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Chapter 228: A C-section Without Anesthesia, Poor Relationship between Mother and Daughter-in-Law

As a woman, Song Ci felt that Mother Li’s words were full of holes after reading all sorts of posts about how bad the relationship between mother and daughter-in-law was.

What is a woman about to give birth doing in the kitchen?

Moreover, based on the time when Su Beibei’s accident happened, it should have been around 6pm.

For families with leisurely jobs, they would have dinner at 6pm. Moreover, Mother Li was not at work yet and dinner should be ready between 5.30pm and 6pm.

Buying fish to make sweet and sour fish then?

This was obviously a loophole.

The Mother Li that Song Ci knew was a woman who had worked hard her entire life for her child. She was the good mother-in-law who had given all her savings to her daughter-in-law at the wedding. She couldn’t bear to guess at Mother Li with the greatest malice.

Song Ci waited for a while and saw a nurse rushing over with two bags of blood.

The operating theater door was opened. The young nurse ran in and the door closed.

Song Ci’s heart was beating faster and faster. She didn’t know if she was scared, but she felt a slight pain in her stomach. Beside her, Mother Li also panicked when she saw the nurse running into the operating theater with the blood bag and started crying again.

Hearing Mother Li’s cries, Song Ci’s chest tightened.

She lowered her head and prayed that Su Beibei and her son would be safe.

After waiting for another 20 minutes, Li Li and Han Zhan rushed over. Li Li left his work behind after receiving the news and rushed over. He was in a hurry and didn’t wear a jacket, only a shirt.

There was a heater in the Imperial Dragon Building. It was naturally not cold in this outfit, but the temperature outside was only four to five degrees.

Li Li’s face was especially pale. He arrived at the door of the operating theater and saw that Mother Li’s sleeves were stained with Su Beibei’s blood. His mind buzzed.

Li Li asked Mother Li in a trembling voice, “What exactly happened, Mother?”

Mother Li’s lips quivered as she spoke incoherently about what she told Song Ci previously to Li Li.

Li Li’s mind was in a mess. After hearing Mother Li’s explanation, he actually didn’t sense anything wrong.

Song Ci looked over at Han Zhan and saw that he was squinting his gray-blue eyes at Mother Li with obvious suspicion. Song Ci was relieved.

It seems like I’m not the only one who felt that there is something wrong with Mother Li.

Han Zhan sat down beside Song Ci.

Pinching Song Ci’s hand, Han Zhan noticed that it was very cold. He asked her, “Are you scared?”

Song Ci nodded. “I feel slightly unwell.”

Han Zhan said, “Follow me to the car to rest first. Don’t wait here anymore. Don’t get scared.”

Song Ci shook her head and told Han Zhan, “It’s not that exaggerated. It doesn’t hurt, just uncomfortable. I should just wait here. I won’t feel at ease until Beibei and her son are safe.”

Song Ci and Su Beibei were on pretty good terms. Song Ci’s heart was naturally clenched after what happened to Su Beibei.

She leaned against Han Zhan’s shoulder and said in a low voice, “Beibei and her son must be safe and sound.”

Han Zhan hugged Song Ci’s shoulder and remained silent.

Li Li was as anxious as an ant on a hot pan. He really couldn’t stand it anymore and asked Han Zhan, “Mr. Han, can you think of a way for me to go in and take a look?”

Han Zhan gave him a meaningful look and was about to nod when he heard Mother Li say, “No way! Son, how can a man look at a woman giving birth?”

“How unlucky!”

Mother Li was superstitious and treated giving birth as a dirty thing.

Li Li looked at his mother in disbelief.

From what he knew, his mother was kind and reasonable. How could she say that women were very “dirty” when giving birth?

Under Li Li’s shocked gaze, Mother Li’s expression flickered as if she was uneasy.

Han Zhan went to make a call. Not long after, the director personally came over.

With the hospital director’s permission, Li Li put on a sterile surgical gown and entered the operating theater.

This was Li Li’s first time entering the hospital’s operating theater. The operating theater was very big and had several operating tables on both sides of the corridor. Under the guidance of his assistant doctor, he walked to the innermost operating theater.

