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Ye Chong observed the landscape carefully while taking a look around the mechs parked outside the building. They did not seem friendly. A fight could easily take place with these mechs around. Ye Chong could be ill inside, but his intuitive sensitivity towards a brewing brawl did not appear to be reducing anytime soon. Anytime, anywhere, where Ye Chong stood, he could feel the hidden violence wafting in the air.

The models of the 5 mechs were rather foreign to Ye Chong. Well, ever since Ye Chong ventured into the Orbits, he started noticing the fact how all the mechs in the Orbits happened to be utterly contrasting to the design and style of mechs outside. They were so different, obviously they came from totally dissimilar branches of the craftsmanship.

The mechs were of a variety of shapes, which most of them depicted the appearance of animals. That was quite rare at the other planets Ye Chong had been in. He did come across several kinds of beast-form mechs in the major galaxies but a great number of pilots took the humanoid model in actuality. Men were known as the head of all living things in the world. Thus it was likely for one to assume men being the ultimate ruler of the world. Their preference over a humanoid model could be justified for it was the pride of all men, disregarding the forces and the places, even the armory of Black Covers and the pilots from FMPA comprised a majority of these humanoids.

On the contrary, inside the Orbits, the mechs were literally animals - from insects and birds to beasts. It was as if Ye Chong had stepped into a mechanical zoo. He could see almost every kind of animals here, which many of the species were unknown to Ye Chong too.

The 5 mechs - wolf, spider, bird, gorilla and toad… I think? This was the conclusion after Ye Chong cracked his head figuring out the animals the mechs were portraying after a moment. And the accuracy? Ye Chong did not have the confidence to bet.

He was also unsure of the performance of these mechs in combats. He did find the positions of these mechs surrounding the house reasonable though. This could actually lock down the entire building, so no one inside could escape.

Ye Chong grabbed Nan Nan off his shoulders and laid her on Hei Zi’s shoulders instead. "?" Hei Zi stared at Ye Chong in bewilderment, "Both of you, get home first," whispered Ye Chong to Hei Zi, the expression was frightening.

"No!" Nan Nan pursed her cherry lips as her head rattled, "No! No! Nu! Nan Nan not heading back! Nan Nan wants to stay near big brother!"

"What are you going to do?" Hei Zi’s eyes were huge.

His question was not answered. Ye Chong returned a cold glare, which Hei Zi shunned at as he shifted his head away. He did not say a word next. His foot was rooted.

"It is bad. Nan Nan could be in danger," calmly Ye Chong stated.

"Fighting?" Nan Nan desperately clenched on Hei Zi, as she raised her chest, solemnly her sweet voice rang, "Nan Nan isn't scared! Nan Nan can fight too!"

"No, Nan Nan." As expected, Nan Nan was everything to Hei Zi. Reluctantly the tip of his toes struck the ground in agitation, "We are heading home. Mhm, I understand. I'll be sending her home. Take care!" His tone was stony, as if he knew what Ye Chong was going to do next.


That was Ye Chong’s classic monosyllabic reply.

"Put me down! Put me down! Bad Brother Hei Zi! I want my big brother! Put me down!"

Hei Zi carried the unwilling little Nan Nan struggling on his shoulder back into the mech. They left, which then liberated Ye Chong from his final worry.

"I am warning you!" It sounded like a howl from an uncontrolled beast, the voice boomed in the building. "Don’t you ever think I am a coward or something! F*cking hell I swear if you try with your stupid tricks again and I’ll make sure you can’t leave! You guys actually have the balls to come and mess with me! Heh! I would not give a f*ck to any of your last words anymore today! And whoever came and pleaded me, I would not f*cking care too! This is just elementary! I grew up with threats!"

It was so loud that every single word resounded clearly in Ye Chong’s ears.

It was a dead silence after. For the next 20 minutes, nothing had happened. "It seemed to be working." "Told you he’s the right guy to get deals!" "Right on!" The mechs outside were relaxed judging by the development, as they chatted happily in the communication channel.

Ye Chong was not certain of the situation, so he could not act just yet. He could have left and joined back Nan Nan with a formal apology to her highness. Although the doctor might be another wild goose chase in the end, he might not be cured, he had made his way here and seen everything! He was resistant at giving up this possibility which could be nothing in others’ eyes. If the fight did not end, he would get involved!

Well then, if violence was involved, Ye Chong no longer had other concern. To Ye Chong, this was merely a matter of competition in brutal forces, between two fearsome beasts aiming the same prey.

Wham! Zoom! Out of sudden a mech scrammed out of the building, speeding away. Nevertheless, the pilot inside the mech apparently did not expect to be surrounded by these many mechs, that he almost crashed into the bird-mech hovering in the sky. Ye Chong identified the lack of skills in the pilot’s capability, blatantly he failed to make a turn in time. He was crashing.

The pilots in the 5 mechs were too engaged in their happy-go-lucky conversation as they never foresaw this happening. It was chaotic for a while, starting with a shriek from the pilot on the bird-mech. Out of intuition of self-protection, he immediately shifted his mech to dodge this unknown crashing mech.

However due to this one dodge, the perfect lock-down was no longer perfect. There was a gap and the mech took advantages of it by attempting to speed through. The wolf mech hopped up high to block his way. The pilot inside the escaping mech was really bad at his skills. A scalded scaredy cat he was too! It did not take much of a hassle before the mech was locked down by the 5 mechs again.

They finally had a chance to take a closer at this mech. It was completely green, with 4 spreading wings, a bird mech it was yet a time smaller than the usual bird-mech. That was embarrassing… and ridiculous too! The 5 men found this absurd that they nearly let such a flimsy mech out of their grip.

