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Chapter 165: Women are So Arrogant When They are Rich

Arriving at Li Li’s office building, Su Beibei went to the public toilet to wash her hands thoroughly and put on some makeup. She then messaged Li Li: [I am at your office lobby.]

After a while, Li Li replied: [Wait for me.]

A few minutes later, Li Li came down.

Dressed in a custom-made suit, Li Li exuded the aura of an elite CEO. As he walked out of the lift, many people greeted him respectfully. In front of his employees, Li Li had set up an image that he could only be seen from afar and not touched. As a result, he only nodded coldly at the greetings of these employees.

When he saw Su Beibei sitting on the sofa in the waiting area, a faint smile finally appeared on CEO Li’s cold face.


Li Li almost didn’t recognize Su Beibei. She was wearing a dark red long-sleeved dress and a black felt hat. Her black hair reached her waist and her lips were fiery red. She exuded her usual aura.

Every time they met, Su Beibei would bring a different kind of beauty to Li Li.

“Ah Li.” Su Beibei stood up and reached out her hand to Li Li.

Li Li was very surprised and flattered. He grabbed Su Beibei’s hand, his heart racing. “Let’s go.” He pulled Su Beibei out and met Bei Zhan at the door.

“Aiyo!” Bei Zhan stared at Li Li and Su Bei holding hands. His eyes were sparkling with an ambiguous glow.

“General Manager Li, your girlfriend is…?” Bei Zhan was a few years older than Li Li. He was already married and had wanted to introduce a girlfriend to Li Li with his wife. Unexpectedly, Li Li finally managed to find himself a girlfriend.

Bei Zhan glanced at Su Beibei, winked at Li Li, and said, “Where did you fool such a beauty?”

Li Li ignored Bei Zhan and said to Su Beibei, “He’s a fool. Ignore him.”

Su Beibei could tell at a glance that the two of them were very close. She just smiled.

Bei Zhan put away his joking expression and stretched out his right hand to Su Beibei. He introduced himself. “Hello beautiful lady, I am Bei Zhan, Li Li’s friend and colleague.”

Su Beibei grabbed Bei Zhan’s hand and said, “Hi, my name is Su Beibei.”

Looking at the anxious Li Li, Bei Zhan knew that Li Li cared a lot about this lady.

That year, after Li Li’s father killed someone in a car accident, the hit-and-run driver returned home. His family advised him to turn himself in, but he couldn’t bear it and jumped out of the window. His father was a murderer who committed suicide by jumping off a building after a hit-and-run. As a result, Li Li was given the title of “murderer’s son” by his classmates.

When Li Li was in high school, he was very introverted and couldn’t even walk straight. After that, when he went to university, he took Han Zhan’s money and worked for him. In order to not let down Mr. Han’s trust, Li Li forced himself to be strong and brave.

With the growth from his experience and the rise of his status, Li Li finally became CEO Li. He was very authoritative and seemed very powerful, but there was a place in his heart that still held that inferior young man.

He still remembered that he was the son of a murderer.

Li Li had also dated several times in the past, but they always ended in failure. This was also related to his lack of confidence.

Bei Zhan saw that Li Li cared about Su Beibei a lot, and was worried that this relationship would end just like before. Bei Zhan blinked at Su Beibei and asked her, “Miss Su, do you mind adding me on WeChat? If there is any news of Li Li being involved in scandals in the company, I will definitely report it to you immediately!”

Su Beibei guessed that Bei Zhan probably had something to tell her, so she added him on WeChat.

Bei Zhan switched off his cell phone. “Alright, I won’t disturb your date then.” Bei Zhan patted Li Li’s shoulder and wished him well. “Happy Birthday, Xiao Li.”

Li Li shot him a look and said, “No need for that. Where’s the present?”

Bei Zhan immediately moved his hand away from Li Li’s shoulder and walked into the office. As he walked, he said, “Your sister-in-law just bought a bag two days ago and spent over 30,000 yuan. Your brother is very poor too. I will definitely prepare a big present for you next year…”

As he spoke, Bei Zhan left.

Li Li said, “Stingy.”

Su Beibei said to Li Li, “My car is parked outside. Take my car today. Tomorrow morning, you can take a cab to the office.”

Li Li naturally had no objections. He said, “Then I’ll have to trouble you to send me home tonight.”

Su Beibei raised her brows. “I thought you weren’t going home tonight.”

“What else…” Li Li thought of something and widened his eyes. His gaze changed as he asked Su Beibei in a raspy voice,” Am I really not going home? ”

Su Beibei said, “I brought all my clothes.”

Li Li’s heartbeat quickened. He lowered his head slightly, his ears slightly red. “Isn’t this a little too soon…”

Su Beibei looked at him with a faint smile. She shook her head and said, “Not really.”

The girl had already taken the initiative. It was not right for Li Li to pretend to be pretentious.

He suddenly said, “A few days later, I’ll bring you home to meet my mother on my off day.” Li Li planned to bring Su Beibei back to meet his parents. He really wanted to marry Su Beibei and spend the rest of his life with her.

Su Beibei was shocked.

She could feel how serious Li Li was towards this relationship.

Su Beibei suddenly asked Li Li, “What if Aunty doesn’t like me and doesn’t want us to be together?”

Li Li gave a faint smile. “You’re not marrying my mother. You’re marrying me, so why will she care so much?”

Su Beibei mocked him. “Are you still your mother’s considerate son?”

“I am the one earning money in my family. I have the final say in everything.” A man in charge was full of confidence. Li Li said, “It is my freedom to marry whoever I want. My mother can’t control me.”

His mother was not as observant as him. Otherwise, she would not have married his father.

Walking to the side of the car, Su Beibei suddenly stopped and told Li Li, “I bought a present for you. I placed it in my luggage. Do you want to take a look first?”

“Okay!” Li Li instinctively walked towards the back of the car. After taking two steps, he suddenly slapped his own forehead and said, “I forgot that your luggage is in front of the car.”

Li Li had never driven a sports car before and almost made a fool of himself. Su Bei shrugged and didn’t look down on him. Instead, she said, “Then let’s change to a car with a trunk in the back.”

“No need.”

Opening the car hood, Li Li was stunned to see a huge bunch of gift boxes. “So many? All for me?”

“All for you.” Su Beibei walked up to Li Li. She pointed at the gift boxes and said, “Inside that box is an iPhone. Save it for when your phone breaks down. Inside is a watch, a pair of cufflinks, a belt, a lighter, and a man’s bracelet…”

Li Li was stunned. “Why did you buy so many?”

Su Beibei leaned against the hood of the car and said disconsolately, “I’ve never been in a relationship. I don’t know what kind of gift to give my boyfriend. Coincidentally, I don’t lack money, so I bought everything that suits you.”

This sounded very much like a sugar mommy’s words. Li Li fell silent.

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