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It was Xiye outside. He had two huge men with cold eyes beside him. The two bodyguards were startled by the mess in the room, and quickly stepped forward to protect Xiye.

Xiye looked at Ye Chong with hostility. He noticed the ring on Rui Bing’s right hand ring finger, and his face twisted horribly. He remembered clearly that Rui Bing’s had no jewellery of any kind before this. There was only one answer to his observation. This incredibly ugly man must be Rui Bing’s old lover.

Xiye tried hard to control his emotions. He did not immediately turned on them, but spoke politely, "Dear student, you must be from another academy. Hmm, from your uniform, it must be the Ze Xi Academy. Dear student, I deeply apologize, but due to our limited resources, we do not currently accept students from other schools."

His politeness was not aimed to please, but his words allowed no argument. Right now, he was practically the one person who had the power to keep Engradie Academy safe. 500 mech pilots was not a force to be trifled with, especially at dangerous times like this.

Xiye laughed coldly inside. He had seen all too many women, and they were all alike. He believed that this particular lady must have recognized the reality of things. Without his protection, she will find it difficult to survive. Who would throw away their own lives without a care? It was hardly a choice for her, but he really enjoyed watching the woman he was interested in facing this decision. It made success felt all the more sweeter!

Even if the woman was foolish enough to reject him, once the two of them left and she came to realize the practicalities, she would definitely come back to him begging for mercy! It felt wonderful to control someone else’s life! This was not the first time for him.

"Such is the fate of others," Xiye thought to himself with a feigned air of philosophy.

The two guards quickly realized their master’s plan. One of them quickly activated his comms. If the two of them refused to leave, they had enough manpower to make them.

Rui Bing’s expression darkened. She understood the situation outside clearly. As she saw Xiye’s cold eyes turned cold, Rui Bing unleashed her own sharp, cold aura like a blade unsheathed. The two guards were startled, staring at Rui Bing. They now regretted not bringing more people with them as a precaution.

Ye Chong looked at Xiye silently, his expression unchanged.

Just then, someone spoke from behind Xiye, "Oh, what a ridiculous world this has become, since when has Engradie Academy become a certain someone’s?"

The voice made Xiye’s face twitch. This was a voice that he dreaded to hear within the academy.

Both Mi De and and Fatty entered the scene looking carefree, leaning on each other as they watched Xiye, grinning widely.

Fatty added, "Yeah, that’s right, these days, the sun must have shined too brightly that some of the nonsensical fools start to crawl outside to our world, so scary!"

Seeing Fatty with Mi De, Xiye’s expression turned sour still.

"What do you two mean?" Xiye asked in a low voice. If it were someone else, he would have chased them off forcefully. These two, however, were the only two people he was wary of in the academy. Usually they would fool around and keep clear of his way, but this time they had chosen to get involved with his business.

"Could they be friends of that ugly man? Friends? Humph!" Xiye laughed coldly inside. It was unwise to go against him at this time. He had thought these two were smart, but it seemed that he had overestimated them.

"I say, handsome, you’ve always been chasing girls, ruining the lives of innocent young ladies et cetera et cetera, we’ve hardly bothered to get involved. Hehe, to think that you’d offend someone strong today! Are you tired of living?" Mi De said this with a cold smile, and without fear. He knew exactly how strong Ye Chong was.

"Xiye, let’s be honest, you have no right to speak as you did. De and I are getting involved in this matter today, just give your best and we’ll take you down. But let me warn you, you better think carefully about this, humph. In this matter, against my family and the Mi Family, humph …" Fatty said this in a low voice. He may looked like a joker most of the time, but he spoke with great severity right now.

Xiye looked at the two of them with a still expression, but he was secretly beginning to doubt himself. The Mi Family and the Bibiqi Family were at the same level as his family. If these two opposed him for real, he would have a hard time in the future.

Just who was this ugly man? This was the main question for Xiye. Why would Fatty and Mi De put themselves out here to help him?

"Who is he?" Xiye asked lowly.

"None of your business," Fatty replied briskly. Ye Chong’s identity was a mystery to everyone. None of them could had any idea.

"So Mi De is from the Mi family," Ye Chong thought to himself in surprise. The Mi Family was the only aristocratic family he had some relation to. From the looks of it, however, he had not figured out who he was. Ye Chong could not be bothered to make himself known.

Xiye took a quick glance at Rui Bing. She stood silently beside the ugly man, her eyes shining brightly in way that was familiar to him. It was the way a woman’s eyes would shine when in blessed happiness.

He felt a deep envy growing in the depths of his heart.

Just then, a large group of men came running towards them. They all looked strong, their stride powerful and steady. Their strength was undeniable. These were 100 of the 500 mech pilots under Xiye. Behind them were more than a hundred mechs hovering mid air, looking at them threateningly.

Xiye was secretly overjoyed, but did not speak. Fatty and Mi De watched with horror and surprise.

