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Chapter 313: Good Looks Can’t Be Food, But Good Looks Can Whet One’s Appetite

Han Zhan found all sorts of answers, such as—

[When I was 15 years old, I wanted to steal some forbidden fruit. My mother discovered that there was a condom in my pen bag and nearly killed me. Great, now I don’t have a girlfriend at 25 years old. But I still have to thank my mother for allowing me to give my most precious first time to the woman I truly love.]

[I was born in the 21st century. I read a romance novel when I was 13 years old and wanted to date the school beau. I sent a love letter and the school beau replied that it was too ugly and she didn’t want to date me in this life.]

[When I was 17 years old, I used all my New Year money to buy a VIP concert ticket because I was chasing after my idol. It was already 11pm when the concert ended. I returned home and passed by my family’s breakfast shop. I saw my parents inside preparing steamed buns for tomorrow morning. At that moment, I suddenly realized that I should grow up.]

[At the age of 16, I felt that it was very cool to be a school bully. I always fought with others and felt like I was the boss after being called Brother Tao. After that, I got into a fight and had my leg broken. My father took care of me for two weeks. At night, he couldn’t bear to rent a bed to sleep and just laid a few newspapers on the ground. After that, I stopped fighting. I increasingly realized that the person who could only rely on fighting to solve problems was the truly useless person.]

Han Zhan felt comforted by their replies.

They were all good children of the motherland.

Song Ci carried the sausages she had bought from the auntie next door. Seeing Han Zhan squatting under the tree in front of the chicken coop playing with his cell phone, she walked over and asked him, “Han Zhan, what are you looking at?”

Han Zhan turned off his cell phone and looked back at Song Ci’s fair and alluring face. He asked curiously, “When you were in junior high and senior high school, was there anything that you especially wanted to do but never did?”

Song Ci said, “Yes.”

“Oh, what is it?”


Han Zhan was slightly stunned. “Role-playing…” He knew this thing. Role-playing was a secondary culture. He had seen it on the Internet.

He didn’t expect Song Ci to like this.

“Who do you want to play the most?”

Song Ci smiled sheepishly. She scratched the back of her head and said, “Clown girl.”

Han Zhan didn’t know who the clown lady was and thought she was an ugly freak. He took the time to search for the clown lady’s photo. After reading it, he felt very uneasy.

Han Zhan would never allow Song Ci to wear a dress that didn’t even cover her butt and revealed a large part of her waist. Even if she wanted to wear it, she couldn’t wear it at a comic convention.

In order to cosplay, she had to act as the fairy queen of the Lord of the Rings. She was beautiful, fairy-like, and didn’t show her flesh.

On the way home, Song Ci and Song Fei sat in the same car. Yan Jiang and Han Zhan got into the same car. On the way, Han Zhan said, “Let’s have dinner at my house tonight. Stay at my house tonight.”

“That’s our plan.”


At around 3pm in the afternoon, Sicilio’s family of four arrived at Wangdong City. Cheng Yanmo personally drove to fetch them. Seeing Cheng Yanmo, Program and Su Qingjia broke free from Sicilio’s arms at the same time and slid to the ground, running towards Cheng Yanmo.

Su Qingjia was still so fat. She was like a little cannon… She bounced into Cheng Yanmo’s arms, causing his legs to hurt. Program was still small, so when he ran, his butt would twist and turn slightly slower.


Cheng Yanmo was very satisfied to have his legs hugged by the two little guys. He shot Sicilio a provocative and smug look before carrying the two children.

But Sicilio wasn’t jealous this time. He pitied Cheng Yanmo. For a whole year, he could only spend the next few days with the children.

On the way home, the two children sat in the children’s seats. Su Huanyan sat in the back row, while Sicilio and Cheng Yanmo sat in the front row.

Cheng Yanmo drove the car and pretended to speak politely to Sicilio. “Are all your injuries healed?”

