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Chapter 191: Mu Mian: Mu Qiu, You Are Not Human!

Li Li rubbed his chest and waited for the pain to subside, before grabbing the bottle again and toasting with Su Beibei.

Su Beibei raised her beer bottle and downed half of it in one go. Li Li narrowed his pretty eyes and said firmly, “Beibei, there’s something bothering you.”

Su Beibei opened her mouth and let out a breath that reeked of alcohol. She then said, “I have something to tell you, but I don’t have the courage. I am hesitant, so I want to have a drink to give myself some courage.”

Hearing her say this, Li Li felt uneasy and uneasy. “You…” Li Li’s smile was somewhat forced, as he felt the beer in his hand start to taste bitter.” Are you breaking up with me? ”

Su Beibei shook her head. “No, there’s nothing wrong with our relationship. Why must we break up?”

Li Li’s anxious heart suddenly calmed down. “Then what do you want to say? Tell me, I’m okay .” As long as we didn’t break up, everything is fine.

Su Beibei said, “Mu Mian will be tried tomorrow.”

Not expecting Su Beibei to suddenly mention Mu Mian, Li Li was momentarily stunned before nodding. “Yes, the news has already spread today. I believe the court will be very crowded tomorrow.”

“I will go too,” Su Beibei said.

Li Li asked her, “Do you want to listen in on the happenings and accumulate material for your next book?” Apart from this reason, he couldn’t think of anything else.

Su Beibei shook her head in denial. “No, I’m going as the victim’s family.”

Li Li was confused, not understanding what Su Beibei meant. “How can you be the victim’s family? You…” Li Li vaguely understood.

One of the victims murdered by Mu Mian had the surname Su.

And that person was the person who had fallen into the river after his father crashed into his car!

Looking at Su Beibei, he saw her eyes glistening with tears. Li Li’s expression turned increasingly odd. “Beibei, don’t tease me.” His voice was trembling.

Su Beibei’s smile was uglier than her crying face. “My father is called Su Buwang.”

Li Li’s expression froze. Is Beibei really that person’s daughter?

“How can that be?”

“Li Li, do you still remember that year when your father crashed into a car and it plunged into the Great Dragon River? The man was called Su Buwang and the woman was Jin Yunshu. They were the founders of the Happy shopping website.”

Looking into Li Li’s shocked eyes, Su Beibei was on the verge of tears. “They are my parents. I am that little girl who you knelt down to apologize for your sins.”

Li Li was too stunned to speak. “How could…” was all he could say.

“Ah Li.” Su Beibei’s tears still streamed down her face. “Ah Li, your father did get drunk and hit a car, but he didn’t kill my parents. Mu Mian is the real culprit.”

“Your father is guilty, but his crime is not worth dying for.”

Su Beibei felt very sorry for Li Li. She was crying very bitterly. She covered her face with her hands and apologized to Li Li in tears. “Ah Li, I’ve let you and your mother down. That year, you and your mother sold your house to compensate me. I caused you and your mother to be homeless. Ah Li, I’ve let you down.”

Li Li was in a daze for a long while, before he finally digested this absurd fact. A big hand gently landed on Su Beibei’s head and patted her gently.

Su Beibei wiped her tears and looked up at Li Li.

Li Li’s lips curled into a faint smile. He told Su Beibei, “You don’t need to apologize. My father was drunk and crashed into a car. He is guilty. Although he doesn’t deserve death, he is not innocent either.”

Li Li’s father was responsible for the Su couple’s death. “He can’t blame anyone for his death. He can only blame himself for being cowardly and irresponsible.”

“As for me and my mother, our hardships are already over. You don’t need to feel apologetic.”

“Also, I am very glad that my father is not the murderer who murdered your parents. I am glad that I am still qualified to continue staying by your side.”

Su Beibei was not an idiot who would lose her mind in love. But after hearing Li Li’s words, she felt moved.

“I feel more at ease now that I’ve said it.” Su Beibei smiled sheepishly. “I haven’t had any inspiration in my writing these days, with something weighing my heart down.”

“You should have told me earlier.”

Su Beibei said, “I didn’t dare.”

Li Li was stunned. He then quietly held Su Beibei’s hand.

