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Chapter 31: Who Said No Improper Proposals?

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The siren of the ambulance rang all the way. Since the vehicles and pedestrians all gave way to them, it only took slightly more than half an hour for them to reach the Armed Police Hospital.

Song Ci was still breathing and her bleeding already ceased, but she was still unconscious. Once she arrived at the hospital, a hospital staff who already waiting at the hospital entrance, brought her to the operating theatre.

For some reason, Han Zhan was capable enough to tap on the director of the surgical department in the Armed Police Hospital for this surgery.

After the surgery, Song Ci had to stay in the operating theater for observation while the director left first with his assistant.

Seeing the director walk out of the operating theater, Han Zhan got up and walked up to him. He said, “Thank you, Director Su. How did the surgery go?”

Only then did Director Su have the time to observe Han Zhan closely and felt nostalgic as he looked at him. “Long time no see, Han Zhan.”

“Yup, long time no see.” A meaningful smile appeared on Han Zhan’s face. The last time they met was eight years ago when Director Su amputated the index and ring fingers on Han Zhan’s right hand.


Director Su knew that the past wasn’t a pleasant memory for Han Zhan, and so he didn’t mention it.

Knowing that he was concerned about the patient’s condition, Director Su detailed Song Ci’s injury to Han Zhan. “There are two slight fractures in your lover’s cervical vertebra and will need a neck brace. Besides that, there’s no damage to her other joints. The shattered glass cut her arm and caused many superficial injuries and excessive bleeding, but that will quickly heal after resting up.”

“However, the huge impact caused a serious concussion in your lover. When she regains consciousness, she may feel nauseated.”

Han Zhan listened calmly as the director addressed Song Ci as his lover time and again without clarifying their relationship. Only when Director Su was done speaking did Han Zhan’s stiff expression relaxed. He thanked him again.

Director Su waved and walked away in big strides.

Seeing Director Su leave, Han Zhan signaled for Li Li and asked, “Where’s that doctor from Newbridge?”

Li Li said, “I’ve arranged for Long Yu to bring him away according to your instructions. When will you go and meet him?”

“No hurry.”

Li Li was slightly hungry. Seeing that Song Ci was still not out, Li Li went to eat first before changing shifts with Han Zhan.


After about ten minutes, Song Ci was finally pushed out of the operating theater.

She weakly narrowed her eyes, stared at Han Zhan’s tall figure standing against the light, and moved her lips inaudibly. Han Zhan bent down to place his ear beside Song Ci’s lips, and he heard her say, “Don’t go.”

Han Zhan’s gaze froze slightly as he looked at Song Ci inquisitively and suspiciously.

Actually, Song Ci totally couldn’t tell who was in front of her. She only knew that they couldn’t leave her alone in the hospital. She was afraid that if no one was watching her, Mu Mian would grab the opportunity to take her away.

Along the way back to the ward, Song Ci held tightly onto Han Zhan’s right hand. Even with the leather glove in between them, Han Zhan could feel just how much strength Song Ci was using to cling onto him.

Song Ci gradually regained full consciousness. When she opened her eyes, she saw Han Zhan sitting by her bed, with his suit dabbed in some blood.

Song Ci was slightly stunned.

Han Zhan asked her, “Can you release my hand already?”

Song Ci continued to be in a daze.

Han Zhan raised and shook his right hand that Song Ci held onto ever so tightly. He said, “You’ve been holding my hand for more than two hours.”

Song Ci instinctively released his hand.

Han Zhan’s leather glove was scrunched up from Song Ci’s hold. He looked down and tidied his glove, moving elegantly and methodically.

After Song Ci knew what she had done, she felt slightly embarrassed. However, she was far more overjoyed at being alive. She looked as Han Zhan tidied his glove with a glow in her eyes. Albeit in a slightly odd manner, she gently said, “You’ve been here all alone?”

Han Zhan replied, “Mmm.”

“The flight this time…”

“Canceled.” Han Zhan gazed at Song Ci calmly and said, “Because of your accident, we’ve canceled all the flights this time. Miss Song Ci, how would you compensate for the company’s financial losses?”

Song Ci knew that Han Zhan was trying to intimidate her, but she had always been shameless. She said, “If you don’t mind, I can repay with my body.”


Han Zhan’s expression froze.

He didn’t expect such a reply from Song Ci.

Only when Han Zhan saw the smile on Song Ci’s face did he know that he had been fooled.

Song Ci felt quite accomplished seeing Han Zhan’s shocked face and continued teasing him. “What to do? I feel all sweet inside seeing Mr. Han the moment I wake up.”

Han Zhan remained silent and watched as she acted.

Song Ci held her chest and gave Han Zhan a flirty look. If she wasn’t wearing a neck brace, the look would have been extremely seductive. “Mr. Han saved my life. My way of repaying you is by pledging to marry you. I hope Mr. Han doesn’t mind.”


Song Ci decided to go after him, one of the richest men in the future!

For some reason, Song Ci’s words amused Han Zhan greatly that he laughed so hard his shoulders were shaking.

“What are you laughing about?” Song Ci didn’t understand Han Zhan’s thoughts and felt slightly confused.

After Han Zhan had finished laughing, he said, “Who said no improper proposals on her interview day?”

Song Ci remembered that she said it before, and she faltered.

Her glittering eyes looked straight at Han Zhan in a soul-stirring way.

Han Zhan couldn’t quite take Song Ci’s straightforwardness. He got up and took a step back, wanting to maintain a distance from Song Ci so he could stay level-minded enough to not fall into this lady’s trap.

Right after he had moved his left leg, Han Zhan heard Song Ci say, “No improper proposals, but it’s okay to openly have a crush.”

Han Zhan was intrigued. He stopped moving and asked Song Ci, amused, “Are the young ladies these days all so bold and straightforward?”

Song Ci asked, “How old is Mr. Han?”


“Hu…” Song Ci wanted to tilt her head but her neck was hurting badly, so she gave up that thought.

Song Ci boldly reached out and grabbed Han Zhan’s right wrist. She hung her head, and earnestly said, “Brother Han is reserved and introverted and Song Ci is straightforward and unrestrained—we’re made for each other.”


This ‘Brother Han’ made Han Zhan have goosebumps.

“We can talk it over calmly.” Han Zhan flung Song Ci’s hand away without any emotion. “Don’t get physical and take advantage of others.”

Song Ci’s heart fell with a thud.

That was it—her beauty’s trick wasn’t effective.

With Han Zhan’s rejection, Song Ci looked embarrassed and just couldn’t continue the conversation.

The room was silent for a while. Han Zhan didn’t mention that he was leaving, and Song Ci didn’t chit chat with him either.

Her peerlessly beautiful face seemed frail today because of her injuries, and it made her appear pitiful. For some reason, Song Ci’s gaze had a mysterious glow.

“That truck driver…” Right after Song Ci had spoken, Han Zhan interrupted and told her, “He’s dead.”

Song Ci looked slightly shocked.

“A few minutes after the driver was dragged out of the truck, he stopped breathing. The ambulance hadn’t even arrived.” Han Zhan thought that Song Ci looked so awful because she was scared.

Not bearing to see Song Ci being so frightened, Han Zhan consoled, “It’s okay now, you’re already safe.”


Song Ci only felt hopeless.

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