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Chapter 227: Ridiculous Fate, Beibei Gave Birth Prematurely

Song Fei knew that Yan Jiang was a person who didn’t mean what he said. Although he said that Yan Rufeng was unstable, he must be very happy inside.

Song Fei didn’t intend to expose Yan Jiang.

She laid down beside Yan Jiang, took out her cell phone, and opened the ticketing app. Song Fei chose a flight ticket as she said, “We will be discharged in the morning. We will go straight to the airport after that.”

Yan Jiang said, “Mmm, sure.”

“Then I will choose a flight that leaves at 1pm. It will be 2.45pm when we reach Wangdong City.”

Yan Jiang said, “Whatever.”

Song Fei bought two tickets and threw her cell phone on the bedside table. “Sleep.”

Yan Jiang reached out his long arm from behind Song Fei and hugged her slender waist. He suddenly said, “I haven’t hugged you for a long time.”

Song Fei grabbed his restless fingers and warned him. “Don’t be mischievous. If you start a fire, put it out yourself.”

Yan Jiang stopped moving.

Song Fei narrowed her eyes for a while. When she woke up, it was already daytime. Yan Jiang had already taken off his hospital gown and put on his own.

He had already packed up and even settled the discharge procedures.

Seeing that Song Fei was finally awake, Yan Jiang told her, “It’s 9am. It’s time to get up.”

Song Fei sat up and stroked her messy hair. “I haven’t been sleeping well recently. I didn’t expect to have slept too long.”

Hearing this, Yan Jiang said, “I remember you have six hours of sleep every day. You are so sleepy. Are you especially busy these few days?”

“That’s right. In order to quickly finish my work and come see you, I only sleep four hours a day.” Song Fei yawned and sat by the bed to put on her British boots.

]She checked the ward to make sure she hadn’t forgotten anything before leaving the hospital with Yan Jiang. That morning, the two of them went straight to the airport and took a flight out of Feng City.

As for Nan Yiyi and Nan Ketong, they had already been kicked out of their own worlds by Yan Jiang.

It was 3pm when they arrived at Wangdong City.

Yan Jiang was rather frail and weak. Song Fei carried all his luggage. Walking out of the airport, Yan Jiang saw Song Ci standing beside the car with a big tummy and stopped.

He glanced at Song Ci’s big tummy and said to Song Fei, “Is Song Song going to give birth soon?”

“There’s still more than a month, less than two months.”

Yan Jiang asked Song Fei, “Have you bought presents for her children?”

Song Fei was speechless.

Song Fei, who was focused on research, had long forgotten about this.

Yan Jiang chuckled and lectured Song Fei. “You are going to be an aunt soon. Aren’t you going to buy some gifts for your two nieces?”

“I will go buy it in two days.”


As they spoke, the two of them had already reached the side of the car.

Song Ci was pregnant with twins, so her tummy was slightly bigger than most pregnant women. She had to support her waist with one hand and her pregnant belly with the other.

Song Ci was relieved to see that Yan Jiang was in high spirits, but his face was slightly pale. “You look rather energetic. How is it? Does it hurt to draw your bone marrow?”

“Once the anesthesia hits me, I will be a pitiful little girl lying on the bed and being trampled by the doctor.” Yan Jiang opened the car door for Song Ci, helped her into the car, and let Song Fei sit beside her.

Yan Jiang sat in the passenger seat himself. He handed a cigarette to the driver, Long Yu, and thanked him. “Brother Long, sorry to trouble you again.”

Long Yu waved his hand. “That’s what I do. How can I say that it’s tough?”

Song Ci’s stomach was too big and she couldn’t even fasten her seatbelt. Song Fei bent over to help Song Ci fasten her seatbelt before Long Yu started the car.

The car drove steadily for a while before Yan Jiang realized that this was neither the way home nor the way to Old Master Han’s house.

Yan Jiang turned to Long Yu. “Brother Long, where are you taking us?”

Long Yu answered honestly, “Madam asked me to take this path.”

Yan Jiang turned and frowned at Song Ci.

Song Ci said, “The hospital.”

Yan Jiang guessed what Song Ci wanted to do and was slightly angry. “I didn’t say I was going to the hospital.”

Song Ci rubbed her tummy. “I was the one who wanted to go for a fetal heart monitor.”

Yan Jiang said, “I see…”

Long Yu parked the car under Wangdong City’s First People’s Hospital.

Song Ci and Song Fei alighted first. They waited outside the car for a while before Yan Jiang alighted.

Glancing up at the hospital building, Yan Jiang asked Song Ci, “Is the prenatal checkup in that building?”

