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Chapter 4

gokigen’yoh: if you haven’t experienced marimite or anything featuring a lot of rich girls, ‘gokigen’yoh’ is basically the ‘hello’ and ‘goodbye’ for rich girls.

“Reikojousama, welcome home.”

A car from my family came to pick me up at school. It was to avoid abductions and the like, and with study and practice materials already onboard, I headed to my afterschool lessons instead of home.

The life of an ojousama is hectic.

After school I almost always go to practice of some sort. Unlike the children going to public primary schools in their neighbourhood, the students at my school all live at different places, so to begin with we couldn’t just leave our stuff and go play together, but even without that everybody was busy with lessons, so after school it was just ‘gokigen’yoh’.

Now then, today’s lessons are for flower arrangement and piano.


“I have returned.”

Aahh, so tired. It really is hard studying two things at the same time. Piano is pretty fun in its own way, but flower arrangement is… Honestly, it’s all one’s sense in aesthetics for that.

Once again, my flower arrangement was a mess today, and it didn’t turn out too well. Apparently my arrangement didn’t look complete to my teacher, because she asked me what I was going to do next, but that was pretty much the limit for my pleb aesthetics, so no matter how much you ask, Teacher, nothing else will come of it you know?

In the end my teacher said, “Now wouldn’t it be better like this?” before plucking things out and rearranging it, and the end result was an arrangement that had nearly none of my work in it. I’m sorry for being a poor student, Teacher.

After changing out of my uniform I headed to the living room and found that Oniisama had just returned home.

“Welcome home, Oniisama!”

“I’m back, Reika.”

Right. I didn’t know it, but Kisshouin Reika had a brother, you know.

To begin with, Kisshouin Reika only appeared as a villainess, so unlike the protagonist or the Emperor, we never got to learn much about her family. At most, her parents appeared a little during the engagement incident. And the

the readers didn’t want to know to begin with. Ah-, tears are…

“Oniisama, were you at club activities today?”

“Yeah, that’s right.”

My brother Kisshouin Takateru is 13 years old, and 7 years my elder. Right now he’s in his second year of Suiran’s middle school section. He’s in the kyudo club, and goes there a few times a week.

Takateru-oniisama is such a gentle and upright person that I couldn’t believe that he was that Reika’s sibling.

“Your private tutor is coming after dinner tonight, right? Then until dinner, won’t you listen to my story?”

I love Oniisama. In my past life(? Can we just settle on it being my past life? This is getting annoying.) I only had a little sister, so I can’t help but having an older brother that spoils me.

“Sure. What do you want to talk about? How was your day, Reika?”

Oniisama patted the seat next to him while he said that, so I immediately sat down next to him like a doggy being called by its master.

“Today I had piano and flower arrangement practice, you see.”



I happily told him about how piano was fun, and how I messed up in flower arrangement.

Today Oniisama wasn’t doing quite so well at kyudo club, so,

“Oniisama, shoot this fan do~wn.”

I said, as I waved a fan made from a magazine I found on the table.

“Nasu no Yoichi? You sure know some difficult stuff for being so little, huh.”

He was a little surprised.

Hmm? I can’t tell what common knowledge is for a Year 1 student.


After I had dinner with my family, Oniisama returned to his room with his tutor and began to study, so I sat down in the living room to spend some time with my parents.

“How was school, Reika?”

“It was fun.”

“Reiksan, how was the Pivoine?”

“Everybody was wonderful, and made for good models.”

After I entered primary school, Okaasama stopped using -chan with me and switched to -san instead. I’m her daughter so she could just call me Reika, but apparently this is how people do it in high society.

Okaasama is from Kyoto, so she never went to Suiran, and because of and because of that, it seems that she’s fixated on it, and the Pivoine in particular. With her own daughter as a Suiran member, and what’s more, a Pivoine member, apparently she couldn’t help but feel proud. Whenever I talk about the Pivoine, just like I am now, she looks as happy as she can be.

“Speaking of the Pivoine, have you become close with Masaykun of the Kaburagi family?”


Otousama looked at me with expectant eyes.

“No, not particularly. That personage is only close to certain friends of his.”

When I said that, Otousama looked obviously disappointed.

Otousama is trying to use Reika to become friendly with the Kaburagi family, isn’t he. Perhaps her father’s influence is part of the reason that even after being coldly rejected multiple times, Reika never stopped chasing Emperor in Kimidol. Of course it also had to do with Reika’s natural disposition though.

However, Father! Destruction visits the overly ambitious, you know!

No, seriously, we really will be crushed, so Otousama, for now please just stop your dishonest management.




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