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Chapter 32: Showdown With Han Zhan

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The driver was dead, and dead men tell no tales.

Song Ci totally didn’t believe that the accident happened by chance. Her intuition told her that Mu Mian was behind this incident. Mu Qiu suddenly slit her wrist, and since they still couldn’t find the scapegoat Song Fei, Mu Mian couldn’t stand it anymore and started to secretly target her.

She managed to escape this time, but how about the next?

Nobody knew what Song Ci was thinking about.

Han Zhan opened up the drawer in the cupboard beside the bed and found Song Ci’s phone. Passing the phone to her, Han Zhan said, “Since you’ve regained consciousness, call your family and tell them you’re safe.”

The word ‘safe’ amused Song Ci.

Song Ci raised her head and stared straight at Han Zhan.

Han Zhan watched as Song Ci’s bedazzling and smiling pretty eyes gradually reddened. Her bloodshot eyes were filled with a strong reluctance to give up.

It had been a long time since Han Zhan saw such a gaze in someone’s eyes.

It was frightening and impactful at the same time.

“Brother Han, if you don’t have a girlfriend, wife, or anyone who has a crush on you…” Song Ci licked her dry lips and tried hard to brush aside her ridiculous pride. Albeit informal on purpose, she said to Han Zhan, “Can I marry you?”


Upon hearing this, Han Zhan maintained his calm look. “Miss Song, don’t ruin your whole life due to a moment’s haste.” He stuffed the phone into Song Ci’s hand and said in a domineering and authoritarian manner, “Call your parents. I’ll get going first.”


Han Zhan was about to walk away when Song Ci suddenly stood up. Since she had gotten up too violently and rapidly, she got dizzy and her body collapsed to the ground, loosening her neck brace in the process.

Hearing Song Ci’s painful moans, Han Zhan stopped in his tracks. He turned around and walked towards Song Ci in big strides.

“Here, I’ll give you a hand.” As he stretched his arm towards Song Ci, she angrily pushed it away.

Han Zhan frowned and merely stood aside without helping.

Song Ci found the neck brace a hassle and took it off. Her injured arms supported herself on the bed, and as she hopped on, she gritted her teeth.

Song Ci stubbornly looked at Han Zhan, like a slender grass wavering in the wind but refusing to be blown away. “Han Zhan! I have something to tell you.”

Han Zhan pursed his lips and looked at her in silence.

Song Ci was struggling slightly inside. She wanted to lay her cards on the table with Han Zhan to obtain his trust and help but was also scared of she might trigger or enrage him.

Since Song Ci didn’t speak after a while. Han Zhan gradually lost his patience and turned around to leave.

But Song Ci made the decision. She weakly grabbed Han Zhan’s sleeve but urgently said, “Han Zhan, I’m very young, very pretty, and rather intelligent—shall we make a deal?”

Han Zhan looked sideways at her with his brows furrowed, but he did not speak.

Song Ci continued, “Old Master Han is getting older. He wishes to have a grandchild, right? I can marry you and have your child. I only have a request—I want you to escort me around for a year. After I’ve gotten my revenge and bore you a child, we can split ways. I’ll definitely not take a cent from you and have a clean break up!”

In the previous lifetime, Han Zhan mentioned his grandfather occasionally to Song Ci. Song Ci knew that when Old Master Han died, his only regret was that he didn’t manage to see Han Zhan get married and carry his grandchild.

After she spoke, Song Ci observed Han Zhan’s reaction with fear in her eyes.

Han Zhan’s expression looked very dangerous. His gray-blue eyes were filled with caution, suspicion, as well as a tinge of… murder intent!

Song Ci was terrified.

Her fingers that grabbed Han Zhan’s sleeves subconsciously started to tremble.

Han Zhan bent over, looked at Song Ci’s face at close proximity, and said in a bone-chilling tone, “Who are you?” He lifted Song Ci’s chin with his left hand so that they could look at each other straight in the eye.

Song Ci saw a pair of emotionless eyes. She instinctively swallowed her saliva as a chill ran down her spine.

“Tell me everything you know about me.” Han Zhan gradually increased the strength of his grip. If Song Ci still remained silent, Han Zhan might crush her chin.

Song Ci wavered in his grip. Using whatever strength she had left, she stabilized herself and didn’t dare to relax at all.

Against Han Zhan’s intense gaze and withstanding her goosebumps, Song Ci mustered up the courage and said, “You were once from the military and is the son of Han Mulan, Old Master Han Aoyu’s only daughter.”


After she had said this, Han Zhan’s gaze turned even colder.

Song Ci found it difficult to breathe, but she continued, “When you were 24 years old, you were forced to amputate your index and middle fingers due to an injury on your right hand. Since you couldn’t fire a gun anymore, you left the army. A year later, you decided to switch to being a businessman. Also, you’re the real boss of Zeus Airlines.”

Upon hearing this, Han Zhan suddenly released Song Ci’s chin, but he locked her throat down.

Song Ci instantly broke out in cold sweat from the pain.

Han Zhan’s chilly breath landed on Song Ci’s face as he questioned her, “Which country are you a spy of?” Because of his grandfather’s special identity, spies had appeared around Han Zhan in the past.

He hated spies to the core.

Warm tears rolled down Song Ci’s face and it landed on the back of Han Zhan’s left hand. However, at this point, Han Zhan didn’t have any protective feelings towards Song Ci at all. He looked at Song Ci as if she was a non-living object.

Song Ci’s throat vibrated against his fingers as she continued to speak. “I’m not a spy. I’m someone who had died once.”

“Someone who had died once…” Han Zhan deliberated over this statement. Half a second later, he released Song Ci’s throat. “Tell me, how did you die?”

Song Ci had no strength left as she knelt on the floor. She grabbed her throat, coughed a few times in quick succession, and only felt better breathing then.

Song Ci knew that Han Zhan wasn’t a person to be trifled with. Although she had been reborn once, she still wasn’t a match for him. There was no need for Song Ci to outsmart him.

In order to obtain Han Zhan’s help and protection, Song Ci needed to conjure up her greatest sincerity and tell her biggest secret. After thinking briefly, Song Ci told everything that had happened to her to Han Zhan.

Song Ci said, “Just like this, I’m someone who had died once but came back to life for some reason. I know your identity because we knew each other in the previous lifetime. When I got to know you, you were already 41 years old.”

Song Ci felt slightly wronged.

In the previous lifetime, Han Zhan had been very gentle towards her. He always spoke calmly and steadily, always treated Song Ci cordially, and would never be so cold and unfeeling like today.

After hearing her out, Han Zhan’s views of the world, life, and values were totally tarnished, but he didn’t show it on the surface.


It was indeed such an unscientific matter.

Song Ci realized that after hearing such unthinkable things from her, Han Zhan still remained calm and composed, and she couldn’t help but feel impressed. Han Zhan was indeed majestic and was built for greater things.

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