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"Freeze!" A team of men barged into the room through the other sealed door at the side. "Nobody moves!" From the uniform Ye Chong could distinguish them as the official combat squad members. Battle tights for all 10 men bumping in. Ten? Ye Chong was astounded. He was oddly sensitive to the number as that was a figure for standard squad of the Sanctuary.

The two candidates engaged in their fight did not notice the 10 armed men at all. Both of them wielded similar strength and they were so hooked up with their brawl that it could cost a bloodshed at any mistake for the moment. They should be in their thirties or forties, the age of perks of their entire life. They were great fighters too. Their techniques were highly refined and gradually the fists got real. The mere quarrel over a disagreement had developed into a flesh-shredding assault.


Ye Chong inhibited the overjoyed self inside him, as his widened eyes glued at the action before him. He simply would not want to miss any detail of this exchange of fists. His fighting skills remained as crude and very intuitive. Most of his victories solely depended on his overwhelming speed and strength. If he would be fighting the real deal like Instructor Hak and Feng Su, he would find his movements restricted and be under manipulation of the others. He would love to learn from these successors but… Instructor Hak’s techniques were unique to the Black Covers. They were very bizarre and Ye Chong could not learn by just glimpsing at the records without an official teacher to teach him; while Feng Su’s techniques had encompassed the application of the psychic power exclusive to the Mentalists. He did steal a few methodologies from Mr. Yin, however even the fundamental meditation was costing his life to put on. So in the end, in spite of the epic fights with them, he learned not much from the experience.

The two men in front of him were different nevertheless. The stances of defense and offense were clearly structured, the actions were concise and reasonably sequenced, which caught Ye Chong’s eyes. He kept imagining how he would pull off those moves himself.

Wei Xi standing at the side with her hands folded sent a glance at Ye Chong’s face.

Oh yeah! "Shang! Shang!" Ye Chong remembered something as he hurriedly called Shang, "Quick, record everything you saw through me. We would analyze it later. Sigh, how could I forget this?" His tone was filled with reproach.

"Yawn…" Shang’s voice was laid-back, "Am I a no-brainer like you? I had already started rolling the tape centuries ago. Ye, how many times must I-"

Okay, that’s all I need to hear.

Ye Chong had one less thing to worry about. He then shifted his attention back to the action at the foyer. The remaining lines from Shang were automatically disregarded.

The squad members came in and formed a circle to separate the innocents and the two fighting men. They kept the men at the circle and stayed still.

The men were still enjoying their fights apparently, as their actions became more brutal over the time. The scene seemed to have gotten grimmer than before. Ye Chong was so mesmerized by the sequence.

At that while when Ye Chong was bewitched by the sounds of fists crashing, the squad members finally took action.

Two of them at each side weaved towards the center of the hall.

Like lightning they rushed towards each other. It happened like a whirlwind as they turned into two beams of gray silhouettes. They crossed over each other and returned to fill in the gap they had left out.

It was so fast that most people would assume they were seeing things.

The fists stopped, the kicks ceased. The two men were as if frozen at the center, their actions were paused, like a sudden glitch in a theater.

It was dead silent at the foyer.

Creepy… It was creepy.

The pause lasted for 2 seconds then they fell onto the ground. They passed out, though Ye Chong could not tell if they were still alive.

The dramatic collapsed alarmed everyone in the hall, including Ye Chong.

But unlike the others in the foyer, Ye Chong saw everything through his eyes.

Right when both of the silhouettes overlapped each other, his eyes squeezed drastically as his pupils exerted a fine beam of glance of great focus! Wei Xi who had been watching the happening did not seem to notice Ye Chong’s strange eyes.

Horrifying. The two members must be the mentalists. A simultaneous sequence performed without prompt communication, of such rapport and such accurate grasp of timing, no one else than the mentalists could have done it!

The crossing point of the silhouettes was none other than the very center between the brawls of those men, since that was the point where the intensity was condensed, they had at least exchanged punches and kicks 10 times a second.

The timing when both mentalists got to each other flawlessly happened to be the split second when the two men withdrew their fists and legs! Within the distance barely a meter, the two mentalists crossed each other with their backs rubbing against. Ye Chong could clearly see the closest part they got together was no more than a centimeter.

Technically at that crossing point, one mentalist launched his knees at the abdomen while the other made a slam at the neck with his palm. The entire sequence of action happened in milliseconds!

Ye Chong tried to calm himself, his expression changed back to normal and Wei Xi shifted her sight back onto Ye Chong.

The two mentalists walked out of the circle with two unconscious men in their arms. The team eventually removed themselves from the foyer. Without a single bit of unnecessary noises, the foyer got back its dining pleasure. "Mhm, all done, it’s alright now! Mr. Ye," stated Wei Xi as she smiled at Ye Chong, "This foyer is mainly for social activities or a place for candidates to pass their times, but somehow people mistook fighting as a kind of social activity. Hehehe, Mr. Ye, would you like to stay here or would you like to move to your room at the moment?"