Sicilio was flattered. He didn’t expect Cheng Yanmo to care about him. “It’s all better.”

“Aren’t you busy recently? It’s the new year here. What about your work?”

Sicilio said, “Orianna and Su Wen will help deal with it.”

Cheng Yanmo thought of his younger brother who not only didn’t help but also caused trouble for him. He sighed. “It’s so good to have a younger sister.”

“Of course. I despise useless bags like your brother.”

“Shut up. That’s my younger brother. I don’t even despise him. What right do you have to despise him?”

“Everyone can hate useless people!”

The two of them got along peacefully for less than three minutes before starting to argue. Su Huanyan rubbed her temples and warned them. “If you guys continue to argue, I will bring the children to Song Ci’s house for dinner tonight.”

Cheng Yanmo, who wanted to spend the new year with the children, hurriedly quietened down. Sicilio didn’t want to make Su Huanyan angry and didn’t continue making a fuss.

Cheng Yanmo drove the car to Imperial Dragon Mountain first. Sicilio and his wife sat at Han Zhan’s house for a while and chatted for half an hour before returning home.

Before leaving, Aaron called out to Sicilio. “Sicilio, come over to play mahjong after dinner!”


Aaron reminded again. “Bring cash. I like cash.”

Sicilio’s eyes were cold as he asked him, “Who do you think you are? The little genius of mahjong? All the money will enter your wallet?”

Aaron said, “You’ll know until you try.”

Sicilio didn’t want to speak to Aaron anymore. Retarding was contagious and he couldn’t be infected by Aaron. After Sicilio and the rest left, Han Zhan told Butler Cai, “It’s time for the reunion dinner.”


Butler Cai got someone to close the main door of the manor and placed all the dishes on the table. After the masters sat down, all the servants went to the small restaurant for the New Year.

There were five adults and two children. The seven of them managed to gather at one table. As they ate, Song Ci stared at Aaron and smiled. “Will we be able to gather an entire table next year?”

Aaron didn’t understand what Song Ci meant at first.

He didn’t know that a full table in China meant eight people. Seeing that Aaron didn’t understand Song Ci, Yan Jiang explained. “In China, there are usually eight people at a table. We only have seven people here and still lack one.”

Blinking, Yan Jiang asked Aaron, “Are you together with that Sister Nan Yanyan?”

Aaron rubbed his nose and said, “Mmm, it’s done.”

“Sure, Aaron. Tell me, how did you manage to win her over?” Yan Jiang liked to hear such gossip.

Aaron felt embarrassed at the thought of what happened that night and remained silent. Han Zhan was good at betraying his brother. He said, “He made a bet with that lady about racing. If she won, he would agree to be her boyfriend. If he lost, the two of them would forget about it.”

Yan Jiang was shocked. He looked at Aaron and said, “In the end, you lost?”

Aaron glared at Han Zhan and didn’t answer Yan Jiang’s question.

“Wow, your motorbike skills are so lousy. Aaron, have you already been interested in her and purposely went easy on her?” Yan Jiang felt that this must be the case.

Aaron was like a punching bag as he answered aggrievedly, “She is a professional racer. I only knew after the competition ended.”

Yan Jiang laughed out loud. “You met a high-level player.” Pretending to be a pig to eat a tiger to win over Aaron. That lady Nan Yanyan was also rather interesting.

Song Ci purposely teased Aaron. “In China, you have to give your girlfriend red packets for the new year.”

Song Fei glanced at Song Ci but didn’t expose her trick.

Han Zhan and Yan Jiang also sided with Song Ci and remained silent. Aaron didn’t understand the Chinese New Year customs and really believed Song Ci’s words. Aaron asked Song Ci, “How much do they give?”

Song Ci said, “It usually starts at 10,000 yuan.”

Aaron’s heart ached.

10,000 yuan! I couldn’t even earn 10,000 yuan from delivering takeout part-time for a month!

