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Chapter 167: Grudges

“Smoke less. It’s not good for your health.”

Li Li had wanted to tell Su Beibei this the first time they met.

Upon hearing this, Su Beibei said something that every old smoker would say, “I will quit smoking tomorrow.” When she said this, her tone was like a jerk promising to never cheat again.

Li Li said, “I think the possibility of that happening is very low.”

Su Beibei put out her cigarette and pressed it into the dirt. Only when she saw that it was completely extinguished did she open the box of sweets and throw it into her mouth to chew.

]”I am really quitting smoking,” she said again.

Li Li didn’t ruin her confidence this time. “Go to sleep.” Li Li pulled Su Beibei down and covered her eyes.

Su Beibei remained silent and pretended to sleep with him.

After a while, Li Li took his hand away from Su Beibei’s eyes. His breathing had calmed down and he was obviously asleep. Only then did Su Beibei reach out from under the blanket. She opened WeChat and read the private detective’s message that afternoon.

— Li Li was born in 1991 in Wangdong City. Father Li Yao died in March of 2006. Cause of death: As he hit and killed someone in a car accident, he committed suicide by jumping off a building. Mother Shu Yunmin, a normal fish vendor…

Note: After investigation, we found that the couple that Li Yao killed was the employer’s parents.]

When she saw this message this afternoon, Su Beibei was stunned.

She never expected Li Li to be that young man.

It was early spring in 2006 and it was drizzling. The 9-year-old Su Beibei was still sleeping soundly when her grandmother rudely woke her up.

Su Beibei opened her eyes and met her grandmother’s bloodshot eyes. She was stunned. “Grandma, what’s the matter?”

Grandma wiped her eyes and placed a winter jacket beside Su Beibei. She said, “Beibei, put on this jacket. Grandma will bring you to meet your father and mother one last time.”

Su Beibei realized that something bad had happened.

Her grandma shoved her into a cab and headed straight for the Imperial Dragon Bridge. Along the way, Grandma kept wiping her tears, her shoulders shaking uncontrollably. Su Beibei was so scared that she didn’t dare to cry.

She arrived at the Great Dragon Bridge and saw a group of uniformed police officers as well as a rescue team responsible for salvaging the bodies.

A policewoman brought Su Beibei and her grandmother to their bodies, which were covered by two pieces of white cloth. When the remains were uncovered and she saw her son and daughter-in-law, her grandmother cried as she collapsed to the ground, wailing for her son and daughter-in-law.

Su Beibei was momentarily stunned.

Of course she knew what death was. She just didn’t expect to see her parents dead. After a few seconds of stunned silence, she snapped out of her trance and started screaming.

After some time, a handsome young man appeared in front of Su Beibei. He looked like he had been crying and his eyes were very red and swollen. His hands were trembling as he held a card.

The people around them were pointing fingers at them. Su Beibei heard someone say,

“Look, that’s the culprit’s son. I heard that the murderer committed suicide by jumping off a building.”

“Aiyo, it’s really a sin. He knocked into someone and jumped off the building, leaving his wife and son behind… what a coward!”

Su Beibei looked up at the youth with hatred in her eyes.

The young man knelt down in front of Su Beibei.

He knelt down and kowtowed hard in front of Su Beibei, apologizing as he did so.

Su Beibei glared at him with hatred and remained silent.

“I am sorry. My father caused your parents’ death and caused you to lose your family. I am sorry. I will apologize on behalf of my father!”

]The young man raised his trembling hands and handed a bank card to Su Beibei. Tears streamed down his face as he gazed at Su Beibei’s childish face. He said tearfully, “This is all of our savings. It’s a total of 130,000 yuan. I’ll give it all to you. Mother and I have decided to sell the house. We will also compensate you with the money from selling the house.”

“Little girl, I’m sorry!”

Su Beibei suddenly shoved the youngster hard.

The young man fell backwards, his head hitting the ground. He grunted and didn’t get up. Su Beibei pounced on him, grabbing and biting him as she shouted, “I don’t want your money. I just want my parents. I don’t want your money. I just want my parents to live!”

“Return my parents to me!”

The young man laid on the ground and cried to her. “I am sorry, I cannot return them to you…”

As if waking up from a dream, Su Beibei understood everything. My parents are really dead. They will never open their eyes again.

“I will never forgive you.” Su Beibei shot the young man a hateful look before running off in tears.

In the end, her grandmother still accepted the other party’s compensation. A few days later, Su Beibei heard that the young man and his mother had sold their house. As the house was a murder house, the selling price was very low. The money from selling the house was also repaid to Su Beibei. From then on, the young man and his mother became homeless and nobody knew of their whereabouts.

After her parents were buried, Su Beibei and her grandmother tidied up the house. She planned to follow her grandmother back to the county city to study. As they packed up, she and her grandmother discovered their father’s notebook when he was alive.

That notebook contained Mu Mian’s earth-shattering secrets. Grandma vaguely guessed that the death of her son and daughter-in-law wasn’t an accident. She took that diary and wanted to go to the police station to report Mu Mian.

On the way to the police station, Grandma Su got into an accident and her notebook was stolen. Grandma Su was sent to the hospital but she never woke up.

In just a month, Su Beibei had lost all her family members. She had gone silent and turned mute for a while. At this point, Mu Mian appeared. Using the excuse of taking care of his friend’s daughter, he sent Su Beibei overseas to study.

The 10-year-old Su Beibei had left her motherland. She had been living alone in England at a young age with only a nanny.

Su Beibei had not had an easy time in the past few years with her isolation, language barrier, and being alone.

In the first few years of her arrival in England, Mu Mian would still transfer money to her. Over time, when everyone else started to forget about Su Beibei, Mu Mian also forgot about her.

Su Beibei had grown up in England thanks to the money that the young man had compensated her. At the age of 20, Su Beibei had secretly returned to the country and started to investigate Mu Mian in the dark. As the investigation progressed, Su Beibei came into contact with many shocking things.

Using her connections, she saw the autopsy report of her parents after their accident. She discovered that there was a drug in their bodies.

In other words, her parents were most likely unconscious during the accident!

An unmanned car driving on the road would definitely be in trouble!

Su Beibei realized that her parents’ deaths were not the fault of the drunk driver but a scheme set up by Mu Mian! The drunk driver who had killed his parents was the greatest scapegoat!

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