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Chapter 314: Am I Not Trying to Please Your Brother?

Aaron was momentarily silent. He sensed someone moving behind him and turned to look. He saw Yan Jiang and Song Fei kissing behind the window of the restaurant. The way the two of them kissed was elongated by the light and magnified on the window glass. It was intimate.

Aaron touched his own heart.

Apart from those who were born with cold feelings, no one would not look forward to a sincere, clean, and passionate relationship. Aaron clenched his fists and suddenly asked, “Are there any plans tonight? If not, I will fetch you to my brother’s house to play mahjong.”

Nan Yanyan was overjoyed but her voice remained reserved. “I didn’t arrange anything. Are you coming to fetch me or am I coming to look for you?”

Aaron said, “Let me pick you up. No unfamiliar cars are allowed on the mountain.”

“Then I… I will wait for you.” Nan Yanyan hung up the phone and looked up to see her parents and brother looking at her with smiles on their faces. She felt puzzled. “Why are you looking at me like that?”

Nan Guanguan said, “Didn’t you agree to sing karaoke with your former teammates later? How can you lie?”

Nan Yanyan didn’t blush and said calmly, “Everyone has a partner, except me. At this point, of course I have to accompany my boyfriend.” Let’s put aside teammates for now.

Hearing this, Nan Guanguan clicked her tongue in wonder. “Looks like our future brother-in-law is very charming.”

“Of course.” My Brother Rang was the most handsome person in Wangdong City’s American Army. How could he not be charming?

Nan Yanyan finished her meal in the shortest time possible, entered the room, and started to dress up.

Half an hour later, Nan Yanyan walked out, looking completely different. She had taken off her cotton pyjamas and changed into a gray-blue denim shirt, black high-waisted suit pants, and a dark brown knee-length sweater.

Her black curly hair was draped over her shoulders, paired with a black hat and a black sheepskin bag from Gucci. She looked very fashionable.

She was so beautiful, valiant and domineering.

Mother Nan looked at her daughter’s outfit and said worriedly, “It’s your first time going to the other party’s house. Isn’t it not good to dress so domineeringly?”

Hearing this, Nan Yanyan was slightly hesitant. She walked up to the mirror at the entrance and sized up her own outfit. She also felt that it was not suitable. “Shall I change styles?”

Nan Yanyan asked her mother, “Mother, which outfit do you think is better?”

Her mother was about to speak when Nan Guanguan beat her to it. “What are you pretending for? Whether you are a mule or a horse, they will see your true face sooner or later. If you pretend to be a good girl now and reveal your true colors later, they will be disappointed. Why don’t you reveal your true self from the start? If the other party’s family is really not used to seeing you, change if you can, but not…”

Nan Guanguan sneered and said domineeringly, “Then let’s change boyfriends.”

Nan Yanyan pretended to be deaf and couldn’t hear her brother’s last sentence, but she heard his previous words in her heart. Nan Guanguan was right. It was the most comfortable to be the most real herself.

“I didn’t expect you to be so smart at such a critical moment.” Nan Yanyan stroked her brother’s hair and said, “When you find a girlfriend in the future, I will give her a big red packet.”

Nan Guanguan immediately reached out his hand to Nan Yanyan. He said, “Why don’t I get a big red packet for my future girlfriend first? It will be the same if I pass it to my girlfriend in the future.”

Nan Yanyan rolled her eyes and ran back to the sofa to eat her melon.

After waiting for about 25 minutes, Father Nan was the first to notice that Nan Yanyan’s cell phone lit up. “Yan’er, there’s a new message on your cell phone.” Father Nan glanced at his cell phone but didn’t see the message. He only saw that there was a new message.

Mother Nan urged Nan Yanyan enthusiastically. “Look, is that child here?”

Nan Yanyan opened her cell phone and saw that it was indeed a message from Aaron.

Brother Rang: [Sister Yan, come down. I am downstairs in your district.]

Nan Yanyan’s house was in an old community. Nan Yanyan had changed it when she was 8 or 9 years old. It was the earliest lift community. In that era, this community was considered a high-class community, but now it looked slightly old.

