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Apparently Ririna completely ignored my warning, and continued trying to get close to Kaburagi. But apparently the upperclassmen girls were like a wall and things didn’t go as she wanted.

When I asked her,

“Is Ririna causing you trouble?” she answered, “Not at all,” but expression told a completely different story. So I told her “I’m so sorry. I will speak to her later,” and apologised.
The girl was flustered that I was apologising to her, but I asked her to immediately tell me if Ririna was causing problems. Anyway, if she’s doing crazy stuff where I can’t see her, I need to know.

Once time when I was heading to the salon, she ambushed me and pestered me to take her along. I told her that I couldn’t but she wouldn’t listen. Thankfully, Aira-sama happened to be walking past, and she gently persuaded her.

In the end, I heard from her that her mother was originally a Pivoine member, and as a child she talked to her about it. She claimed that if she lived close to the primary school, she would “Definitely have gotten in!”

Apparently her conceit is coming from the misconception that she’s actually Pivoine as well.

Later, Tsuruhana-san told me sarcastically, “What a cute cousin you have.” I couldn’t find anything to say.
I think my stress is hitting its peak.

And so, I’ve come to a fast food place.

With all my stress, I have to eat, or else!

Just in case, I sat in the corner. And I felt a little out of place too.

A ketchup covered meat patty, with pickles, onion and cheese! What a cheap taste!

The chips are so yummyy. There’s heaps of ketchup too.

But I wonder what I should do about Ririna.

We love Oniisama, but then as a romantic partner, we go for the complete opposites to him, Tomoe-senpai and Kaburagi. We admire Aira-sama as well. Uwahh, I really don’t wanna be similar to her.

Earlier, I apologised to Aira-sama. She gently consoled me, telling me “You have it rough, don’t you, Reika-chan. If there’s anything I can do to help, just tell me,” but I absolutely couldn’t bring myself to trouble her like that.

Aahh~ Why did that girl have to make it into Suiran?
I gulped down the watery tea.

Maybe because of what Aira-sama said, Ririna didn’t try and push her way into the salon anymore.

Even my group was starting to really frown. This is bad… At this rate, my position is in danger.

Lately, my stomach has been hurting often since 1st period.

Should I just flip out?

One day, Ririna finally angered Kaburagi.

It’s a rule amongst his followers that they should never approach Kaburagi when he’s with Yurie-sama, and especially not get in his way, but Ririna ignored it.

When it comes to those who interrupt his precious time with Yurie-sama, he takes off the mask of indifference he usually wears, and shows his emotions.

But did Ririna not know that? Since the other nuisances weren’t here this time, she ran over to Kaburagi like it was her chance, just as he was trying to get into a car.

He shouted “Cut it out! Never come near me again!” and left Ririna standing there, before riding off with Yurie-sama trying to calm him down.

She asked me to do something about it, but what can I possibly do.

Somebody save me.

The rumour that Ririna angered him spread in an instant, and I was having trouble keeping my chest high anymore.

Still, the stares from Tsuruhana-san’s group are really uncomfortable.

When I went to the Pivoine, I found Kaburagi and Enjou there, so I braced myself and went to apologise.

“It seems that my cousin caused you problems yesterday. I am truly sorry.”

I said, and bowed.

After staying quiet for a while, Kaburagi gave a huge sigh and said,

“It’s fine.”


“It’s not really your fault or anything.”

“But she is my cousin.”

“Then do something about it.”

“I have been trying to do something about it, but…”

“You’re pretty useless.”

Kaburagi chuckled at me.

Feeling relieved, just as I was thinking that I would help myself to some tea, somebody dropped the bombshell,

“Your cousin is here looking for you.”

I headed for the hallway in a panic and found Ririna talking about wanting to directly apologise, and asking me to get him to meet her.

Anyway, even when I told her to leave, she just dragged things out and kept talking.
After we continued that countless times, the door to the salon opened, and Enjou appeared.

“Hey, you should really cut this out already. If you anger Masaya any more than this, I don’t know what’ll happen to you, okay? I bet you don’t know that your cousin, Kisshouin-san, has been lowering her head to various people for your sake. After all, if you did, you wouldn’t be doing something so shameless, right? The reason that you’re still fine after making so many enemies out of the upperclassmen is because Kisshouin-san has been doing nothing but apologising for your sake. It’s because Masaya knows this that he’s stayed quiet all this time. But even that’s coming to an end.”

Enjou pierced Ririna with a cold gaze.

Speaking of which, the manga Enjou got angry like this a few times too, when it came to Kisshouin Reika.

At least say goodbye, dammit.

“Umm, I am truly sorry for this. I even bothered you, Enjou-sama.”

“She was bothering us as well. I thought it was about time to do something.”

“Is that so.”

Ririna, you were really on the brink, you know.

“But Kisshouin-san, this means that you owe me one.”


“It can’t be that you thought I was helping you for free? You’re really naïve, huh.”

Enjou gave a sweet smile and before he headed back in, he left me the words,

“I’ll be collecting my debt one day, so don’t forget, okay?”


Because of Reika, I am off to McDonalds at midnight.
– Estelion

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