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Ye Chong nearly jumped off from his seat. What was that? There seemed to be an alarm coming from Moon King. Had something been detected?

It was a shocker when he took a cautious look at the screen.

Was that a mech? There's mech here?

A green mech had flown out of the base.

The Xi Feng tribe... It must be. Thought Ye Chong upon recognizing it at first glance, well since typical Xi Feng was typical, that their mechs were of the same typical design portraying the beauty of Mother Nature itself. The green mech that just flew out for example, took the appearance of a bird with that pair of dark green wings of its. Such an eye-catcher they were.

And this mech was not an ordinary one. The level was different. Reviewed Ye Chong in his mind. Based on his encounters with the Xi Feng members, only those great ones would be the rightful owners of those great wings.

The dark green wings spread out neatly like films of leaves which were metallic foils in actuality. A green metal was a rare sight in the industry when all those grayish and darkish minerals filled the boundless sky. A chivalrous kind of elegance could be felt from the mech's pale green main body.

It was pretty surprising to encounter a mech at a place like this, especially a mech with such standard.

"It's the Phoenix!" exclaimed Ye Luo.

Ye Chong would love Ye Luo to brief him on this particular strange machine called "The Phoenix" but the green mech was not patient enough to wait apparently. The Phoenix rushed towards them after spreading its wings fully, like an eagle to its raid, gracefully yet forcibly.

The air was giving off piercing cries as the metallic wings sliced their ways forward.

Such speed! Ye Chong was shocked. As expected from an advanced mech of the great Xi Feng! Ye Chong could not help but to compliment in his head.

Well, of course, Ye Chong would face such foe with the same courtesy!

Drawn the parrying spears, Moon King made a slight swing and shifted itself from course of The Phoenix.

The foe had seemingly predicted Ye Chong's move as it made an aerial ace, a fancy turn back towards Ye Chong, while three red beams welcomed Ye Chong from the metallic wings.

The beams zapped through the body of Moon King. That was a close shave.

Ye Chong wiped his cold sweat, as realizing how his once-nightmare had returned, the impeccable attacks haunting him from the future! Exclusive to the Xi Feng clan, who held the ability to foresee his moves!

It had been quite some time since Ye Chong last held the steering, he could certainly feel the numb strangeness convincing him the lack of awareness in battle. The Moon King would have been shot dead if the beams came from a mech of the Xue Lai Clan, since their mechs were known for the horrendously accurate ranged attacks.

Dang! He got to retrieve that battle sense in the briefest time, or this would be the last chapter of a supreme soldier! But the strangeness was really distracting, it was slowing him down especially when Moon King was also something new to his hands. Was he fighting a losing battle?

The foe had powerful ability to read his cards while countering all of them the whole time. The red beams always came at a frightening timing, like for few times Ye Chong was almost a goner as he could no longer cope with the attacks.

Ye Chong only managed to make drastic turns from time to time, that it felt like a training back in his NR Training days. No doubt, it was a painful experience to make sure he lost that unhelpful dizziness while making him highly agile in battle. The training course designed by Mu consisted of an astronomical amount of turn practices daily.

Ye Chong was investing all his strength, in making turns.

Was he at the training center again? He felt so because he was forced to perform all techniques he knew. He did a few sets of Condensed Multiple Turnings, one Thomas's Spin, then few U-shaped Splits... what else? What else? His brain ran through the entire skill list, as he already made Moon King withdraw the parrying spears which seemed like a pure burden by then.

The foe raided Ye Chong every few second like an aggressive serpent in the dark. One moment Ye Chong let down his guard, a beam would come at him and he would be a no-more.

Meanwhile, Huang Zheng looked at this mech which was making insane amount of turns like a chihuahua on fire, confused, very confused.

The heck he's doing? And Huang Zheng thought he had seen enough of the battlefield to perceive the situation. The scene was beyond his comprehension that his eyes just enlarged themselves.

Ye Luo lifted his head, staring at the dancing Moon King with an opened mouth. On the ground he stood, no word was heard other than the soft whimper coming from his mouth as the corners twitched.

That... that is... one strong guy...? I s-supposed?

