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"I can identify four of them. As for the rest, information is insufficient for further deductions." This came from Mu. His bionic eyes were back to normal.

"Yeah, those people are strong," Little Rock nodded in agreement. "If it wasn’t for my opponent being a little careless, I wouldn’t have noticed them." He behaved just as usual. To him, meeting strong opponents was a normal occurrence. He did not know that he was already well beyond most of the advanced computation experts. After a pause, Little Rock spoke with a curious look, "The virtual world is very different from the one we’re used to. The computations used look nothing like from our virtual world. Strange."

"Boss Mu, what is this place?" The question came from Lian Yue.

Mu paused for a moment before replying, "Information is insufficient for confirmation. 62 percent of the data fragments from my database is related to this place."

Lian Yue was shocked, and howled pitifully, "You can’t be serious, Boss Mu, even you can’t tell our whereabouts? What should we do next?"

"Here are three action plans, each one of them has about 70 percent probability of success, and each has its own advantages and weaknesses. Do you have other suggestions?" Mu asked, just as the holographic screen on Coxcomb displayed all three action plans.

The three of them shook their heads almost in unison.

"Due to the given circumstances, the decision will be made randomly." Mu acted quickly. The three action plans began to take turns showing on the holographic screen. When the screen finally stopped changing, only the third action plan, Plan C, was left on display.


After a good few minutes, Old Chief Guo finally came out of the hotel again. The spectators knew that the moment had come. Roland looked at ease, lacking any signs of nervousness.

Old Chief Guo came to a stop and stood there for a moment, as if thinking to himself, before speaking plainly, "We are humbled by your offer, but we have a few conditions."

"Pray tell," Roland gestured with his hand.

"First, your son will not be in contact with you for five years."

"I agree."

"Second, we will not be responsible for his life."

The crowd erupted into an uproar. Never had a teacher refused to be responsible for their disciple’s safety. It was outrageous to accept so much money and still act so irresponsibly. This was 50 billion credits!

Just when the crowd expected Tribe Leader Roland to refuse, the man spoke with resolution, "I agree."

The people were riled up once again. They stared blankly at Tribe Leader Roland. To them, the proudly standing old fool was the most witless person ever. Nonetheless, some of the spectators looked thoughtful. These were mostly people who knew Tribe Leader Roland personally. They knew that the tribe leader would never act so imprudently. There must be some scheme behind this seemingly foolish agreement.

"We have an accord," Old Chief Guo found himself feeling oddly calm as he received the card with 50 billion credits in it from the tribe leader.

Zhang Sunli glared at him condescendingly. He stepped forward and pronounced loudly, "I did not expect that you so-called Jie experts would be so materialistic. I’ve overestimated you." Zhang Sunli’s words resonated with many in the crowd. They too looked at Old Chief Guo with disdain, but dared not speak up.

Old Chief Guo took a quick glance at Zhang Sunli. He knew what the Boss was like, and did not care to waste the effort of arguing with Zhang Sunli.

Old Chief Guo turned to go back into the hotel, when another person spoke up, "Sir, please wait."

Recently, Old Chief Guo had been called "Sir" for more times than all the other times in his life combined. "It’s not easy to be recognized as a person of higher status," Old Chief Guo mocked himself. He turned back and found that person calling him to be Shi Xin.

Shi Xin stepped into the empty circle before the hotel entrance and hailed, "I too would like to be your disciple, and will accept your two conditions. Here is 50 billion credits as payment, please accept it."

Once again, the crowd exploded in an uproar. This was the biggest drama of their lives, enough to fuel gossips for decades to come. Never again would they encounter anything like this! Shi Xin’s guards were all stunned. Even Uncle Hua was speechless. He quickly made a call to the tribe leader and reported the events discreetly. He decided that if the tribe leader opposed this idea, he would force the Third Young Miss back home.

Inside the hotel, Ye Chong was already speechless. Another 50 billion credits! Why did it seem like any person could be richer than the previous one? However, why would anyone refuse money? Besides, Ye Chong needed the credits now. Even so, Ye Chong could not help but think about how poor they were compared to these filthy rich aristocrats.

Old Chief Guo saw Ye Chong nodded, and said, "Alright, since you have this determination, please join us." He accepted the card from Shi Xin and led the girl into the hotel.

Uncle Hua was struggling with himself, but he could only watch as Shi Xin entered the hotel, unable to stop her.

Shi Xin was already beginning to regret this. Was she being too rash?

