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Chapter 190: Han Zhan’s Half-Brother with the Same Father, but Different Mother

Song Ci was shocked to hear this question from Song Fei. She quickly drew a tissue to wipe the tea clean and threw it into the bin with a sensor.

She looked up and saw Song Fei staring at her in deep thought. Song Ci awkwardly wiped the corners of her lips. “I didn’t expect you to ask such a question.” Is this still my cold, arrogant elder sister?

Song Fei said, “I am a human, not a nun.” In other words, she also had emotions and desires. Song Fei didn’t feel this was a shameful thing. She said openly, “Sometimes, seeing Yan Jiang’s handsome face purposely swaying in front of me, I also feel somewhat restless.”

Song Ci was speechless.

I didn’t expect you to be such an indecent Song Fei.

“So, what’s the answer?” Song Fei asked patiently again.

Since Song Fei asked humbly, Song Ci naturally had to answer her doubts. Song Ci said, “That… that also depends on the technique and atmosphere.”

She stammered. “You… you have to try it yourself. Even if you ask me, I won’t be able to give you an answer.”

Song Fei acknowledged and didn’t continue.

Song Ci’s face was burning hot and she couldn’t stay any longer. She was about to bid farewell when she heard Song Fei say, “I went to Taobao yesterday to look for a beautiful dress and realized that none of them suit me.”

“My front and back are equally flat. It’s useless to wear anything.” Song Fei looked down at her own flat and smooth body, then stared at Song Ci’s. She couldn’t help feeling distressed. “Is eating papaya really useful?”

Song Ci felt thunderstruck.

Is viral research no longer attractive? Why has Song Fei become so strange recently?

Song Ci couldn’t stand the sight of Song Fei, after she changed Song Ci’s impression of her repeatedly. Song Ci stood up and hurriedly said, “I am going to record a song and will take my leave first.” Walking behind the door, she turned back and said to Song Fei, “It might be useful to eat papayas, but you are already past puberty. It’s better for you to stop wasting time.”

Walking out of Yan Jiang’s house, Song Ci’s face was hot.

She really didn’t expect Song Fei to be so bold and unrestrained despite being such a serious person.

One couldn’t judge a book by its cover.

After Song Ci left, Song Fei got up and went to the kitchen. She stared at the box of papayas that she had just bought today in the fridge. After thinking for a moment, she took out her cell phone and sent Yan Jiang a short message: [Come back early. I made dinner.]

In the psychological counseling room, Yan Jiang was being counseled by a psychologist.

Yan Jiang felt very annoyed. Faced with his teacher’s fierce face, he just wanted to end today’s treatment and go home.

That psychologist was still trying to persuade Yan Jiang patiently. “Mr. Yan, your way of thinking is very dangerous. Song Fei is a human, not a pet, not your private possession. Everyone has their own way of thinking. If you really want to keep Song Fei by your side, you must respect her and support her…”

Before he could finish speaking, Yan Jiang interrupted. “Her dream is to research all the viruses in this world. She will fly all over the world. You want me to let her go?” Yan Jiang’s expression turned cold. “You want me to give up on her?”

The psychologist was speechless.

He felt very helpless against such an aggressive patient.

Yan Jiang didn’t really want to be counseled.

Left with no choice, the psychiatrist had no choice but to use his trump card. “Ms. Song Fei told me to give you a test form after the psychotherapy session ends. If you don’t pass or make any progress, she won’t be in a relationship or have children with you.”

These words were like a blow to the head, instantly waking Yan Jiang up.

Yan Jiang suppressed the disgust and coldness in his eyes and pretended to be obedient. He said respectfully to the psychologist, “You are right. I should respect and support her. She is doing a good deed for the country and the people. I cannot hinder her progress.”

The psychologist was speechless.

Please don’t tell me anything against your will.

Just as he was feeling troubled and didn’t know where to start, Yan Jiang’s cell phone suddenly rang. Yan Jiang had set up a special caller ID and message notification for Song Fei. Hearing this sound, he raised his palm at the psychologist. “Wait a moment, let me see a message.”

“Go ahead.”

Yan Jiang took out his cell phone and saw Song Fei’s message. The frustration in his heart instantly disappeared. The psychiatrist saw that Yan Jiang’s gloomy face instantly turned sunny and cheerful. He couldn’t help asking curiously, “Is the message from Song Fei?”