Song Ci said, “Let’s go. I’ll bring you guys there.”

Song Ci led Yan Jiang to the building behind the main building of the hospital. They entered the lift and Song Ci pressed level 6.


Only when the three of them walked out of the lift did Yan Jiang realize that they had arrived at the operating theater level.

Yan Jiang was speechless.

He glared at the innocent Song Ci.

Song Ci pointed at Song Fei and betrayed her elder sister without hesitation. “Song Fei asked me to do this.”

Yan Jiang looked at Song Fei again.

Song Fei raised her brows arrogantly and asked him with a cold expression, “I arranged it. Do you have a problem with that?”

Yan Jiang didn’t dare to have any objections.

Han Qingshen finished a call and turned to see Yan Jiang standing at the lift door in a daze.

Han Qingshen was slightly surprised. She strode over to Yan Jiang and the other two.

Han Qingshen put on high heels and was almost as tall as Yan Jiang. Today, she was wearing a gorgeous dark purple waist-length line dress. Her long hair was tied up as she stood in front of Yan Jiang with her arms crossed. She looked very imposing.

Yan Jiang had heard from others that Han Chenyi was an overbearing man who looked down on everyone wherever he went.

As Han Chenyi’s daughter, Han Qingshen was naturally not inferior.

After scrutinizing Yan Jiang from head to toe, Han Qingshen asked him, “Why did you get discharged? You didn’t stay for more than two days.”

Han Qingshen’s tone was very natural, as if she was talking to a family member.

Yan Jiang felt slightly awkward in front of Han Qing.

Although they were not related by blood, in Yan Rufeng’s heart, Han Qingshen was the child he truly looked forward to and loved deeply. Meanwhile, Yan Jiang was just an illegitimate son created by a scheme.

One could imagine how awkward it would be for an illegitimate child to face a real child.

If not for Yan Jiang’s thick skin, he would have found a hole to bury himself in.

Han Qingshen could tell that Yan Jiang was feeling awkward. She pointed at the waiting area for the family members and said, “Since you are already here, just sit down and wait. The surgery has already been completed and it was very successful. We are just waiting for him to wake up.”

“Moreover, Uncle Yan will be very happy to see you after the surgery.”

Since he was already here, it would seem petty of him to leave now.

Yan Jiang nodded and thanked Han Qingming. He then brought Song Fei and her sister to the waiting area to wait for Yan Rufeng.

After waiting for more than 20 minutes, they heard an assistant doctor standing at the door shouting, “Yan Rufeng’s family!” Two people suddenly stood up at his shout.

Song Fei and Song Ci looked at Yan Jiang, who suddenly stood up, and then at Han Qingshen, who stood up at the same time as him. They were slightly surprised.

Yan Jiang quickly realized what he had done.

He looked at Han Qingshen awkwardly for a few seconds before saying, “I have diarrhea!” With that, Yan Jiang hurried to the toilet.

Song Fei said, “Little coward!”

There was a reason for calling him a coward.

Han Qingshen and Bei Zhan walked to the door of the operating theater. After more than a minute, Yan Rufeng was pushed out by the assistant doctor.

Bei Zhan and the nurse pushed the bed that had been prepared long ago over. Everyone worked together to move Yan Rufeng from the operating theater to the bed.

During the process, Yan Rufeng opened his eyes and glanced at Han Qingshen.

The effects of the anesthesia had yet to fade completely and Yan Rufeng was slightly groggy. He said something nonsensical that Han Qingshen didn’t hear clearly, but she also cooperated with a few grunts.

“Uncle Yan, Yan Jiang is here too.”

As Han Qingshen spoke, everyone saw Yan Rufeng’s eyes widen slightly.

Yan Rufeng’s eyes darted around and scanned the faces of the youngsters surrounding her bed. He didn’t find Yan Jiang.

The glow in Yan Rufeng’s eyes gradually dimmed.

At this moment, Yan Jiang came back after his “diarrhea”.

Seeing that Song Fei was also gathered around the bed, he slowly walked up to her side. Coincidentally, his face was revealed to Yan Rufeng.

Upon seeing Yan Jiang, Yan Rufeng raised his hand, pointed at him, and muttered a few words.

Han Qingshen leaned close to Yan Rufeng and heard him say, “Jiang Jiang is here.”

Han Qingshen patted the back of Yan Rufeng’s hand and said, “Yan Jiang is here. He knew that you were undergoing surgery today and specially came to visit you.”

Yan Rufeng seemed to be smiling.

Yan Jiang seemed to blush.

an Rufeng was pushed into an independent ward and all sorts of postoperative monitoring devices were put on him. Yan Jiang saw that Yan Rufeng’s mental state was not bad and knew that he was out of danger, so he called Song Fei and the rest along to leave.

