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Chapter 108: Just a Face of a Human, But Heart of an Animal

Su Beibei looked down, her hand held the filter of her cigarette and her eyes unfathomable.

Song Ci stood up and walked towards Su Beibei. She questioned her. “Miss Su, why aren’t you saying anything?”

Su Beibei lifted her head and stared straight at Song Ci. She asked in an unfriendly tone, “What are you doing, Miss Song? Are you treating me as a murderer? Xu Xiangxiang…” For Song Ci to take out this photo and directly ask if she knew Xu Xiangxiang, it meant that she did know something.

Su Beibei said half-jokingly, “I was only 9 years old when Xu Xiangxiang died. I was just a little girl. Could I have killed her?”

Song Ci shook her head. “Of course you won’t kill her.” Su Bei was about to say something when Song Ci said, “But you know why she was killed.”

Su Beibei’s eyes twinkled.

Song Ci had already walked up to Su Beibei. As she stared at the purposely calm face in front of her, Song Ci couldn’t bear it. She paused and said, “Ms. Su was indeed still young then, but your parents were already adults. They witnessed the truth behind Xu Xiangxiang’s death and were remembered for that. In the end, both husband and wife were murdered by that person…”

“In this world, other than the murderer, only Miss Su knows the real reason behind Xu Xiang’s death. Only you know the real reason behind Su Buwang and his wife’s death. Miss Su, am I right?”

Su Beibei closed her eyes and took a deep breath. She opened her eyes and gazed at that beautiful face. Su Beibei asked Song Ci, “How… how did you know?”

Song Ci said, “Miss Su, you don’t need to know why I know all this. You just need to know that we have a common enemy. I can help you take revenge for your parents.”

Su Beibei didn’t trust Song Ci easily. She took another cigarette, put it in her mouth, and quickly lit it.

Taking a drag of her cigarette, Su Beibei glanced up at Song Ci and pretended not to know anything. She asked, “Who is this ‘he’ you’re talking about?” Worried that Song Ci was setting a trap for herself, Su Beibei wouldn’t easily believe her if she didn’t hear that person’s name from her.

Song Ci’s red lips moved and she spat out that person’s name. “Mu Mian.”

Upon hearing the name Mu Mian, Su Beibei’s clear eyes narrowed. She pinched the cigarette between her fingers, placed it on the edge of the study table, and tapped the cigarette with her index finger.

Wisps of smoke landed on her dress.

Su Beibei said, “You are his adopted daughter.” Suspecting that Song Ci was trying to dig a hole for her, Su Beibei sneered. “You have been receiving the Mu Family’s kindness and care, since you were 14 years old. What makes you think I will believe that you will sincerely work with me to deal with him?”

“How would I know if you want to work with me or with Mu Mian? Are you just trying to get information out of me?” With that, Su Beibei bit her cigarette again.

Song Ci knew that Su Beibei was not so easily convinced.

Song Ci stood beside Su Bei and copied her, leaning against the study table.

Song Ci pointed at the scars on her left arm. Noticing Song Ci’s action, Su Beibei also stared at those pale pink scars. She frowned, not understanding what Song Ci was hinting at.

Song Ci said, “I got into an accident in August. You might know about this.”

Su Beibei had been keeping an eye on Mu Mian’s movements, so she naturally knew that his adopted daughter – Song Ci – had escaped from an accident. Nodding, Su Beibei couldn’t help but ask, “Was the accident not a true accident?”

Song Ci shook her head. “It wasn’t.”

“Mu Qiu.” Song Ci turned to look at Su Beibei and said, “You should know of Mu Qiu too, right?”

“I know.” Su Beibei said, “Your younger sister, Mu Mian’s biological daughter.”

“Yes.” Song Ci told Su Beibei, “Mu Qiu was hospitalized for a period of time after a heart attack. The doctor said that Mu Qiu needs a heart transplant or she will die very soon, but Mu Qiu has a rare blood type.”

It was not easy to get a heart with panda blood type. Upon hearing this, Su Beibei couldn’t help but laugh. “Mu Mian has committed so many evil deeds. Retribution has finally come.” Retribution didn’t fall on Mu Mian, but to his only daughter. Isn’t this just funny?

However, Su Beibei heard Song Ci say, “Coincidentally, I happen to have panda’s blood type, and my genetic antibody is coincidentally compatible with Mu Qiu’s.”

Su Beibei’s smile faded.

Shocked, she turned and saw Song Ci’s beautiful face filled with mockery. Su Beibei gasped and said in surprise, “Mu Mian was behind that accident?”

Song Ci nodded. “In order to cover up the fact that he committed a crime, he dared to kill your parents. For the sake of his only daughter’s life, he can also kill me. An adopted daughter is different from a biological daughter.”

But in her previous life, she only knew that Mu Mian was such a ruthless person at the brink of death.

She was blind.

Su Beibei also approved of Song Ci’s evaluation of Mu Mian in her heart. No one knew better than Su Beibei just how vicious Mu Mian was. More than 10 years ago, Mu Mian had already committed the crime of forcing his fiancée to death and murdering his partner. 10 years later, why can’t he kill his adopted daughter to save his biological one?

He just had a face of a human, but a heart of an animal.

“You want to work with me,” Su Beibei said firmly.

Song Ci nodded. “That’s right.”


Song Ci leaned close to Su Beibei. She tilted her head and whispered into her ear. “Mu Mian has a secret place. I don’t know where that place is, but there must be a place like that.”

Su Beibei was shocked. “You think he would hide all that unfavorable evidence?” Su Beibei had always thought that Mu Mian had destroyed all traces of his crimes. From what Song Ci said, Mu Mian seemed to have hidden all those evidence.

Su Beibei said, “I feel that the evidence will only be completely destroyed. That will be the most beneficial for the criminal.”

Song Ci’s lips curled into a cold smile.

“It may be so for others, but for Mu Mian, it’s the exact opposite. Mu Mian was born into a poor family. It wasn’t easy for him to rise to this position step by step. At the same time, he is also a very conceited person. Not only is he not afraid or guilty of the crimes he committed back then, he is also very proud of them. He has a strange fetish. He likes to gather evidence of his crimes, hide them, and admire them alone.”

Song Ci originally had no idea of this either. But in her previous life, Su Beibei had really found the place where Mu Mian hid the evidence and even stole the evidence that was enough to sentence him to death.

Precisely because Mu Mian discovered that the evidence had been stolen, he quickly found out about Su Beibei’s existence and wanted to kill her.

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