“Mmm.” Yan Jiang was like a little kid showing off his candy to his doctor. “She personally cooked today and asked me to go home for dinner. You have no idea, Song Fei doesn’t know how to cook. This is her first time cooking and she gave her first time to me.”

This statement was very ambiguous, but the psychologist pretended not to hear it. He told Yan Jiang, “Looks like Song Fei really likes you. She even gave you her first time cooking. This shows that you are unique to her.”

Yan Jiang felt very comforted by his words. “You are indeed the best psychologist in our city. Your analysis is very logical.” He accidentally revealed the truth.

The doctor smiled awkwardly.

Half an hour later, the treatment ended. Yan Jiang put on his shades and left in a hurry to get home for dinner.

After he left, the doctor picked up the phone and called Song Fei to report the situation. As Song Fei cooked, the doctor said, “Miss Song Fei, I think that compared to my psychological guidance, your influence on Mr. Yan Jiang is more important.”

Song Fei put down the knife and stared at a corner of Yan Jiang’s courtyard in a daze.

“Just like the previous time, Mr. Yan Jiang is still very resistant to my treatment of him. He always thinks that I am a troublemaker, not a good person, and the culprit behind your separation.” A stubborn person would easily be jealous and hold grudges.

Yan Jiang had already placed the psychologist as his enemy from the start. How could he possibly open his heart to the psychologist’s counseling?

“But after your message just now, Mr. Yan Jiang’s mood instantly lifted. For the next half an hour, our progress has been rather smooth.” After saying so much, the psychologist only had one thing to tell Song Fei. “The real antidote is you.”

“Alright, I understand.”

After hanging up, Song Fei thought for a moment and took out an onion from the refrigerator. She cut it into small cubes and prepared to fry it with eggs. Yan Jiang loved to eat scrambled eggs with onions. When his grandmother was still alive, she often cooked them for him.

By the time Yan Jiang drove back, Song Fei’s meal was almost ready.

“Ah Fei.” Yan Jiang hugged Song Fei’s waist the moment he entered the house and said, “I went to see a psychologist today and cooperated with him in his psychotherapy. The doctor praised my performance and my improvement.”

Song Fei would never believe him.

“Wash your hands and prepare to eat.”

Yan Jiang’s eyes lit up. He washed his hands and excitedly reached out to remove the thermos flask lid. “Let me see what you made…” Yan Jiang stared at the dishes in the pan in a daze.

Meat stuffed with papaya, stir-fried shredded papaya, papaya soup, papaya stewed with carp…

Yan Jiang’s expression changed slightly.

Song Fei came over to serve the dishes. “I bought some papayas. I can’t finish them and I didn’t want to waste them.”

Yan Jiang said, “Isn’t papayas usually used for desserts?”

Song Fei narrowed her eyes and said in an unfriendly tone, “So what are you trying to say? That I don’t know how to cook? That I cook sh*t cuisine?”

Yan Jiang immediately shook his head. “No, I want to say that Ah Fei is really awesome. She has invented so many new dishes.”

Song Fei felt slightly better. She patted Yan Jiang’s arm and said, “You’re the first person to eat the food I cooked.”

Just based on this statement, Yan Jiang could have finished all the papaya dishes.

Yan Jiang was slightly stunned when he saw that there was a plate of stir-fried egg with onions at the bottom of the pot. The onions were slightly overcooked and the dish didn’t look delicious. However, Yan Jiang’s uneasy heart felt warm.

]”Do you still remember that I like stir-fried egg with onions?” Yan Jiang hugged Song Fei and said in a low voice, “No one has made this dish for me since Grandma passed away.”

Song Fei thought of the psychologist’s advice and felt that she should give Yan Jiang some benefits. She said, “I will make it frequently for you and our children in the future.”

Yan Jiang’s heart was pounding wildly. He suddenly said, “I am also going to see the psychologist tomorrow.”

Song Fei suddenly smiled. “Alright.”

It was Song Fei’s first time cooking and she had also come up with her own dishes, but the taste was not bad. She was indeed a genius, who could even cook. Yan Jiang had his fill and stared at Song Fei drinking milk. He suddenly said, “Our Ah Fei is so smart and capable. Our future baby will be very capable too.”

Song Fei choked.

Not wanting to dampen Yan Jiang’s spirits, she said, “Mmm, she should look like you and have the same IQ as me.”

Yan Jiang was very satisfied.

