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Chapter 3

Now then, the Pivione has its own salon inside the school grounds. A luxurious room that’s already gone way past a school room, and is more like the living room in a royal suite in some first class hotel. What’s more, it even has its own exclusive concierge.

The Petit Pivione salon is inside the primary school section, and as a member I need to show my face there. If I never associate with the Pivione even though I was privileged enough to be chosen, it’s quite possible that the backlash would make me some enemies. When it comes to human relationships and contact, communication is important.

Honestly, I don’t actually hate going to the salon. There’s yummy sweets after all, and I even hear information about the school from my upperclassmen. If that was all it was, then I might have been happier to go there.

But the salon has “that person”.

“that person”

Right, Kaburagi Masaya, the Emperor.

To begin with, the Kaburagi family is a group that has hands in businesses around the world. A wealthy clan that leads Japan. And of course, just like the Kisshouin family, they’ve inherited blood from former nobles. In terms of peerage,

the Kaburagi are apparently higher ranked though. Apparently some of their ancestors had a really esteemed lineage.

Honestly, we’re not on the same stage…

No flaws in any aspects. A perfect clan. That’s the Kaburagi.

And the direct descendent of that lofty family is Kaburagi Masaya.

The boy himself has already displayed the necessary calibre to inherit the family. Even though he’s only a Year 1 student, he already has this aura that makes people want to obey, and when he glares over the people with this beautiful face that reminds you of a blue flame, he really does seem like an emperor.

Even right this very moment, he’s sitting boldly in a special seat like it’s natural. Even the idea of giving this seat up to somebody else doesn’t seem to occur to him. As expected of the Emperor.

Just like bees gathering around honey, people are gathered around Kaburagi Masaya. And he’s paying almost no concern to them, and is instead looking out the window in boredom. Just what kind of upbringing would you need to raise a six year old so bored of life. A sovereign’s upbringing? If you give a child a sovereign’s upbringing, is this what they turn

turn into?

If it’s that boring, how about you go outside and play some dodgeball or tag? But well, unfortunately there are no such children in the Suiran schoolyard.

I wonder if this kid can actually play like a normal child. The image of Kaburagi Masaya going kyaa kyaa kyaa on a unicycle comes to mind.

Uu-pfft-pfft, just imagining it is funny.

Or so I was thinking as I was watching him from a distance when he suddenly looked me right in the eyes. Geh-, he’s frowning at me. Could it be that he read my mind!?

Hieeeeee, I’M SORRY, I’M SORRY!

Faking the body language of somebody thinking “My! I have suddenly remembered something I needed to do in the classroom. I must return at once!” and then casually, CASUALLY, averting my eyes from him, I left the salon like nothing happened.

S-, Scary. I couldn’t find the courage to look back.


“Reiksama, did you go to the Petit Pivione salon?”

When I returned to the classroom, a girl from my class spoke to me.

“Yes. I had some tea.”

Another girl came to my side and asked,

“Umm, was Kaburagi-sama there?”

with a blush on her face.

“Yes. He was in

was in fact there.”


The girls began kicking up a fuss, going kyaa kyaa!

These girls aren’t members of the Pivione, and Kaburagi Masaya is in a different class to us, so they haven’t really had many chances to get close to him.

“Are you close with Kaburagi-sama, Reiksama? What kind of conversations do you have in the salon?”

I’m not close, and I’m not planning on getting close.

“Kaburagi-sama is a taciturn person, and I have basically never spoken to him. Most of the time I chat with the upperclassmen Oneesamas after all.”

“My, is that so…”

The girls immediately lost their excitement. Mm~mm, I’m sorry. If possible I’d love to tell you some wonderful stories too, but this has to do with my future, so.

“I’m sorry. I couldn’t meet your expectations. Ah-, but he was eating chocolate. Perhaps he is fond of sweet things.”

For these depressed girls, I tried my best to reveal the fruits of my observation. It’s nothing big, but how about it?

“Wahh, Kaburagi-sama eating chocolate. I want to seee.”

“I love chocolate too. I’m just like Kaburagi-sama!”

“If he likes chocolate then I’d better prepare some high class stuff for Valentine’s!”

Ooh, they liked it more liked it more than expected. For now, I’m glad that they’re happy. But isn’t it a bit early to be thinking about Valentine’s?

“To think that you girls would try to ask Reiksama about Kaburagi-sama.”

“Honestly, how rude.”

Oh! It’s Kisshouin Reika’s followers #1 and #2. Kazami Serikchan and Imamura Kikuno-chan.

In Kimidol they also adored Emperor together with Reika and chased him around, but it seems that they’re already fans of his in primary school.

They’re acting like they’re angry for my sake, but they actually just don’t like the fact that other girls get to hear stories about him too. They’re my followers so I guess they want me to give them exclusive information.

“It was unbecoming of me to carelessly spread rumours about Kaburagi-sama. Seriksan, Kikuno-san, I’m sorry as well.”

“Ah-, no-”

“For Reiksama to apologise,”

The two of them panicked and followed up with a smile. Since they’re all fans, wouldn’t it be fine to just happily talk about their idol(Kaburagi Masaya) together? Later, I’ll make sure to tell the two of them what brand of chocolate he was eating, so I hope they get along with these girls.




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