who wants to harm you?”


Song Ci said, “The biological daughter of the Mu Family, Mu Qiu, is suffering from a heart disease. She is currently recuperating at the hospital and is in urgent need of a healthy heart with a rare blood group. My heart happens to be suitable for her. When I was 20 years old, I pledged to donate my organs after my death under Mu Mian’s influence.


“One of the conditions of the pledge states if my family member needs an urgent organ transplant after my death, my organ will be given to my family with priority. Once I die, Mu Qiu will definitely obtain my heart.

“Chances are that today’s accident wasn’t by chance but was Mu Mian’s work. I know very well that if Mu Qiu doesn’t recover, I’ll never live in peace.”


How could Song Ci let Mu Mian get what he wanted?

“In my organ donation pledge form, the executor is my foster father, Mu Mian. This lands me in a very unfavorable spot.” Speaking of this, Song Ci paused. She looked up at Han Zhan and her determined gaze moved Han Zhan slightly.

If she married Han Zhan, he would become her husband and naturally, would be the first executor of her organ donation after she died. Song Ci said to him, “Han Zhan, I want to marry you. I want you to be the executor of my organ donation pledge!”

Han Zhan suddenly felt moved.

The man who looked ferocious turned gentle. “You don’t know anything about me. Aren’t you afraid that I might sell you out? After all, between you and Mu Mian, he’s more worthy of collaborating with.”

Song Ci was slightly afraid of Han Zhan. It was wrong to say that he was gentle since he could strangle her to death when enraged. But it was also wrong to say that he was ruthless since his eyes were filled with warmth when he was kind.

Song Ci was momentarily speechless.

That man who treated her well, always made her chrysanthemum tea whenever they met, and specially treated her to stir-fried bacon with bamboo shoots was the 42 years old Han Zhan in the previous lifetime.


Song Ci totally didn’t understand the Han Zhan in this lifetime. She totally didn’t know if he was a wolf or an angel, ruthless or kind.

To lay down all her cards and ask for Han Zhan’s help was Song Ci’s greatest gamble.

She bet Han Zhan was a trustworthy man.

Without Han Zhan’s reply, Song Ci felt uneasy. She was already slightly fatigued when she held onto the last ray of hope, she asked, “Han Zhan, do you want to help me?”

Han Zhan rejected her straightaway. “No.”

Song Ci expected to hear this answer but to really hear it made her even more hopeless.

Since she had already lowered herself so much and Han Zhan still couldn’t be bothered, there was no need for her to ask for more torture. In the worst-case scenario, she would buy explosives after getting discharged and blow up the entire Mu Family while they were asleep.

Everyone would be dead then—ashes to ashes, dust to dust. How great!


Song Ci resigned to fate as she laid down in bed like a deflated balloon, planning to await her death just like that.

As Han Zhan watched her lying lifelessly in bed, he wavered for some reason.

Han Zhan suddenly said, “In terms of choosing a partner, there are some things that I don’t like. I don’t like girls with long hair, seductive figures, who are full of themselves, waste food, and be online all night.”

He looked at Song Ci and felt that everything was wrong.

With such a combination of imperfections, Han Zhan shouldn’t care about her at all. However, he got entangled with her time and again it wasn’t a coincidence. Han Zhan thought to himself, ‘Blame it on her good looks—I can’t hold back!’

Song Ci had originally already given up, but upon hearing Han Zhan’s words, her eyes started glowing again.

“I can change all of them! What time do you sleep every day? I’ll be sure to sleep and wake up early,” Song Ci spoke very hastily, afraid that Han Zhan would change his mind.


Han Zhan said, “Before ten P.M.”

Song Ci opened her mouth and said, lying to herself, “That’s… that’s great. No wonder Brother Han looks so young for your age.”

“Is 32 years old very old?”


Men also cared about their age. Hearing this, Song Ci hurriedly made something up. “What old? Thirty-two years old is the most vigorous age! I happen to like men who are 32 years old, tall, and have the surname Han!”


Song Ci’s moral integrity fell all over the place.


When Li Li pushed the door opened, he happened to hear Miss Song say, ‘…happen to like men who are 32 years old, tall, and have the surname Han!’ He stood under the door frame with a raised brow, looking at both Song Ci and Han Zhan.

He asked Song Ci with a smile, “Did I come at the wrong time?”


Song Ci blushed as she looked down and pretended to be dumb.

Han Zhan walked over to Li Li and said to him, “You accompany her here, I’ll go and eat.”

“Mmm. Okay.”

Once Han Zhan left, Song Ci felt even more uneasy.

Li Li also felt awkward. He picked the neck brace from the ground and placed it on the cupboard by the bed. He said to Song Ci, “Miss Song is bound for good fortune after surviving a great disaster.”

Song Ci only smiled shyly.

Song Ci suddenly thought of something and thanked Li Li. “Mr. Li, thank you very much for sending me to the hospital.”

“Don’t thank me, you’ve got Mr. Han to thank instead.” Li Li waved his hand. Since he knew that Han Zhan wasn’t someone to claim credit for, he definitely never told Song Ci about what had happened after the accident.

However, Li Li knew that Song Ci was interested in Han Zhan and also felt that it was a good thing for Han Zhan to find someone to spend his life with. Sincerely wanting to matchmake the two of them, Li Li told Song Ci everything that Han Zhan did for her.

“The people form the Newbridge Hospital almost dragged you away. It was Mr. Han who detected that something was off, ignored the Newbridge Hospital doctor’s objection, robbed their ambulance, and sent you to this hospital.

“After reaching the hospital, it was also Mr. Han who found the best surgeon to conduct your surgery.”

After he had finished talking, Li Li looked at Song Ci deeply. He said, “Actually, Mr. Han was very worried about Miss Song.”

Li Li could tell that Mr. Han liked Miss Song, too. Otherwise, he wouldn’t immediately push his work away and rush to the site after hearing of Song Ci’s accident, and he definitely wouldn’t do such a thing as robbing an ambulance.

That old man had Miss Song in his heart but was reserved in his speech.

After hearing this, Song Ci also felt warm inside.

If she were dragged away by the Newbridge Hospital doctor, she would have either died in the ambulance or the operating theater.

She owed Han Zhan a word of appreciation.

Song Ci suddenly said to Li Li, “Mr. Li, can you go to the nursing station, fetch a pair of scissors, and get a nurse over for me?”

Li Li didn’t ask why did Song Ci needed scissors and obediently went to the nursing station. After a moment, he came back with a nurse with a pair of scissors in her hands.

“Hi, Miss Song. What do you need scissors for?” The nurse spoke very patiently with a good attitude and an amicable smile.

Song Ci looked at the big pair of scissors in the nurse’s hand, took a deep breath, and said with determination, “May I trouble you to cut my hair off?”

The nurse said, “Ah?”

Miss Song had such long hair and she wanted to cut it off just like this?

Li Li also gazed at Song Ci with a strange look and asked her, “Why do you suddenly want to cut your hair?”

Since Song Ci intended to go after Han Zhan, she didn’t intend to hide it. Li Li followed Han Zhan everywhere, so would know sooner or later. Song Ci said openly, “Han Zhan doesn’t like it.”

Song Ci’s determination to go after Han Zhan left Li Li stunned.

Just based on the intensity of Miss Song’s attack, Li Li felt that it was just a matter of time Miss Song conquered Mr. Han.


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