The wind by the river was very strong and their hands were cold. Su Beibei opened her jacket and said to Li Li, “Come into my arms if you’re cold.”

This boyfriend-powerful action and tone stunned Li Li.

Li Li looked around and made sure no one was around, before shamelessly burrowing into Su Beibei’s arms. “Your arms are so warm.”


“So fragrant.”


“So soft.”

“Shut up!” Su Beibei disliked Li Li’s glib tongue.

Li Li kept silent for a moment before suddenly saying, “How about coming over for a meal with me in two days’ time? After my mother found out that I had a girlfriend, she kept asking me when I would bring my girlfriend home for a meal.”

His mother had recovered fully after the surgery and was in good spirits. She could eat and drink as much as she liked, and was always urging him to bring his girlfriend over for a meal.

Although CEO Li appeared to be well-respected in the company, he was actually a pitiful single dog being urged to get married by his mother.

Su Beibei was rather embarrassed. “This is my first time in a relationship and I’m not familiar with this. I also don’t know the rules when visiting your parents for the first time. Wait for me to go back and come up with a strategy to meet my mother-in-law. I’ll come home with you then.”

Mystery author Su Beibei would never do anything she wasn’t sure of.

Li Li was momentarily stunned before bursting with joy. “You agree?”

“Mmm.” Su Beibei patted Li Li’s head and added, “You’ve already given me your innocence. I can’t possibly not be responsible for you.”

Li Li was speechless.

That night, Li Li followed Su Beibei like a puppy back to her house. His mother woke up in the middle of the night to go to the toilet. She was worried about her son when she realized that Li Li was not back yet.

Due to Father Li’s incident, Mother Li was traumatized by the accident. She didn’t know if Li Li stayed over at the office or if an accident happened on the way home. After washing her hands in the toilet, she stood there and called Li Li.

The call went through but no one picked up. Worried, Mrs. Li called again.

Li Li went downstairs to buy supper. Exhausted, Su Beibei laid in bed and stared at the vibrating cell phone. She hesitated.

Li Li’s mother’s call…

Knowing that Mother Li was worried about Li Li, Su Beibei chose to pick up the call just a few seconds before it was going to quietly hang up.

The moment the call went through, Li Li’s mother asked worriedly, “Li Li, are you sleeping at the office again tonight? Why didn’t you call me when you weren’t coming back? Are you purposely making me worried?”

Su Beibei said hesitantly, “Auntie, Li Li went out to buy supper. He probably forgot to call you. Don’t worry, he’s fine.”

Mrs. Li was speechless.

Even though Su Beibei was on the phone, Mother Li felt like her daughter-in-law was standing right in front of her.

She instinctively tidied her messy hair, wanting to leave a clean impression on her daughter-in-law. She looked up and saw herself in the mirror. Only then did she realize that she was at home and her daughter-in-law was on the other end of the phone!

Mother Li asked Su Beibei cautiously, “You are Beibei?”

Li Li had indeed mentioned her to his mother. “Yes, Auntie.”

“Aiya, Li Li went to your house to play tonight. Hey, it’s getting late, I won’t disturb you guys anymore. Go and rest early.”

It was her first time talking to her daughter-in-law and Mother Li was also very nervous. After hanging up, she leaned against the sink and repeated what she had just said.

Only after confirming that she didn’t say anything wrong did Mother Li feel relieved.

Li Li returned with barbeque. Su Beibei popped her head out of bed and told him, “Your mother just called. It rang twice. I answered it for you.”

“Is that so?” Li Li put down the barbeque and saw Su Beibei get up from the bed. She sat on the bed and said, “When you go back, put in a good word for me in front of your mother. Whether the relationship between the mother-in-law and daughter-in-law is good depends on whether the son is good at his job.”

Li Li felt a heavy burden on his shoulders.

His wife and mother were the two ancestors sitting on stilts. Li Li had to be impartial. Otherwise, it would be a disaster.

In the blink of an eye, it was daytime.

Su Beibei woke up early and changed into formal wear. She went to the breakfast shop next door with Li Li for breakfast, before parting ways with Li Li.

Li Li drove towards Zeus while Su Beibei drove towards Wangdong High People’s Court.

