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The difference in speed was evident the moment they competed. Ye Chong was obviously leading. It was common sense to know that he possessed an absolute upper hand in velocity. He travelled so fast that he only flashed by like faint images in naked eyes. Feng Su was also such a blitz as it moved in afterimages, which however stayed incompetent when compared to Ye Chong’s skills. The distance grew fast between them.

Well, a master Ye Chong sounded like, yet he was not actually having an easier time dealing with this woman. He planned to rush straight and make a few sudden turns to get rid of her. In spite of that, such trick did not seem to work as this peculiar woman, as if a feline in the jungle, always managed to follow his turnings immediately. It felt like her intuition was at the same frequency as Ye Chong’s brain or she was aware of such crude tactic by Ye Chong, that she could even estimate the timing of turning and act accordingly in horrifying accuracy. Puzzling, puzzling indeed to Ye Chong.

It was getting spookier each time! No way!

Ye Chong was never alone. The opponent received the same shock as he did. "When did the Black Covers get this strong? A thrown-out grunt being this potent? Did we miss out something important on our observation? Why is there such a vast difference compared to the information we obtained?"

Feng Su’s heart panicked as she raced on and began to discern the inhuman strength and abnormal level of dexterity in possession by the opponent. "That pace too…" A momentum she could hardly compete with - other than the severe lack of skills, it was amazing. With his potential, if he mastered the Black Covers’ combating skills, he would bring disasters. No! In fact, he would be the disaster itself!

It only required a nod from the Black Coves, then he would be a great fighter in no time.

But how could the people from Black Coves miss such a brilliance? She was well aware of the forces behind the curtain, still she could not believe that they would make such a costly ignorance. She was shocked yet she was glad that apparently Number 58 did not learn that signature assaulting skill from his former organization, or she would be the busted one for the day. The skill was terrifying enough to make her hair stand by just imagining it.

The residents of the Orbits admitted to not the greatest force, but only to the wisest use of force.

The best outcome would only be achieved when the force was used in the wisest way. Certainly, the kind who held the greatest force in the galaxy would be none other than the pilots themselves. Nevertheless, it did not signify the insignificance of the other occupations like the fighters. The ones who combated brutally, no one would ever agree to the assumption that the fists of the fighters were no match to the iron walls of the mechs. A pilot would always be bound to the sequence of deploying a mech and entering the cabin after, and within that time frame, a skillful fighter could assault the pilot countless times before the corpse of the pilot rolled into the cabin.

So… Never look down on forces of any kind!

The afterimages of two phantoms lurked in the path of the forest, chasing each other.

"Jajaja!" Shang’s voice rang in pride, "Ye, that old gramp had spat everything! Woohoo! We are on the jackpot! Mentalist sure is interesting! I had already emphasized the fact that I could make anyone spit with my techniques! But man… that old gramp had a spine missing in his body. You know what I’m saying! He only lasted 20 minutes before he coughed out all he knew!" Shang probably meant that the old gramp was spineless…

"Of all time. Shang, you jerk!" While having a road-runner show with Feng Su, Ye Chong cursed as he was forced to bear with Shang’s words. He no longer had the mood to play with the wild kitty, as he turned to the other side to meet with Shang somewhere else. He was making his escape. He ran as far as possible to Shang he reckoned.

A twist, a stomp to the ground, a tur- Ye Chong’s legs felt tightened.

Ye Chong was astonished as his body tilted to the front like being pulled by inertia. Fortunately he reacted in time. He hit the ground with his palms, lifted from the ground like a spring, his waist charged up and he made a flip. Feng Su’s eyes glared strangely as her speed rose sharply. The luster in her eyes waved like odd beams as she moved rapidly.

Right when Ye Chong repositioned himself, that woman launched herself into him. That fair palm of hers inched towards Ye Chong and blatantly she aimed his throat!

The more dangerous the situation became, the calmer his thoughts turned. He maximized the speed of his hands as his right hand vanished and reappeared before his throat while his left hand had shifted to his chest, shielding his heart.

Ye Chong might be an enemy, but an impeccable enemy he was. Compliment blinked in her eyes upon seeing how Ye Chong was still able to react in the nick of time. That speed was also an overwhelming surprise to her.


It was not sufficient to stop her attack!



Ye Chong moaned as the rib on his right felt ruptured. He scowled as he went jabbing Feng Su’s neck. The dead-or-alive situation had once again ignited the potential in Ye Chong. The speed of his hands had gone beyond what the naked eyes of humans could capture!

It missed Feng Su, as his hand slid through her cheek. Her prediction saved her again! She was pleased when she made a bend before anything else. Zoom! A sharp hiss cut through the air! Fear filled her eyes in a second. She could almost smell and feel death. She had never felt this close to death before.

Ye Chong hurriedly jumped up high.

