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The appearance of the Three Aristocratic Families was a terrible surprise to Ye Chong, and an event that he had desperately tried to avoid. The rest of the group looked troubled as well. While they did not know of the relationship between Ye Chong and the Three Aristocratic Families, it was obvious that they were not on friendly terms. Besides, under the repeated cautions offered by Hai Lian and Old Chief Guo, Sang Fan and the rest finally got the idea of the strength of the Three Aristocratic Families. In Archipelago, one would never deliberately meddle with powerful wild beasts.

However, since they were enemies of Ye Chong, Sang Fan and the rest of them were ready to treat the Three Aristocratic Families as enemies too.

Hai Lian was standing beside Ye Chong. He had seen first hand Ye Chong’s massacre of the Xue Lai Clan’s members in Foundation city. He spoke up abruptly, "Sir, let me try something."

Ye Chong wondered at Hai Lian’s sudden proactiveness, and nodded. "Alright, please go ahead." Ye Chong did not know what he was planning, but since he offered, he must be confident of the plan.

Hai Lian made to walk out of the hotel, when the White Streak tribe woman clung tightly onto his elbow, her eyes filled with terror. Earlier in the room, Hai Lian had put a mask on her face, and her delicate features were concealed behind the mask. Hai Lian patted on her hands clung onto his shoulder and cooed softly, "Don’t worry, I’ll be fine."

The White Streak tribe woman looked at Hai Lian carefully, but her hands finally loosened as she said, "Please … Please be careful."

Ye Chong spoke up from the side, "Fan, go with him, keep him safe."

"Yes sir," Sang Fan nodded.

The two men walked out of the hotel together, showing no fear. The people gathering around immediately looked to them. The crowd was silent. Today’s drama had been suspenseful and climactic all the way.

Hai Lian spoke, "Our leader is grateful for your kind offer. We are all honoured by your invitations. However, due to certain matters that we need to attend to, we are unable to stay here. Perhaps some time in the future, when there are no urgent obligations, our leader will visit your tribes and accept your hospitalities." Hai Lian spoke with much subtlety, but the refusal was clear. All this while, he had been a freelance mech pilot with his own reputation, and had been offered recruitement more than once. As such, he had developed a certain finesse to deal with situations like these.

The spectating crowd was large, and most of them were neutral parties. No matter how arrogant the Three Aristocratic Families were, they would not dare to be too forceful.

Feng Wuqing smiled softly, his delicate features captivating the audience. "Oh, what urgent matters do your party need to see to? Our tribe may not boast a large community, but we are always happy to lend a helping hand. Perhaps you can tell us about it, our tribe will offer what assitance we can."

Ye Bei humphed coldly, and stayed silent.

Duo Huan gave a soft laugh, which sounded like the comforting ringing of windchimes. She stretched her body slightly, her curves attracting the attention of all the men nearby. Her flat, smooth abdomen was exposed, showing her sensuous navel. The men around her inhaled sharply.

Duo Huan winked at Sang Fan and Hai Lian and said, "My two handsomes, don’t listen to what Sister Feng, who knows what kind of scheming she’s had in mind. Why not tell me about your troubles? Oh right, the Clan Leader said that the last time was the result of a misunderstanding, no need to worry about it. Xue Lai Clan has always been the most hospitable." Her intonations hooked the attention of her listeners in the crowd. When the people around her heard Duo Huan referred to Feng Wuqing as Sister Feng, they laughed softly despite themselves.

Feng Wuqing laughed softly, and was not offended. Xi Feng Tribe placed heavy importance on mental and spiritual training. He would not be so easily offended by words.

Hai Lian and Sang Fan were both unaffected by Duo Huan; Sang Fan due to his steady heart, and Hai Lian due to his recent encounter with a certain woman.

Hai Lian replied calmly, "Haha, your kindness is appreciated. However, this is a personal matter that we prefer to keep to ourselves."

Ye Bei’s expression darkened, and he said coldly, "Are you really not going to give in?"

Hai Lian was pleased inside, but he asked sarcastically, "Oh, Mr Ye, what could you possibly mean by that?" If the aristocrats really dared to make their move in front of so many people, it would be a most foolish mistake.