Is it so expensive to have a girlfriend?

Aaron immediately took out his cell phone and sent a big red packet to his Sister Yan. After Aaron put down his cell phone, Yan Jiang asked him, “How much did you transfer to her red packet?”

Aaron popped a meatball into his mouth and ate until his cheeks were bulging. He said, “10,001 yuan.”

Everyone at the table was speechless.

Nan Yanyan was also at home for the Lunar New Year.

Her cell phone was placed on the table. When she received the transfer, her cell phone screen lit up. Nan Yanyan opened her cell phone and saw that Brother Rang had transferred a sum of money to her. She was still puzzled as to why this guy suddenly made money for her.

Nan Yanyan opened the transfer information and saw that Aaron had transferred 10,000 yuan to her. She looked slightly confused.

10001. Is this also a novel way of confessing?

Nan Yanyan kicked her brother’s calf. “Nan Guanguan, let me ask you, what does 10001 mean?”

Nan Guanguan was chewing on a drumstick. Hearing this, he blinked and bit the drumstick. “China Telecom?”

Father Nan was a strict university professor. Hearing this, he immediately shook his head. “No, China Telecommunications is 10,000.”

Nan Yanyan didn’t dare to accept this money. Instead, she asked Aaron: [Why are you earning money for me?]

Aaron replied: [I gave you a red packet.]

Nan Yanyan was still very confused. So what did it mean to give a red packet of 10,001 yuan? Nan Yan didn’t dare to ask, but still accepted the red packet and returned Aaron’s red packet. She transferred 10 times in a row. The first nine times were 10,000 yuan, and the last was 9,999 yuan.

    This was the correct way to send red packets.

    Seeing that Nan Yanyan was still holding her cell phone and smiling, her mother sensed the scent of spring. She looked at her thoughtfully and asked curiously, “You have a boyfriend?”

    Hearing this, Nan Guanguan and Father Nan both stopped eating and looked up at Nan Yanyan. “Yan’er, you’re really dating?” Father Nan was pleasantly surprised.

    Nan Guanguan asked nervously, “What kind of person is he this time? Sister, don’t be blind and find another jerk!”

    His father hurriedly kicked the Nan Guanguan’s feet. “If you don’t know how to speak, just eat your drumstick. Don’t talk so much nonsense!”

    Nan Yanyan gave her father a relieved smile. “Father, don’t be so nervous. That incident is already over. I have already let it go.”

    Seeing that their daughter was so calm, Father Nan and Mother Nan were relieved.

    “What kind of person is the partner this time?” Mother Nan looked at Nan Yanyan expectantly. “Can you find a suitable day to bring him back for us to see?”

    Nan Yanyan instinctively rejected him. “Not now. I just abducted him. I’m afraid of scaring him by meeting my parents so early.”

    “Ah?” Nan Guanguan looked at her sister in shock. “You took the initiative to woo him?”


    Hearing this, the family of three revealed an incredulous expression.

    Mother Nan knew her daughter’s character very well. She was not a frivolous girl and would not lay her hands on anyone she liked. To be able to make Nan Yanyan spend so much effort to kidnap someone, he must be an outstanding boy.

    Mother Nan asked, “Can you tell us what kind of boy he is?”

    Aaron’s figure surfaced in Nan Yanyan’s mind.

    As she thought, she said, “He is very good-looking. In my entire life, I have never seen anyone more handsome than him. His eyes are like sapphires and he looks especially charming when he smiles. He also has two dimples and is especially adorable…”

    Father Nan and Nan Guanguan instantly complained. “It’s not like you can eat good-looking people.”

    Mother Nan hit the back of her husband’s hand. She said, “But he’s so good-looking that it whets her appetite.”

    Father Nan suddenly touched his own cheek and said in realization, “No wonder you became fatter and fatter after marrying into my Nan Family. It’s because I am too handsome and I whet your appetite.”