There was still some time before the court hearing. She sat in the car and played with her cell phone. Song Ci and Song Fei soon arrived.

It was Song Fei driving. Although she was skinny, she drove a mighty Hummer off-road vehicle.

With a drift, the car stopped beside Su Beibei’s car. There was no need to adjust the position. The car was parked right in the middle.


Su Beibei was dumbstruck. She thought to herself that this young lady was indeed a genius. Her driving skills were not something that ordinary women could compare to.

Looking at Song Fei, and then at Song Ci, who was so big-chested and brainless that she could take an accelerator for a brake, Su Beibei couldn’t help feeling puzzled. How can the same parents and the same egg create two sisters with so much difference in intelligence?

Song Fei pushed open the car door, her long, skinny legs wrapped in a pair of pants. She bent over and got out, wearing a black hoodie and a baseball cap. She had been disguised as a low-profile street girl.

This was the first time Su Beibei saw Song Fei in person. She felt that this person had the word ‘cool’ written all over her body. That cool gaze was not something that others could emulate.

Song Ci also alighted. She was wearing high heels and a luxurious, high-end, embroidery dress. She looked like a peacock with its tail open.

Su Beibei quickly glanced at Song Fei.

“How long have you been here, Beibei?” Song Ci walked over to Su Beibei’s car. Hearing this, Song Fei also noticed Su Beibei.

Is this the dark teenage girl who dared to play with ashes?

Su Beibei alighted from the car. She was wearing a windbreaker, jeans, and a pair of reading glasses. She looked just like a proper female author.

“I just arrived not long ago.” Su Bei lifted her chin at Song Fei and said to Song Ci, “Your elder sister doesn’t seem very talkative.”

Song Ci shrugged. “As long as she’s ruthless.”

The three of them chatted. Most of the time, Song Ci was the one chattering away. Su Beibei asked and answered questions, while Song Fei listened coldly.

Finally, the detention car arrived.

The three of them stood up straight and stared at the car. Two police officers emerged from the van with Mu Mian and the rest.

It had been more than a month since they last met. Mu Mian didn’t know if it was because of the poor food at the detention center or Du Tingting’s death. Mu Mian had lost a lot of weight and his cheekbones were protruding. His eyes were grey and dull. He no longer had the vigor of an old man but with a youthful mannerism.

Mu Mian was being dragged into the court. Before he reached the top of the stairs, he turned and saw the Song sisters standing under a tree.

Mu Mian’s eyes glared at them with hatred and vengeance.

Song Ci felt a chill run down her spine. Her lips quivered uneasily. Song Fei immediately covered Song Ci’s eyes. “Don’t look, it’ll dirty your eyes.

Song Ci quickly shut her eyes.

Mu Mian gazed deeply at Song Fei, who looked like she underestimated him.

His intuition was right from the start. This Song Fei was indeed a dragon among men. She was patient, shrewd and fearless when it came to fighting.

After staying in the detention center for such a long time, Mu Mian had thought countless times about how his meticulous plan had failed and which step had gone wrong.

He was not stupid and quickly understood the problem.

This Song Fei must have been pretending right from the start. She had purposely let me fall into the trap and pulled me into the pit she had dug for him. It was a pity that I was so confident and actually fell into Song Fei’s trap right from the start!

Women are truly ruthless.

“Let’s go!”

The police officer tugged at Mu Mian. Mu Mian only had time to glance at Su Beibei, before being dragged into the court.

Su Beibei popped a piece of chewing gum into her mouth. Ever since she quit smoking, chewing gum had become her reserve. She pouted in the direction where Mu Mian had disappeared. “His unrepentant manner is especially annoying.”

Song Ci gazed in the direction where Mu Mian disappeared with a complicated expression. She felt very sad.

How can someone be so evil?

At 9.40am, the trial officially began.

The High People’s Court only had this trial this morning. There were quite a few people at the scene—the prosecutor, the witness, the defense attorney, the juror…

All in all, there were over 20 people.

Just when the interrogation was about to start, the main door was opened again and a frail-looking woman wearing a Chanel jacket walked in slowly.

