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Chapter 149: Onto the Nast!
The spaceship travelled steadily. "Shang… Shang!" Called Ye Chong in his mind, "Check out the course we are traveling… and detect the surrounding while you are at it!" exhorted Ye Chong.
"What…" yawned Shang.

"Don’t worry. Already doing it. Don’t have to remind me," spoke Shang slothfully.
The two men from the Sanctuary had presented excellent discipline. They had not even uttered a word ever since Ye Chong got in. So Ye Chong decided to close his eyes and have his mind rested for the moment.
They had already traveled for 30 minutes. The pilot was indeed outstanding at his skills. The spaceship traveled in consistent stability and the orbit did not fluctuate just because it was an easily-flipped miniature spaceship.
"Yawn…" Shang’s voice came laboriously, "Ye, there’s a major spaceship coming ahead. Would you like to hear more about it?"
Ye Chong could feel the obvious deceleration of the spaceship right at that moment. "Hmm." he pondered and replied, "Never mind. Just keep an eye on it. Shang, do you notice anything peculiar of that ship?"
"Peculiar? What do you expect? A ship filled with lassies? Wait, let me scan this ship and… Hm?" Shang choked his word out of sudden.
"What was it?" Ye Chong was shocked.
"This spaceship is in-built with jammers. My signals were all dispersed and I could not perform any kind of detection. The armor of the spaceship was made out of strange metals too. Ye, have a nice trip and good luck. Heh!" Shang acted helpless as he stated. Even though there was no screen to view Shang’s expression, Ye Chong did somehow have an urge to punch this metallic junk back to Trash Planet. But of course it was just an urge, there was always a time and place for that but not now, simply not now. Their difference in strength was still there, Ye Chong understood that this would be just another round of Shang flaunting his strength if he would ever raise his fist.
"Ye, we are heading into the inside of the spaceship." He might be a joker, but he still informed Ye Chong everything he detected.
Ye Chong felt the inertia not too long later. The spaceship jerked and stopped.
"Mr. Ye, you may get off board now," invited the beefy man on the assistant pilot seat.
He got off the ship and took a glance at where he was.
As what Shang had stated before, this should be the interior of the spaceship. He landed on a dock apparently. Its full metallic texture emphasized its steadiness and security. There were numerous other platforms at the same axis of his. And every platform was connected with a metallic bridge about a size that could fit two persons. At the other end of the bridge there lay a round pale green sealed gate.
The moment Ye Chong got off the ship, he spotted a lady standing by the bridge. And of course… "Ye! Ye! Ye!" The signature Shang’s commentary began… with his dramatic hurrah out of amazement, "Wowie, would you look at that Ye? It’s a beauty! Quick, move your stupid eyes there! It’s a beauty standing there and she wants you to check her out! I never knew there would be a beauty on a metallic cold ship like this! I’m such a fortunate one! My life is completed! Gosh! Oh seniorita… Tsk, tsk, tsk, look at that, Ye, look at that! That well-sculptured face of hers, that expressive eyes of hers, that curvy-as-her-body nose of hers, that sparkling cherry lips of hers, that wavy glossy hair of hers. Mhm, mhm, mhm! This should be a gentle, loving sweetie! Ye, let me tell you, a lass like this would be the best for marriage. Look at that extra THIC-"
Ye Chong’s mind:
> Ignore
The very first moment Shang shrieked, he decided to shut down his senses. Sometimes he really wondered if Shang would state someone being a beauty as long as that someone was biologically a female. Ye Chong tried to check this girl out with his viewpoint.
I’ll pass. This is not a f

emale in combats. That was the first conclusion he got after a glance.
The arms were slender and tender as hell, like the twirling noodles he saw in the hot pot back then. He seriously doubted if those arms could take 10% of his usual strength. There were no callus… no cuts… While for the physique, it was completely covered under that oversized one piece of hers, so Ye Chong could not tell. Her long hair reached her waist, waving as she moved. No fighter would have the hair this long. This would be dangerous in combats, it could even kill them! And her posture, what’s with her posture? She was standing with her hands crossed in front of her body. Any sane fighter would keep their hands always at the sides, letting it down naturally so they could react to any sort of casualties in time. That oversized one piece was a failure, it did not benefit the combats. Most fighters would prefer tights instead.
"Good day, Mr. Ye. Welcome on board to Nast. I am Wei Xi, your attendant. I’ll be taking care of your everything before the Level 5 Trial. May you have a good trip," bowed Wei Xi, she looked serene but Ye Chong could see the shock flashing in her eyes the moment she saw him.
"I see. Thank you," nodded Ye Chong as he replied monotonously.
Shang should be having short-circuits in his system, "Oh… *Zzzt* my *Zzzt* … That voice! That angelic voice!"
"It’s my pleasure to serve you sir. Please follow me," beamed Wei Xi at Ye Chong, she turned away and walked towards the sealed gate in pale green. Ye Chong followed her closely.
A corridor was behind the gate. It was a long corridor lit all the way to the end by a row of white lights on the ceiling. It looked quite refreshing for some reason.
Wei Xi gradually slowed her steps and let Ye Chong walk by her side.

