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Chapter 325: Chance Encounter II
Rui Bing felt a jolt, nearly dropping Shi Fuyin from her arms. Shi Fuyin gasped sharply, holding tightly onto Rui Bing. Rui Bing seemed to not hear her sharp cry, her eyes staring straight at Ye Chong in disbelief.

Just then, a wind blew, and Rui Bing’s eyes lit up with pleasant surprise. It was the smell! While the man looked completely different from him, the smell was definitely his! Ever since young, he was the only man she had ever been so physically intimate with. She recalled the last time he licked her neck, and her fair neck colored instantly. It was also that moment that allowed Rui Bing to remember Ye Chong’s body scent.

This man before her was Ye Chong, she was sure of it.

To the rest of the group, the cold eyes of this lady in white seemed to melt in that instant, as she looked longingly at Ye Chong.

"Could this be Sister Bing’s dream man?" Shi Fuyin studied the man curiously. His almost terrifying face had shocked her. What a pitiful man! This was Shi Fuyin’s first thought. However, she was also very curious of him. The others may not see it, but Shi Fuyin could see the blush on Rui Bing’s neck clearly. For a man to win Sister Bing’s heart, he must had his admirable traits.

Shi Fuyin could read people’s emotions easily. She could see Xiye’s flattering efforts clearly, but she could also easily sense Rui Bing’s coldness and even distaste towards him. Whether it was his demeanor or his actions, Xiye was full of aristocratic qualities. The fact that Rui Bing despised flattery from such a man, but loved another man like this instead was very curious indeed!

Ye Chong and Rui Bing looked at each other in silence, remembering their past.

No one could have not guessed the relationship between these two. All of them stayed quiet. Fei Si wore a complicated expression. She was not sure what exactly she was feeling, except that it was not exactly pleasant.

Could she have actually fallen for him? The idea suddenly came to her, and startled Fei Si. However, she quickly rejected it. How was that possible? The man was so cold, an apathetic fool. He was ugly, and had even slapped her. There was nothing good about him at all. How could she have fallen for him? What a ridiculous idea!

However, the image of bodies covering the floor, and of a young man holding a lance steadily at the center came unbidding to her mind. She also remembered his focused expression when performing alchemy.

Fei Si suddenly felt her cheeks burn a little. She looked around her guiltily, and relaxed when she found no one watching.

"Let’s find a room," Ye Chong looked at the group around them. This was not the place to talk.

"Alright," Rui Bing replied without hesitation.

Mi De muttered by the side, "No way, Boss, that’s too much! You’re gonna do it right after you meet?"

Fatty nodded as well. "Yeah, that’s right. Boss is Boss alright, you’re too straightforward! I like it!" Fei Si heard their discussion and blushed even more. The Director of Teaching Affairs, on the other hand, looked like he was also moved by their reunion as he looked at the pair happily.

Rui Bing looked at Shi Fuyin in her arms, and Shi Fuyin immediately offered, "Sister Bing, why don’t you let me down, I’d like to stand for awhile."

Rui Bing nodded, and put Shi Fuyin down.

In one of the rooms, Ye Chong and Rui Bing looked at each other speechlessly. After a long moment, Ye Chong finally spoke up, "Why are you here too?"

"I was kidnapped," Rui Bing answered simply.

Ye Chong was surprised. "Kidnapped?"

Rui Bing nodded, saying, "I don’t know the reason for it."

"So that’s how it is …" Ye Chong was a little disappointed. He had thought Rui Bing would know how she arrived here. He thought of something else, and asked, "How a

re Grandpa Qian and the rest?"

"They’re well."

They exchanged words back and forth like this in a plain manner. If anyone were there to hear it, their jaws would drop. However, the two of them felt comfortable with it.

Suddenly, they ran out of topics to talk about.

Silence filled the room for a long moment.

Rui Bing lowered her head and suddenly asked a very sharp question, "When are you ready to marry me?"

"Marry?" Ye Chong paused. He was no longer as oblivious as before, and finally had a better sense of what marriage implied. He tilted his head at Rui Bing and asked, "Why should I marry you?"

