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Shrieks swept the Jinyun Hall.

Several waiters were so frightened they almost dropped their trays.

From now on, they wouldn't allow girls to come in, or at least, young girls. It was too scary.

The narrow corridors were in chaos as the girls shrieked and ran away. The door was left open, and Xianglan, kneeling on the ground saw what she expected to see.

Inside the room, a man and a woman without their proper clothes on were lying together on the ground.

Everything was just as she had anticipated. The man who was hiding in the cupboard climbed out and embraced the woman in the room under the influence of the drug

Everything was perfect, except for the girl who was her young miss.

This time, they were screwed.

Xianglan saw black and promptly passed out.

The people who had followed after the running girls saw slivers of the scene, because these girls were covering, they could only vaguely see someone lying on the ground.

"A murder!" someone shouted.

The next moment, the Jinyun Hall was set on fire again. People poured in, the girls squeezed to the side, except for Ning Yunyan, Fang Jinxiu, Jun Zhenzhen, and Jinchuan.

They were still standing, rooted to their spots.

Ning Yunyan's face turned red then white. Red was because she had never thought she'd see such a sight, and white because of what she guessed had actually happened.

Fang Jinxiu's face was red, the color half embarrassment and half anger. Embarrassment was from seeing this scene, and anger was from what possibly could have happened.

Jinchuan covered her mouth because she was reminded of the possibility that could have become reality. She turned to Miss Jun.

Miss Jun was just as before, no changes in her expression. In fact, she was even calmer than before.

The noise behind her increased in volume, there were shouts of strangled surprise and awkward laughs. Very obviously, the people around the door could very clearly see what had happened inside.

The Jinyun Hall attendants drove away the crowd.

Fang Jinxiu suddenly jumped forward.

"Miss Lin! Miss Lin! Are you alright?" she shouted out, like her heart was being torn to pieces. "Wake up!"

As she shouted, she violently grabbed Lin Jin'er from the ground and slapped her twice.

"Wake up!" she shouted out again, ruthlessly slapping her another two times.

Seems she just wanted to wake up this young miss.

Miss Lin.

Fang JInxiu's voice transmitted outwards.

Miss Lin's name could not be hidden. The attendants sighed internally.

For this to happen, the Jinyun Hall had to give an explanation. They hurried to ask Fang Jinxiu to leave.

Fang Yunzhao also grabbed Ning Yunyan.

"Don't look," he advised, covering Ning Yunyan's eyes with his hand. Then he turned around, coming facet-to-face with the girl next to him.

Standing this close, seeings so clearly.

He finally met her again.

He had thought of many scenarios and many situations, but he had never thought of this.

In his ears was a terrible racket, bystanders were in heated discussion, the attendants were opening the door, asking the crowd to leave. The Lin Family's servants were rushing over after hearing the news. The other girls' servants were milling about their own young misses.

The corridor was in chaos.

But he could only see her.

The girl was also looking at him.

"Zhenzhen, let's go," a female voice said.

Zhenzhen, Jun Zhenzhen?

Ning Yunzhao looked at her, hoping that she would remain standing there.

Miss Jun lowered her gaze, nodded at him once, then left.

Ning Yunzhao lowered his gaze.

"Noble Son Ning, please move out of the way," said an attendant in his ear.

Ning Yunzhao did not say anything as he walked a pace with Ning Yunyan in his arms.

He had thought of many opening lines he would say to her when they would meet again, considering his words and even his expression, and imagined her answer.

But it was actually so simple. A nod, and silence.

Indeed, their relationship should really be like that.

The clamor in the Jinyun Hall died down, like nothing had ever happened. The people who were watching the activity were quite clearly led away and admonished.

Although no one would talk about it in the vicinity of the Jinyun Hall, a young miss and a man privately doing something immoral in the Jinyun Hall could not be hidden. Sooner or later, it would spread.

Right now, the most pressing thing was clearing up what had happened.

Many people had been chased away, but some were prevented from leaving.

"Why won't you let us go, the one who did this wasn't us," Fang Jinxiu said, her eyebrows furrowed.

The attendant just looked helpless.

"We did come here with her, so now that something happened, of course we have to stay," Miss Jun said.

Fang Jinxiu snorted.

"I did not come with her," she said. "I don't even know her."

You were the one who just shouted the person in question's family name and slapped her four times.

The attendant looked at Fang Jinxiu without saying anything.

Miss Lin's face was swollen from the slapping.

Although Fang Jinxiu had just said that, she did not leave in anger. She sat down.

Jinchuan looked at her happily.

Although Third Miss was impolite in her speech to Young Lady, ever since she declared that Miss Jun was the Fang Family's young lady, Third Miss regarded Young Lady as part of their family, someone to be protected.

Of course, she could not say as much. Otherwise Third Miss would be too embarrassed.

"Young Miss, have some tea."

She hurried to pour tea.

Miss Jun made a motion at the attendant.

"We are here to wait for Miss Lin to wake up and for her family," she said.

The attendant gave her a thankful smile, then retreated.

On the other side, Ning Yunzhao also nodded at the attendant.

"Okay, we will wait a moment here as well," he said.

"Why do we need to wait!" Ning Yunyan shouted out, her voice trembling.

"No matter what happened, we didn't come here with her."

"Yes, yes, w-we don't even know her," said another girl in a shaky voice.

But you shouted her name as you pulled open Miss Lin's door.

Isn't saying you don't know her too flimsy an excuse?

The attendant looked at them helplessly.

Ning Yunzhao signaled for the servants to stop Ning Yunyan, then nodded and waved at the attendant.

The attendant thankfully retreated.

"Big Brother, this is something not related to us. Lin Jin'er was harmed by Jun Zhenzhen," Ning Yunyan said.

Although her voice was still clear, if you paid attention, you could hear the trembling in her tone.

"This is all in order to explain that this is not related to you. Everybody saw you open her door. If you don't explain it clearly, other people will say you were a part of this," Ning Yunzhao explained.

Tenth Noble Son Ning's words were very trustworthy. Snuggled next to their maids,each of the young misses nodded.

"That's right, Jun Zhenzhen will definitely push this matter onto our heads," Ning Yunyan told everyone.

By 'other people' he hadn't meant her.

Ning Yunzhao fell silent for a moment.

"Why did you go find Miss Lin?" he asked.

Ning Yunyan felt her heart pound.

"Because, because she and Jun Zhenzhen are on good terms. They came here together and deliberately sat in a neighboring room to us, and deliberately provoked us to bet. Today, everything was probably because of her, so I went to go ask her," she hurried to say. She looked at the other girls. "Right?"


Several of the girls frantically nodded, not forgetting to look at Tenth Noble Son Ning shyly.

Ning Yunzhao looked away without saying anything.

That moment, a high-pitched scream could be heard.

The Jinyun Hall's private rooms were made excellently. But at the moment, the windows were opened, so despite the excellent soundproofing, the girl's voice still transmitted well. Because of the acoustics of the Jinyun Hall, the noise spread fast and lingered, adding an even more horrid feeling.

The girls in the room couldn't help but squeeze closer together and shiver.

"Miss Lin is awake," Ning Yunzhao said calmly.

One girl after waking up, she would see that everything is a nightmare, or rather, a nightmare that she could never wake up from.

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