Aaron parked the car beside the bushes below Nan Yanyan’s house. He sat in the car eating toffee.

Sister Yan: [I will come down soon.]

Aaron: [Mmm, waiting for you.]

Aaron alighted from the window and opened a can of Sprite. He finished it in a few gulps and saw a young man in a black windbreaker walking out of Nan Yanyan’s building.

Nan Guanguan carried a bag of trash as he walked past Aaron’s car. He walked forward without looking sideways, but his peripheral vision kept sizing up the man in the car.

Aaron was driving Han Zhan’s Volvo. He stared at the young man who ran out to dump rubbish on the New Year’s Eve and suddenly called out to him. “Hey, handsome young man.”

Nan Guanguan stopped in his tracks and stood beside the car. He turned and looked at Aaron in the car, feeling overjoyed.

Damn! Did my future brother-in-law recognize me?

Nan Guanguanl pretended to be cold. “You called me?”

Aaron said, “Do me a favor.”

Nan Guanguan leaned closer and asked him, “What?” Only when he got closer did he realize that his brother-in-law had short golden hair and a pair of mesmerizing blue eyes that were like gems.

My god! He is a foreigner!

He’s so handsome!

No wonder my elder sister’s heart was captured by an old auntie. My 26-year-old heart is already beating uncontrollably!

She’s not blind this time. She found a handsome guy!

This face could indeed whet one’s appetite.

As Nan Guanguan thought wildly, an abandoned beverage can and a few candy wrappers suddenly appeared in his line of sight. The southern official heard his brother-in-law say, “Please help me throw a piece of trash.”

Nan Guanguan was speechless.

Aaron stuffed another candy into the official’s hand and said, “Return gift.”

Official Nan pinched the candy in her hand and smiled awkwardly and politely at Aaron. “You’re welcome. It’s nothing.”

At this moment, Nan Yanyan came down.

“Brother Rang!”

Nan Yanyan shot Official Nan a look. He winked at his sister and said something. Judging from his lips, he should be saying—

[Sister, he is so handsome!]

Aaron noticed that the two of them were exchanging glances across his car. He rolled down the window of the passenger seat and asked Nan Yan, “Sister Yan, do you know him?”

Nan Yanyan pointed at Nan Guanguan in the driver’s seat and said to Aaron, “Brother Rang, this is my younger brother, Nan Guanguan.”

Aaron turned to look at the can and candy wrapper in the official’s hand in shock and suddenly fell silent. To stuff trash into his girlfriend’s brother’s hands the first time they met, Aaron realized that he was almost done for.

Nan Guanguan took the initiative to greet Aaron. “Hi, Brother-in-law!” After shouting, Nan Guanguan heard his sister cough. Only then did Nan Guanguan realize that he had called him wrongly and hurriedly corrected herself. “Brother Han!”

Aaron snapped out of his trance and hurriedly picked up his cell phone. He said to Nan Guanguan, “Come, Guanguan, add me on WeChat.” He had to do something to mend this broken brotherhood.

Nan Guanguan didn’t hesitate and added Aaron on WeChat.

After successfully adding him on WeChat, Nan Guanguan realized that his brother-in-law had transferred the money to him. He didn’t accept the money and asked Aaron, “Brother Han, why did you transfer the money to me?”

Aaron said, “It’s for you. New Year’s money.” Nothing could repair relationships more easily than money.

Nan Guanguan raised his brows and glanced at Nan Yan. He said in a strange tone to Aaron, “Brother Han is so nice. Unlike some women who are so stingy that they can’t even give a single cent.”

With that, Nan Guanguan looked down and opened the transfer information. He was overjoyed to see that Mr. Han had transferred 5,000 yuan to his New Year’s money.

“Brother Han, you are such a good person. I wish you and my elder sister happiness! You guys go on a date, I won’t disturb you anymore!” The Southern Official picked up the trash bag on the ground and ran away smugly.

Nan Yanyan opened the car door and sat in. She asked Aaron, “How much New Year money did you send him?”

Aaron said, “Five thousand.”

“So much?” Nan Yanyan told Aaron, “When we were young, my parents only gave us 100 yuan. He has only received 6,000 to 7,000 yuan in his entire life…” No wonder that guy’s attitude changed 180 degrees just now.