She straightened her body and the aftershock lingered in her mind with bewilderment a moment after, wondering what in the Orbits Number 58 was doing. No fighter would go into the air as there would be nothing to grip onto to fight back! If this was his attempt to make a strike, that would be fruitless! His performance was outstanding the whole time. He should not be using such a low trick… Or… this… Was this a trap?

Ye Chong jumped up high. The blast he made on his feet was immense.

No you don’t! Feng Su estimated the final height of Ye Chong as she also launched herself, striving to grab and pull him onto the ground. It was not her concern whether it was a trap! She would break him for sure!


At that very point of time, things changed. A blue-white mech arrived in the scene and caught Ye Chong from mid-air. The next moment she knew, they disappeared.

Her eyes did see everything, including the appearance of the mech, well, most of it. That blue-white mech…


"Ah!" Could it be…

Her mind went chaotic as she mumbled in disbelief.

Ye Chong was hung in Shang’s right hand as his eyes coldly fixed on that woman who had wounded his body! It was inevitable that her other attributes were far inferior than Ye Chong, yet she almost had him. What a scary feline! What a horrible woman! No! Such fearsome mentalist!

Shang glided between the trees agilely. He was fast and moved with grace that the ace pilots were sweating just by seeing his performance.

Outside the woods there lied a broad lake, which was unfamiliar to Ye Chong. The incoming wind felt humid with a faint refreshing sensation. The water was crystal clear and mechs of all walks of models were flying above it.

Before he could utter a word, his back felt hollow as he drastically fell. He panicked.

"Ye, I’m dreadfully sorry… I…I… fooled around too much just now… I had run out of energy… I…I…I…I am…h…heading back to…di…dimension," only silence followed afterwards.

"Shang, you jerk!" cursed Ye Chong again. Even a saint like Ye Chong in most times could not bear with such crap as he fell all the way down haplessly.


Ye Chong fell into the water as he was gargled by the river. Ye Chong might be an expert in piloting but he was still a novice in swimming. He did not know how to swim and he was struggling, drowning! He inhaled the fine portion of the mere air he got and he walked in the water. Due to his amazing control of his speed, he could feel the flow of the water clearly. As he became much calmer when being closer to death, his brain discerned every single bit of information in the surroundings. He analyzed instantly with his past experiences as he attempted a variety of coordinations of his body in the water.

Not too long after Ye Chong dropped into the water, a purple mech zoomed by the lake.

The air flow created by its speed lifted ripples on the surface of the lake.


A head popped out on the lake, grasping for air. That was Ye Chong. The mask on his face somehow fell off when he was underwater. His face looked pale after holding his breath for so long.

Cough! Ugh!

He spat out the plants from his mouth. Ye Chong concluded his discovery on a method to stay on water and not to sink. His legs stepped on the water rhythmically, trying to stay afloat with the flows he created, though he had probably drunk gallons of them.

I am not expecting to be saved!

He clumsily propelled towards the shore. He whimpered as his wounds ached by water and his exaggerated movements. Damn you Shang! If you get back on… No! I should never get you back on! This was like the nth time Ye Chong cursed the drugged robot.

Well the cursing did not help Ye Chong in any bit, not even to distract him from the pain he had to suffer. If it was Mu, he would not have to suffer any of these! Only Shang this jerk could be such a nuisance to drop him into the water! Ye Chong laughed bitterly.

When he finally got to the shore, he collapsed. His calves felt strained… The fight with Feng Su was too energy consuming as every move could cost his life. Most of his stamina was depleted in the end. His wound… It was bad, especially after being dipped in the water for too long… It was a miracle that Ye Chong could still hurl himself to the shore.

He was tired, so tired that he could barely lift his fingers. He could imagine himself never waking up again if he ever fell asleep.

The star blazed like a fireball. The warmth showered onto Ye Chong’s body, comforting and hypnotizing it was, like the cradle of safety. His eyes grew drowsier… but he could not… he could not sleep… this was not a place to rest.

He never expected to be this weak one day! If he would be this weak back on Trash Planet-12, he probably would have became an empty skull gashed by the engulfers.

The sound of footsteps trailed in his ears. There was someone coming! But well… Ye Chong was too worn out to even open his eyes. He knew his fate, that he could not fight back even if the person was hostile. He ridiculed himself, yet he tried to adjust his breath, trying to accumulate the very last ounce of his strength.

The person came before him.

Here it goes!

… …

Nothing happened. It was surprising to Ye Chong. Nonetheless he had to stay alert, though it might have been pointless in the end, as he looked as good as dead. He tried feeling his breath and eventually, he could feel his strength coming back bit by bit.

Ye Chong never opened his eyes as he assumed that would make the foe reckless. Well, if he were to show resistance, he could only dish out one strike at his very best. At least he could paralyze the foe with a blow of his arm or something… then he would have a cushion for the night, assuming the foe was truly hostile that is.

Out of the blue, he felt the person gently pushing his body!

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