Han Qingshen chased after him. “Yan Jiang.”

Yan Jiang stopped in his tracks.

He didn’t turn back.

Han Qingshen told him, “Yan Jiang, I know you hate Uncle Yan, but it’s not easy for Uncle Yan either.”

Seeing that Yan Jiang still didn’t turn to look at him, Han Qingshen walked over.

Upon seeing this, Song Ci pulled Song Fei’s hand and said to Yan Jiang, “My elder sister is not feeling well. Let’s go to the toilet.” With that, Song Ci pulled Song Fei away.

Going to the toilet was a universal excuse that applied to all sorts of situations.

Only then did Yan Jiang turn and look at Han Qingshen.

“Shall we have a chat?” Han Qingshen asked Yan Jiang.

Yan Jiang glanced at the Song sisters’ departing figures and nodded slightly.

Han Qingshen brought Yan Jiang to the resting area upstairs where there was a cafe. The pampered Han Qingshen was not used to the coffee here and only ordered a cup of water.

Yan Jiang had a sharp tongue. He only drank freshly ground coffee.

The two of them carried water and sat upright in a generous manner.

Han Qingshen took a sip of warm water and suddenly smiled.

Hearing the laughter, Yan Jiang shot Han Chao a puzzled look.

Han Qingshen told Yan Jiang, “I’ve always known that Uncle Yan has a son, but out of respect, I’ve never checked your identity. Even so, I know what kind of person you are.”

Yan Jiang asked her, “How am I like?”

Han Qingshen suppressed her laughter. “Tmid, gentle, and very sensible. He’s a considerate and adorable little boy.”

Yan Jiang was speechless.

Han Qing Shen said, “That’s how Uncle Yan described you to me.”

Yan Jiang pursed his lips. “I was indeed more gentle and sensible when I was young.” But the cruel life that followed forced him to grow a body of thorns.

Han Qingshen was naturally not foolish enough to ask Yan Jiang why he changed his character after he grew up.

A smart person would never expose someone else’s scars.

Han Qingshen gazed at Yan Jiang’s handsome face. “Actually, I should have realized your relationship with Uncle Yan long ago. You look especially like Uncle Yan when he was young.”

It wasn’t that their facial features were very similar. It was just that their expressions and the feeling they gave off were very similar.

“Back then, Uncle Yan was the most handsome guy in university. He was cheerful, charming, funny, and had a lot of fans.”

Even the arrogant Han Chenyi had stepped into a bottomless dark road for Yan Rufeng.

Yan Jiang didn’t know what kind of person the young Yan Rufeng was.

The Yan Rufeng he heard from Han Qingshen was too different from the father in Yan Jiang’s memory.

Yan Jiang said, “From the time I remember, he was a taciturn man. He seldom smiled or praised me. I don’t even remember if he hugged me.”

From a young age, Yan Jiang and his father had never been close.

His father would always look at him with a complex expression. There were several times when he fought with someone in school and bled. He would then return home to complain to his parents.

Nan Yiyi’s heart ached terribly. She pulled him into her arms, kissed and hugged him lovingly for a long time. In the process, Yan Rufeng just sat on the sofa and watched coldly as the mother-son duo were doting on each other.

But on that Saturday, Yan Rufeng brought Yan Jiang to the taekwondo club and enrolled him in class to practice Taekwondo.

Yan Rufeng loved Yan Jiang, but that love was mixed with too much hatred and helplessness.

Yan Jiang put himself in his shoes.

If a woman conspired with Nan Yiyi to drug him, who was already married to Song Fei and had a child, causing that woman to secretly give birth to their child, Yan Jiang would similarly not like that child.

He even had the heart to crush that child, let alone love him!

Instead, Yan Jiang should thank Yan Rufeng for not killing him back then.

However, it was one thing to understand in one’s heart. Yan Jiang was still very upset.

“He must hate me. After all, my appearance messed up his life and broke his relationship with Han Chenyi.”

Yan Jiang finished the half glass of water in one gulp. He shook his head and smiled bitterly. “It’s not wrong for him to hate me. After all, I am his stain.”

His existence was a stain.

Although he didn’t want to admit it, Yan Jiang could see the truth.

Hearing the noun “stain”, Han Qingshen instinctively retorted. “You are not a stain. In this feud, you are the innocent one. The real guilty ones are Nan Yiyi and your grandmother.”

What has the enmity between parents got to do with the children?

“Yan Jiang, never think of you as a stain.” Staring at Yan Jiang’s handsome face, Han Qingshen smiled deeply. “You are so good-looking. You are an angel.”