"You kissed me," Rui Bing answered, wasting no words. Her neck was turning red again, but she kept her gaze firmly on Ye Chong.

"Kiss" was a term that Ye Chong had seen before in books, but the actual mechanism and action involved was still a mystery to Ye Chong. However, in all the major literature that he had read, kissing only happened between people who fell in love with each other. None of the books had ever really described this act. Of course, "love" was also a bit difficult to understand for Ye Chong. However, in many of these literature he read, it was the first step towards marriage.

"I did not kiss you," Ye Chong searched his memories for a full three minutes before he replied with certainty.

"You did!" Rui Bing said without hesitation, and a steely resolution.

"I didn’t!" Ye Chong shook his head. He was confident of his own memory.

"You did!" Rui Bing was unyielding.

Ye Chong looked at Rui Bing. He never thought she would be so insistent. Could he really have kissed her? Ye Chong felt a little uncertain. He knew nothing of kissing, from the beginning of the act to the end of it, the process of it, or even the coordination required between the two parties involved. He was confident of his memories, to be sure, but in this matter at least, he was not an expert.

Ye Chong made his final struggle. "I did not kiss you, probably."

"You did!" Rui Bing’s eyes shone with determination.

"I did?" Ye Chong asked carefully.

"You did!" Rui Bing’s tone sounded so certain.

It seemed that he really did kiss her. Ye Chong sighed regretfully. He did not fully understand this woman, but it was obvious that she did not take this matter jokingly. However, when did he kiss her? And what was kissing all about? The naive Ye Chong was now thinking of these questions. What would Rui Bing do if she knew?

"When did I kiss you?" Ye Chong asked warily. He might be able to tell from Rui Bing’s reply just how in the world kissing was done.

Ye Chong watched as Rui Bing’s face flushed into a deep red, the blush spreading in plain view from her neck to her cheeks.

It looked like he really did kiss her! Ye Chong’s final hope was dashed. However, he really wanted to understand what this mysterious action was all about.

Rui Bing lowered her head even more.

Her breathing shortened and her face turned red. She had lowered her guard, looking very different from the usual Rui Bing. Ye Chong guessed that he probably would not get anything out of her.

As expected, Rui Bing said nothing for a very long time.

In the end, Ye Chong concluded the topic, "Well, let’s set this question aside for the moment."

"Alright. I’ll be with you from now on." Rui Bing’s expression returned to normal.

He tilted his head and looked at Rui Bing, and Rui Bing understood his meaning. Without any warning, Rui Bing’s eyes shone brightly with an odd light. Ye Chong felt his body tense up together with a heightened sense of danger. Just when he was about to move, he felt something like strings appeared in the empty air and bounded him up tightly.

Almost instinctively, Ye Chong’s eyes lit up. The vanished blue lines appeared once again. The numerous blue lines danced around like fishes in his vision in a fast and disorganized pattern.

The blue lines jiggled vigorously. Abruptly, the lines all converged to a single point. His vision was empty except for a bright, blue dot.

Without further thought, Ye Chong’s throat contracted quickly, releasing a shapeless soundwave from his mouth straight towards the bright blue dot.

Mortal Roar!

The blue dot trembled in the air, but did not vanish. Ye Chong felt the air around him pulsating. His eyes shone even more brightly. His throat contracted again, and he released another soundwave.

The blue dot shook more violently.

The third Mortal Roar hit the blue dot.

Crack! A soft sound, and Ye Chong felt the binding in him gone.

The floor in the room was covered with broken glass. It was a mess. The air in the room continued to pulsate.

Rui Bing said nothing, only looking at Ye Chong, but her short breath indicated that it was no easy task. Ye Chong was also breathing quickly. That short match earlier had strained him.

"You’ve improved a lot," Ye Chong said with approval.

"You too." Rui Bing and Ye Chong exchanged a glance, and smiled at the same time.

Ye Chong took out Guardian’s dimension keystone. "For you, put it on. The voice activation code is Number Two."

Rui Bing’s face turned red once again, but she sounded an assent and accepted Guardian’s dimension keystone, putting it on her right hand’s ring finger.

Just then, the door was forcefully broken through from the outside.

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