The next day, Song Fei woke up to find that the metal cage in the gym had disappeared. Coincidentally, Ah Lun came over with some groceries and Song Fei asked him, “Where did the cage go?”

Ah Lun smiled and said, “Brother Jiang called me this morning and told me to get the movers to send the cage away.” It looks like Brother Jiang’s condition was slowly recovering under Miss Song Fei’s influence.

It would be a huge improvement to throw away the cage that Yan Jiang was obsessed with.

“I see.” Even if he gave it away, I would feel gratified.

As he spoke, Yan Jiang returned. He didn’t come back alone. He was carrying a snow-white dog.

Yan Jiang placed the dog cage in front of Song Fei. “This is our first child. Ah Fei, give him a name.”

Song Fei looked at Ah Lun, who looked at her with a complex expression.

It looked like his condition had not improved.

Song Fei asked Yan Jiang, “You really want to give it a name?”

Yan Jiang smiled and stroked Song Fei’s head. He said, “Of course. We will raise him like our child. This way, you won’t abandon us father and son in the future casually.”

Song Fei looked at that snow-white puppy, thought for a moment, and said, “Since it’s your dog, let’s call it Dog Yan. Its nickname is Dog.” This name was unrestrained and casual.

Yan Jiang’s eyelids twitched. “Alright, I will call you Dog Yan then.” He felt like he was being scolded.

Ah Lun suppressed his laughter and it was very uncomfortable.

On this day, Song Ci accompanied Han Zhan on a work trip to Brunei.

Han Zhan went out to discuss some matters with someone. Song Ci stayed alone in the hotel, wearing a long-sleeved dress and sitting on a sofa by the window, staring at the cars and women downstairs. Due to the influence of their religion, most of the girls in Brunei wore long sleeves and knee-length dresses, while others wore headscarves.

Song Ci secretly took a photo and sent it to Song Fei. She complained to her: [I am in a country where it is not convenient to show my waist and long legs. So boring.]

Song Fei was busy with something and ignored her.

Song Ci opened Song Fei’s social media account and realized that she and Yan Jiang had adopted a dog. The dog was only the size of two palms and had snow-white fur. It was very cute and adorable. Song Ci asked Song Fei: [You have adopted a dog. What’s its name?]

Before Song Fei could reply, Song Ci received a call from Shen Yubei.

“Teacher.” Song Ci had gone to Liang Bo’s recording studio the day before yesterday to record her original violin song, “Zhan”. She had sent it to Shen Yubei to ask him for some advice. Song Ci asked him, “Teacher, have you listened to the song?”

“I have.” He had heard it so many times, he already knew how to play it. “The tune is excellent. You didn’t embarrass me.”

Song Ci’s lips curled into a faint smile. “Of course. You should know whose student I am.”

“Let me tell you something.” Shen Yubei told Song Ci. “In two months’ time, the production team of ‘Le Chi’ will be coming to China for an audition and they will be selecting a role.”

Song Ci knew of the work Le Chi. In her previous life, this film had achieved great success at the International Film Festival. It had also won the Best Director Award, Best Photography Award, and Best Music Award. The male lead had also won the Best Actor Award. It was truly a glorious achievement.

Song Ci asked Shen Yubei, “What kind of character?”

Shen Yubei said, “A violinist with handicapped legs.”

Song Ci guessed Shen Yubei’s motive for bringing this up. “Teacher, you want me to participate in the selection?”

“Mmm.” Shen Yubei told Song Ci, “The director of this movie is Du Junfei. Although he has a lot of shortcomings, his works are top-notch. I want you to attend Queen Elizabeth’s International Music Competition three years later. You can go to Du Junfei’s movie first to show your face. By then, you will have an advantage in the competition.”

Queen Elizabeth’s International Music Competition was the world’s most prestigious and high-profile violin competition. Shen Yubei was once the champion, so his disciple had to be the champion.

After hearing Shen Yubei’s words, Song Ci also burned with determination. “I will do my best!”

“Alright, get ready.”

Only after Shen Yubei hung up did Song Ci realize that Song Fei had replied to her message.

Song Fei: [Yan Dog.]

Song Ci was stunned for a moment and didn’t understand what she was saying. Only after looking at the chat did Song Ci understand that Song Fei was talking about that dog’s name.

[You called that dog Yan Dog?] Song Ci looked confused. Who would name a dog like that?

Song Fei: [Mmm.]