She turned her face to Ye Chong, "I simply did not expect Mr. Ye to be this young." Dimpled as she spoke on, "It was surprising to me."
"Oh," flatly Ye Chong’s reply came, "really?" His expression was unchanged.
"Well, yes. Other than the doctor we attended last time for the trial, the rest of the applicants were of age above 30. From my observation, Mr. Ye, you should be not even 20 I suppose? Yet you have the courage to face the Level 5 Trial. Impressive!" Wei Xi nailed her awe perfectly.
"Oh? Really?" Ye Chong still was nonchalant.

"Oh? Oh?!" Shrieked Shang inside him, "Gosh, Ye, is this your way to reply a lassie?"
"Mr. Ye, could you tell me what your occupation is?" she asked out of curiosity.
He staggered out of sudden. Which occupation should I say…? Pilot? Modification technician? Mech mechanic? Chemist? Skeleton Artisan? I think I had quite a lot of titles in hand…
Somehow Wei Xi sensed the hesitation and inconvenience from Ye Chong’s reaction, "Well, if you are not comfortable to mention it, it’s okay, really!" She waved her hands, signing she was fine.
"Skeleton Artisan." After a moment of consideration, he picked Skeleton Artisan.
"Skeleton… Artisan? Such a strange occupation, Mr. Ye. I had never heard of it before. But it sounded amazing," Wei Xi expressed her adoration again.
Wow, she could know I’m great by my words? Ye Chong took an odd gaze at the female before him. Weird, very weird indeed!
Sensed the gaze from Ye Chong, Wei Xi quickly lowered her head. Soon her face was completely red, of scarlet that could drip sweats like her blood.
He did not understand the whole situation… but he did not have the interest to further investigate it. He withdrew his gaze and went back to looking at the front.
"Such a cute, adorable lassie! I like it!" And Ye Chong was wondering if Shang could break through the space-time continuum and jumped out from the alternate dimension without the keystone, judging by the amount of excitement in his words.
They held their conversation and walked on together.
They hit the end of the corridor and was faced by another sealed gate. Unlike the gate before, this gate required identity verification.
"Oh?" Wei Xi seemed to have noticed something while both Ye Chong and she stood by the gate, waiting for it to open, "A moment please!" As she realized that it was her mistake, she ran to the door and performed verification.
Beep. Identity Verified. Gate Opening.
"Please," she lowered her body as she gestured Ye Chong to make his entry.
After the gate there was a foyer inside. Under the hemispherical dome numerous sets of table-and-chair were placed. To Ye Chong’s surprise, they were all made out of wood. A cabinet sat at one corner of the wall contained various beverages.
Contrary to the emptiness Ye Chong expected, there were quite a number of people in there. Two to three of them sat together on one set of furniture. They were either drinking silently or exchanging conversation softly. The foyer was so quiet that Ye Chong could imagine Shang’s scream shattering the glasses.
No doubt Ye Chong’s arrival had attracted the attention of people around. And simultaneously all of them looked surprised in their eyes. This should be because of my age… I think. He took a glance and as expected, the guests consisted of elderlies. No wonder he became the center of attention at the foyer. Ye Chong did notice there were a few bulky men in their thirties among the group of guests however. Judging by their physiques, they had to be the combat squad members.
Under the guidance of Wei Xi, Ye Chong reached one seat at the corner and sat down.
"Mr. Ye." Briefed Wei Xi softly, "You would be led to your room a moment later. The ship would take about 13 days to arrive at its destination. The guests around you are like you, they are the participants for the Level 5 Trial as well. Should you have any request, please inform me. If it was within my capabilities, I would fully assist you in fulfilling your kindest request. I must also inform you however, for your own safety and the best traveling experience, kindly treat the other candidates with courtesy and keep a distance from them, considering how some of them could be potentially shady characters. If you ever felt your life being threatened or your routine had been put under dispute, kindly contact me. Should you have any form of conflicts with the other candidates, please be informed that both you and your counterpart would be disqualified immediately and you might be severely punished under the terms of the Sanctuary."
Demurely her lips grooved as she mentioned all precaution as well as rules and regulations in one go.
Ye Chong responded with an approving nod, while analyzing the information he had gotten from Wei Xi. She said 13 days, that means the destination should be very distanced away… Well she might be bluffing to confuse the passengers, to mislead them so that they could not figure out the exact location of the venue. Apparently the crew did not intend to let us know our location. Too bad the ship was installed with jammers and Shang could not bypass them somehow.
"The f*ck did you say!"
"So what? Loser!"
Right at this moment, quarrels were heard nearby as two passengers were standing against each other.
Their argument became louder and they sounded extremely angered by each other. Not too long later, they lifted their fists, initiating to fight.
The other passengers evacuated themselves hurriedly as they did not want to be involved in this.
Ye Chong was interested to watch an actual combat between the experts. He was astounded by the skills. Their techniques were of superior standards. Ye Chong could not imagine himself fighting against them. His skills were much inferior compared to these real deals.
So this is the standard of a Level 5 candidate? Ye Chong started to treat this trial seriously.
"Oh dear…" knotted Wei Xi’s brows as she pulled out the communicator at her side and mumbled a few words.

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