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Ye Chong carefully hid in a tree, keeping watch for Shang. The bouts of shrill cries from the trees behind him gave him the goosebumps. While he was used to matters of life and death, the pitiful cries still perturbed him greatly!

Ye Chong began examining his memories of the earlier encounter. The old man was able to detect his intrusion into the house. It was an impossible feat. If it was Ye Chong himself in the room, even his hearing could not filter the sounds of the tinkling wind chimes and detect the intrusion.

More frightening was the fact that Ye Chong was bound by the enemy without any chance of retaliation. That was a first for him! What he lost was not only his freedom of movement but also his sight!

It was too horrifying!

How did he attack? Ye Chong did not see the old man make any movements. It was truly baffling!

Suddenly, Ye Chong heard a soft shuffling sound. He gathered himself. Someone was here!

Ye Chong signalled in his mind to Shang to speed things up as he moved through the trees, agile like a mutant primate, in search of the old man’s visitor! On the trash planet, Ye Chong had always made use of the intercrossing metal beams in the trash to evade attacks from pursuing mutants. The tree branches were more flexible than metal beams, and more resilient. Ye Chong skillfully made a turn in the trees, the thick canopy providing him cover.

Among the trees, the holographic scanning system’s efficiency was impaired due to the complicated terrain. Even the most advanced scanning systems could no longer be completely reliable. On the contrary, human senses were more trustworthy! Of course, when it came to Mu and Shang, Ye Chong was unsure of their limits!

If he had heard it right, the shuffling sound was moving towards the old man’s house. It seemed that the house was the only one nearby.

Ye Chong carefully forged ahead.

A purple robed woman with a purple veil was walking along the route amongst the trees that led straight to the old man’s house. The shuffling sound came from her steps on the fallen leaves.

Ye Chong was startled. Was this not the woman he had asked for directions earlier? Ye Chong immediately relayed this to Shang. The mech replied that he was almost done, as he was just now repeating his questions to gauge the reliability of the information from the old man.

Ye Chong followed Feng Su cautiously, countless thoughts going through his mind. "What is with this lady? Does she know the old man? Er, Jia Zhuo had called him Mr Yin. She’s a superstar, why would she know a mentalist like Mr Yin?"

While Ye Chong was not familiar with the job description of a superstar, he believed that it was probably unlikely for the occupation to be related to mentalists! Besides, the fact that she was in the Orbits was also curious.

"However," Ye Chong thought, "it’s got nothing to do with me, right? What I need to do is to buy time for Shang."

Feng Su was not walking too quickly, looking fragile. Ye Chong considered knocking her out to avoid any mishaps. As for killing Feng Su, Ye Chong might have even considered that if not for Shang. However, with Shang’s fondness of Feng Su, Ye Chong did not feel like upsetting the mech with her death!

For Ye Chong, Mu and Shang were his best friends, the people he cared about most. In his heart, they were as alive as any human being! They were the most precious lives to him!

"Hmm, best if I knock her out." Ye Chong was confident of controlling his strength!

Ye Chong approached Feng Su silently, ready to deliver a blow to her nape to knock her out!

Suddenly, Feng Su stopped moving and turned, speaking severely, "Who’s that? Come out!" Her eyes looking towards the canopy where Ye Chong had hid himself.

Ye Chong was shocked. How did she found out? He did not make any sound at all!

Feng Su stepped a little wider, anticipating a fight, her hands in a battle-ready posture.

While he did not understand how Feng Su noticed him, Ye Chong held no fear against the women before him! To him, her physique was not match for his!

Feng Su glared coldly at the canopy to the left above. Someone was hiding there. Whoever it was, Feng Su was certain that they were hostile! Could they be some rapist, to follow her for so long before choosing to attack in this secluded area? Feng Su’s eyes flashed with killer intent!

The canopy rustled, just a bit. *Pheeww* A headwind blew, as a figure in green shot out towards her in an astounding speed!

Feng Su humphed coldly, angled her body slightly and avoided the figure as she bowed her head and silently hooked her leg upward into a back kick! Bam! The green figure hit the ground, revealing itself to be an arm-thick branch with some leaves on it. The branch stuck deep into the soil, half of it beneath the ground!

A chilling breeze kissed her nape; from the strength, the other party was looking to knock her out. The thought stoked her killer intent even further! This kind of rapist could only blame himself for his inevitable death by her hands!

