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"Ye, be careful. There is a 0.3 percent concentration of gaseous neurotoxin in the air, and it has a strong knockout effect! Hmm, there are three people unconscious already. I have not found the source of this toxin!" Mu warned Ye Chong.

Ye Chong was surprised. "A gaseous toxin? Someone released it?"

"Yes. The culprit is unknown, their objective is unknown. However, you’re not in danger, don’t worry!" Mu explained plainly.

Ye Chong had only a hazy idea of the situation. "Oh, I know that. Yu Di is fully sealed. But, Mu, what do you think happened?"

"While I did not see it happen, I believe the following deductions can be made - the people in need of treatment required a doctor’s services, but they were not welcomed by doctors themselves. Coercion became necessary to make the doctor yield to their request. This is the most likely scenario. However, there is also the possibility of a more complicated and unexpected sequence of events!" Mu replied.

"Aren’t doctors responsible to treat anyone in need?"

"That is basically accurate!"

"Since it’s the same routine of treating someone, then there’s nothing different in treating these people!"

Mu agreed. "That is so. However, a doctor has the right to choose his patients. This is common knowledge!"

"Right?" Ye Chong was confused.

"Yes. While a person’s rights should ideally not be violated, they will be ignored when those rights were in conflict with another person’s interests! Once a conflict occurs, it’s up to the capabilities of both parties to resolve their differences, the result of which will determine if those rights could be defended!" Mu explained insightfully.

"Hmm, the most important thing is still a person’s capabilities! These rights are ultimately pointless. In the end, it still comes down to a fight!" Ye Chong spoke with contempt.

"That may be true, up to a certain level. However, physical strength is not the most powerful, nor the most dominating. It is only a demonstration of one’s basic capabilities, and is limited in application. The power of social relations and wisdom are more formidable! However, these may be a little too difficult for you now!" Mu stated plainly.

"Oh, is that right? But I think physical strength is the most important part, and easier to make use of!" Ye Chong did not fully agree with the mech.

"Hmm, that’s because you’re not familiar the rules of this society. Using these rules to your advantage will be too hard for you. You’ll have to take it slowly. In this respect, perhaps Shang would be better suited for it!" Mu recommended Shang to Ye Chong!

"Shang? That bastard, I can only hope he stays out of trouble!" The thought of Mu’s alter ego brought a headache to Ye Chong.

Ye Chong and Mu exchanged their thoughts as he maneuvered the mech into the room.

The room was not too large. Yu Di made a wide hole in the wall and entered easily. The people in the room were all unconscious. As for waking them up, Ye Chong had no idea how. He was suddenly reminded of the fact that the mech pilot in the Greenbird he captured had escaped from here, and must have known more about what happened.

The wide opening in the wall coupled with airflow ejected from Yu Di swiftly dispersed the toxic air from the room .

Ye Chong tossed the Greenbird onto the ground and spoke coldly through Yu Di’s audio amplifier, "Come out!"

Greenbird collapsed on the ground in an awkward splay, laying still for a long moment.

Ye Chong knitted his brows, seeing the unresponsive mech. He whipped out Yu Di’s dagger and disassembles the low level Greenbird’s armor.

In that moment, Greenbird’s cabin opened in a swish, and a person wobbled out of the mech.

Apparently, when Yu Di released the Greenbird roughly onto the ground, the mech’s simplistic design with its mediocre hydraulic suspension system could not shield the pilot from the fall, despite the unremarkable falling distance. Greenbird’s pilot was dizzy from the fall, and could not respond to Ye Chong. Upon recovery, he looked right into the terrifying mech’s dagger. It shocked him to no end, as he panicked and made a hasty exit from the pilot’s cabin.

The guy before him was an unsympathetic killer. He had personally witnessed the five mechs outside crushed in an instant by him. Despite his vast experience in violent combat, this was the most bloody scene he had ever witnessed. Mech fragments mixed with blood and gore on the floor, making for a most unforgettable nightmare!

The guy was a murderous devil!

He stood in fear before the terrifying mech, face drained of color. Cold sweat rolled down his brows, and his legs shivered in protest.

Ye Chong took a good look at the person. He was thin as a stick, tall and pale. It could be his natural look, or the result of shock. He seemed like a studious person. "No wonder he’s so bad at piloting," Ye Chong thought to himself.

Ye Chong watched through the holographic screen at the three people lying on the ground, and asked, "Which of these three is Doctor Lu?"

