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A+ A- Chapter 387: Target
Changing the owner of a mech was troublesome business, but Ye Chong did not mind it at all. Ye Luo was a little impatient, however, mumbling complaints to himself as he followed the procedure, step by step. When it was finally done, Ye Luo heaved a sigh of relief, as if he had just rid himself of a terrible burden. Moon King required a blood sample for authentication, and this reminded Ye Chong of Mu and Shang. He remembered clearly that Mu and Shang was also activated by blood.

Ye Luo was flabbergasted by Ye Chong’s confusion at this point. "What? Now look here! This is a first class mech, a Mandate class mech! What? You’ve never heard of it? Mandate is the name of the class for this kind of mech. I may not use this mech often, but it is definitely a world class mech! Humph, this machine here can only be used by true descendants of the Family. Without blood authentication, we might lose it to outsiders! Come on, brother, this is common knowledge!"

If that was the case, then Mu and Shang … Ye Chong remembered the moment Mu and Shang was activated clearly.

When Ye Chong entered Moon King’s pilot cabin, he was astounded by the luxurious installations and equipment inside!

The engine was the heart of a mech, and the photon processor the mech’s brain. Ye Chong had heard of this metaphor a long time ago. Moon King’s photon processor model was unfamiliar to Ye Chong.

Nonetheless, it was astonishingly quick in its computations, and never ceased to work. Even right now, it was continually scanning its surroundings and updating its statistics. If Ye Chong was not aware of Mu/Shang’s photon processor, he might have believed that this was the most advanced photon processor in the universe.

Of course, that was a purely physical assessment. Compared to Mu/Shang, they were at very different levels. Mu and Shang had a self-aware PSI, with a mind of its own. This photon processor, however, was only a dead object, albeit with massive computational power!

The sleek, crystalline texture of the control console was one of the most beautiful that Ye Chong had ever seen. The console was a pure jet black with a network of red lines criss-crossing on top, dividing the black universe that was the console into multiple segments. The main controls had a matte finish, giving it an excellent feel to the touch.

The flexible hydraulic suspension system felt like a water cushion all around him.

Ye Chong initiated the control console, activated the photon processor, and began to initialize Moon King.

He was once again in the familiar world of mechs. Memories of his earlier training and battles came back to him. After a long time away from mechs, Ye Chong felt excitement boiling in his veins.

It had been too long since he last felt this excitement!

Being a mech pilot …

Ye Chong recalled the time when he was younger, piloting Winnie. Back then, his dream was to find a few good mech parts from the trash mountains. Later, when he met Mu, his life changed drastically.

How many mechs had he piloted since then? Ye Chong could not remember himself. He had flown mechs of various levels, and even interesting mechs such as Han Jia and Guardian. These were fortunes that he did not even dare to wish for when he was younger.

He had learned how to build mechs, and even designed full-skeleton mechs. No longer were mechs unfamiliar to him. It was hard to find things that could excite him the way when he was younger. He had learned combat, alchemy, and many, many more.

However, what was the one thing that he desired the most?

Ye Chong asked quietly to himself.

His one wish had always been very simple! Ye Chong caressed the smooth console. He removed himself from his fascination in Moon King’s beauty and

extravagance. The puzzlement and indecision in his eyes vanished, replaced by a clear vision.

A mech pilot! The desire to excel as a mech pilot had always been an integral part of him!

He must survive and become stronger!

He must become the strongest mech pilot, a mech pilot worthy of piloting Mu and Shang!

Ye Luo never would have guessed that gifting Moon King to Ye Chong would bring about such a huge impact on the latter.

Ye Chong explored Moon King’s controls systematically. He must now familiarize himself with Moon King’s various peculiarities. Of course, this was not enough. For an advanced level mech like this, Ye Chong would need some time to unleash its full potential. Every tiny detail of the mech was the result of careful deliberation, and this meant that the pilot must be more skilful in controlling the mech.

Ye Chong was no longer in his earlier moment of amazement. He was now just a mech pilot, studying his mech calmly.