These mech pilots came in and quickly formed a barrier around Xiye. The rest of them surrounded Ye Chong and the others.

"Xiye, what’s the meaning of this?" Mi De asked grimly.

Xiye was quite happy to see the looks on Mi De and Fatty. The pressure that they put on him moments ago vanished in an instant. He smiled unpleasantly and said, "Mi De, I suggest that you stay out of this matter. My business with them has got nothing to do with you both. People are always so eager to get mixed up in matters that they’re not capable of dealing with. Tsk tsk, that’s not such a good idea!" Xiye’s sarcastic remark angered them both.

On the other hand, Mi De and Fatty both understood their situation clearly.

Fatty patted on Mi De’s shoulder and exchanged a look. Fatty turned over to Xiye and said, "Very well, Xiye, we’ll remember this." He turned to Ye Chong and said sincerely, "Boss, sorry about this. We were not prepared for this, and have failed. Let’s leave."

Ye Chong nodded, but did not move.

Rui Bing took a look at Shi Fuyin and grew worried. Shi Fuyin was not well. If they leave this place, her condition might turn even worse. Rui Bing stole a glance at Xiye, surrounded by his guards, and calculated her odds of capturing him alive.

Shi Fuyin smiled sweetly at Rui Bing as though she had seen through her thoughts. However, she did not look scared or worried. Instead, she stepped lightly towards the Director of Teaching Affairs, directed her large, innocent eyes at the Director, and said plainly, "Is your academy really chasing us out from this place?"

Shi Fuyin’s unusual reaction gathered everyone’s attention. Mi De and Fatty exchanged a look, and saw the surprise in each other. This fragile looking young lady managed to utter those words calmly, as though the one who was threatened was not her.

"As expected, the Boss has unusual friends!" Mi De and Fatty both came to the same conclusion.

The Director avoided Shi Fuyin’s gaze and took a glance at Xiye. He quickly turned away and mumbled to himself, unable to say anything absolute.

Xiye was extremely pleased. This was the best moment of his life. The people he had always been wary of were now suppressed, the fates of all these people were also in his hands. The only thing that annoyed him was that these people showed no fear at all. "Humph, just wait until you’re outside. You’ll come back begging," Xiye thought to himself, his expression was tinged with cruelty.

It was simply too bad, not having these beautiful sisters. Xiye looked at Shi Fuyin, his eyes filled with lust. However, he quickly rearranged his expression back to an image of politeness.

Just then, the angry voice of a man came from afar, closing in to them, saying, "Who dares to chase out a member of the Shi Family?"

This was immediately followed by a clashing sound. The mech pilots around Ye Chong and his company fell outwards. A large group of people came storming towards them, and quickly surrounded Ye Chong and others in the center.

The mechs hovering in the air under Xiye were silent. All around them were numerous mechs, pointing their dark and deadly guns at them.

"Uncle Ming!" Shi Fuyin’s eyes brightened up as she cried with joy.

The one who came was Shi Chongming. Back at the hospital, he had left her to find the local members of the Shi Family. However, the mutant disaster struck, and he was surrounded by rats. He escaped with difficulty, and finally found the Shi Family’s person of highest authority on the planet. When this person in charge heard that the Second Young Miss had arrived on Zhou Jian, he looked at the rats outside and turned pale. The person in charge immediately brought all his men and followed Shi Chongming to protect the young miss. Shi Chongming’s comms device allowed him to locate Shi Fuyin, and that was how they could quickly arrive at her location.

As they entered, they immediately saw the Second Young Miss surrounded by a group of men. They saw red and pulled out their weapons. As Shi Chongming made his grand entrance, he heard Shi Fuyin’s question, and his grim expression finally developed into fury!

The Second Young Miss was being chased out from the academy. If this had happened, he would definitely not survive his next visit to the Family. Besides, he had watched the Second Young Miss as she grew up since she was a child, and had grown attached to her. He would not stand seeing her humiliated thus.

"The Shi Family!" Xiye’s brain exploded! The Director of Teaching Affairs suffered even more, blacking out almost instantly.

Shi Chongming was like a furious lion, his red eyes slowly scanning all the people in the room as he asked in a low voice, "Who was it who wanted to chase out a member of the Shi Family? Who was it? Show yourself!" Shi Chongming snarled. No one had dared to humiliate a member of the Shi Family like this ever before, much less the Shi Family’s Second Young Miss.

The Shi Family’s combatants all looked angry. Once the order was given, they would attack. Ever since they joined the Shi Family, they obtained a sense of superiority that they could not have found elsewhere. Now that this superior status was challenged, how could they not be offended? Besides, this was the Second Young Miss being humiliated! If other people found out that the Shi Family’s Second Young Miss had been humiliated right before their eyes, they would never be able to live with pride again.

This humiliation can only be resolved with bloodshed!

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