Ye Chong suddenly found himself missing his target, and knew something was wrong! Fortunately, his attack was only meant to knock her out, the blow not packing too much force. He leaped backwards in retreat, and avoided a kick from Feng Su by only a hair’s breadth!

His successful retreat surprised Feng Su, her eyes turning serious. It seemed that she had underestimated her enemy’s speed. This guy was not going to be easy to defeat!

However, Feng Su was confident of her skills! While the guy before her was definitely impressive to the average person, it would only take her slightly longer to claim victory!

Turning back to face her enemy, Feng Su had a clear view of the enemy for the first time!

Feng Su’s eyes narrowed. "Black Cove’s men?" The man before her was wearing a mask very familiar to her. She was knew many things about Black Cove, and the mask with F-58 engraved on it could only mean that this was Number 58 of Team F!

Strange. If she remembered correctly, Team F was posted at the outermost ranges of Black Cove. Why would Black Cove send its weakest members to the Orbits? Would Black Cove not know about the Orbits? The thought was swiftly dismissed! Impossible! Black Cove and the Orbits knew each other well, how could such a clumsy mistake be made?

Could it be that there were more powerful members nearby? And this was only someone keeping watch? If that was the case, could the opponent’s target be Mr Yin?

These thought flashed through her mind, and it seemed more and more plausible by the moment. Feng Su’s killing intent raged! She must quickly disable this lookout to send out a distress call and rescue Mr Yin! Feng Su believed that if the one from Black Cove was not that particular person, she would stand a chance to help Mr Yin!

Ye Chong was experienced in life-deciding battles, and was sensitive to his opponent’s killer intent. He felt her readiness to kill, and while he did not understand the change in intent, he was still fearless of the battle!

Feng Su was determined to end the battle quickly!

Ye Chong watched her closely, not underestimating her because of her gender. However, he did not initiate an attack, since his primary goal was to buy time!

Suddenly, a strange gleam flashed in Feng Su’s eyes!

Ye Chong started. A mentalist! "To think that she’s a mentalist," thought Ye Chong, as he decided to not hold back any further. He leapt to action, moving evasively like a flickering shadow, a blur of a figure, hoping to confuse the opponent’s vision and avoid being targeted.

"Phew!" The expected feeling of being bound did not come, and Ye Chong exhaled in relief. It seemed that the plan worked!

While Ye Chong was rejoicing, he saw the woman lunge towards him!

Since he could now avoid the attack, Ye Chong grew more confident and aimed a punch towards the enemy!

Feng Su twisted her body and easily avoided Ye Chong’s punch, closing in on him.

"Close-range combat?" Ye Chong analysed calmly.

Ye Chong had always preferred close-range combat. His robust reflexes and outstanding strength and speed could make up for his lack in battle techniques in close quarters!

Ye Chong dared not hold back now. He believed that if Shang had to decide, the mech would probably prefer to have him live than her! Besides, how could he die here?

Close-range combat was also vicious, without room to hold back, for any movement could mean life or death!

The two engaged in tight combat, the stakes self-evident!

In the blink of an eye, Ye Chong’s attacks changed from the force of hurricane storm to a barely manageable assault!

Ye Chong groaned on the inside. His opponent’s movements seemed to be assisted by some sort of foresight. Whenever he was about to attack, she seemed to anticipate the blow, and Ye Chong had not even had grazed a blow against her since the battle began. On the contrary, the opponent’s attacks were sharp and unavoidable. Despite Ye Chong’s robust reflexes, he had received quite a few hits. If not for his sturdy build, he would probably be seriously injured!

The strangest part was, up till now, she had never taken a blow from Ye Chong. His every punch met with empty space, and that sense of a hollow attack was very dispiriting for him. He was more powerful and faster than her, but the attacks never landed!

Occasionally, his eyes met Feng Su’s mysteriously gleaming eyes, and Ye Chong could not help but shiver in his mind.

Ye Chong figured that, with the way things were going, he would get more and more disadvantaged!

Abruptly, Ye Chong came to a sudden realization and felt like slapping himself. His goal was not to kill her, but to buy time! Ye Chong felt enlightened, but the momentary distraction earned him another fist and a kick!

Ye Chong quickly moved backwards in retreat. If he could widen the distance between them, his superior speed would allow him to avoid attacks more easily!

Feng Su followed him closely like a parasite, obviously realizing his intentions.

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