Soon, he grasped the basic controls of the mech. Moon King’s controls were designed quite well, and he did not have to do much to understand the system. Now, as long as he did not encounter any particularly strong opponents, he should be able to take care of himself just fine.

With a mech, it would be much easier for him to look for Rui Bing and the rest of his group.

However, now was not the time to think about that problem. On the holographic screen, a few of the escaping child abductors were displayed. Moon King’s scanning system was powerful, unaffected by the complicated terrain of the forest. Both scanning range and accuracy were not significantly impaired.

Moon King signalled to Ye Luo in a fluid motion, a demonstration of Ye Chong’s mastery in controlling the mech.

The mech lifted its right arm, slightly bent, with all the fingers curling inwards into a fist except for one that pointed towards a particular direction in the forest. The two crescent blades by the wrist were like crescent moons hanging in the sky.

Ye Luo grinned.


Huang Zheng was dealing with the final stages of the task handover. The higher-ups had instructed for him to leave the place. The Tribe will send someone else to take over matters in the free space zone.

The truth was, he never liked the free space zone, and he did not like his job too. However, with orders that came directly from Tribe Leader, he simply had no choice. Besides, he knew what the significance of this place to the Xi Feng Tribe. Hence, despite feeling more than unhappy with his current job, he still went about his duties diligently.

Now, someone was finally here to take over him.

As a combatant inclined for battle, he was not interested at all in administrative duties. If he was not sent here, perhaps he would have earned the right to pilot a Phoenix class mech by now. He had long yearned to pilot a Phoenix class mech, but the requirements for their pilots were strict. His current abilities were not enough to satisfy those requirements.

However, rumor had it that the colleague who was sent here to replace him had just only been awarded a Phoenix class mech. How wonderful it must be for that person!

As he looked at the people bustling around busily around him, he could not help but feel repulsed. He had always maintained his view regarding the cooperation between the Tribe and the Abductors. While the Abductors were not directly dealing with him, he still felt disgusted by those people.

Now, at last, he could leave this wretched place! The thought was placating for Huang Zheng.

There were not many people here today, so he knew that they were up to something big. Almost all of their men were deployed. He did not care to ask them about it, however. After all, what else could they be up to but trouble?

He looked down at all of them with disdain.

Just then, a few heavily injured men stumbled into the base. Everyone stared at them in surprise, momentarily halting their tasks.

Looking at them, Huang Zheng had an ill premonition.


A huge, functioning base of operations appeared on Moon King’s photon processor. Iris, Moon King’s scanning system, performed splendidly once again. The structure and interior details of the base were all displayed on the photon processor. Even the obscured corridors in the base were captured by Iris.

When Huang Zheng saw a mech approaching, he knew something had gone terribly wrong!

When he saw the mech clearly, his face went pale!

"No one gets away!" Ye Luo’s loud voice from afar made Huang Zheng panic even further.

The jet black Moon King floated silently in midair, its 12-meter bulk radiating the Ye Family’s unique sense of menace of beauty. Everyone was shocked to the core.

Huang Zheng looked around him, and quickly retreated to the base amidst the chaos.

He rushed to his room, bursting through the door, and opened all his drawers. Huang Zheng looked at the information inside them, his eyes shining meaningfully.

He drew in a deep breath and fed all the information in the drawers into the shredder beside his desk.

Crunch crunch crunch! When all the information was reduced to micrometer dust, he finally exhaled in relief.

Now that he was done, he drew up straight, fully alert.

What he had to do next was to fight for his own survival!

He did not know the name of the mech outside, but he could tell that it as one of the Ye Family’s Mandate class mechs. As for how a Phoenix class mech would fare against a mech of equivalent class in the Ye Family, no one knew.

Mandate, Pheonix and Hexalice were not names of specific mechs, but mech classes. They refer to the mech class for each of the Three Aristocratic Families, respectively, that was just below the top class mechs. Mechs of these classes were rare, and their pilots were rigorously selected.

Perhaps he could feel out the true power of these legendary Mandate class mechs!

Huang Zheng’s eyes burned with eagerness for battle.

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