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"Audacious! Who are you?"


Before Li Changfeng left the residence, a loud sound reached his ears at the dark night.


Three people rushed out of rooms of Wang Residence, fast like arrows.


"Heh, there are hidden mighty cultivators!" Passion appeared in Li Changfeng's eyes. He turned round to avoid a long sword running to him. Under the darkness, the sharp sword covered by magic strength was easy to be found.




Seeing someone shooting out sword to Li Changfeng, Oscar fell into fury at once. He stomped the ground and kicked out a big stone, which had been a footstone before.




Oscar picked up the stone that was large as Li Changfeng and then threw out.




The huge stone quickly rotated and flew in the air. The toneless sound caused by it frightened almost all people here.


There came the cracking sound.




The stone smashed a big tree in the yard into two parts and then hit the marble ground heavily.


The shocking sound caused by the dropping stone startled all people who ran to Li Changfeng and Oscar. Except for the three people who were covered by magic strength and moved on the basis of martial skills, all other people stopped their steps automatically, because they thought they would have no use in the subsequent battle.


"Don't fight against them! Let's go!"


Observing the distance between them and the three people being shorter increasingly, Li Changfeng made a judgement immediately. They must leave here; it seemed to be difficult to deal with the three people.


Li Changfeng's footstep was flexible while Oscar's was heavy and loud, making Li Changfeng helpless. There was no difference between daytime and night! No matter how dark the sky was, others could also find out them. Oscar's footstep was like a spy, betraying their positions.


"Stop!" Li Changfeng turned round and looked at Oscar immediately.


"We combat with them here?" Oscar instantly started seeking handy weapon.


"What the hell!"


Li Changfeng couldn't help kicking Oscar due to anger. If they attracted the soldiers on patrol, they would meet big trouble. "We need to act separately now! You directly leave White Tiger City and head for Pig Head Mountain. Otherwise, you can't get rid of them. I'll stop them."


"Em?" Oscar got confused straight.


"Go! Now!"


Facing Oscar's perplexed eyes, Li Changfeng kicked him again. The three people got increasingly close to them. There was no time for explanation. By the way, Oscar couldn't understand Li Changfeng's words even if Li Changfeng explained to him. Because Oscar was really not smart!


"Okay, leader, please attention!"


Although Oscar didn't know the reason why Li Changfeng made such an arrangement, he still followed Li Changfeng's order to run to the entrance of White Tiger City.


Hearing Oscar's footstep far away, Li Changfeng took off his upper outer garment and used it to cover his face.


"What a stupid! If I predicted the current situation, I wouldn't call him! I would come here alone! What the fuck!" Li Changfeng rear grasped the dagger and prepared to confront the three people.

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