Song Ci: [You guys really know how to name things.] I wonder who this name is scolding.

That night, when Han Zhan returned, Song Ci told him about it. “Yan Jiang and Song Fei have a dog. Guess what its name is?”

Han Zhan thought for a moment and said, “Ah Huang?”

“Dog Yan.”

Han Zhan was speechless. There was nothing wrong with calling Yan Jiang’s dog by this name. It had a first name and a last name, so it was quite a good name.

Han Zhan walked over to the sofa and pulled Song Ci up.

He sat down on the sofa and let Song Ci lean into his arms. “We will go back the day after tomorrow. I am very busy tomorrow and won’t have time to play with you. Baby Ci, is there anywhere you wish to visit? I will get Long Yu to accompany you.”

“I really want to visit the palace, but it’s not the fasting month now and the palace is not open to the public.” Song Ci felt rather regretful. She still looked forward to entering the palace and taking a look.

“That will have to wait until next year. Do you want to go elsewhere to take a look?” Han Zhan told Song Ci. “The Jamie Mosque is one of their famous landmarks. Do you want to take a look?”


Noticing that Han Zhan’s hands were starting to move, Song Ci grabbed his arm. “What are you doing?”

Han Zhan said, “The date of Mu Mian’s first trial has been confirmed—20 days later.”

Song Ci was caught off-guard by the sudden change in topic. “And then?”

“And then…” Han Zhan smiled and kissed her nose, hinting.” Do you remember what I told you previously? ”

“Mmm?” Song Ci grabbed Han Zhan’s arm and warned him. “Speak your mind, don’t get physical.”

Han Zhan looked down at Song Ci with a teasing look in his eyes. “Don’t you like it when I get physical?”

Song Ci pretended not to hear.

Han Zhan opened his arms and placed them on the armrest of the sofa. He then told Song Ci, “I said that when this matter with the Mu Family is over, we can start preparing for pregnancy.”

Song Ci was stunned.

Song Ci especially liked children. Although she knew that giving birth might ruin a woman’s figure and cause her to have pregnancy marks, she still wanted a child of her own. “Alright then. Brother Han will work hard to earn money for your little friend’s diapers.”

“As long as you don’t put gold in his diapers, we’ll still have enough money.” Han Zhan hugged Song Ci’s waist and asked her, “Baby Ci, can you give me a Little Baby Ci?”


The next day, Song Ci put on a long dress and prepared a veil in her bag. Only then did she arrive at Jamie Mosque accompanied by Long Yu. Along the way, she had read many travel guides, afraid of violating the temple’s rules.

The mosque was opened at a different time every day. Song Ci and the rest arrived at the entrance at the same time. Song Ci and Long Yu took off their shoes and changed into the black robe provided by the temple. She put on their headscarves and entered the temple with Long Yu.

This temple was very famous in Brunei. The main hall was grand and majestic, the domed roof exquisite and gorgeous, emitting an air of wealth everywhere. Song Ci discovered that there were two worship rooms in the temple. The big one was the men’s hall and the small one was the women’s hall.

Having grown up in a loving and respectful family environment, Song Ci hated it the most. She stood at the door of the worship room and thought for a moment but didn’t enter.

Long Yu went in for a tour and Song Ci strolled around alone until she came to a blue fountain.

The water in the fountain was very clear. Looking up, one could see the blue sky and white clouds. Surrounding them was a picturesque garden. Song Ci had the urge to take a photo.

But photography was prohibited in monasteries.

Song Ci felt somewhat regretful.


Song Ci heard the sound of a camera.

She turned around in surprise and saw a tall young man with blonde hair and blue eyes standing behind her. He was wearing a navy blue shirt and black pants that hugged his long, muscular legs.

The young man looked to be in his early twenties and had a very handsome face. There was a tiny black mole between his lower lip and chin. It didn’t make him look uglier, but rather unique instead.

Seeing Song Ci look over, he shrugged, stuck out his tongue, quietly stuffed his cell phone back into his pocket, and made a “shh” sign at her.

Song Ci tilted her head and looked at him with a faint smile.

“You won’t report me, right?” The young man spoke in fluent Malay.

Song Ci replied, “I am Chinese.” She spoke in English.

The young man was slightly surprised. He walked up to Song Ci and stood beside her.