    Mother Nan rolled her eyes. “How shameless.”

    Nan Yanyan and Nan Guanguan’s shoulders trembled with laughter.

    “Be serious!” Mother Nan glared at her husband. Father Nan then turned serious. Father Nan asked Nan Yanyan, “Apart from being handsome, what other good points does he have?”

    “Yes! He is especially hardworking. He works at Zeus Corporation’s headquarters and is even a leader. He even works part-time delivery after work and is especially good at earning money. He is also very compassionate. His dream is to save enough money to build an orphanage and be a father to all the orphans!”

    Nan Yanyan was especially proud of Aaron’s dream.

    Father Nan was also a very charitable person. His salary was not very high, but he had sponsored two poor secondary school students to study. Now that those two children had achieved good results, they would visit him during the holidays.

    Hearing Nan Yanyan’s words, Father Nan was also satisfied with his daughter’s boyfriend. “Let’s have a good chat. We will bring him back when it’s about time.”

    Once Mother Nan heard that Aaron was an employee of Zeus Corporation, she instantly calmed down. She said, “I heard from a few sisters that Zeus Corporation’s employees are the most popular in the matchmaking market now. I heard that their company has especially strict requirements for their employees. They don’t want those with bad morals, those who raise mistresses, and those without morals…”

    “Since Yanyan’s partner is already a leader, he must be a good child.”

    Hearing his mother’s words, Nan Guanguan also had a good impression of his elder sister’s newly taught boyfriend. “When can you show me? I am not your parent. It shouldn’t be a problem for me to see my future brother-in-law, right?”

    Nan Yanyan blinked. “Let me ask.”

    Nan Guanguan immediately smiled.

    After dinner, Nan Yanyan called Aaron.

    In the courtyard of the Imperial Dragon Villa, Aaron was giving red packets to Miaomiao and Junjun. He was very stingy and only gave 99 yuan to each little guy. Song Ci opened the red packet and was instantly enraged when she saw 99 yuan.

    “Are you so stingy?”

    Aaron stuck out his tongue at Song Ci. “I have no choice. I want to save money to open an orphanage.”

    Han Zhan hurriedly pulled Song Ci away. “Come, Baby Ci, come and see if the mahjong table is broken.” Han Zhan felt very tired. He was like a big boss. Not only did he have to bring Han Jun and Han Miao along, he also had to watch Song Ci and Aaron fight.

    Han Miao and Han Jun held the red packet that Aaron gave them. They looked at the red packet and felt that something was off. Han Jun took a red 100 yuan note from the red packet that her aunt Song Fei gave her.

    Han Jun raised this note and said to Aaron, “Uncle, I want this color.”

    Han Miao also nodded and said loudly, “Uncle, I want red!”

    Aaron was speechless.

    Yan Jiang saw Aaron’s defeated expression and was successfully amused. He teased him. “Uncle, just give them a red one.”

    Aaron scratched Han Jun and Han Miao’s noses and lectured them. “It’s not right for you guys to do this. You’re so young and can’t be greedy for money, just like your mother.”

    Han Jun didn’t care so much. She just wanted red. “I want red, red!”

    Han Miao added. “Red!”

    Aaron said, “Alright, I’m afraid of you guys.” He stood up, reached behind his pants, and took off that little wallet.

    Song Fei and Song Ci were not here at the moment. Only Yan Jiang was here. Yan Jiang was stunned by Aaron’s actions. “Brother, do you have to be so careful?”

    Aaron said, “If the money doesn’t stick to my body, I won’t be able to fall asleep.” He didn’t know why he loved money so much. He even suspected that he had a mental illness.

    Aaron opened his wallet and gave Miaomiao and Junjun red notes respectively. After getting the red fur grandfather that they wanted, Han Miao and Han Jun smiled happily.

    Han Miao said to Han Jun, “Play mahjong.”

    Han Jun said, “Playing mahjong!”