"To my room," replied Ye Chong.

Ye Chong’s room was Room 508. It was not spacious but it contained a range of facilities. Ye Chong stepped into the room, "Ye, be careful. The room has eyes," reminded Shang.

"Got it. Mhm." Ye Chong did not feel surprised of such extra implementation in the room. It would be more of a surprise to him if the room did not have security cameras in the first place.

"Well, this is it. Mr. Ye, this would be your room for the rest of your trip. There is a processor containing the manuals of all facilities in the room. An instruction manual for example, you could take a look after this. If you have any doubts in mind, you could always ask me. The communicator in you room is directly connected to mine. We are glad to serve you at any time!" bowed Wei Xi to Ye Chong again as she detailed the services.

"Thank you," Ye Chong also returned a bow to her. Well, the beast knew some basic courtesy at least. Of course, Shang shared a major credit in this for being proactively instilling him the humanity.

The room was dim. On top of a wooden antique table the very symbol of technological advancement, the processor sat, which the contrast was a little awkward to behold. The processor was connected to a communicator at the side.

Behind the table, an elderly in pale green garb was seated. And he was watching the visual showing up on the communicator, where Wei Xi was being projected.

"Tell me about this new applicant. You were at his service, you should know something about him I assume?" The elderly’s voice was deep and a little hoarse, his eyes were murky with occasional sparkles which would alert the people upon sighting. Anyone could have told that he was a mentalist from his clothing. His tone was calm yet a strong sense of authority of a higher-up could be felt.

"Yes sir, my pleasure," bowed Wei Xi in the hologram as she started pondering and recalling the moments she shared with Ye Chong, it took her a bit to piece everything together, "The applicant is very young… about 20 years old… as fit as a fiddle, though he was a little thin. He was even-tempered, cold to people, less of a talker and he was tenacious… From his reactions thus far, I could say he showed little interest towards lust and seduction. Mhm… he might have some backgrounds unknown to us. He did not seem like an active, impulsive youngster that I have known of. Very different."

"I see… I see… Looks like you have quite a remark for him." The elderly exerted bit of attention.

"Yes, certainly. I feel something utterly different of this person. I also doubted something…" Wei Xi paused a little while, "He could be an ace in combats or he should have an equivalent quality of offenses. He could even have a very rich experience in fights or wars…"

"I see!" The elderly was very interested, "I heard he’s a Skeleton Artisan, then how did he become an ace in combats as you have mentioned? What did you spot that made up such speculation from you?"

"Well…" Wei Xi quickly replied, "Once he got off spaceship, the first thing he did was observing the area. It was a very careful observation too. The first glance he set upon me was as if I was his prey or something. Those glances were sharp, only after my introduction, the glance got gentler. I think he realized that I showed no hostility. Besides, the way he walked and the way he placed his hands, the behaviors, every single part of his gave me feelings of a fighter. I’m not sure if it was out of his habits or mere coincidence, during the conflict happened in the resting area today, he portrayed immense enthusiasm towards the brawling. He was intensely attentive the entire time. Combining all of the clues mentioned, I suspected he could be an ace in combats."

The absolute beauty was stately as her voice went strong, which was totally different from her demure sweetie self who spoke softly to Ye Chong before.

"Mhm. You did a splendid job I must say," nodded the elderly approvingly, "I did not foresee that young man being this unique. Yes, yes, yes, please keep an eye on him. Report to me if anything happens."

"Yes, sir," bowed Wei Xi.

The hologram disintegrated into fickle glimmers in the air, scattered and fading away like fireworks. The statue of the elderly sat on the chair motionlessly. The only living thing on the statue was the eyes of his which blinked occasionally.

Ye Chong spent the following days literally rooted in his room. He hardly left his room for activities outside, which forced Wei Xi to pay him several visits daily. She was ever-ready at his service, with the enchanting smile and considerate nature of hers, which was a barrel of triggers to boil Shang’s fuel as he kept breathing heavily like he was on drugs or something.

In spite of her kindness, Ye Chong remained stoned in his room. Wei Xi found him eccentric as how a young man like him could stay in the room the whole day while showing zero interest towards the opposite gender. "This is too weird…" she muttered while standing before the monitor. These few days she had been watching Ye Chong over the monitor. She was aware of Ye Chong’s routine. Ye Chong would spend everyday at the processor, viewing a variety of design plans she could not comprehend. He seemed to be meditating on something. "No way," she mumbled as she recalled how she had tried showing these plans to other members on the ship and people had been telling her those were plans of commonly seen mechs in the market. There was nothing particular with them. They were worthless.

Plans for commonly seen mech? Nothing particular? Worthless? Then why is he spending everyday viewing them?

Or he had found out that I was watching him the whole time? That’s why he acted… 
The deduction flashed in her mind.

So she spent the next few days visiting more frequently than before… but nothing special had happened.

But was Ye Chong really dazing at the worthless design plans days and nights the whole time?

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