Ye Luo never fancied the pilots, however he had undergone similar training when he was much younger. Making turns was the bread and butter of a close-combat model, while also being the hardest to master. Certainly to cope with the torturing experience of drastic turns, a pressure buffering system was already created to aid the pilots, however every turn would pack a different punch at the pilot's body and those punches would only be magnified over time, like a combo stack.

Multiple turns at the quickest would be extremely wearing to one's physique. So the examination on this category always had a considerably high rating of difficulty, and truly, only the superior pilots could execute it well.

But hey, how many turns had this fella made? Ye Luo could feel the insanity just from counting the turns, and Moon King did not seem to be stopping anytime soon.

At this point the rating of difficulty would only go higher as more drastic turns consecutively performed. Let's see... 10 stars? 12? 15? Do we see ratings this high back in our family?

Huang Zheng's head was pounding as much as Ye Luo, as cold sweat dripped his forehead. The control panel was completely wet. It would have been a chaos of short-circuit if it was not the exceptional water resistance of the technological amazement.

He was at the edge of losing himself. He recognized the strength of the foe, as his heart sank and rose as quickly as that dark-glowing mech.

The flaming will had extinguished. The passionate heart ran cold.

The turns the foe made were in true continuation. Every set consisted of moves perfectly chained. The foe had become unpredictable, even when inspected with the Xi Feng's exclusive ability.


That means! Huang Zheng realized something.

The speed of the foe changing had surpassed the limit of his foresight!

Who is this pilot? When did the Ye family have such talent?

Ye Yin? Was that Ye Yin the whole time?

That name rang horror in his head.

It must be Ye Yin! Only the topmost pilot of the family could perform such terrifying moves!

So I finally met Ye Yin...

Muttered Huang Zheng, being unsure whether it was excitement or fear that seized his heart. It was good news that he had the opportunity to fight against a legendary figure but it was also bad news that he also had the likely opportunity to survive.

Ye Chong, being unaware of the actuality, was risking his life to make more moves in the air. His greatest record had been set, which consisted of a 15-minute non-stop rapid multiple turns and his body did not feel like stopping.

Mu had once told him that every advanced move was composed of multiple basic moves. As long as one was able to master the basic moves, the advanced move would be cake walk.

That was easy to say. It was a highly investing process to put more points into the basic skills. Ye Chong only could achieve such standard after countless harsh, mundane trainings. Nothing cake-walk at all.

Bear in mind that Ye Chong was the one who smacked an advanced mech with a Raven, merely because of a faster execution of basic moves.

One could see the movements of Moon King maturing over time at close observation. The operation had been streamlined and the direction improved.

Ye Chong was regaining the familiarity quite quickly. He could feel confidence surging in him again as he finally had the leisure to take a glance at the foe, who had been... hovering... there...?

Well, he was not the hesitant kind like Huang Zheng.

The Moon King rolled into a ball out of sudden. It was a strange sight to see a complete-metallic mech to curve into a perfect ball...

The Gear Shield of its had fallen into its grip.

Moon King then bloomed like a monstrous abyss as the gears guided the shield, spinning towards the foe maniacally in blueish sparks.


The blue lining travelled like a shooting star.


Huang Zheng did not expect the attack after being confused by the extreme turns. He nearly threw his handle just to make a clumsy dodge but it was too late!

The shield had struck at left chest of the mech, few centimeters away from the actual cabin. Sparks were bouncing around mischievously like a child.


Under the alarms that had gone haywire, the pale face of Huang Zheng froze.

A dark shadow was enlarging quickly in his shaking pupils.

The shield lifted itself back into the air. Moon King was coming, with its parrying spear.

The afterimages had returned, as the fair hands of our hero waved upon the control panel.

The parrying spears had pierced the open wound soon as the shield returned to the back of Moon King.

Moon King treaded the chest of the foe with grace, with the knees slightly bowed. One tramp and momentum sent both away.


An unofficial long kiss Huang Zheng good-bye.

The mech had transformed into a fireball.

"God dammit! Can't you just make your dramatic tramp AFTER you identified a proper direction to do so!?" Ye Luo cursed as one piece of the fallen mech almost smashed him. He ran back and fro as being showered by falling armors, "This is madness!"

The Moon King, the silent killer, was a gorgeous angel with the arms crossed at its chest. The blades at the wrists glossed in the air, while the soulless mechanical eyes looked at the world.

It felt like judgement when it came.

An apocalypse when it left.

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