"Ye Bei will not disobey the Patriarch’s orders. Please don’t make this difficult for me," Ye Bei sounded even colder.

Hai Lian opened up his arms and said unabashed, "Ah, please forgive us, but we really have matters to attend to."

Looking at Hai Lian’s performance outside, Ye Chong began to understand his intentions. He called Sang TIe over and whispered a few orders to him. Sang Tie stared at him for a moment, but quickly grinned widely.

Both sides refused to give in. Just then, Ye Chong suddenly led the Sang tribe members out of the hotel. Hai Lian and Sang Fan saw him coming, and retreated to stand behind him.

The mysterious Jie expert group’s leader finally revealed himself! Everyone stared at the mask on Ye Chong’s face, wandering just what kind of person was under that mask?

When Ye Chong came out of the hotel, Feng Wuqing’s thin smile vanished from his face; Duo Huan turned more serious; Ye Bei’s expressionless face turned a shade colder still.

"We’re busy. We will take our leave now," Ye Chong’s plain voice sounded absolute.

He led his group and began to march forward.

"Please stay." A small group of people blocked their path. Feng Wuqing and Duo Huan watched silently from the side. Those were Ye Bei’s men.

"Are you looking for a fight? The Ye Family is powerful indeed, perhaps you’ll even become the master of Guilar city." Hai Lian said with mock surprise and sarcasm.

Ye Bei stopped in his tracks.

Some of the people in the crowd began to mock, "Yeah, it’s the Ye Family, the strongest aristocratic family, what wouldn’t they do?"

"That’s right, hehe, can’t be part of the Ye Family without being arrogant!"

Most of the people in the crowd were not used to seeing the Three Aristocratic Families’ unbridled arrogance. Some of them looked angry, including the Jin Gui Tribe Leader, Roland. The Three Aristocratic Families had ignored his tribe’s power in this area as they went about their business – how could he not be offended?

Ye Bei looked terrible. Feng Wuqing and Duo Huan cursed the man silently in their hearts. However, they were both anxious as well, since their own reinforcements had not arrived yet. They were also uncertain if they could hold down the Jie experts if it came to it.

"Please step aside." Ye Chong used the word "please", but he sounded anything but polite.

Ye Bei made his decision then. Since it had come to this, there was no need to for further restraint. He stood his ground.

Sang Tie and Sang Ling were both carrying Greda and Shi Xin, respectively, but they were both rendered unconscious. Beside Ye Chong were Sang Fan and another Sang tribe member, Sang Heng. All of the Sang tribe members that followed Ye Chong into Guilar city were all elite members of the tribe.

Sang Heng took a step forward and reached for Ye Bei.

Ye Bei anticipated this. Against a Jie expert, he could only hope not to be too gravely wounded. Ye Bei lifted his left hand to block, just as quickly. Sang Heng was halfway through his attack when his right hand suddenly reached for Ye Bei’s left elbow.

Ye Bei noticed the change and reacted immediately. They were both fast. The real action was over in the blink of an eye. A soft "Bam!" was heard, and Ye Bei stumbled backwards for a few steps, his face red all over.

His stumbling backward opened up the path. Compared to him, the rest of the group was more easily dealt with. Ye Chong did not even have to move a single muscle. The rest of the Sang tribe members easily pushed the rest of the Ye family’s people aside.

Ye Chong’s eyes shone – it was Black Cove’s style alright! Ye Chong was familiar with Black Cove’s combat style, and recognized it in Ye Bei’s moves.

Feng Wuqing and Duo Huan were both shocked and terrified. The three of them were all their families’ representative on Lunaris, and knew each other well. Ye Bei was the best amongst them in terms of combat, but he was now struck back with just one hit. It would be impossible for the both of them to stop the Jie experts from leaving.

Must they really use mechs? Feng Wuqing and Duo Huan both arrived at this conclusion. However, they were also very hesitant to act on it. If they used mechs here, it would be a direct violation of the no-fly zone regulations. They knew exactly how serious this violation would be.

Nonetheless, they could not just stand by and watch the group leave. Just then, a voice came from the crowd, "Brothers, Elder Wang just gave the order. If anyone dares to use mechs in Guilar city, kill them!" The true ruler of Guilar city had finally stepped in.