Aaron said, “Am I not trying to please your brother?”

Nan Yanyan suppressed her laughter and grabbed Aaron’s hand.

Aaron was slightly stunned. He looked down at the hand that was being held and felt slightly unfamiliar. In all his life, this was the first time a girl had held his hand. Aaron felt that the back of his hand was burning and he felt slightly off. “You… don’t hold my hand.”

Nan Yanyan said, “Mmm? What’s the matter? I am your girlfriend. Can’t I hold your hand?” Nan Yanyan was slightly angry.

Aaron said honestly, “My heart is in turmoil if you hold my hand. It’s not safe to drive.”

Nan Yanyan was momentarily stunned. Then, that hand released Aaron as if it had been electrocuted and turned to look out the window.

Aaron didn’t see the happy smile on Nan Yanyan’s face.

Her boyfriend was as pure as a bottle of pure water in relationships.

As Aaron drove, he recalled his first half of his life. In the past, in order to complete his mission, he had also come into contact with many girls. When he beat someone up, he had played shoulder wrestling and dislocated their arms. But never had he held hands with such a delicate and gentle action.

Aaron never knew that just holding hands could make one’s heart race and one’s back sweat.

At 9pm, after Su Qingjia fell asleep with Program, Su Huanyan and the rest drove over to Han Zhan’s house.

It was already 10pm by the time they arrived.

Knowing that Aaron’s girlfriend was coming, everyone just waited a little longer.

At 10.20pm, Aaron brought Nan Yanyan into the manor. Song Ci knew that Aaron’s girlfriend was coming and specially cut up many fruits and filled the plate with sweets.

After Sicilio knew that Aaron was in a relationship, he was very shocked. “He actually knows how to date?” That guy who only knew how to earn money also knew how to date?

Han Zhan shrugged. “Are you very surprised?”


“His girlfriend is quite outstanding. She is a domestic Top female eSports player. She has retired now, but a few years ago, the eSports scene was their world.”

Hearing Han Zhan’s words, Sicilio was even more curious about Aaron’s girlfriend. “I want to see how short-sighted that lady is to fancy that Aaron thing.”

Hearing the sound of a car outside the house, Yan Jiang stood up first and said in high spirits, “They’re here!”

Sicilio also got up and strode towards the main door with Yan Jiang and the rest. Shortly after, they saw Aaron approaching with a girl from afar under the dim light.

They vaguely saw a slender and tall female figure. That girl was wearing an ankle-length windbreaker and looked especially valiant.

It was also Song Ci’s first time seeing the legendary female eSports player. One look at that lady’s coat and she felt that she should be a forthright and cool queen.

Song Ci secretly tugged at Su Huanyan and Song Fei’s arms. She said softly, “She looks like a queen.”

Song Fei nodded while Su Huanyan said, “I didn’t expect Aaron to find such a girlfriend in the end.”

Only when they got closer did everyone see the face of the girl behind Aaron.

It wasn’t a particularly stunning face, but it was very pleasant to look at. Her facial features were grand and her lips weren’t the cherry lips of a traditional beauty. Instead, her lips were thick and slightly big, making her look sexy and unique.

The windbreaker accentuated Nan Yanyan’s aura, making her look like a pointer in a competition.

Song Ci suddenly pulled away Han Zhan in front of her, walked up to Aaron, pointed at Nan Yanyan, and shouted in surprise, “Dagger!”

Nan Yanyan didn’t expect to meet someone who knew her here. She looked at the woman who accurately called her name in shock. “Mrs. Han, you know me?”

Song Ci was Wangdong City’s name. Before Nan Yanyan retired, she already knew her name. At that time, there were still a few members in her team who secretly used Song Ci’s photo as a computer screen.

Song Ci didn’t expect Aaron’s girlfriend to be Dagger. She revealed a little fan-girl expression, walked up, grabbed Nan Yanyan’s hand, and said, “Of course I know you. You are the godly Dagger. Six years ago, I even went to watch the competition where you won the championship, at Wangdong City. You even signed for me!”

