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" The five-leaf Tianshan Snow Lotus, the purple-red scenery, the seven lines of any first, withered cliff wind dogwood, weak water at the end of the Atractylodes macrocephala Koidz, three-leaf licorice, Yundian fog Cherong, South China Sea Peng Ge turtle glue. . . "

Qian Shuxiao looked at the thick piece of paper in his hand. The more he looked at it, the more frightened he became. " Ye Ge, are you sure we are just trying to get started? Isn't this a test of immortality? How can you use so many strange herbs! I haven't even heard of many! "

" However, don't worry, I'm sure I've collected all these herbs. " Qian Shuxiao dian the paper, " this one? No? Ye Ge, I didn't say you. You probably don't really know my money family well. "

" Who said one for each?" Ye Que glanced at Qian Shu and smiled, then said, " Look at the end, look carefully. "

Qian Shuxiao was stunned and picked up the piece of paper, freezing after he had read it.

" Everything! "

" One hundred catties! "

Qian Shuxiao rubbed his eyes and looked at them again. Yes, it was 100 catties each.

" Ye Ge, do you need so much?" Qian Shuxiao has seen a lot of the world. At this time, beads of sweat appeared on his forehead.

On the other hand, Ye Que looked like his natural self. " I told you just now. After reading the list, I'll brag about it. You probably have to ask your grandfather for instructions. "

" These are nothing is not needed? Do you think it is possible to delete it?" Qian Shuxiao felt a little weak for the first time in his life. He was really afraid that he might not be able to make it. These herbs are not ordinary goods by name alone. If only one copy of each is needed, he believes he can do it. However, if each sample weighs 100 kg, it is beyond his ability.

" Everything has to be purchased. "

" Not a cattie less. "

Ye Que said indifferently before shrugging. " If you wish to train alongside me, these are pre-requisite items. How can the training of someone I introduced be ordinary?"

" Is there no room for discussion?"

Ye Que shook his head.

" Well, I'll go to my mother now, I told her, these things are for his son to marry a daughter-in-law, I see if she can make it. I still don't believe it. A mere 100 catties of herbs can still make me laugh. " Qian Shu laughed loudly and shouted.

" It's a 100 catties of each, and not a total of 100 catties, " Ye Que interrupted, his expression not showing any emotion.

Hit the nail on the head.

" Brother, can't you let me cheer myself up?" Qian Shuxiao said morosely and left Cuizhu Garden.

At this point, it is already late in the morning.

Ye Que rubbed his eyes and went to the empty space in front of the house and punched. It is a set of entering boxing techniques of Qingqiu Sword Gate. It was originally used to loosen tendons and forge bones for disciples.

A set of punches came down. It looked as if it was a fist breaking the wind, but in the wind it was firm but gentle.

Within three zhangs, with firm but gentle as the rotation, with leaf deficiency as the heart, all the spiritual power is rapidly absorbed, like an invisible tornado, boxing wind, spiritual power.

At the same time, these spiritual forces absorbed into Ye Que's body converge to the position of Xinmen Snow Mountain through the eight channels of the strange meridian, and then slowly purify Tian Yuan.

At first, when practicing gobbledygook, a wisp of golden Tianyuan like silk thread has gradually grown into the size of hemp rope.

If you don't take too many steps, you'll never reach a thousand miles. If you don't accumulate small streams, you can't become a river or a sea. The same is true for the road of spiritual practice. If one gathers less and becomes more, one can succeed with perseverance.

When Ye Que was concentrating on his spiritual practice in the small garden of Cuizhu, a young girl stormed into the general office two blocks away.

The intruder was Qian Shuhua.

" Ye Yunhai, Ye Yunhai, get out of here. "

" Today you must give me the words clearly, why want to marry a vixen? Where am I worse than her?"

" In school, how did you promise me? Have you forgotten now?"

" Has your heart been eaten by dogs?"

Qian Shuhua shouted in the general's office, but no one dared to stop the gathering because everyone had seen and knew the girl. This is a big miss Qian Fu, the apple of the Qian family's eye, unless tired of living, who dare to provoke easily!

What's more, who doesn't know, this girl has always liked her second son.

Qian Shuhua, the eldest daughter of the Qian family, likes Ye Yunhai, the second son of the general office. This is not a new thing in Luoyang. It is a well-known but untold secret. I'm afraid he and General Ye Lao were kept in the dark.

Qian Lao and Ye Lao had some feuds when they were young, so no one of the next generation of children dared to associate with each other. If they were found, they would definitely be beaten.

If in the past, she would not have stepped into the general government if she had given money to calligraphy and painting, but today, she has to come.

Don't come, her man will be robbed.

It is intolerable to endure which cannot be tolerated. At this time, where can I still manage the hatred of the older generation? I have to fight for my own happiness!

" Stop shouting about calligraphy and painting. The sea of clouds is not at home today. " At present this kind of situation, also can only Ye Yunhai mother Xiao Huating to come forward.

Seeing Xiao Huating speaking, Qian Shuhua's momentum suddenly weakened by three points, and he stopped calling Ye Yunhai's full name. After all, he was her future mother-in-law. " Aunt Xiao, let me meet Yun Hai's brother. He came back from Luohe yesterday, but he hasn't heard of him going out today. "

Xiao Huating explained softly, " The sea of clouds is really not at home. Can my aunt still cheat you?"

" however, I sent someone to wait outside the general's office early in the morning and did not see brother yun hai go out. " Qian Shuhua can be sent away in three or two sentences. She came to ask for an explanation today.

Xiao Huating looked at Qian Shuhua's angry appearance and frowned. " This is all my aunt can say to you, believe it or not. "

" Also, my aunt has to advise you that it has always been such a truth that men should marry when they are big, women when they are big, parents and matchmakers. "

" This is the rule, and no one can be an exception. "

After listening to Xiao Huating's explanation, Qian Shuhua kept his head down for half a day and did not speak.

When she looked up again, her eyes were already full of tears, and she looked at Xiao Huating with her red eyes straight at wait for a while. " But I like Yunhai elder brother, and I know Yunhai elder brother likes me too. He can't marry that Lin Mei son. If he marries that person, he won't be happy, and he certainly won't be happy! "

Let money calligraphy and painting such a noise, almost half of the general office people gather together. Those who did not dare to come to the front yard also listened with their ears firmly erect. If no accident occurs, the whole Luoyang city will be able to spread the news of today's event in the morning but at night.

Today, I'm afraid it's not just Qian Shuhua and Ye Yunhai that are shameful. The whole Qian family and the general government and even Juejian Villa have to suffer, which has become the talk of others after dinner on the wine table.

Xiao Huating's face had cooled down by this time, and the money, calligraphy and painting in front of her also looked like she would not stop until she reached her goal.

As time went by, the door of Ye Yunhai finally opened with a stubborn voice. The second before the door was pushed open, a voice finally came from inside.

" You know I like you? Who did you hear that? Why don't I know? Who I want to marry and who I don't want to marry is my own business. It's not up to you to dictate. Who do you think you are? Brother Yun Hai, do we know each other very well? Please don't call me that in the future, it sounds awkward and nauseated! "

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