“Very few Chinese come to Brunei to play. Everyone is more willing to go to Thailand, New Zealand, or the Western Region.” Unexpectedly, the young man spoke standard Chinese. Although his pronunciation was slightly odd, Song Ci could understand it.

Song Ci smiled and told him, “You should go to China to take a look. After seeing the majestic mountains and rivers of China, you will realize that the places that Chinese people love to go the most will always be China.”

The young man was slightly stunned.

“Yes, China is big and filled with many things. It’s a good place.” He reached out his hand to Song Ci. “Jack Abraham, may I know your name?” His words were genteel and sounded funny and interesting.

Song Ci shook his hand. “Rose Adkins.”

He said his name was Jack and she said her name was Ross. It was the name of the Titanic main characters. The young man was momentarily stunned. He knew that he had been fooled by Song Ci. He smiled and said, “Miss, you are so funny.”

Song Ci smiled in agreement. “My name is Song Ci.”

“Song Ci? Tang Shi Song Ci?” It looked like this young man had some understanding of Chinese culture and even knew of the Tang poems.

Song Ci explained. “Song Ci, porcelain’s ‘Ci’.”

“Oh!” The young man snapped his fingers. “I know! An intricate porcelain item! I have Jingde Town’s porcelain at home!”

Song Ci smiled and didn’t deny it.

From the corner of her eye, he saw a male figure quickly approaching. Only then did Aaron bid Song Ci farewell. “Beautiful lady, we will meet again if fate wills it. I have to go and look for my friend.”

“We’ll meet again if fate permits.”

As soon as Aaron Clooney left, Long Yu arrived.

“Madam, who is that?” Long Yu frowned as he watched that person’s departing back profile. His eyes flashed with caution.

Song Ci told him, “Jack Abraham. He said his name was this, so I told him my name is Ross Adkins.” Song Ci smiled coldly, stared at that person’s back view, and said faintly, “Tell Han Zhan that I was noticed by a suspicious man.”

“How did Madam know there was something wrong with this person?” Long Yu took a deep look at Song Ci and realized that Madam was smarter than he thought.

Song Ci shot Long Yu a profound look. “A woman’s intuition is even more accurate than a detector.”

Long Yu shrugged. He felt that Madam had a point.

At night, Han Zhan alighted from the car and saw Long Yu waiting at the entrance of the hotel. He walked over. “Waiting for me?”

Long Yu said, “I’m addicted to smoking and wanted to find a place to smoke. But the entire country banned smoking.”

Han Zhan smiled. “Just quit smoking. Don’t blacken your lungs.”

Long Yu remained silent and looked rather obedient.

“Something noteworthy did happen today.” Long Yu told Han Zhan about the existence of that man who called himself Jack.

After hearing about this, Han Zhan appeared very concerned. As they walked towards the hotel lobby, Han Zhan asked Long Yu, “What did that person look like?”

Long Yu said, “I only saw his back view. He is rather tall. Madam said that the man is very young. His hair is golden and his eyes are blue. Oh yes, Madam also said that the man has a small black mole between his lips and chin.”

Hearing this, Han Zhan stopped in his tracks.

Long Yu also stopped.

Han Zhan turned around, his eyes suddenly turning cold. “That person, is he limping slightly?”

“I didn’t notice that, but…” Long Yu carefully recalled that person’s walking posture and noticed a detail. He hurriedly told Han Zhan,” He’s walking very slowly, as if he’s afraid of stepping on ants.”

“Got it.”

On the way back to the room, Han Zhan didn’t say another word.

In the room, Song Ci was already asleep. Han Zhan wanted to tell her about it, but seeing that she was sleeping soundly, he gave up. The next afternoon, they set off for China.

Song Ci was about to enter the cockpit like how she had come, when Han Zhan grabbed her wrist. “Sit with me today. I have something to tell you.”

Song Shiqing and Xiong Jian hurriedly shut the cockpit door, upon seeing this.

Song Ci had no choice but to follow Han Zhan to his private lounge. Once the door was closed, Han Zhan took off his jacket.

Song Ci sat on Han Zhan’s little bed. Thinking of some movies she had watched before, she smiled mischievously and teased Han Zhan. “Our actions will let the public have wild thoughts.”

“What are you thinking about? We are legally husband and wife—up to them.” Han Zhan laid down on the bed and crossed his legs comfortably.

Song Ci laid down and rested her head on Han Zhan’s arm. “What do you want to tell me, Brother Han?”

“I think I know the man who approached you yesterday.”

