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That man was always worried that others would lay their hands on him, just like a young maiden.

Lei Zhonglian felt ashamed for him.

Fang Chengyu looked shy as he looked at him and laughed bashfully.

"Don't worry, we have money," he said seriously, referring to the ledger in front of him. "Look, our spending."

Zhu Zan looked at the accounting books. When he read "De Sheng Chang", his eyebrows shot up.

"Ohhhhh," he dragged out, and his eyes swept over Fang Chengyu and Miss Jun again. "Ok, so you were rich all along." He said it with such resentment. "But just because you're rich does not mean you can waste money."

Fang Chengyu smiled gently.

"No such thing," he said. "It is difficult to buy happiness with money. Now, we spend money and everyone is happy. We are happy, so many others are happy. Buying happiness is worthwhile."

Zhu Zan looked at him strangely.

"The thought process of the rich is unique," he said.

Fang Chengyu smiled shyly.

"It's nothing actually, but you probably haven't seen wealthy people like us before. The more you meet, the less strange it will be," he said seriously.

Zhu Zan said 'oh', and his brow wrinkled.

"I don't know if it's just my misperception," he said as he looked at Fang Chengyu, " but I always feel that you brat are insulting me."

Zhu Zan leaned against the column, watching the people who came and went. He had been clicking his tongue for days.

Finally, one day at sunset, when the people who had asked for medical consultation had left, Zhu Zan went over to Miss Jun with a serious face.

"I don't think what you're doing is right," he said. "You're not benefiting them."

The last few days, he had learned about Miss Jun and Fang Chengyu's origins. Naturally, he also heard about the battle between Jun Jiuling and Old Fatty Yan.

Miss Jun did not look up and continued to tidy up the table.

"You're wrong. I am benefiting them," she said. "Increasing the name of my Jiuling HallI is a benefit. It's good for you, good for me, and good for everyone."

"You are not trying to fight with Yan family, and you don't just want to spread the name of the Jiuling Hall," Zhu Zan said. "You can do that sooner or later with just your medical skills. Why spend the money?"

She could do it sooner or later, but she didn't have time. She always lacked time.

Thee money she earned was naturally used to buy time.

Miss Jun looked up.

"Because I have money," she said. "If you have money, you naturally want to spend it. Why do you think so much of it?"

Zhu Zan did not speak anymore. Fang Chengyu used the table to hobble over.

"Jiuling, don't talk like that," he said. "It's because you have money that you think that way. Not everyone can think of it like that."

He watched Zhu Zan as he spoke.

"Actually, we just want to do this for the Jun Family. After all, Jiuling Hall is the ancestral business of the Jun Family, so we want the people to remember it even more. And it just so happens that we don't lack money. This is a good thing, so I don't think too much about it. "

Zhu Zan rolled his eyes at him.

"You don't think too much about it?" he said. "You must really have more than enough to think about."

Fang Chengyu just smiled gently and didn't argue.

"Since you are so rich and don't care about scattering money all over the ground, it would be better to do so with meaning." Zhu Zan touched his chin suddenly and said, "Let's make a transaction."

Both Miss Jun and Fang Chengyu looked up at him.

"What kind of transaction?" Fang Chengyu asked. Without waiting for a reply, he laughed and said, "Elder Brother, we don't need to do a transaction between us. You just need to say it, since you're Jiuling's savior."

Zhu Zan choked on a laugh.

"Don't use the savior thing on me," he said.

'How is this using it on him?' Lei Zhonglian thought, but he didn't look at him from where he stood at the entrance.

"Why didn't you close today?" Zhu Zan asked. "Before, you guys would cover up the entrance."

'Why is he always asking why? He wanted more why's than we do'. Lei Zhonglian thought.

"Is it because you are waiting for someone?" Zhu Zan continued, instead of waiting for Miss Jun and Fang Chengyu to speak. He squeezed his hands. "This is good. Pay me to escort you home."

How did he know they were going back?

And why would they ask him to escort them?

The three people in the room looked at him.

Zhu Zan raised an eyebrow.

"Is it strange?" he asked. "You came here to avoid trouble. It has almost been a month, and the matter has been resolved, so naturally you will go back. The De Sheng Chang's side has prepared personnel, but your family is sure to send people to pick you up. For you to run away this far means that your enemy is definitely powerful, so you need a powerful guard, like me. Isn't it obvious?"

Is it obvious? How is it obvious?

Lei Zhonglian watched him, not knowing what to think.

Zhu Zan looked at their expressions and rubbed his forehead.

"Of course, I'm an intelligent man." He laughed. "This is nothing. It's just that you may not have seen such an intelligent man as me."

Fang Chengyu did not speak, but smiled.

"You just asked about the De Sheng Chang," said Miss Jun and got up to go out the entrance.

The fact that Fang Family had captured the internal traitor was not made known to everyone in Runan, but to the De Sheng Chang, the unmasking of Head Shopkeeper Song would definitely result in changes in personnel. They would definitely know the details.

De Sheng Chang certainly knew the inside story, but not everyone knew it. I also wasn't something just any person who went in could find out.

So he was still very amazing

"Elder Brother is really amazing," Fang Chengyu said, looking sincere. "I really haven't met a person as intelligent as Elder Brother."

Zhu Zan laughed.

"It's nothing. You're still young, and you went out for the first time," he said. He patted Fang Chengyu's shoulder. "There's more people waiting for you to meet them…"

He laughed heartily.

"But you might not see a lot of intelligent people, because there are very few people like me."

There are really few people like you.

Lei Zhonglian could not bear to listen. He went to the entrance with Miss Jun.

"Young Lady." His eyes sparkled, and he pointed. "They've come."

A team of horses came up the street, kicking up dust. The leader of the men tilted up his rice hat to look at them.

"Ah! Young Lady," he cried, exultantly.

"Manager Gao," said Miss Jun with a smile, welcoming him in.

"Young Lady, it was too easy to find you here." Manager Gao laughed brightly. "We didn't even need the people from the exchange firm to lead the way. Without even entering the city, just mentioning the Jiuling Hall, brought everyone rushing to lead the way."

Miss Jun listened with a smile.

"Manager Gao, you're here," said Fang Chengyu, walking out.

He walked very slowly, and didn't step over the threshold. One foot was inside and one foot was outside as he leaned against the door for support.

When Manager Gao got a look at him, his smiling face suddenly froze. Then the stillness broke, and he rolled off his horse.

The people hadn't finished exclaiming in surprise when they saw Manager Gao stand up again and stumble over to them.

"Young Master, Young Master," he yelled and rushed over. He fell to his knees next to the door and grabbed onto the hem of Fang Chengyu's clothes. "Heaven has eyes; you're finally better."

As he said this, he raised his hands towards thee sky and sobbed.

"Oh god!" Zhu Zan was frightened, where he stood by the door. "This is too exaggerated. How much money did you have to give to get him to sob like this."

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