It was Mu Qiu, who had not appeared in public for a long time. She still looked thin but looked much more energetic. A good heart brought her health and vitality.

Mu Qiu lowered her head slightly. She found a random seat and sat down quietly.

Song Ci glanced at Mu Qiu.

Mu Qiu detected Song Ci’s gaze but didn’t react. She was like a blind person, hiding in her own world and acting deaf and dumb.

Many people recognized Mu Qiu and looked at her with complex expressions.

Finally, the trial session began.

“Bring the criminal Mu Mian.”

Mu Mian was brought in by the police. He was handcuffed at the wrists and ankles. After being brought to the court, he looked up and scanned the crowd.

The calm expression on Mu Mian’s face disappeared the moment he saw his daughter, Mu Qiu. His eyes flashed as his lips quivered slightly. Feeling guilty, he quickly turned around.

He was too ashamed to face Mu Qiu.

Mu Qiu also looked at Mu Mian. She saw that her father had lost a lot of weight and was even handcuffed. Her heart ached terribly. She couldn’t tell if Du Tingting’s heart was aching for him or she felt pain for him.

One charge after another was placed on Mu Mian. As a professional, his lawyer had no choice but to give him a fair and reasonable defense.

But the lawyer’s testimony still didn’t change the outcome of the trial.

No one cheered or cried when they heard the verdict: “Criminal Mu Mian will be sentenced to death immediately and deprived of political rights for life”.

They only heaved a sigh of relief, feeling a sense of gratification.

After hearing the verdict, Mu Qiu just sat there in a daze, her ears buzzing non-stop.

After Mu Mian was escorted out of the court, Mu Qiu snapped out of her trance and stood up. She opened the door and sprinted towards Mu Mian.


Mu Mian stopped in his tracks, when he heard Mu Qiu.

The officers exchanged glances but didn’t forcefully drag Mu Mian away. Mu Mian turned and looked at Mu Qiu standing in front of the court. His lips quivered as tears of regret and reluctance streamed down his face.

“Qiu-er.” Mu Mian told Mu Qiu with a trembling voice. “Qiu-er, you must live on well. Don’t learn from me. You must live on with your mother’s heart!”

Mu Qiu’s face was covered in tears. “Father, what should I do? What should I do?” My mother is dead and my father is going to be executed. Brother Mo doesn’t want me anymore. What should I do?

A myriad of emotions welled up in Mu Mian’s heart as he watched his daughter cry helplessly. At that moment, he suddenly felt very regretful.

If only everything could be redone!

“Let’s go!”

The police officers forcefully took Mu Mian away.

Mu Mian was escorted into a car and sent to Wangdong First Prison to await further verification by the Supreme People’s Court. But the impact of Mu Mian’s incident was too great and he bore too many lives, so the Supreme People’s Court’s judgment should not change.

Sitting in the car, Mu Mian tilted his head to look out the window. He couldn’t help thinking of a question.

If I could start all over again, would I really choose a different path?

No, I would continue on the same path.

A kind person would choose the path of kindness from the start. An evil person would always want to take the shortcut to commit a crime. If a tree’s roots were destroyed, that tree would die sooner or later. It was the same for people.

On the third day after Mu Mian was jailed, he was suddenly informed that someone had come to visit him.

Mu Mian thought it was Mu Qiu. When he arrived at the meeting room and saw Song Ci, he instinctively narrowed his eyes in alarm. A weasel paying a New Year visit to a chicken?

Song Ci was wearing a burgundy woolen windbreaker with cut-off ends and shoulder-length hair. She sat elegantly on a stool in the meeting room, her beauty striking.

Mu Mian sat down quietly. “You’re here.” Mu Mian said expressionlessly, “Are you here to laugh at me?”

Song Ci shook her head. “No, I just wanted to visit you.”

Mu Mian replied, “What’s so good about visiting me?”

“Once upon a time, Father was also very noble and handsome to me.” Song Ci recalled the first time she met Mu Mian after the disaster. At that time, Mu Mian was also Song Ci’s hero and a very kind-hearted person.

“I once respected and admired you. I even dreamed of marrying a kind and responsible man like you, Father.”