Song Ci lifted her head, stared at Han Zhan’s face, frowned, and asked, “You guys really know each other? Could he be a spy? Or a killer?”

“Neither.” Han Zhan turned to look at the clear blue sky outside the window. He said in a muffled voice, “He’s my younger brother.”

Song Ci was stunned.

“Your younger brother? How do you have a brother?” Song Ci had never heard of Han Zhan having a brother. She thought for a moment and said, “Not biological, right?”

“Kind of.” Han Zhan added. “Same father but different mother.”

“Ah?” Thinking of that arrogant golden retriever, Song Ci asked Han Zhan, “Your father is a foreigner?”


Without waiting for Song Ci to speak again, Han Zhan suddenly said, “He is an international drug lord.”

Song Ci was speechless.

Never would she have thought that Han Mulan, who was born into a wealthy family, would actually marry a major drug lord. Song Ci didn’t dare to think too much into the details.

“We have four siblings in total. I have an elder brother who is the most suitable and proud successor to my father. I also have a younger sister and a younger brother. The man you saw yesterday should be my younger brother. His name is Aaron.”

“Aaron Clooney.”

Han Zhan placed an arm over his eyes and sank into his memories. His narration gradually slowed down as if he was talking about a stranger. “Aaron is the youngest child. He was very timid and naive when he was young. Every child of ours has to go through a procedure on their fourth birthday…”


Song Ci was shocked speechless.

“On the day of Aaron’s fourth birthday, his father chose a twelve-year-old little girl as a sacrifice. Ah Rang didn’t dare to shoot and couldn’t bear to. He begged his father to let her go and in a fit of anger, his father shot Aaron in the calf.”

“Aaron has a slight limp because of that.”

Song Ci shuddered. She never expected Han Zhan to live in such an environment when he was young.

“He hates me.”

“Why does he hate you?” Song Ci thought that Han Zhan had bullied Aaron before.

Aaron hated Han Zhan not because Han Zhan had bullied him. The truth was heartbreaking.

Han Zhan said, “Aaron was the closest to me when we were young. He looked forward to getting rid of our father together when we grew up and escaping from that abyss with me.”

“When I was 7 years old, Grandpa came looking for me and brought me home. I had a new life and became a soldier protecting my country. Meanwhile, my father forced Aaron to become a ruthless bad guy, a wanted criminal.”

“He hates me, hates me for leaving him behind, hates me for leaving him in that hellish abyss, living like a walking corpse. I don’t know when he noticed you, but Song Ci, Aaron is no longer the naive and kindhearted Aaron that I know. His time is precious and he never does anything that doesn’t require much effort. If he took the initiative to approach you, he must have ulterior motives.”

“Once a strange and suspicious person appears by your side, you must tell me.”

“Okay.” The image of Aaron surfaced in Song Ci’s mind. His smile was so radiant and she really didn’t expect his hands to be covered in blood. “Then Brother Han, mother-in-law is…”

“She is really dead. My father shot her in front of me.”

Song Ci was stunned. “This, this…” She gritted her teeth.” Is he even human? He must be a beast! “Such a beast actually has four children. It was ridiculous.

Some good men would have difficulties even marrying a wife, but he had so many lovers and so many children!

“He’s worse than a beast if he can even kill his own wife!” At least a beast knew how to protect its spouse!

“You are wrong.” Han Zhan corrected Song Ci’s words. “My mother is not his wife. She is just his lover.”

Song Ci was even more shocked.

How could Han Aoyu’s daughter be willing to be a man’s mistress!

“My father has only loved one woman in his life—a woman he loved deeply but couldn’t have. If he couldn’t have that woman, he would never get married. Whether it was my mother or Aaron’s mother, they were just replacements that he found. A bunch of replacements that were similar to his first love.”

Should I praise Han Zhan’s father for being devoted or scold him for being inferior to dogs and pigs?

“Luckily you are not like your father.”

Han Zhan suddenly smiled. “I am his son. His blood flows in my veins. There are some similarities between us.”

Song Ci’s expression froze. “Don’t scare me.”

Seeing that he had scared Song Ci, Han Zhan finally smiled and said, “We aren’t similar in anything else but our lust for beauty.”

Han Zhan grabbed Song Ci’s hand and said, “Before meeting you, I didn’t realize that I was actually a pervert.”