Song Ci turned and said to Han Zhan, “Han Zhan, do you remember? I have a Traditional Chinese Medicine book with the autograph of the godly Dagger.”

How could Han Zhan remember? But in front of Nan Yanyan, he could only nod. “So she’s your idol.”

Song Ci really admired God Dagger’s gaming skills. One had to know that she was a newbie in games. She was the kind of useless bag that could even blow up a teammate.

“So the godly Dagger’s name is Nan Yanyan.” Song Ci looked at Aaron enviously and pouted. “You brat, you can even meet such a good God.”

Am I very innocent? I was also abducted, alright?

Song Ci added. “God Dagger always wore glasses in the past. Now that she’s not wearing glasses, I nearly didn’t recognize her.”

Nan Yanyan pointed at her own eyes. “I changed into contact lenses.”

Song Ci was enlightened. “I see.”

Hearing this, Sicilio suddenly asked Nan Yanyan, “How much are you short-sighted?”

]Hearing Sicilio’s question, Nan Yanyan was like a student who had suddenly been called out by a teacher in class. She answered obediently, “450 degrees.” Sicilio was tall, had a cold expression, and looked very imposing.

He was already quite scary just by standing there without saying anything. Now that he suddenly spoke to her, Nan Yanyan felt slightly terrified.

Sicilio nodded, his eyes on Aaron. “No wonder…”

Nan Yanyan was slightly stunned and didn’t understand Sicilio’s meaning. Aaron’s eyelids twitched as he questioned Sicilio with a cold face. “Sicilio, what do you mean? You think Nan Yanyan took a fancy to me because she is very short-sighted and blind?”

Sicilio smiled coldly and congratulated Aaron. “Congratulations, you got it right.”

Aaron rolled up his sleeves. “Do you want to fight? Come, this place is spacious. I will definitely beat you up until you roll all over the ground.”

Sicilio said, “Rookie, I won’t fight you.”

Han Zhan said, “Shut up, all of you. If you want to fight, get lost and fight!”

Sicilio and Aaron both shut up, but their eyes were still fighting in the air. Nan Yanyan stood beside Aaron and felt slightly awkward. Song Ci hurriedly pulled Nan Yanyan into the house and said as she walked, “The brothers are like this. They strangle each other the moment they meet. It’s good that you are used to it.”

Nan Yanyan asked curiously, “Aaron and that Sicilio are brothers?”

“Mmm, he is also Han Zhan’s brother.” After thinking for a moment, Song Ci added. “Sicilio is also Song Fei and my elder brother.”

Nan Yanyan was confused. She spent half a minute to figure out the relationship of Song Fei and the rest. After understanding it, she thought to herself: The wealthy circle is so messy.

Afraid that Aaron and Sicilio would clash in the card game, Han Zhan arranged for Sicilio and Aaron to be at different card tables.

Sicilio, Cheng Yanmo, Song Fei, and Nan Yanyan sat at the same table. Han Zhan, Su Huanyan, Aaron, and Yan Jiang sat at the same table. Song Ci sat beside Han Zhan and watched them play cards.

Although Aaron was foolish in his actions, he was very smart and sensitive to numbers. He could remember everyone’s cards clearly. With his good skills at remembering cards, he almost killed everyone.

Meanwhile, at the other table, Song Fei was as heaven-defying as Aaron.

After playing more than 10 rounds, these two people always won. Everyone was in no mood.

Sicilio felt that it was boring. He pointed at Song Fei and Aaron, who was sitting opposite them. He suggested. “Song Fei, you and Aaron can have a separate table. You guys can play 24. That is more suitable for you guys.”

Song Fei could feel Sicilio’s disdain for her. She stared at him and asked, “Are you despising me?”

Sicilio indeed despised Song Fei’s capabilities, but he couldn’t admit it. He said, “No, we are foolish and can’t keep up with you and Aaron. You geniuses should play with geniuses.”

Song Fei sneered and really stood up to play 24 with Aaron. Now that both tables were short of one, Sicilio pulled Song Ci to their table.

Han Zhan and the rest were still short of someone at the mahjong table. In the end, they had no choice but to pull Butler Cai over.

