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Li Changfeng guided Oscar to avoid the guards on patrol in the General's Residence and climbed over a wall to reach street.


Late at night, there was almost no one on the street of White Tiger City, except for military reserves on patrol. It was so quiet that even the sound of a needle dropping down could be heard!


They ran fast all the way. Soon, Li Changfeng and Oscar reached the outside of Wang Residence.


"I get in first! If there is not strange, I will inform you and you get in. When we two enter the residence, we act separately. We need to figure out whether the missing elves are here. Understand?"


Li Changfeng grabbed Oscar to hide in a dark corner, pointed to the high wall and warned Oscar.


"Get it!" Oscar nodded earnestly.




Li Changfeng got in a daze for a short while. He thought he didn't give a clear explanation to Oscar. After all, Oscar didn't know the elf missing incident. But Oscar expressed that he understood Li Changfeng's meaning. It seemed that Oscar was smarter than Li Changfeng thought!


Now that Oscar understood, Li Changfeng gave up explaining more. He then jumped up and trod on Oscar's shoulder, arriving on the wall of Wang Residence. Like the fallen leaves, he silently landed on the yard.


Li Changfeng observed the rooms with gleaming lights and guards on patrol, releasing a sigh. The vigilance work of Wang Residence could be on a par with that of the General's Residence, even surpassing. Obviously, Family Wang was very wealthy. Most of the rich frightened death, so they would pay much attention to vigilance work.


After a nearby guard team went far, Li Changfeng knocked the wall to give Oscar a signal that he could enter the residence.


There came crack sound in a sudden.




Li Changfeng got surprised and gazed at the wall behind him at once. The sound almost made his hair stand up! What a scaring sound!


The sound became louder.


"What is he doing?"


Li Changfeng got more nervous. He didn't know what Oscar wanted to do. But seeing the slowly convex wall, he had an impulse to run away.


Watching the embossment on the wall being more obvious and crack being larger, Li Changfeng couldn't help moving and rolled to the other side. Before he stopped, a "boom" sound echoed.


The whole wall was overthrown by Oscar directly.


Staring at the raising dust and the mess, Li Changfeng was dumbfounded. What was Oscar doing?


Oscar peeked out his head and jumped into the residence. Then, he walked stealthily to Li Changfeng and squatted down.


"Hey, leader!"


Peering at Oscar's high-blown expression, Li Changfeng really wanted to beat him up. Oscar made such a sonorous sound! Was it useful for hiding? What the fuck!!!


"You're so awesome!" Li Changfeng gave a thumbs-up to Oscar and then slapped Oscar's head. If he could predict the current scene, he would go here by himself! But it was too late! Someone was running here. There was no time for Li Changfeng to criticize Oscar and regret.

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