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Chapter 164: The Drunk Father Mu

Mu Mian didn’t expect a dead person to answer his question. He shook his head and laughed mockingly. “No matter how strong you are or how good you are at fighting, you will still turn into ashes when you die. You’re still trapped by me in this box.”

In the photo, Mu Congjun actually looked very simple and honest. One look and one would think that he was a good and honest person, but one should never judge a book by its cover. Even a demon might put on the facade of an honest person.

It was said that dragons gave birth to phoenixes, while mice gave birth to sons with holes. Mu Mian was most afraid of becoming an alcoholic as cruel as his father.

Mu Mian stared at the photo in a daze. He heaved a long sigh and said, “I am different from you. I love my wife and my children. I am different from you. I am not a beast who is worse than a dog.”

I’m leaving. I’ll come visit you again next year.”

Mu Mian walked out of the hall and narrowed his eyes as he saw the rising sun.

He got into the car and drove to the office. At this moment, an ugly woman in a grey jacket walked out from behind the bushes. She took out her cell phone and called her employer.

“Miss Su, Mu Mian went to the Great Hall of Peace early this morning to pay respects to his late father.”

When Su Beibei received this call, she had just slept for less than three hours. Last night, she suddenly had the inspiration to stay up late writing. She had started writing on her computer and couldn’t stop until 5am in the morning.

She rubbed her throbbing temples and said, “Alright, I got it.” After hanging up, Su Beibei sat at the head of the bed letting her imagination run wild. Her mind was in a mess.

She went to wash her face and made herself a sandwich with toasted bread. She had just taken a bite when she received a video call from Li Li.

“Beibei.” Li Li was driving. He glanced at Su Beibei in the camera, then focused on the road ahead.

Su Beibei reminded Li Li, “Just drive. Don’t look at me.” Her cold voice flowed into Li Li’s heart, dispelling the sleepiness.

Li Li smiled and asked her, “Are you free tonight? I want to meet you. I’ll treat you to a meal at Deep Alley’s western restaurant. We’ll have dinner there.”

“It’s so expensive there.” Su Beibei had been there once. The cost-effectiveness ratio was low, but the taste was pretty good. “Let’s go somewhere else. There’s no need to go to such a high-class place.”

Li Li said, “It’s my birthday today.”

Su Beibei put down her sandwich and stared at Li Li. She asked him, “29 years old or 30 years old?”

Li Li rubbed his nose and said sheepishly, “29 years old.”

“You are already an old man.”

Li Li was shot in the heart and smiled bitterly. “Please show mercy to the birthday boy.”

Su Beibei stopped teasing him and asked Li Li, “What present do you want?”

Li Li stole a glance at her and stared at her lips as she ate. His imagination ran wild, but he didn’t dare to slack off while driving and quickly looked away.

“I want a kiss,” Li Li said.

Su Beibei chuckled. “I’ll give you double.”

“Really?” Li Li was somewhat expectant.

“I won’t lie to you.” Su Beibei took a bite of her sandwich and said, “I’m free tonight. I’ll go to your office to look for you.”


After hanging up, Su Beibei felt troubled. Although she was a writer and possessed bold and imaginative thinking, Su Beibei was not good at romance.

She was not a romance fiction author—she was a mystery fiction author! She knew how to dismember bodies without leaving any traces, but she didn’t know what kind of gift to give to win her boyfriend’s heart.

Su Beibei thought of Song Ci’s social skills as the top socialite, and hurriedly took out her cell phone to send Song Ci a message on WeChat. Su Beibei: Ms. Song, what present should I get for my boyfriend’s birthday?]

It was late at night in Austria. Song Ci was already asleep and her cell phone was turned to silent mode, so she did not see Su Beibei’s message.

Only when Song Ci didn’t reply did Su Beibei realize that there was a 7-hour time difference between China and Austria. Song Ci must be sleeping. She pouted and decided to go shopping on her own.

Su Beibei opened the wardrobe and saw that it was filled with dark outfits. She fell silent. It didn’t seem very suitable to wear dark outfits on a date.

I should go and buy some nice clothes.

In the morning, Su Beibei bought clothes and a present for Li Li. She went home for a nap. In the afternoon, she drove alone to the resting hall mentioned by the private investigator.

There were many resting halls in Wangdong City, but the one in front of her was considered the most luxurious. The main hall was glittering with gold and jade. If she didn’t know this was the Great Hall of Peace, Su Beibei would have thought she had arrived at a hotel.

She found Mu Congjun’s ashes.

Standing in front of Mu Congjun’s urn, Su Beibei fell into a daze. Recently, she had been getting someone to tail and investigate Mu Mian. However, Mu Mian was a very clean and straightforward person. It would not be easy to catch him.

But Su Beibei felt that Song Ci’s deduction of Mu Mian was correct. It had not been easy for Mu Mian to grow from having nothing to being a billionaire. With his character, he would not easily destroy such important evidence. He enjoyed hiding from the police and secretly gloating.

Where could he hide the evidence?

Su Beibei had no idea.

She had checked on Mu Mian’s family background and found out that he was not a local. He was from Hai Cheng in the south. His mother had committed suicide when he was in his third year of junior high school. Although his father, Mu Congjun, was a small-time director of a state-owned enterprise and looked honest and honest, he was an alcoholic.

According to the investigation, Mu Congjun had a very positive image in the company. He was honest, sincere and professional in his work, but his neighbors’ opinions of him varied.

Mu Congjun would occasionally hit his wife when he was drunk. After that, he would kneel down, hug his wife’s waist, and apologize while sobbing profusely.

His wife loved and hated him at the same time.

After his wife hung herself and passed away, Mu Congjun didn’t remarry. Instead, he became both the father and the mother, raising Mu Mian into an adult. Logically speaking, their father-son relationship shouldn’t be bad. But after Mu Mian came to Wangdong City to attend university, he actually didn’t return to his hometown in Hai Cheng for four years to visit his father.

It was clear that there was a barrier between the father and son.

After Mu Congjun’s death, Mu Mian rushed back to Hai Cheng from Wangdong City and cremated Mu Congjun’s body before bringing him back to the resting hall. Every year on Mu Congjun’s death anniversary, Mu Mian would visit him and never return during the holidays.

Su Beibei felt it was rather strange. Since Mu Mian hated his father, there was no need for him to pay respects every death anniversary. This was not Mu Mian’s style.

The golden urn in front of her was made into countless cubes. Su Beibei opened the door and saw an exquisite urn and a bottle of Erguotou inside.

Su Beibei stared at that Erguotou as a strange feeling flashed across her heart. Mu Mian’s father had fallen into the river when he was drunk. Yet after his father died, Mu Mian actually gives his father Erguotou every year. What does he mean?

After confirming that there was nothing wrong with the hall, Su Beibei left.

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