    The two little guys found their toy mahjong tiles and started playing mahjong.

    Han Miao threw six sticks and said, “One cylinder.”

    Han Jun also threw out a mahjong tile and shouted, “Little Chicken!” Yan Jiang saw that it was 20,000 yuan.

    Han Miao also played mahjong. “30,000 yuan!”

    Han Jun said, “Great King!”

    Yan Jiang was squatting at the side taking photos for them. Upon seeing this, he hurriedly reminded Han Jun. “The king is not in the mahjong game.”

    Han Jun stared at Yan Jiang and his cell phone. Perhaps she was curious about what Yan Jiang was taking photos of, she got up and hurried over to him. As she ran, she asked in a childish voice, “Brother Jiang ~ What are you taking?”

    The two little guys had always been undergoing language training, so they had more words than their peers. They could already clearly express the short sentence of five words.

    They didn’t like to call Yan Jiang Big Uncle, and they called him Brother Jiang. Yan Jiang was also happy to be called Big Brother.

    Yan Jiang laid on the carpet and took a photo of the two little cuties with his cell phone. He said, “I am taking a photo of the little beauties!” The two little guys climbed onto Yan Jiang’s stomach. Yan Jiang couldn’t take another video, so he turned off the video and sat up.

    ]After giving the child in the video a simple and crude code, Yan Jiang posted the video on Weibo as a form of New Year greetings for his fans.

    Yan Jiang: [You have to pick up mahjong when you’re a child.]

    The fans watching Yan Jiang’s video were all mesmerized by the two little guys.

    Fan # 1: Brother Jiang is showing off his nieces again.

    Fan number two: [CEO Han’s daughters are so adorable!]

    Fan number three: [Are we going to team up to steal babies tonight?]

    Yan Jiang called Aaron over to look at the comments. “Look, many people are clamoring to team up to steal babies.”

    Aaron ran over to read those comments. He sneered. “Impossible. You can’t steal the baby.”

    Aaron pointed at the sky and said, “There are infrared detectors installed on top of our heads. Once someone illegally invades, the infrared detectors will immediately detect them. At that time, the gunmen on shift will shoot the person who stole the baby into a big sieve!”

    Yan Jiang was stunned. “It sounds like a science fiction movie.”

    “The future is science fiction.”

    As he spoke, Aaron’s cell phone rang. Seeing that it was Sister Yan, he grabbed his cell phone and got up. “I’m going to answer a call.” He took his cell phone and slipped out of the room. He stood by the pool and answered the call as he walked.

    “Sister Yan.” Aaron was used to calling Nan Yanyan Sister because they were more familiar with each other in the game.

    Nan Yanyan asked him, “Have you seen the red packet I gave you for the new year?”

    Aaron had yet to look at the red packet. “Let me see.”

    He opened his WeChat and saw that Nan Yanyan had sent him 10 red packets more than 10 minutes ago. He clicked on the first one and was shocked to see that it was 10,000 yuan.

    “How much did you transfer to me?” Aaron didn’t dare to open the second one.

    Nan Yanyan said, “9999999.”

    Aaron was shocked. “So much? Just give me 99.”

    Nan Yanyan smiled. “Take it all. Treat it as me doing a part for your dream.”

    Aaron instinctively asked, “What do you mean?”

    “Don’t you want to open an orphanage? From now on, every festive year, I will send you red packets. Save your money and use it to open an orphanage in the future. I want to be the mother of all the orphans.”

    Warmth suddenly flowed through Aaron’s heart. He said hoarsely, “Aren’t you afraid that you will end up breaking up with me after giving me money?”

    Nan Yan smiled nonchalantly. “Brother Rang, Sister Yan has a lot of money.” As the most popular female esports player in the past, Nan Yanyan’s endorsement fees, signing fees, and salary were all saved. It was not a small sum.

    Nan Yanyan was happy to spend money on handsome guys.

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