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Manager Gao's exaggerated actions didn't stop even when night had totally fallen.

He sat in the courtyard, his eyes not leaving Fang Chengyu for even a moment. Tears were continuously pooling in his eyes.

"Although I heard that Young Master is better, but…" he said, raising his hands to cover his eyes. Manager Gao sniffed. "Seeing it for yourself is totally different from imagining it."

"How miserable is your Young Master in your imagination?" a voice interjected, breaking the tearful but heartwarming atmosphere.

Manager Gao looked at the young man who was sitting on the veranda cross-legged. He saw the stranger when he came in and thought that he did not look like a lackey of the Runan exchange firm.

But Young Lady did not say anything, and he did not ask.

"This isn't misery, it's joy. The impact of imagination is not as great as seeing it for myself," he said amiably and wiped the tears in his eyes. "This is too good. I have to send a notice home to prepare them, so that Lady and Old Lady won't be too shocked."

"Grandmother, Mother, and Sisters are well?" Fang Chengyu asked mildly.

Manager Gao nodded.

"Very well. Just wait until you and Young Lady go back," he said joyously. "You don't know, but at home..."

When he said this, he was again interrupted by a cough.

"Do not elaborate about anything at home. You also said that imagination is different from seeing it yourself," Zhu Zan said, standing up. "Go back and see it for yourself."

He walked a few paces.

"Let's talk about when we're leaving. After all, I'm very busy."

Who is this person? So familiar, why's he acting like a master for?

Is he a senior of Miss Jun?

Manager Gao couldn't help but look at him with surprise.

At this time, someone should introduce this man, but the three people had no intention of speaking up.

Lei Zhonglian didn't know how to say it, Fang Chengyu didn't feel inclined to say anything, and Miss Jun was too lazy to say anything, because she knew she didn't need to say anything.

Sure enough, without waiting for Manager Gao to speak, Zhu Zan had already piped up himself.

"Perhaps you don't know who I am, so let me introduce myself," he said, pointing to Miss Jun who was sitting to the side. "I'm the savior of your young lady."


Manager Gao was shocked.

Savior? So it was really dangerous on the road? The letter did not say anything about that at all. Sure enough, it was reporting only the good, not the bad. What danger? Were there injuries? Poor Young Master and Young Lady having to suffer so much…

Just as he was about to speak, Zhu Zan lifted his hand to stop him once more.

"No need for tears. The important thing is, I don't have time to waste," he said. "The life-saving thing is a service already paid for and does not need to be brought up again. Now let's talk about my escort fee for escorting these two rich people back home."

Fee? Price? Manager Gao looked at the man in front of him. Although he had not yet fully reacted, as the manager of an exchange firm, his instinct regarding money made him blurt out a question.

"How much are you worth?" he asked.

Asking how much a person is worth means that he is being treated as goods, without a doubt.

To a hot-blooded, passionate person, this was an affront that could not be ignored. They would explode with a desire to kill at it.

However, Zhu Zan did not explode with killing intent, but smiled.

"I'm worth a lot of money," he said proudly and happily.

The insects on summer nights sounded a little irritating, but soon their chirping faded away, and the world was plunged into silence.

This deathly silence was suffocating, even if there was no one in the pitch-black night.

A sudden gust of wind whistled, making a crackling sound. A white paper banner swayed like a dancer's arms.

Even ghosts would be scared to death by this situation, so it was inevitable that a human would be frightened.

In the darkness, something black jumped forth, accompanied by a low shout.

In the next moment, the world of black rocked back and forth.

"What ghost are you shouting at!"

"Scared your daddy to death!"

Repressed shouts could be heard in a certain cemetery.

The shouts did not stop. They were then followed by the sound of rushing footsteps and the clang of weapons.

"Not good!"

"Who is it?"

"There are traitors!"

The sound of screams and curses and the collision of swords rang in the cemetery.

The clamor of a battle continued, and finally one of the people could not stand it.

"Bailiff on business, bailiff on business, who are you guys?" someone shouted.

He was kicked in reply.

"Dare to pretend to be bailiff on business?" said a cold man. "Your grandfathers are bailiff on business."


The man who was stepped on felt like his neck would snap in the next moment; he could not hide his identity.

"We are bailiffs from the Huaiqing office. We have an official writ," he shouted loudly.

As he spoke, someone lit a torch, illuminating his wan face, like that of a ghost. The man who was being stepped on did not die from it, but the death from fright was a near thing.

One hand reached over and touched him. He took out the writ and shook it.

"So it really was a bailiff," he said, his eyes revealing his surprise.

All the other people around also stopped and lit their torches. The two sides finally saw each other clearly.

Everyone was dressed in plain clothes, very unremarkable. But they were all gripping their swords, and there was a mess of weapons hanging from their waists.

There were four-five people on either side, but the five one side were all on the ground Two of them were obviously dead. The rest were injured and terrified.

"It really is a bailiff," the man finished reading the writ and frowned. He lifted his foot.

The man who was stepped escaped with his life, and clutched his neck as he sat up.

"You guys, you are not the criminals we're chasing. Will there be any misunderstandings?" the leader of the attackers asked boldly.

The other side looked at him coldly.

"You are all bailiffs. What are you being so sneaky for?" asked one man.

The expressions of the three people lying on the ground showed dissatisfaction.

'Are we being sneaky? Aren't you being sneaky? Otherwise why would we think you were from the Fang Family?'

Of course, they dared not say it.

"Yes, bailiffs. Commissioned to capture criminals. Of course, you can't be waving around a banner and beating drums," they said with a laugh.

The other men were as frigid as ever, and also somewhat irritated.

"Really, what shit. Why did they appear in front of us," said one man unpleasantly. "Killed our lead."

"Seventh Master, let's just deal with them. They're a real eyesore," said another in a droll manner.

This statement scared the three survivors on the ground.

"You guys, you can't do that, w-we are bailiffs," they stuttered.

The people shot them looks, like they were looking at ants.

"What a coincidence, we are also bailiffs," they said. One of them took out his identity plate.


Under the torchlight, they could see the plate. The three on the ground suddenly looked pale.

Heaven, they tried their best to be careful, so how could they still hit these ancestors?

Why were these ancestors still lingering in Runan?

Really, too troublesome.

They only dared to think this, but the Jinyiwei said it out loud.

"It's really too troublesome. Why would we meet with these bailiffs on business," said one of the Jinyiwei, eyes frosty. "You, are you really bailiffs?"

This made the three people on the ground feel like they were encased in ice. Their hearts almost stopped beating.

Finished, finished, finished.

Once a person jumped into these people's hands, they could make something out of nothing. Not to mention, there really was something.

"Lord, Lord, we really are. W-we have a writ," said one with chattering teeth.

The Jinyiwei looked at them like a venomous snake, as his mouth hooked into a condescending sneer.

"Forget it, we also have an official task. We can deal with these dregs later," one of the Jinyiwei said quietly, looking at the bailiffs shivering on the ground. "It's so unfortunate."

He spoke to the stagnant night air, with a frown and irritation.

"That brat slips away too quick."

He shook his head.

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