Han Qingshen was especially beautiful when she smiled.

Yan Jiang recalled that someone had said that Han Qingshen looked very much like Han Chenyi. Thinking about it, Han Chenyi must also be a dashing and charismatic man.

“13 years ago, my father was diagnosed with brain cancer and was in the late stages.”

Han Qingshen clutched the cup tightly. She said, “27 years ago, Nan Yiyi appeared in my father’s office with a big belly and told him that the child was Uncle Yan’s. After my father found out about this, he nearly went crazy.”

“The two of them broke up completely and had a big fight at home. I was still young then and couldn’t remember clearly. But I heard from the butler that during that fight, my father stabbed Uncle Yan with a fruit knife and he nearly lost his life.”

“After Uncle Yan survived, Father let him go. He is unwilling to face Uncle Yan again and is also afraid that he will do something to harm Uncle Yan in his madness.”

“After Uncle Yan left, Father always had a headache, but he never took it to heart. Many years later, when his headache got worse and worse, he went to the hospital for a check-up and discovered that he was already suffering from late-stage brain cancer.”

“When his days were numbered, Father finally realized what he had lost. For the first time, Father lowered his head to someone. He went to look for Uncle Yan and told him about his health.”

“Father’s cancer is the main reason why Uncle Yan decided to abandon your family and leave the Yan Family.”

After quietly listening to Han Qing’s narration, Yan Jiang’s heart was suddenly enlightened.

So this was the truth behind Yan Rufeng abandoning his wife and child back then!

Yan Jiang asked coldly, “What happened then?”

“After that…”

Recalling those unhappy memories, Han Qingshen felt slightly sad.

As she recalled, she said frankly, “In the late stages of brain cancer, my father’s vision became weaker and weaker. In the end, even my face couldn’t be seen clearly. Not only that, he also vomited repeatedly and had a headache. When his head hurt badly, he would knock his head against the wall.”

“There was once when my father knocked his head so hard that it bled profusely and scared Uncle Yan and me. After that, whenever my father wanted to hit the wall, Uncle Yan would stand by the wall and use his body to block that wall…”

“During that period, Uncle Yan’s tummy was always bruised.” In terms of affection, few could compare to Yan Rufeng.

Yan Rufeng indeed felt guilty towards Yan Jiang.

But Yan Rufeng had a clear conscience towards Han Chenyi!

“Father passed away less than eight months after Uncle Yan returned. When he left, he was skinny and his loose skin was plastered to every bone. He looked very ugly. At that time, my father had a very difficult time every day. He didn’t want Uncle Yan to see his ugly face.”

“He smashed things everyday and scolded Uncle Yan to get lost. Every time, Uncle Yan would obediently get lost, and when Father’s anger subsided, he would return to him as if nothing had happened.”

Tears welled up in Han Qingshen’s eyes at the mention of those things.

Illness was very cruel. It tortured the once high-spirited and vigorous man into a monster that was neither human nor ghost.

“I personally witnessed my father being tormented by his illness until he passed away. This strengthened the hatred in Uncle Yan’s heart. He hated your mother and even more so your ignorant grandmother. So after your grandmother passed away, Uncle Yan didn’t even go back to visit her.”

“After Father died, Uncle Yan was mentally unstable. He looked like a normal person at work, but after work, he kept talking nonsense to the empty house.”

“During that period, Uncle Yan had a very difficult time. It took him three years to recover from that pain. Because of those few irregular years of life, Uncle Yan finally contracted gastric cancer.”

With that, Han Qingshen took out a lady’s cigarette from the exquisite bag she carried on her back. In the past, she had quit smoking for a few years due to her pregnancy, but due to work stress, she picked up the bad habit of smoking.

Yan Jiang took out a lighter and lit the cigarette for Han Qingshen.

Han Qingshen took a drag of his cigarette and glanced sideways at Yan Jiang.

Yan Jiang hung his head slightly with a cold expression. It was difficult to guess his true thoughts from his expression.

Han Qingshen told him, “I’m not saying this to gain your sympathy for Uncle Yan. I’m just telling you about the Uncle Yan I know.”

“Whether you want to forgive him, or whether you want to accept his compensation, the decision is yours.” Han Qingshen threw two chewing gum into her mouth and got up to leave.

Yan Jiang sat in the cafe for a while more before going downstairs to look for Song Fei and her sister.

The two sisters stood at the entrance of the hospital eating roasted sweet potatoes. The two sisters ate one together. When Yan Jiang arrived, Song Fei was licking her fingers.

Song Fei really loved roasted sweet potatoes in the winter, especially those top-grade sweet potatoes that were soft, soft, and fragrant.