This was known as the Greenbird. Similar to the Raven in the galaxies, a Greenbird was the model for beginners in the Orbits.

The guarding bird-mech in misconduct realized the fact that he was put under such an embarrassment because of this novice. "How would the group see me if I let a Greenbird nearly escape?" Shamefully he was angered as he actually made such a silly mistake. He activated all the cartridge in his mech and locked on the damned Greenbird. The pilot needed to be taught a lesson of life that mockery could cost! All it took would be a tap on the button, then that pilot would be in ashes!

"Hold your fire! Wait for the boss, he wants the pilot. Don’t kill the person just yet," the pilot in the wolf-mech calmly spoke.

It looked like the pilot of the wolf-mech was the leader of all 5 mechs. The pilot on the bird-mech was biting his teeth and grudgingly lifted his hands away from the control panel, obeying the order in rationality.

"Wait, if this guy is out and the boss is still in, does that mean something has happened to our boss?" the pilot in the wolf-mech was horrified.

The others seemed shocked upon hearing the inference too.

Boom! Abruptly, the sound of explosion roared in the midst of disbelief, as the 4 men witnessed their leader being transformed into countless specks. To their horror, there was no explosion actually! It sounded like an explosion but visually they just saw their leader "fragmenting". It was an unforgettable scene that would scar them for life. Within the flying specks of the mech, a mech with 4 arms and 2 faces drew near the remaining mates.

"Leader!" The 4 men were agonized. They could never believe the fact that their charismatic leader who cracked jokes with them before would be assassinated in split seconds right in front of them!

Who exactly was this strange mech?

The mystery only flashed in their mind once. That was no longer the matter! The remaining thoughts in their heads were about how they should slaughter and mince this merciless inhumanity into million pieces to avenge their brother! Their eyes were all in brute.

They went performing the inputs on the control panel, as they looked at their interfaces. To their terror, the screen displayed nothing! "But he is there! He’s right there!" one man stuttered with his lips shaking.

Impossible! The 4 men could not believe their eyes.

"Get to manual!" The pilot of the bird-mech was unexpectedly aware of the situation as he screamed. He then shifted from automatic/partial-automatic lock-on shooting mode to manual mode. As reminded by him, the remaining men also switched to manual mode.

"Finally we get to manual mode." The pilot in the bird-mech was relieved a little, believing that with his skill, he could finish the person for sure! The leader of their brotherhood had always complimented his shooting talents.

"I must avenge our brother!" Agony flooded his mind, his mental clarity had never felt so above-average before.

"It has to work!"

"Hahahahahahahahahaha! I’ll make sure you die in peace!" These were merely thoughts in his head. His hands trembled, holding the bullseye around; his eyes were glued on the screen, searching for that odd machine in desperation. "Where?! Where is he!" The strange mech seemed to have disappeared, leaving that greenhorn Greenbird all horrified, quivering at the corner.

"Third-eldest br- look out!" "Brother look out!" It happened so fast that the younger brother could not even address his elder brother in time.

The pilot in the bird-mech had his heart skipped a beat. "Don-Don’t tell m-"

A severe pain shrouded his body. He passed out next. In blurry vision, he felt the world spinning like merry-go-round as he saw his life all over again. He saw the strange mech, the specks around him, the spinning mates… they were spinning too, they seemed terrified, then he saw the the leader. It was darkness after that. He knew nothing next.

Pieces of mechs rolled over Ye Chong’s mech. Wow the 5 mechs were utter noobs! But it was weird the fact that he was never detected throughout the battle. "Don’t tell me… Yu Di has some sort of anti-detection mechanism too?"

The blood spilled on Yu Di a little.

To prevent from being noticed due to unnecessary dramatic explosion, Ye Chong picked his trusty steed, the magnetic blade to fight instead!

The remnants were all over the place, with the blood and some charred fleshes, it was a little frightening, Ye Chong had to admit.

The Greenbird seemed to be all jammed up by the rapid development of the story. Ye Chong frowned as he figured things out - that Greenbird ran from the inside, it had probably something to do with the Dr. Lu I had been looking for… He lifted the Greenbird with the arm of his mech. It did not flail, obediently it stayed still in his grip.

Well, I’ll hold it if you don’t mind.

The weaponry on the Greenbird seemed rather obsolete and could barely scratch Yu Di, which was why Ye Chong could daringly hold it in the arms.

Ye Chong piloted Yu Di back to Dr. Lu’s residence, with Greenbird in the grip.

At one corner nearby, a very average-looking man witnessed everything with his own eyes. In excitement… or rather fear he switched on the communicator with his quivering fingers, "Greetings…" In courtesy he spoke, "…Mhm… Yes I saw it with my own eyes. I swear. Yes, it’s the mech, yes, 2 faces and 4 arms. I saw it very clearly, it has to be it! Yes, exactly the same as the hologram visual we had gotten. Mhm, right, he is currently at Ancient Rock Street-753. Okay, he had just entered the building… I wonder what in the Haleyson he’s doing…" The man stayed quiet for a moment, listening to the question before he carried on speaking, "I did not see his face. Sorry. I am very sorry. Yes he was in a mech, that was why I can’t see his face… Mhm… he also killed the 5 mechs. It was horrible! I must tell you! It’s totally sinister! …Mhm, mhm, alright, thank you very much! Thank you sir! Thank you so much! I am always loyal to the organization, striving to contribute to the organization with better forces! Thank you for considering a recommendation to the leader! Thank you! Mhm, uh huh… yes! I will stay guard! I will guard this place with my life! No, no, it is what I should do always to serve you sir! Yes… truthfully yes! Good bye!"

He hung up. His eyes were fixed on the entrance of the building!

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