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Jinchuan jumped in fright, hurriedly coming in front of the blushing Fang Jinxiu, when there was a knock on the door.

The attendant walked in, respectfully offering up a banknote

"Young Miss, your money," he said.

Your money.

My money.

Such pleasant words.

A smile bloomed on Miss Jun's face.

Fang Jinxiu watched stunned.

"You see, you're getting all entranced by money," she said. "Really, how shameless."

Jinchuan's lips curled into a smile, happily looking at the banknote in Miss Jun's hand.

"Young Lady, you've won so much money," she said cheerfully.

Miss Jun nodded at her and smiled.

Yes, this much money was what she won. She used her own ability to win it. It was obtained fairly, so no one could steal it away.

"What's there to be excited about with this much money," Fang Jinxiu grumbled. She started to move. "Jinchuan, let's go."

Jinchuan looked at Miss Jun.

"Young Lady, let's go," she said.

The attendant opened the door for them. Miss Jun nodded at him as they went out, and Fang Jinxiu followed petulantly behind.

When he heard footsteps by the door, Ning Yunzhao, who was standing by the entrance, lifted his head to see a familiar figure.

Familiar, actually, he shouldn't say familiar. After all, he'd only seen her once.

The girl's back was to him, but she had taken off the veiled hat she was wearing on stage.

She was probably not the one he wanted to find.

It was just that her figure was extremely similar.

There were many similar people in this world, even without being siblings.

He just wanted her to turn around, so he would know whether he was mistaken or not.

How should he get her to turn around.

Ning Yunzhao thought about this problem.

Should he cough, or stomp his feet?

Would that be too frivolous?

A sourness filled his heart at the thought.

Caring about these things was a joke.

Ning Yunzhao coughed heavily, his expression one of patient waiting.

The three girls leaving ahead of him did not turn around. At the sudden sound, they instead increased their pace.

Ning Yunzhao was stunned. He had felt this situation before. That time at the Lantern Festival, he was going to talk to her, but she lowered her head and left.

"It's Xianglan."

Jinchuan saw someone coming at them.

Miss Jun looked over and saw Lin Jin'er's servant, Xianglan. Xianglan also saw them, and her expression changed greatly. She turned away and ran.

"What's she running for? Looks as if she's seen a ghost. It's definitely something shameful," Fang Jinxiu grumbled, then went after in pursuit.

Miss Jun and Jinchuan hurried after.

Ning Yunzhao stood rooted in his place as he watched that girl run forward.

Was she chasing something?

He heard a rustling sound behind him. Ning Yunyan ran out.

"Big Brother, you…" she said. Then she caught sight of the girl in front. Immediately, her eyes reddened. "Jun Zhenzhen! Stop running!"

After shouting, she followed after her. The other girls hurried to run after her when they heard Ning Yunyan.

Seeing the group of girls in pursuit, Ning Yunzhao came to. He sighed, and followed after.

"Yanyan, come back," he shouted.

At the moment, Ning Yunyan could only see Jun Zhenzhen. And Jun Zhenzhen did not care about who was behind her. She was just looking at Xianglan in front.

She didn't want to run, but Fang Jinxiu picked up her skirts and was running furiously. She could only follow.

She recalled that she hadn't run hard in a long time. After some time, she felt uncomfortable, but after starting to run she felt that this was interesting.

Jun Zhenzhen's body was very sturdy. No wonder she came out of it well when she fought with Fang Jinxiu.

She caught up to her.

Fang Jinxiu gave her a sidelong glare. Let's see if you can do this!

She furiously picked up her pace.

Seven or eight girls running down the Jinyun Hall stairway rang thunderously. The attendants were shocked, the guests surprised.

The people who were just watching the pitch-pot match and hadn't left yet looked.

What was happening?

"Don't come in! No one is allowed to come in!"

Xianglan stood in front of the door to a room, obviously distressed. When she saw Miss Jun and the others, she shouted in a trembling voice.

Miss Jun had actually never thought of it.

"The louder you shout, the more people will come. Then even less you can hide what your Young Miss did," she said, looking at the servant.

Whether or not Xianglan heard, Fang Jinxiu definitely did.

"Where is Lin Jin'er?" she yelled in displeasure.

She was really angry. She had been holding in this anger for a long time.

You bureaucrat's daughter, see who's the one who is displeasing to the eye. You love to play tricks on whoever you want, what right do you have to so black-heartedly gossip about others? You want to hurt this surnamed Jun, then do as you please, just don't pull the Fang Family down with you.

Because of her status, she could not oppose these bureaucrat family daughters, but she had cursed them in her heart countless times.

Xianglan was quivering in terror, nonstop shaking her head. Trembling all over, she fell down in front of the door.

"You're not allowed to come in, not allowed to come in," she continuously trilled.

Fang Jinxiu frowned and spat.

"Normally you're so high and mighty. Now that you've met something that can scare you, you've turned like this. Really, as useless as an embroidered pillow," she said.

Miss Jun looked at the servant.

"Jinchuan," she said.

Jinchuan stepped forward.

"You, didn't you want to know what use the drug would have if you drank it?" Miss Jun said. "When you open the door, you'll know what the tea was for."

Jinchuan's face distorted. She seemed to guess it, but she didn't dare believe it.

"It couldn't be?" she said, then repeated angrily, "it couldn't be."

Of course she was angry. If it had gone as Miss Lin planned, the person behind the door would be Jun Zhenzhen, and the servant so dazed, almost beside herself, would be her.

It couldn't be that?

After all, they were just fourteen, fifteen year old girls. They couldn't have such irreconcilable hatred for each other.

"Jun Zhenzhen!"

Messy footsteps came from behind, accompanied by girls' shrieks.

Jinchuan turned to see Ning Yunyan leading a pack of girls. Each of them were red-faced as they rushed forward.

Jinchuan hurried to block them from Miss Jun. Fang Jinxiu also took a battle-ready stance.

Miss Jun did not move. She continued to look at the door, then back to the others, as if she couldn't be bothered to care.

Seeing her appearance, Ning Yunyan's anger intensified. She rushed forward, intending to rip her into pieces.

"What is this? Miss Ning loses money so she can't contain her temper and wants to hit people?" Fang Jinxiu said coldly.

This was the Jinyun Hall. If you lost money, you could be angry, but you couldn't hit or curse people.

Ning Yunyan bit through her lip.

"Lin Jin'er!" she shouted, then noticed Xianglan in a heap on the ground. "Lin Jin'er?"

This was all because of Lin Jin'er. Was that bitch colluding with Jun Zhenzhen to trick her?

What was going on?

"Lin Jin'er?" she shouted again.

"Inside," Fang Jinxiu answered, pointing.

Everyone moved out of the way.

"Don't come in, you can't come in," Xianglan shrieked.

Lin Jin'er and Jun Zhenzhen had many dealings with each other. Probably, Jun Zhenzhen playing this time was Lin Jin'er's intention.

Unable to directly deal with the person who won the money, the Jinyun Hall wouldn't care if they settled their debts with Lin Jin'er, right?

Thinking of how much money they had lost this time, as well as the punishment they would face when they got home, the girls were angry and afraid. Impatiently, they pushed forward.

"Get out of the way!"

Several of the girls went forth to push Xianglan out of the way.

Ning Yunyan stormed up to the door and pulled it open.

"Lin Jin- Ah!"

Ning Yunyan screamed when she saw what was inside. The girls squeezed next to her also screamed, while covering their faces and running away.

The girls didn't know what happened. Today they were extremely irritated, their hearts tumultuous. When they suddenly heard the scream, they also screamed with her.

These screams almost overturned the Jinyun Hall.

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