But they didn’t expect that the usually smart and capable Butler Cai was actually a fool. He couldn’t learn mahjong no matter what. After playing six to seven rounds, he was still in the stage of not understanding the rules of mahjong.

Butler Cai felt that he had dampened everyone’s spirits and suggested, “I think I should watch the Spring Festival Gala. Why don’t I get Uncle Chef to accompany you guys?”

Han Zhan glanced at Uncle Chef sitting in the small dining room watching the Spring Festival Gala and asked skeptically, “Uncle Chef, do you know how to?”

“Yes, he used to own a mahjong house.”

“Alright then.”

Uncle Chef was still wearing his chef’s coat and a white hat. He sat down beside Han Zhan and instantly looked like an expert.

Soon, Uncle Chef showed Han Zhan, Yan Jiang, and the rest his professional mahjong skills, killing Han Zhan and the rest until their wallets were empty.

Han Zhan was actually also someone who couldn’t bear to spend money. Realizing that he had lost all his cash, a total of 10,000 yuan, his heart instantly bled.

“I’m not playing anymore.” Han Zhan asked Yan Jiang, “Shall we go and set off fireworks?”

Su Huanyan asked Han Zhan, “Don’t they ban fireworks?”

“Fireworks is banned in the city. No one cares about it on this mountain.”

“Let’s go then.”

Seeing that Han Zhan and the rest of the table had dispersed and were all planning to set off fireworks, Song Ci didn’t want to play anymore. Song Ci asked Nan Yanyan, “Are you going to set off fireworks?”

“… Okay.”

In the end, they stopped playing cards and everyone ran to the back of the mountain to set off fireworks.

After setting off the fireworks, they went to take the ferris wheel and play roller coasters. A group of adults in their thirties were as crazy as a group of retarded children. After playing until 2am, everyone was tired and went back to their rooms to sleep.

The next morning, after breakfast, Cheng Yanmo bid farewell first. Nan Yanyan also went down hill in Cheng Yanmo’s car.

Sicilio stayed behind. He fought a few rounds with Han Zhan and Aaron on the training ground. Only when he was sweating profusely and out of strength did the three of them lie on the ground motionless.

Sicilio sighed. “I haven’t fought so happily in a long time.”

Aaron laughed at him. “That’s why I said you deserve a beating.”

Sicilio said, “Do you believe that I can still sit up and beat you up until you cry for your mother?”

“Then I will definitely retaliate and beat you up so badly that you will run around looking for your father.”

Han Zhan was speechless.

Can you all be quieter? You’re already an adult in your thirties, why are you still acting like a three-year-old child?”

Aaron snorted proudly. He slowly stood up, patted his butt, and patted the wallet behind his butt. Only then was he at ease. “I’m going to eat first. Let’s go.”

Once Aaron left, Sicilio asked Han Zhan, “What did you want to do by calling me previously? Who offended you?” From Han Zhan’s tone, it seemed like he was going to do something big.

Han Zhan sat up, picked up a rock, and accurately hit a sparrow on the ground. That sparrow fell to the ground and didn’t move. Han Zhan stared at the little sparrow who had lost its ability to fly. He said, “It’s alright. I’ve already arranged everything.”

Sicilio turned to look at him. After a long while, he said, “Among the three of us, you are the most like father. You are ruthless and won’t stop until you achieve your goal. But you are even more powerful than father.”

Han Zhan frowned and asked, “Why?”

Sicilio said, “Father is frowning when he kills someone, but you smile.” Such a person was much scarier than Edward. No wonder Edward hated Han Zhan so much. It was because everyone hated people who were similar to themselves.

Han Zhan smiled and shrugged. “I am still different from him. I have a conscience, but he doesn’t.” This was the biggest difference between him and Edward.

Sicilio didn’t comment on his words. He patted Han Zhan’s shoulder and told him, “Hoff, if you need help, you can tell me.”


Sicilio and the rest returned to Italy after the fourth day of the new year.

On the fifth day of the Lunar New Year, Song Fei and Song Ci both received an email containing a train ticket to the Mo Family in Sichuan, as well as an identity card that allowed them to enter the Mo Family.

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