Song Ci was overjoyed. Brother Han was indirectly praising her good looks. “Erm, I know I am good looking. You should stop before going overboard. I will soar to the sky.”

Ever since she married Han Zhan, Song Ci had become more and more arrogant. She was afraid that she would get carried away and lose herself. “Alright, I will take a nap and wake me up half an hour earlier.”

Song Ci fell asleep immediately.

However, Han Zhan couldn’t fall asleep. Speaking of his childhood, he couldn’t help recalling those dark memories.

Childhood was cruel and heartless to Han Zhan. His father wanted to groom him into a drug-resistant entity and injected him with all sorts of drugs from a young age. As a result, when Han Aoyu found him, he was covered in needle wounds.

Subsequently, he was brought home by his grandfather. Only after several years of continuous injections of the antidote to the hormone did things become normal. As a result, Han Zhan especially respected his grandfather. Without his grandfather, he would have become a more terrible and degenerate person.

However, Han Zhan didn’t intend to tell Song Ci about this. If she knew, she would definitely think of him as a pitiful little kid. Han Zhan didn’t want to be a pitiful little kid for Song Ci—he wanted to be her indomitable husband.

Returning to Wangdong City, Han Zhan’s work got busier and busier. Song Ci also didn’t idle around during this period. It was a major event for Yu Hua Media Company to release their first album for Liang Bo. From composing and composing to music video, they put in a lot of effort.

Liang Bo had a lot of trust in Song Ci and he insisted that she compose songs for him. Song Ci was flabbergasted by Liang Bo’s praise.

She agreed without hesitation when she felt overwhelmed.

There were a total of seven songs on the first album. Now that Song Ci had something to do, she stayed home to compose everyday.

Han Zhan came back one night and saw Song Ci sleeping on the piano. He thought that it was time to change to a bigger house and build Song Ci a spacious, luxurious, and professional musical instrument room.

The next day, Han Zhan got Bei Zhan to help him contact an architect and hired him at a high price to design a new house for him. The new house was set at the top of the Great Dragon Mountain.

The Great Dragon Mountains was situated beside the Great Dragon River. To the west was the Blue Water District and the Jin Mountain District. To the south was the Mountain Gaze. At the top of the Great Dragon Mountains was a strange stone. It was shaped like a dragon’s head that looked down on the Great Dragon River. As a result, that mountain was named the Great Dragon Mountains.

33 years ago, Mo Yao, who was still in university, spent a fortune to buy this hill. She had originally planned to build a big mansion for the four sisters to live in together.

But Han Mulan’s death had become the eternal pain in the hearts of Mo Yao and the other two sisters, so there was no need to build that villa.

After that, on Han Zhan’s 18th birthday, Mo Yao gave this mountain to him.

Han Zhan explained all the requirements to the architect in detail, and then allowed the architect to do whatever he wanted, quietly waiting for the results. Song Ci had a career heart and lived happily everyday, not knowing that Han Zhan was secretly building a luxurious villa behind her back.

In the blink of an eye, it was time for Mu Mian’s first trial.

As the victim and the victim’s family, Song Ci and Song Fei needed to be court-martialed. As the victim’s daughter, Su Beibei should also attend the trial.

Mu Mian was about to be punished by the law. Some had been looking forward to this day for more than a decade, while others were afraid of it.

Mu Qiu had already been discharged from the hospital and returned home. Once upon a time, this house was filled with warmth and laughter. But now, some were dead, some were arrested, and late at night, it was eerily quiet.

Mu Qiu didn’t dare to go upstairs to sleep. Every time she went up to the second floor, she felt like her mother would suddenly open the door to the master bedroom and walk out. She smiled and asked her, “Qiu-er, why are you only back now?”

Mu Qiu had a guilty conscience. She only dared to sleep in the guest room on the first floor.

Auntie Zhang didn’t know what Mu Qiu was thinking. She thought that she was weak and tired from going up and down the stairs.

Tomorrow was the day of Mu Mian’s trial. Auntie Zhang saw that Mu Qiu looked uneasy and asked her, “Miss, are you worried about tomorrow?”

Mu Qiu nodded. “Auntie Zhang, do you think my father will be sentenced to death?”

Auntie Zhang remained silent.

It was obvious that Mu Mian had already become a major sinner with three lives killed and nearly killing Song Fei. It would be a wonder if he isn’t sentenced to death!