Song Ci was not mocking Mu Mian. She just wanted to say some heartfelt words to him before he died. She meant every word.

Mu Mian couldn’t tell if Song Ci was mocking him or if she just wanted to talk about the past. He kept silent rationally.

“Father, I couldn’t believe it when I found out your true motive for adopting us. How could such a kind father be so vicious?”

Mu Mian’s lips twitched but he remained silent.

“After that, I also thought it through. There is no such thing as a free lunch in this world. There is also no such thing as a benevolent person who will do good deeds without any consideration for rewards. Father, you’re not a good person. It is just that I treated you as a good person. I was blind to have trusted the wrong person.”

After hearing so much from Song Ci, Mu Mian finally had the urge to speak. He recalled the joyous laughter that Song Ci brought to the house after she moved in and his expression softened.

“I never thought of touching you,” Mu Mian said.

Song Ci nodded. “I believe you.” You never wanted to kill me, but if you really had no choice, you would still kill me.

“You are the child that I have raised for eight years. From the start, I did harbor ill intentions towards you until we got along day and night. It’s not that I don’t have any feelings for you. But Song Song, Mu Qiu is my real child. I cannot just stand by and watch her die.”

“Between her and your elder sister Song Fei, of course I have to choose my daughter.”

Song Ci didn’t comment on his words. She only asked, “If, I mean if, without my elder sister, if only my heart is compatible with Mu Qiu, will you also lay your hands on me?”

Mu Mian narrowed his eyes and remained silent.

He was admitting to it silently.

“I understand.” Song Ci shook her head and laughed.

Mu Mian sighed with emotion. He told Song Ci, “Song Song, you must understand that adopted daughters are different from biological daughters.”

Song Ci smiled mockingly. “Of course I understand.” She suddenly said, “Father, you hired someone to cause my accident, right?”

Mu Mian’s brows twitched. He remained silent.

“Because my elder sister went missing and you couldn’t find a suitable heart, you attacked me. The doctor in the ambulance was Zhu Yuanwen, right? You planned it well but didn’t expect Han Zhan to appear out of nowhere and ruin your meticulous plan.”

Now that his scheme had been seen through, Mu Mian couldn’t be bothered to pretend anymore. “Yes, I did it.” Since he had already been sentenced to death, there was no difference even if he added another crime of attempted murder.

Since he admitted it openly, Song Ci didn’t know how to scold him. It was pointless to rebuke someone like Mu Mian.

At this moment, Mu Mian suddenly spoke up. “The person who woke up from the convalescent hospital in the middle of the night isn’t Song Fei. It must be you.”

Song Ci glanced at Mu Mian mildly. She neither admitted nor retorted.

“Looks like I guessed correctly. Song Song, I am very curious.” Mu Mian leaned forward, his face almost touching the glass.

His dark eyes widened as he stared unblinkingly at Song Ci like a ravenous wolf. “When did you discover my plan?” This was a question that Mu Mian couldn’t figure out.

Naturally, Song Ci wouldn’t tell Mu Mian about his rebirth.

She said, “Instinct.”

Mu Mian looked at her suspiciously. He didn’t believe that intuition could be so heaven-defying. It seemed like Song Ci also had secrets that he didn’t know.

“You came to look for me today just to lay your cards on the table?” Mu Mian took a step back and said tiredly, “We’ve already spoken. You can leave now.”

“I don’t just want to lay my cards on the table with you.” Song Ci smiled enigmatically.

Mu Mian felt uneasy as he stared at her smile.

Mu Mian frowned when he saw Song Ci taking out a tablet from her bag. What is she doing? Knowing that I’m about to die, she’s going to play a small movie for me?

“Father, I hope you won’t be too shocked after seeing this.” Song Ci opened her laptop and played a video. She flipped it over and pointed it toward Mu Mian.

There was a voice in Mu Mian’s heart telling him: Don’t look! You must not look!

But everyone had their own curiosity, especially someone like Mu Mian who was full of schemes. He couldn’t help but lift his eyes and watch the video.

At a glance, Mu Mian recognized that the video was of his own home. He frowned. “You actually installed surveillance cameras in my house!”

Song Ci said, “How can I be at ease if I don’t monitor you guys closely?”