The man paused momentarily before stuttering, "That, that would be me!" He immediately turned a few shades paler, fearful for whatever possible enmity the guy harboured towards him! He was beginning to regret his unbridled arrogance all this while. This was his retribution for all of his offences against others!

His declaration surprised Ye Chong. He did not expect this unremarkable looking man to be his target, Doctor Lu.

Ye Chong opened the pilot’s cabin and jumped to the ground under Doctor Lu’s frightful stare. "To jump down from so high up and remain unscathed, is he human?" Doctor Lu felt his heart tightened.

"Oh, you’re Doctor Lu?" Contrary to Doctor Lu’s expectations of a fearsome looking brute, the young man before him was lean and tall, not muscular in the least, and even seemed to be a tad refined. Even his voice was not overbearing, but the apathy and somberness in it warned Doctor Lu against causing trouble.

"Yes, I am, and you are?" Doctor Lu asked cautiously.

The young man did not reply, but asked, "Are these your foes or friends?"

The sight of the people lying on the ground sparked a burning fury in Doctor Lu. He spoke through gritted teeth, "Enemies! Definitely enemies!"

"Right!" The detached young man plainly acknowledged before moving towards the three men. Under Doctor Lu’s unsuspecting gaze, he produced a dagger and moved quickly. A slit of blood appeared on the throats of the three men. In two seconds, blood sprayed out of the three men’s throats simultaneously, red blooming on the floor, a most chilling sight!

Doctor Lu drew a cold breath, his eyes filled with terror. What little color that returned to his face now receded again. His slightly agape mouth was speechless. Doctor Lu swallowed hard, and unconsciously felt his own throat.

Ye Chong’s expression did not change. Those three were Doctor Lu’s enemies, and obviously with the five that he killed outside. Let there be no loose ends - Ye Chong believed in this principle.

Ye Chong’s ruthless methods had obviously terrified Doctor Lu.

It was a pity for these three men. One of them was even the leader of a significant local gang , who now died by Ye Chong’s hands, unaware of his fate till the end. Ye Chong did not know that a small move on his part had disrupted the local power hierarchy. However, even if he knew about it, he would probably not think much of it.

After dealing with the three, Ye Chong turned and walked towards Doctor Lu. "Alright, no one’s going to bother us now! Let’s talk business, I’d like to seek treatment from you!"

"Treatment?" Doctor Lu’s tight vigilance finally loosened a notch. He knew that his safety would be not be at risk in the near future.

"Yes!" Ye Chong replied.

"Then please come this way!" Doctor Lu had no intentions of bargaining. Only someone crazy would risk offending the merciless person before him, and Doctor Lu believed himself to be some average guy, lacking the courage to test the patience of this young man.

For a moment, he felt sad for the cold bodies lying on the ground. Despite their strength, they had died unconscious. However, he quickly gathered himself - with this, his sister’s death was finally avenged!

His younger sister had died under the hands of that bastard, and that was why he stubbornly refused to treat him! He had planned to kill those horrible miscreants himself after using the neurotoxin, but his teacher’s words haunted him. As a doctor, the blade in hand must never be used to kill! These were the final words his teacher left him before he passed away.

He could not bring himself to use his blade. After a hard struggle with himself, he decided to escape instead.

Without his treatment, the man would die in a year or two.

"Consider it punishment from the Gods!" He consoled himself so.

However, even that one year or two was snatched away by a murderer that came out of nowhere. The taste of vengeance was sweet and satisfying!

As he indulged in his reverie, they approached their destination.

Behind a door was the treatment room.

This was Ye Chong’s first time seeing a professional treatment room. The room was incredibly spacious. Unlike the brick structures outside, there were metals and all sorts of composite materials. Bright and spotless alloys shone with a silver-white luster. Clever arrangements of the soft white lighting eliminated any shadows cast by those present in the room. This prevented any difficulties in treatment due to shading, such as poor eyesight.

Ye Chong could sense that the air in the room was a lot cleaner compared to outside. The facilities were also clean to a fault.

There were many medical apparatus in the treatment room, their complexity a pleasant surprise to Ye Chong, who was proficient in mechanics. To compare mechs with these apparatus, the former would be broad strokes from a thick brush, while the latter would be intricate sketches from a fine pencil.

Once he stepped into the room, Doctor Lu was like an entirely different person. His fearfulness earlier had vanished, replaced with easy calmness and solemnity.

"First, please lie in the magnetic imaging pod! I’ll do a full body examination!" Doctor Lu spoke calmly, as though he was only speaking to an ordinary patient.

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