Regardless of how much Auntie Zhang sided with Mu Qiu, she felt that Mu Mian should be sentenced to death, but she couldn’t say this in front of Mu Qiu.

Mu Qiu shook her head with a bitter smile. “It will definitely be a death sentence, right? No one can change this outcome.” Mu Qiu leaned against the sofa. Recalling how well her father treated her, she couldn’t help asking, “Why would he kill someone?”

How can such a good father be a murderer?

Auntie Zhang said, “It’s hard to tell what’s in a person’s heart. Some people may look kind and benevolent on the surface, but their hearts are black. A person can’t be seen through just by his eyes. Even Madam only saw Sir’s true colors at death’s door, much less you, Miss.”

Unknowingly, Auntie Zhang’s words hurt Mu Qiu. Mu Qiu suddenly stood up and said, “I am going to rest. Auntie Zhang, rest early too.”

“Oh, alright.” Auntie Zhang saw that Mu Qiu was angry but didn’t know what she said wrong.

Mu Qiu returned to the guest room and pulled the blanket over her. She placed her hand on her chest and felt her strong heartbeat.

— It was hard to tell what kind of person one was. Some people looked kind on the surface, but their hearts were black.

If Auntie Zhang knew my true colors, she would probably flee with her luggage.

“Mother, if you knew what I did, would you still give me your heart?”

No one could answer Mu Qiu’s question.

The moon was shining brightly in the night sky.

A woman in a black leather jacket and black denim pants sat cross-legged by the bank of the Great Dragon River. She looked up at the twinkling stars and smiled.

“Mother, Father, Mu Mian will be undergoing a trial tomorrow. I will avenge you soon.” Su Beibei looked sideways at the distant Imperial Dragon Bridge and thought of that morning 14 years ago.

That morning, her parents’ bodies laid alone in the rain. It was so cold that she couldn’t wake them up, no matter how much she cried.

14 years had passed. Recalling the scene of her parents’ deaths, Su Beibei no longer felt any heart-wrenching pain, but she still felt terrible and sad.

Thinking of Li Li, Su Beibei felt slightly troubled. “Mother, should I tell him the truth?” Su Beibei was hesitant, hoping that someone could point her in the right direction.

At this moment, her cell phone suddenly rang.

Su Beibei answered the call and heard Li Li say, “Beibei, are you still writing tonight? I just got off work and miss you a little. I want to meet you. If it’s okay, I’ll come and look for you.”

Hearing Li Li’s amused voice, Su Beibei couldn’t help curling her lips. “Come look for me at the riverbank beside the Great Dragon Bridge.”

“Ah? It’s so late. Are you there alone?”


“Wait there, I will come!”

The Three Bridges District was not far from the Imperial Dragon Bridge. He arrived in just 10 minutes. Li Li hurried over to the riverbank in the shortest time possible. From afar, he saw several bottles of beer beside Su Beibei.

Li Li walked over and covered Su Beibei’s eyes. He purposely lowered his voice to intimidate Su Beibei. “Where did this beautiful girl come from? I’m going to take you away.”

Su Beibei reached out and touched the beer bottle beside her in the dark. She lifted the beer and said to Li Li, “Sir, do you want to drink a bottle to boost your courage?”

Li Li chuckled.

He released Su Beibei’s eyes and kissed her on the forehead. He took the beer and sat down beside her.

“Why are you here alone? Is there something bothering you? Or do you not have inspiration?” Li Li opened the cap of his beer and took a gulp.

Su Beibei handed her own beer to Li Li. “Help me open it. I am a weak girl.” A weak girl who could lift 40 catties of rice with one hand.


Opening the bottle with his teeth, Li Li handed the beer to Su Beibei but didn’t let go. He hinted at Su Beibei. “Shouldn’t you show some appreciation?”

Su Beibei said, “Okay.”

Su Beibei leaned close to Li Li. Just when Li Li thought that Su Beibei was going to kiss him, Su Beibei quickly reached out her hands and pinched Li Li’s chest.

“Howl!” Li Li’s expression changed from the pain.

Su Beibei snatched the beer back and took a big gulp. She smacked her lips as she savored the aftertaste. “Song Ci didn’t lie to me. You men are indeed afraid of pain.”

The smart Li Li grasped the main point.

So Mr. Han had also been pinched by Song Ci?

I couldn’t tell that even though Mr. Han looks formidable and unyielding, he’s also secretly a small ball of pity that is bullied by Song Ci.

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