Su Beibei was lying on the operating table. She was still wearing the pink-blue bear pajamas that Li Li had personally chosen for her.

Due to the excessive bleeding, Su Beibei’s face was pale. Moreover, she had suddenly suffered a major hemorrhage and was sent to the hospital in a hurry to stop the bleeding. In this surgery, anesthesia wasn’t even administered on Su Beibei!

When Li Li arrived, he saw the doctor use a knife to gently cut open Su Beibei’s stomach!

Li Li watched this scene in a daze, his legs trembling.

As Su Beibei had lost too much blood, she didn’t have much strength left. Tears streamed down her face from the pain, but she couldn’t make a single sound.

Li Li hurried over and grabbed Su Beibei’s cold hand.

Su Beibei thought it was the doctor’s hand. She grabbed it tightly, gritted her teeth with her eyes closed, and cried in pain.

She was crying and so was Li Li.

Li Li suddenly remembered what happened when they first met.

At that time, Su Beibei was dressed in black and had a cool and arrogant expression. She was the most beautiful, unrestrained female author in the world. She was rich and talented and opened a cafe. Her life was comfortable and carefree.

But now, she was lying on the operating table, enduring all sorts of torture for their child.

Li Li’s tears landed on Su Beibei’s face.

Su Beibei opened her heavy eyelids and saw Li Li above her. She thought she was dying and was hallucinating.

Li Li hurriedly bent down and kissed Su Beibei’s sweaty forehead. “Beibei, does it hurt?”

Hearing Li Li’s voice, Su Beibei pouted and started crying silently and pitifully.

At this moment, the doctor retrieved the child.

As the amniotic fluid was about to run dry, the child was slightly hypoxic. His face was blue, but he was still alive.

Hearing the child’s cries, Su Beibei glanced at the baby.

Su Beibei was suddenly filled with the desire to live.

I can’t die!

I can’t let my child become a motherless child!

Su Beibei grabbed Li Li’s hand tightly and begged him in a hoarse voice. “Save me…”

Li Li nodded tearfully and promised her. “The doctor will definitely save you, Beibei. You will definitely be fine!”

After taking the child out, the doctor helped Su Beibei stop the bleeding. Su Beibei was about to lose consciousness, but the blood in her body was still leaking.

The doctors were sweating profusely.

Another 7-8 minutes passed…

Finally, the doctor looked up and heaved a long sigh.

A nurse at the side hurriedly used a towel to wipe the sweat off the doctor’s forehead. The doctor said to the nurse, “Help me take off my glasses and wipe my eyes. My eyelashes are covered in water.”

The nurse obeyed.

After wiping the sweat off the doctor’s lashes, the nurse put on his glasses again.

Only then did the doctor nod heavily at Li Li and tell him, “The bleeding has temporarily stopped. We just need to see if there will be any more major bleeding.”

Li Li wiped his tears and knelt down in front of the medical staff.

He knelt on the ground and saw the blood in the dustbin and on the ground. His mind went blank.

Li Li kowtowed several times to the doctors and nurses. He leaned his forehead against the ground and thanked them. “Thank you all. You saved my life!”

Su Beibei was Li Li’s life. He didn’t dare to imagine how dark life would be without Su Beibei.

he doctor said, “Get up quickly and go visit your child.”

The doctor was very tired. He drank half a bottle of water and stayed in the operating theater for a while before leaving.

The baby’s lungs were slightly infected with amniotic fluid and was sent into the incubator two hours after birth.

Song Ci and Han Zhan went to buy milk powder for the child and returned to the Li Family.

Su Beibei had been hospitalized due to a sudden hemorrhage. Everything had happened so suddenly that the child didn’t even have a set of clothes. Previously, after the child was born, he was still wearing Li Li’s shirt.

Song Ci was pregnant and it was not convenient for her to pack up. Han Zhan didn’t care about the gender difference. He entered the master bedroom and got a set of clothes for Li Li. He opened the wardrobe, took out the baby’s clothes, and placed them in the bag.