Mu Mian looked at Song Ci with surprise and seriousness. “Song Ci, I have underestimated you.” He had always treated Song Ci as a silly little girl. He didn’t expect this little girl to change his impression of her.

The surveillance footage was rather long and Mu Mian couldn’t tell what it was. He asked Song Ci impatiently, “What is this?”

Song Ci smiled. “It’s a surprise for you.”

Mu Mian glared fiercely at Song Ci before continuing to watch the video.

Mu Mian’s lashes quivered slightly when he saw his wife, Du Tingting. The whites of his eyes were slightly red. “Ting… Tingting…”

Thinking of Du Tingting, Mu Mian’s heart suddenly ached.

Du Tingting’s death was a permanent pain in Mu Mian’s heart.

He saw that Du Tingting’s clothes looked rather familiar. She would even stroke her own belly from time to time. Mu Mian seemed to realize something and murmured. “This is the day she fell and had a miscarriage?”


Mu Mian focused on the video as various thoughts flashed across his mind.

Song Ci would never let me see anything useless. She had specially edited the surveillance footage from the day of Tingting’s miscarriage for me to see. This meant one thing:

Tingting’s miscarriage is most likely not an accident!

With such a doubtful attitude, Mu Mian’s heart thumped as he watched Du Tingting walk down the stairs.

Mu Mian’s entire body tensed up when he saw Mu Qiu applying the facial cream to the middle of the staircase.

Mu Mian felt as if he had been struck by lightning. He clenched his fists so tightly that his eyes bulged. “How could it be her?”

Mu Mian broke down completely when he saw Du Tingting step onto the staircase that Mu Qiu had tampered with and fall down, bleeding profusely.

“Impossible!” He pounded the table in front of him with both hands. Song Ci felt very comforted at the sight of his bloodshot eyes.

Song Ci closed the laptop and stuffed it back into her bag.

She calmly admired Mu Mian’s reaction. At this point, he was like a mentally ill patient. His eyes were bloodshot as he repeated the same sentence over and over again:


Song Ci spoke softly, interrupting the lunatic’s ravings. “How is that impossible?”

Mu Mian shut his mouth and slowly lifted his head to stare at Song Ci.

Song Ci’s expression was almost sorrowful. She said in a low voice, “How is that impossible? She has been your only daughter for 20 years and her days are numbered. The arrival of a new life now is a blow and betrayal to her.”

“As long as one is human, one will be jealous and unwilling. How can Mu Qiu tolerate that child’s existence?”

“It is an instinct for a person to want to live. If Mu Qiu wants you to help her live, the only way is to make that child disappear so that she can once again be the apple of your eye.”

“At that time, you will definitely commit a crime and kill to save her.”

Song Ci’s lips twitched as a chill ran down her spine, as she was terrified by Mu Qiu’s viciousness. “Father, think about it. Did Mu Qiu hint at you to go after Song Fei?”

Mu Mian fell silent.

Although he refused to believe that his kind-hearted daughter would harm her biological mother, Song Ci’s words were very reasonable.

With the video as evidence, Mu Mian was unable to clear Mu Qiu’s name.

In Mu Mian’s eyes, Mu Qiu was pure, obedient, and kind. He always felt that his daughter had inherited his wife’s kindness and purity.

But he didn’t realize that Mu Qiu still had the same despicable, vicious blood as him in her.

I dared to kill my father back then and Mu Qiu dared to kill her mother!

“How could this be?” Mu Mian couldn’t understand. I wanted to kill my father because he was never a good person. But how good was Tingting to Mu Qiu? She was willing to sacrifice her life for Mu Qiu!

How can Mu Qiu bear to kill such a good mother!

Mu Mian couldn’t understand.

He grabbed his own hair so hard that it fell off.

[fuzzy]Song Ci suddenly added. “If Mother knew that the child’s departure was not an accident but was planned by Mu Qiu, would she still be willing to give her heart to Mu Qiu?”

“I really feel bad for mother.”

Song Ci stood up and gazed deeply into Mu Mian’s eyes. “I won’t come visit you again. Father, rest in peace.”

Rest in peace. I wish you a happy family in your next life and I hope that you’ll be an upright and kind person.