She knew almost immediately what Tribe Leader Roland was scheming. Just who was behind this mysterious and powerful organization? She was sure that this group was not the full force of the organization. This was a power that could tip the scales on the power balance in He Yue galaxy. More importantly, this power was still a mystery to everyone. For now, she was the only one who could shoulder the responsibility of finding out more about this group.

It was after this chain of reasoning that she finally came to this decision.

"The girl has a bright future!" The middle-aged man in the crowd sighed with emotion.

A hundred billion credits had showed itself to the world. The people could feel the temptation, but no one acted on it for fear of the Jie experts.

Old Chief Guo entered the hotel and passed the two cards to Ye Cong. Shi Xin was observing them, and deduced that the lanky man must be the leader. Too bad that they were all wearing masks, concealing their faces.

Ye Chong said to Sang Ling, "Bring her to a room and take whatever she has on her."

Sang Ling nodded and led Shi Xin to a room.

Ye Chong looked at Greda, lying weakly on the floor, and said to Sang Tie, "He’ll be your disciple from now on."

Sang Tie grinned as he rubbed his hands together. "Hehe, alright." Upon hearing that, Greda instantly blacked out. The rest of the group looked at him with sympathy. Greda will almost certainly live a bleak five years as Sang Tie’s disciple.

Ye Chong nodded at Greda and said, "Take what he has on him too."

Sang Tie gave another laugh before carrying Greda into another room.

On the other hand, Greda’s guards were all released right then.

After a few minutes, Sang Ling and Sang Tie came out of their rooms, but the people they carried made Old Chief Guo’s eyes bulged. Shi Xin and Greda were both wrapped up in blankets. Shi Xin was carried horizontally across Sang Ling, but Greda was carried under Sang Tie’s arm, his white thighs showing occasionally through the blanket.

"What are you …" Ye Chong began.

Sang Tie was confused. "Didn’t sir asked us to take what they have on them?"

"You took everything they have on them?" Ye Chong wasn’t sure if he should laugh or cry. He had intended for any communication devices to be removed from them, but Sang Tie and Sang Ling had been so thorough that they had removed everything, even their clothes. He was left with two naked disciples.

Greda was still unconscious, unaware of his naked flesh. Shi Xin, however, was wide awake, but she hoped against hope to be blacked out instead, her face now flushed with embarrassment.

"Yes," Sang Tie answered matter-of-factly. Sang Ling shared his sentiment. Hai Lian and Old Chief Guo felt like fainting. The White Streak tribe woman clinging onto Hai Lian was surprised, but soon laughed heartily at the sight.

"It’s alright. What about their stuff?" Ye Chong asked.

"All destroyed, ground to a pulp." Sang Tie laughed sheepishly. Ye Chong looked to Sang Ling, and she nodded as well.

"Alright, good work." Ye Chong commended their thoroughness.

Extremists, the lot of them! Hai Lian and Old Chief Guo shared a bewildered look.

"We’re leaving the city." Ye Chong announced. Just like that, everyone stood up. Hai Lian, Old Chief Guo, the White Streak lady, Greda and Shi Xin were all carried by one member or another of the Sang tribe.

Just as Ye Chong and his group was about to leave, a woman’s voice suddenly came from outside the hotel. "On behalf of the clan leader, Duo Huan of the Xue Lai Clan would like to invite you as honored guests to our place."

The crowd was silenced. Only Duo Huan’s voice echoed in front of the hotel. The Xue Lai Clan had come for this group! Everyone shared the same thought.

Amidst the confusion, a man in black uniform stepped out of the crowd, wearing a cold expression. The sharper members of the crowd recognized this as Ye Bei, Consulate General of the Ye family on Lunaris.

Ye Bei stepped forward, reaching the side of Duo Bei and spoke in a low voice, "By the order of the Patriarch, Ye Bei would like to invite you all to the Ye family’s place to discuss some important matters."

They’re popular alright! Roland was pleased with his own foresight. The crowd around him was already gossiping loudly again. Two of the Three Aristocratic Families had issued invitations to the group. Any organization would be envious of this honor. Xue Lai Clan’s Clan Leader and the Patriarch of the Ye Family were both discreet personalities who preferred to stay in the shadows. Even those within the clan or family would rarely see them in person. Now, both leaders had issued an invitation for this group of people!

"Haha, looks like we all had the same idea. In the name of our Chieftain, Feng Wuqing of the Xi Feng Tribe would like to offer our hospitality." Feng Wuqing’s calm announcement was like dropping a bomb into an erupting volcano!

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