"Yeah, yeah, that’s right, let’s see which d*mbass would dare to use a mech in the city!"

"Humph, don’t think that Guilar city is powerless!"

The spectators all stared openly at the members of the Three Aristocratic Families. If any of them showed the slightest intent of deploying their mechs, they would face the wrath of the crowd. Tribe Leader Roland’s guards kept vigilant as well. To the Jin Gui tribe, the city was their home, and they would not allow anyone to destroy it, even if it were people as powerful as the Three Aristocratic Families.

Curses and spites were thrown from the crowd. Feng Wuqing and Duo Huan exchanged a wry smile. They could not do anything now. Their actions were already pushing the boundaries, something that the He Yue galaxy would not tolerate.

Ye Bei’s men could not stop the Jie experts. Ye Bei could only curse his reinforcements for being late.

Ye Chong and his group easily walked past the Ye Family’s people. They immediately picked up speed.

Feng Wuqing and Duo Huan exchanged a helpless glance, and followed Ye Chong’s group from afar with their subordinates. This was the only thing they could do for now. As long as they kept the group in sight, they would still have a chance. Once they were outside the 300-kilometer no-fly zone, they will be able to use mechs. No Jie expert, however strong they were, would be able to win against a mech.

Ye Bei recovered his calm composure, and took his men with to pursue the group.

Many of the more curious people in the crowd followed the aristocrats as well.

However, the distance between the three groups slowly widened. Ye Chong’s group was so fast they had managed a wide gap between themselves and the aristocrats. On the other hand, the aristocrats themselves were all physically superior to the commoners following them from behind. As the people following the aristocrats realized that they would soon be outrun, many of them gave up.

Some of these people, however, ran back instead. The fools in front of them had forgotten all about hovercars!

Both the aristocrats and Ye Chong’s group were moving fast, but soon, the Jie experts began to slow down. The Three Aristocratic Families were all encouraged by this and ran on.

Ye Chong watched as the Three Aristocratic Families pursued them from behind, the edge of his mouth lifting up into a cold smile.


Rui Bing breathing was beginning to shorten. Her vision was getting blurry. What she saw was no longer a colourful world, but only the blue light shot towards her. It was as if she had entered a one-dimensional world, made entirely of lines. Everything around her seemed to slow down. She could see the Blue Crown Serpents more and more clearly, despite their lightning fast strikes. She could even make out all their small movements.

Rui Bing did not know how long she had been at it. She was panting, and sweat covered her forehead, but her heart was peaceful. Against the possibility of death, she did not feel scared.

The Rui family’s combat style focused on mental training, bearing some resemblance to the concept of mentalist training in the Sanctuary. She was not an expert in purely physical exercises, but even the mental attacks that affected Ye Chong were of no use against these Blue Crown Serpents. In this battle for survival, she did not have much choice.

There were so many Blue Crown Serpents that it was impossible to count. Besides, they were surrounded by kilometres of these flickering blue lights. They could not hope to escape.

Under the circumstances, Rui Bing could only hold her fort. More and more Blue Crown Serpents appeared around her. These snakes could attack from all angles, with some even leaping into the air and coming from above her. Seen from afar, Rui Bing and her two companions looked like they were enveloped in a blue light cocoon. Rui Bing felt her senses turned sharper, and her instincts more reliable. If she could survive this …

Rui Bing’s attacks turned simpler and simpler, as the alloy pole met its attack with greater and greater accuracy. Rui Bing never let the alloy pole hit the horn on the Blue Crown Serpents; the pole would always hit the snakes’ bodies.

Shi Chongming felt a deep chill in his heart. Under the protection of the alloy pole, he and the Second Young Miss were entirely unharmed. His message calling for urgent assistance to the Third Young Miss was unanswered. His heart had chilled at that, and now, hearing Rui Bing’s gradually shortening breaths, he began to feel despair.

He never would have guessed that Shi Xin’s comms device was already smashed to pieces by Sang Ling.

Somewhere far away, high in the skies, a large battalion of mechs were heading their way. The 500 over mechs were organised into five standard battle formations.

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