After Song Ci left, Mu Mian remained silent for a long time.

Twenty days later, the Supreme People’s Court verified Mu Mian’s case. The trial results did not change and the death penalty was carried out immediately.

Mu Mian’s execution date was set to be five days later. He would be executed by shooting.

On the second day after the verdict, Mu Qiu was finally allowed to visit Mu Mian. Mu Qiu arrived at the meeting room and looked at Mu Mian with a smile that was even uglier than a crying face.

Mu Qiu’s heart ached as she looked at her father’s pale hair and the sudden creases on his face. She wept bitterly.

Mu Mian looked at the sobbing Mu Qiu and remained silent.

Two months had passed since the operation and Mu Qiu had fully recovered. In his hurried glance just now, she looked rather rosy. Hearing his daughter’s sobs, Mu Mian really wanted to ask Mu Qiu: Why did you do that to your mother?

But he endured it.

After crying for a while, Mu Qiu picked up the phone.

Mu Mian also picked up the phone. Mu Qiu called out. “Father.”

He nodded slightly.

Mu Qiu suddenly didn’t know what to say. She clearly had a lot to say but didn’t know where to start.

Mu Mian suddenly asked her, “How is your heart?”

Mu Qiu was stunned for a moment before nodding. “All good. No obvious rejection.”

“That is your mother’s heart. Why would she reject you?” Mu Mian looked at his daughter’s face that looked like his wife, and couldn’t help but say, “I have hated many people in my life and harmed many others. But I have truly loved and protected your mother my entire life.”

Mu Qiu nodded. “I know. I know that Father loves Mother the most.”

Mu Mian continued. “In my entire life, I have never hit your mother, not even once. In our 20 plus years of marriage, we only quarreled a few times during our first two years.”

Mu Qiu listened quietly as tears streamed down her face uncontrollably.

“When she gave birth to you, I couldn’t bear for her to be in pain and specially brought her overseas for a painless delivery. She was Wangdong’s first woman to have a painless delivery. Other women all said that your mother was too pretentious. Who doesn’t experience pain during childbirth? But I know that although they said your mother was pretentious, they must be very envious of her.”

Mu Qiu didn’t understand why Mu Mian suddenly brought this up. She listened in confusion and didn’t dare to interrupt.

Mu Qiu suddenly changed the topic. “I can’t bear to see your mother suffer at all, but you caused her to bleed profusely and you nearly took her life!”

Mu Qiu’s body stiffened as her face paled.

Mu Mian tightened his grip on the phone and glared at Mu Qiu. He suddenly cursed. “Mu Qiu, you are inhuman! You are a beast! That is your mother! Your mother who couldn’t fall asleep the entire night when she was pregnant with you and whose legs were so swollen that she couldn’t walk during the third trimester! Your mother whose breast you bit while she was breastfeeding! How vicious are you to lay your hands on her!”

“Mu Qiu! I was wrong about you! I really regret doing all this for you! If your mother knew your true colors, she would definitely be bitterly disappointed. She would never leave her heart for you!”

“Mu Qiu, you beast! You animal!”

“Return your mother to me!”

Mu Mian went crazy and started scolding Mu Qiu.

Mu Qiu was so scared that she didn’t move. She was trembling.

The prison guard heard the commotion and hurriedly opened the door. He rushed in and grabbed the agitated Mu Mian. “Calm down! Mu Mian, calm down!”

Mu Mian totally couldn’t hear what the prison guards were saying. He glared fiercely at the dazed Mu Qiu and cursed her. “Mu Qiu, I curse you to die a terrible death. You heartless thing. I really regret having you with your mother back then! You ingrate!”

Mu Mian was dragged away by the prison guards as he cursed.

Mu Qiu stood there in a daze, Mu Mian’s scolding still ringing in her ears. Mu Qiu was so scared that her heart was about to stop beating. She pressed her chest and thought fearfully, Is Mother angry?

Mu Qiu returned to the car with unsteady steps. Her hands were trembling badly. She didn’t dare to drive and just laid down on the car seat.

After a long, long time, Mu Qiu finally calmed down.

When she calmed down, she thought of a question.

How did Father know about that?

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