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Chapter 168: Shen Yubei

After knowing the truth, Su Beibei would occasionally think of that young man who also lost his father overnight, but still had to kneel down and beg for her forgiveness.

She wondered how that homeless mother and son pair had been, after selling their house at a low price. That handsome and proud young man—had he grown up to be an outstanding man? Or had he been led astray by his life and dropped out of school early?

Meeting the 29 year old Li Li again, Su Beibei could not recognize him anymore.

The 29-year-old Li Li had grown up as if he had been reborn. He no longer had the bearing of a youth. He had suffered the most and underwent the greatest grievances, but the hardships of life didn’t break his pride.

He was like a bamboo shoot that broke through the earth and grew into a towering bamboo.

Su Beibei couldn’t resist reaching out to stroke Li Li’s brows. Her heart ached for him.

“I’m sorry, I forgive you.”

In his dreams, Li Li felt someone touching him. He smiled, reached out, pulled Su Bei into his arms, and held her hand down, not allowing her to move.


Su Beibei let her imagination run wild for a long while, before finally falling asleep.

Song Ci stayed in Gmunden for a few days before returning home with Han Zhan.

Han Zhan had not touched any work during the honeymoon period. The moment he returned to the country, he devoted himself to his work. There were only about 10 days left until the wedding date and Song Ci was also very busy.

Her wedding gown and evening dress had been altered. Song Ci found a time to go to the shop and finalized the makeup and style for her wedding day.

The next day, Song Ci sent the wedding invitation to her close friends and family. At night, Song Ci sat on a chair in the dining room. She rested her chin on her hand and stared at the purple wedding invitation in a daze.

As if she had finally made up her mind, Song Ci stood up, picked up the invitation card, and went upstairs. She stuffed it into her bag, took a shower, and went to bed early.

Han Zhan returned after midnight. Seeing that Song Ci had fallen asleep, he didn’t even take a shower and just laid down beside her to sleep.

The next morning, Song Ci woke up amidst Han Zhan’s shower sounds. She sat up, stared at Han Zhan in the bathroom, and openly peeked at him. Han Zhan finished washing up very quickly, walked out with a towel wrapped around his waist, and explained to her, “I was afraid of waking you up yesterday night, so I didn’t shower.”

Han Zhan took off his towel and put on his pants. “I’ve accumulated a lot of work and won’t be having breakfast with you. Remember to eat on time.”

“Okay, Brother Han.”

Song Ci kissed Han Zhan.

Han Zhan put on his shirt and vest. He suddenly said, “The temperature will drop drastically next month.”

Song Ci replied, “Yup.”

Han Zhan said, “It’s time to wear a sweater.” He still couldn’t forget Song Ci’s handmade sweater.

Song Ci smiled helplessly. “I have to personally oversee the wedding these few days and am rather busy. After the wedding, I will knit a few sweaters for you, alright?”


Han Zhan got an early-morning kiss and went to work.

Song Ci made herself a healthy green breakfast. After selecting a suitable outfit, she went out at 9am sharp.

his was a spacious piano room located on the top floor. The piano room was surrounded by floor-to-ceiling windows, and the gradually changing transparent gauze curtains fluttered in the wind. The piano room was very spacious and empty. There was only a simple triangular piano and an antique zither.

Under the morning sun, in front of the French window on the north side of the city, a barefooted man in a pure white robe stood by the window. His slightly long black hair was pinned to his head by a black jade hairpin. His face was round and smooth, like jade, warm and beautiful.

On closer look, one could see the faint traces left behind by the passage of time on this person’s face. But that elegant and leisurely manner of his had dulled the ruthlessness of time.

His left hand was holding a violin, and his fair right hand was holding a bow with the word “Bei” engraved on it. The melodious sound of the violin cleansed one’s soul.

Birds chirped on the big trees outside the window.

The sound of the violin, the wind, and the chirping of birds were all gathered together. It was the most joyous sound of nature.

Song Ci sat in the car and looked up at the man standing by the window, her eyes slightly warm. “Teacher…”

After the practice ended, Shen Yubei kept his violin and walked out of the piano room barefooted. He went downstairs and heard the butler say, “Mr. Shen, did you invite a friend over today?”

Shen Yubei took the coffee from the butler and walked towards the courtyard. As he walked, he said, “No. Why? Did someone call you?” As the world’s most famous violinist and famous musician, there was always a group of people who wanted to visit Shen Yubei.

If one could gain Shen Yubei’s favor and send their own child to be his student, it would be like smoke rising from the grave of his ancestors.

The butler replied, “No, but I saw a car parked at the entrance and thought it was a friend of yours. That’s why I asked.”

Hearing this, Shen Yubei suddenly changed his direction and walked out of the main door with his coffee. He passed through the small courtyard and arrived at the main entrance. Indeed, there was a car parked at the entrance.

It was an Aoyu Number 1 smart electric car. Shen Yubei had also bought one, but it would only be delivered next week.

Shen Yubei went near the car and said to the person inside, “Friend.”

Song Ci’s back tensed up at the sound of Shen Yubei’s voice. She gripped the steering wheel tightly, not knowing what to do. Shen Yubei walked to the driver’s seat and bent over slightly to look inside the car. “This is a private residence. You can’t park the car…”

Song Ci suddenly looked up at Shen Yubei with a red face. “Teacher…” She called out softly.

Seeing Song Ci’s face, Shen Yubei suddenly fell silent.

He took a deep look at Song Ci, suddenly straightened his back, and said expressionlessly, “Miss, this is a private residence. Please move the car away.”

At this moment, the butler walked over. “Mr. Shen, what happened?”

Holding the cup of coffee, Shen Yubei turned to the butler. “Get this lady to move the car away. This is not a parking lot.” With that, he carried the coffee back into the house.

The butler bent over and was about to ask Song Ci to move away when he looked down and saw Song Ci’s face. The butler was stunned.

“You are… Song Ci?” Although it had been many years since they last met and Song Ci looked slightly different from her teenage years, Song Ci’s name was very well-known in Wangdong City and the butler knew her.

The butler knew very well how important Song Ci was to Mr. Shen. Mr. Shen loved Song Ci very much and he had been monitoring her condition all these years. He definitely hoped that she would come back to look for him.

It was just that Mr. Shen was too prideful to admit his feelings for Song Ci.

After all, Mr. Shen was utterly disappointed that Song Ci had taken the initiative to give up the violin.

Song Ci greeted the butler. “Uncle Liang.”

“It’s really Song Lass!” Housekeeper Liang turned to look at that white figure in the courtyard. He frowned awkwardly and said to Song Ci, “Song Lass, your teacher is in a fit of anger. Look…”

“Uncle Liang, don’t worry. I will handle this myself.” Song Ci pushed open the car door, took her bag, and walked towards the main door.

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