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A sleepless night.

The sun rises yet again.

As Ye Que walked out of his house, a ray of warm sunlight shone on him, giving him the look of an impressive swordsman from afar. The Spirit Sword Gathering Formation, a technique that was created using the 13 Mother and Children of Spring and Autumn Swords as its core, allowed him to quickly devour any surrounding Spiritual Force as and when he wished, and it even began to alter his natural qualities.

In the past, Ye Que was introverted, but now, he was open and daring, like a sharp sword that had been unsheathed.

Just out of the door, Ye Que looked around unexpectedly. Overnight, it seemed that earth-shaking changes had taken place in the Qian manor. No one felt it last night, but now there are so many yogis. In this small courtyard where Ye Que is located alone, he sensed the breath of the three experts of Pre-celestial Realm.

" It seems that Qian Shuxiao's grandfather has already started making arrangements."

It should have been reported that Qian Shuxiao soon rushed up with two huge black circles under his face. It seems that he definitely did not have a good rest last night, even stayed up all night.

"Brother Ye, how was your rest?"

" Gee!"

" You look strange today, sharp-edged, and a little scary!" Qian Shuxiao started to cry out before he arrived, but his voice became softer as he approached. In the end, one could hardly hear him. It seemed that he was in awe of Ye Que's aura.

" Nothing strange, just the spring and autumn period and the child mother 13 sword drawn into a sword array, income in the body. There may be some extra money these days, but it will be fine in a few days. " Ye Que said.

" Put a sword array in your body?" Qian Shuxiao asked in surprise. " It's too horrible to hurt yourself."

" No."

" Go ahead, come to me so early. What's the matter?" Ye Que did not believe Qian Shuxiao's expression. This fellow is an actor by nature. The whole person's expression is completely controlled by himself. He laughs when talking and laughs and cries when talking. necessarily true. It is estimated that most of them are flattering.

" Flower chief cocktail party, I have already told the old man, including of shushan the disciple surnamed zhuo. The old man said, as long as we don't pay the government, he will keep us safe. Even Shushan won't come here to arrest people directly, but if we leave the government, we need to be on our guard. After all, the flying sword of Shushan is too sharp. "

Qian Shuxiao changed his old smirk and said solemnly.

" Is that all?" Ye Que seemed to have expected it, and looked up at the buildings of Qianfu. He thought to himself, " I didn't notice just now. It turns out that the whole Qianfu mansion is a large array, and it is really difficult for ordinary people to break through when the array is started."

" Is that all?" Looked at the money book smile awkward appearance, leaf asked again.

" One more thing."

Qian Shuxiao rub the rub hands, look embarrassed, seems to be some uneasy.

" Brother Ye, I want to ask you one thing."

" I want to practice with you."

" I hope you can be my guide and guide in practice."

" I don't want to be a businessman anymore. I also want to fly into the earth and live forever!" With that, Qian Shuxiao breathed a sigh of relief and looked at the leaves sincerely.

"Based on statements from diners yesterday as well as the identification of the corpses, there were originally three more people indeed. One of them was the Young Master of the Qian Manor, Qian Shuxiao. He brought a foreign woman to stay in the VIP room. The other one was called Ye Que, also a foreigner who came to Luoyang to visit relatives. The only thing was that Qian Shuxiao and Ye Que left together afterward and the rooms were charged to the former. From the looks of it, he didn't return home for the entire night."

" Really?" Ye Que asked.

" Sincerely." Qian Shuxiao hard nodded, " the first time I saw Ye Ge, I had this idea. Standing on the dragon boat yesterday and watching you pull open the phoenix nest and shoot the cunning lizard, this idea became even more firm. I made up my mind when I saw you sweep all the monster beasts on the deck with thirteen swords. "

" I want to practice. I want to be like you. I can be fearless when encountering demons." Qian Shu laughed loudly and said.

Ye Que looked at Qian Shuxiao and did not promise in a hurry. He looked around casually. " I think there is not no capable person in your Qian Fu. Why did you choose me as the guide?"

" These people are all my grandfather's or my father's, as well as those from my ancestors." Qian Shu smiled and pointed around. " I didn't choose any of them myself. every generation of money owners has a pair of wise eyes and firmly believes in their own eyes. once they choose, they will never waver."

" If the Qian family can survive for a thousand years, it will always rely on the help of noble people."

Qian Shuxiao stretched out his hand and pointed to Ye Que. " Ye Ge, you are the noble I have chosen. I believe in my vision and intuition."

" Therefore, I hope to follow you in your spiritual practice and promise that one day when I am here, the Qian family will be Ye Ge's forever friend and will spare no effort."

Staring at Qian Shuxiao for a long time, leaves lack of heavy voice asked, " want to clear? There is a road to study hard in Shushan, and the sea of learning is endless. This practice is 100 times more difficult and even life-threatening than the sea of learning in Shushan. "

Qian Shuxiao did not answer, but his expression became more serious. His eyes were bright and firm.

" If you just want to keep fit, the 30 pieces of gas quenching Dan have more than enough, but if you let me be your guide, it is not that simple. This body of yours has already passed the age of optimal practice, and it takes a lot of energy to reverse it. " Leaves short of looking at Qian Shuxiao body, pondered over and said.

" Consumption?"

Qian Shuxiao paused, subconsciously answered, " The problem that money can solve has never been a problem for me."

" Well, as long as you think clearly, I can be your guide."

Ye Que pondered for half a ring, then said, " Wait for me here for an hour, I'll write a list, you go shopping, and when you're ready, start practicing. First of all, you should prepare two copies of the items on the list, one for you and one for me, and consider them as my remuneration. I also need to improve my accomplishments as soon as possible in times of trouble. "

" Yes, I will prepare two copies if you don't say so."

" After reading the list, I think you may need to look for your grandfather."

After Ye Que finished speaking, he motioned with his hand and went back to the house.

A cool breeze blew, and it was peaceful in the small green village.

Soon, all the maids and pages around got up one after the other, drawing water, cooking, and the fireworks were getting stronger.

Sitting in the pavilion of the small garden, Qian Shu was drowsy with a small wind blowing with a smile.

I don't know when, a cool breeze blowing, head suddenly hit a blow hammer. Qian Shuxiao, who woke up in his sleep, opened his eyes and saw his own sister, with her hands in her waist, facing her crossly and coldly, looking angry.

" What's the matter, sister, who made you angry?" Qian Shuxiao asked, looking perplexed.

Looking at Qian Shu Hua next to him, he stared, panting, gnashing his teeth and asked, " did you attend a cocktail party yesterday?"

" Yes."

" Has Brother Yun Hai gone too?"


" the second son of the general's office."

" Yes."

" Did he bring a woman, Lin Meier?"

"What's the matter? Is there a problem? "

" I heard people say, that Lin Meier is the fiancee that Brother Yunhai's mother selected for him? Is it true? "

" It seems to be true."

" Then why you didn't tell me earlier."

Qian Shuhua finished with a blow to Qian Shuxiao's head, then left angrily. Qian Shuxiao was used as a punching bag.

" Qian Shuhua, are you my sister or not?"


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