Su Beibei thought that the child was a daughter and bought light blue and pink clothes. Only after the child was born did she know that it was a boy.

Han Zhan also found a small basin for wetting babies, a towel for washing buttocks, and everything that Su Beibei needed to stay in the hospital.

There were three big bags scattered around.

Han Zhan carried the items into the living room and saw Song Ci standing at the kitchen door, staring at the pool of blood on the floor in a daze.

Han Zhan went to get a mop again. As he mopped the blood on the ground, he asked Song Ci, “Were you scared badly?”

Song Ci shook her head. “No, Brother Han, don’t mop the floor first. Look at the kitchen stove.”

Han Zhan stopped. Holding the mop, he turned and looked at the stove.

There was half a pot of wonton in the pot on the stove, and the blood started from the stove.

Han Zhan pursed his lips.

Song Ci said, “Beibei suddenly bled profusely while cooking wontons.” The last time Su Beibei fell, she bled profusely. The doctor had instructed her to lie in bed and rest more when she got home.

Why would a pregnant woman who would bleed profusely and be taken care of by someone go and cook wontons during mealtime?

Song Ci looked at Han Zhan and said, “There are some things at home that men working outside can’t detect. Brother Han, you have to tell Li Li about this.”

“Beibei nearly died. We can’t just let this pass.”

Song Ci’s heart ached for Su Beibei.

Giving birth was just the beginning. Bringing up a child after this was the most intense conflict between mother and daughter-in-law.

If things went wrong, Su Beibei would suffer from depression. Who can they reason with at that point?

Han Zhan also realized the severity of the matter. He said, “I will tell him.” He quickly wiped the blood clean and carried the items into the car twice. Only then did he drive and send the items to the hospital with Song Ci.

After reaching the hospital, Song Ci and Mother Li guarded the unconscious Su Beibei in the ward.

Children didn’t even wear clothes in the incubator. The hospital provided them with diapers, but they could prepare milk bottles themselves. Han Zhan took the milk bottles and milk bottles and called Li Li upstairs to the sterile ward.

Walking out of the ward, Li Li rubbed his face heavily. His eyes were red as he said, “I have let her down my entire life!”

With this child, Su Beibei nearly lost her life twice. As a man, Li Li couldn’t bear the pain at all.

Li Li felt very upset.

Like a young child, he cried as he leaned his head on Han Zhan’s shoulder. He choked. “When we got married, I promised to make her happy for the rest of her life.”

Han Zhan could understand Li Li’s current feelings.

He glanced at Mother Li in the ward and said to Li Li, “I have something to tell you.”

Li Li turned around and wiped his tears. He turned back and asked Han Zhan, “What’s the matter?”

“Let’s chat as we walk.”

After sending the milk bottle and milk powder to the infant sterile ward, Han Zhan brought Li Li to the undisturbed smoking area downstairs.

Han Zhan leaned against the window and nodded at Li Li. “When Song Ci and I went to your house to get something, we realized that there was still half a pot of wonton in the pot on the stove.”

Hearing this, Li Li didn’t understand what Han Zhan meant.

At this point, Li Li’s consciousness was not very clear. He had yet to recover from the fear of Su Beibei nearly dying.

Han Zhan patted Li Li’s shoulder and said frankly, “Beibei bled profusely around 6pm in the afternoon. We saw that the blood started flowing from the kitchen counter. The blood spread from the kitchen all the way to the living room. There were traces of dragging on the floor. She indeed crawled from the kitchen to the living room to make the call.”

As they spoke, that image flashed across Han Zhan and Li Li’s minds. They both felt cruel and fearful.

“Li Li, why is your mother still buying fish at dinner time?”

“Why would a pregnant woman who was supposed to be resting in bed be so hungry that she went to the kitchen to cook?”

“Li Li, as a man, not only must you do well in your career, you must also take good care of your family. You are a smart person. You will notice some things if you look closely.”

While criticizing Li Li, Han Zhan also asked himself in his heart: Does Song Ci usually get along well with Grandpa at home? Grandpa that old man is also stubborn. Song Ci has never suffered, right?

No, I have to go back and ask.

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