Realizing that Yan Jiang had arrived, Song Fei hurriedly lowered her hand. That serious look on her face made it seem like the woman licking her fingers with her tongue was not her.

Yan Jiang said, “Let’s go.”

After boarding the car, Song Fei drew two wet tissues and complained as she wiped her hands. “This roasted sweet potato tastes average. It’s not as good as when I was young.”

Song Ci rolled her eyes and retorted. “Since it’s not tasty, why did you snatch mine just now? I even saw you licking your fingers!”

Song Fei shot daggers at Song Ci. “Don’t speak if you don’t know how to speak.”

Song Ci snorted. “Don’t threaten me. I’m not afraid of you.”

The two sisters quarreled in the back row. Most of the time, it was Song Ci who nagged non-stop. Song Fei occasionally sneered and snorted arrogantly.

As Yan Jiang listened to the sisters’ scolding, his heart, which had been numb from being hurt by Nan Yiyi and her son, gradually regained its strong heartbeat.

As Yan Jiang had been in Feng City for some time, the refrigerator was empty. He urgently needed to go to the supermarket to replenish his stocks.

Song Ci followed them to the supermarket.

Song Ci was standing in front of a rack, picking dried fruits. Song Fei walked over and poked Song Ci’s arm.

Song Ci turned to look at her in confusion. “What?”

Song Fei said, “The little guys are about to be born. As their aunt, I intend to buy some gifts for them. Look, what else do you need?”

Song Ci was about to speak when Song Fei added. “I don’t have much money. Don’t look for me if it’s too expensive. Get Yan Jiang to buy it.”

Song Ci didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. “Don’t worry, I know you are poor. I don’t intend to let you buy anything too expensive.”

“How about this? Buy a few sets of toys for them. I’ve already bought clothes for them. Buying more will do. The toys can still be stored there. We can play with them when they are older.”


Song Fei and Song Ci went to the mother and baby shop downstairs. After a round of selection, they chose a story machine, a set of Barbie dolls, and a set of Lego toys.

After settling the bill, Song Ci’s cell phone rang.

Seeing that it was a call from Han Zhan, Song Ci walked to a quieter place to pick up the call.

“Brother Han.” Thinking that Han Zhan was going home for dinner, Song Ci told him, “I shouldn’t be coming back tonight. Yan Jiang and Song Fei are back today and I am shopping with them now.”

Han Zhan said, “Baby Ci, Su Beibei is bleeding profusely and is going to give birth.”

Song Ci was shocked. “Why is she bleeding so much?!”

“I’m not sure about the exact situation. Li Li has already rushed to the hospital and I intend to go over too. Do you want to take a look?”

“Of course!”

After hanging up, Song Ci bid Song Fei farewell and went downstairs to the garage to get Long Yu to drive her to the hospital.

Song Ci’s location was rather close to the hospital and she was the first to arrive.

Upon seeing Song Ci, Mother Li knelt down in front of her. “Song Ci, Song Ci, what should we do? Beibei is bleeding profusely!”

“Will something happen to our Beibei?!”

Song Ci was shocked by Mother Li’s manner.

She was pregnant and it was easy for her to let her imagination run wild. When she saw Su Beibei’s blood on Mother Li’s sleeves, her heart skipped a beat and she forgot how to speak.

Mother Li released Song Ci, clasped her hands together, and kowtowed outside the window. She begged as she kowtowed. “Heavens, you must hug our Beibei. Nothing must happen to her!”

“You must ensure their safety!”

Song Ci gradually regained consciousness.

She hurriedly shot Long Yu a look. “Brother Long, help Auntie up.”

Long Yu pulled Mother Li up halfway and pressed her down on a chair. Song Ci sat down beside Mother Li and grabbed her bloodstained hand. Song Ci asked her, “Auntie, what exactly happened?”

Tears streamed down Mother Li’s face as she narrated intermittently. “I went out to buy groceries in the afternoon and planned to make a sweet and sour fish for Beibei tonight. By the time I returned, Beibei had already bled profusely and her amniotic fluid leaked.”

“She crawled into the living room from the kitchen, wanting to get her cell phone to make a call. I pushed open the door and saw blood all over the floor. Oh my God, my legs went limp from fright!”

“I only went out for a short while. How did something happen to her? How am I going to answer to Li Li?”

Mother Li was crying so hard that she was out of breath. She was truly terrified.

Song Ci frowned. “What is she doing in the kitchen?”

Mother Li was stunned for a moment. She said uncertainly, “Perhaps she’s hungry?”

Song Ci gave Mother Li a meaningful look. She felt that something was off.

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