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"The young miss of the Jun Family was kept away in the lady’s chamber, married, believed to be the end of Jun Family’s line in Runan. No one imagined that she would actually shock the world with a single feat."

Standing on the roadside and watching the crowd where even a drop of water could not pass through, a middle-aged man wearing a scholar’s robe stroked his beard and sighed.

Next to him were other refined scholars nodding their heads in approval.

They were looking at where the Jiuling Hall was situated, but the small straw shack was blocked by the throngs, the person in the shack even more so.

The collapsed, disorderly house had attracted much attention.

This kind of collapse was not from a fire, or poor structural foundation. Obviously, it was pushed down by a human.

The scholars frowned.

"How did the Jun Family’s Jiuling Hall collapse?" asked the middle-aged man who had just sighed.

The residents of the town knew best how the Jun Family’s Jiuling Hall collapsed. In every alley, street, and thoroughfare, gossiping was their favorite pastime. For very small household affair, there was nothing they didn’t know.

But this was just their idle chatter. Anything else, especially things touching on the struggle for property that would be hard to determine even for officials, it was better for them to leave it as something that didn’t concern them.

But now the Jiuling Hall had reached such heights that even scholars came to see and even took the initiative to investigate for themselves. Someone went and explained the whole matter to them.

It was nothing more than an orphan returning to open a medicine hall, but someone had coveted her family property. As a result, the house was pushed down in the middle of the night.

But Miss Jun was unafraid of difficulties and dangers. She carried the Jiuling Hall sign and resolutely set up her straw shack on the rubble. And in the style of her grandfather, she acted kind and charitable.

In everyone’s exaggerated description embellished with oil and vinegar, the figure of a lone but resolute girl started to be constructed to these scholars.

Especially when they heard that when faced with the destruction of her building, Miss Jun did not cry or kick up a fuss. Her small body carried the Jiuling Hall sign and stood atop the rubble and faced the crowd to announce that the Jiuling Hall was opening.

Just like a tempestuous general facing off against hostile troops, a soldier who has pledged to die for his country. Also like a loyal official facing off against crafty and corrupt politicians, sworn not to fall to corruption.

"What integrity," sighed a scholar in admiration.

"The Jun Family’s descendants are not lacking," praised another. "She has the kind heart of her doctor grandfather, but also the strength of character of the father."

"Who would bully this orphan?" an elder seriously asked the most crucial question.

When the scholars were talking about integrity and strength of character, no one was moved, but escaping danger and threats and spreading a good name was always well-received.

Of course, the citizens were all sly. They wouldn’t explicitly say that it was Master Yan who did it. They couldn’t provoke Master Yan, but some others could.

"That, we don’t know," some of them said, winking. "But there is someone who should know."

They pointed at the crowd.

"Right, the old Hu Family said before that it was their house."

Old Hu Family?

The scholars looked around.

What was this old Hu Family?

In a multi-story building on the other side, there were not just a few people focused on the Jiuling Hall.

From their vantage point on high they could clearly see the straw shack built on the rubble. They could not see the person inside, but the primite and old-fashioned words ‘Jiuling Hall’ on the signboard were easily seen.

Because there were too many people crowded there, the people who were waiting for treatment worked together to keep the thankful patients on the outside.

"You don’t need to keep chattering. Miss Jun of course knows that she cured you. Don’t affect her treatment."

But no one could make these people leave. Miss Jun knowing that they were cured was her own business. They still wanted for even more people to know, so they announced their happiness of their old ailments being cured. They stood on the outside, excitedly narrating their previous illnesses, how many doctors they saw, how much medicine they ate, how much pain they felt, how much despair, as well as how they had been cured by Miss Jun’s medicine.

At the end of the narrations they would be crying or smiling. The people listening to them would also cry or smile. It was quite noisy now.

"Someone said that Miss Jun being able to vanish ills with medicine is a profound theory."

A person in the tall building turned around and said,."Yangcheng Fang Family’s De Sheng Chang is made of mountains of gold and silver. They would be able to obtain more brilliant doctors and more rare medicine."

This made the others in the room smile.

"This is treating illnesses, not a scientific investigation," someone said. "Someone unlearned through leaked exam topics and other tricks can become a palace graduate in the civil service exam. But treating people and saving lives is a skill; it cannot be faked."

"Yes, in just over half a month she has seen countless patients. The illnesses, their severity, history were all different. One, two, or even tens, could be considered a trick, but for everyone to get better that quick must be something only deities can do," said another in admiration.

"And we have already sent people to investigate. These patients did not come in contact with anyone else, and did not have their medicines switched," someone said. "The Fang Family does have the ability, but they couldn’t have carried this out so flawlessly."

Everyone looked out the window again.

"Other than it being a talent, there is no other possibility," one person declared confidently.

This caused someone to laugh.

"This time Third Yan kicked an iron board," he said.

At this, someone hushed them.

"Look, the county deputy is arriving," he said, pointing down below.

"I do not make house visits," Miss Jun said to the man in front of her.

At this point, the people in line glared like a tiger watching its prey. They would not let anyone take their position, but this man managed to make the people yield without a word of complaint.

He directly walked over to Miss Jun and requested her to make a house call.

Miss Jun’s reply was very straightforward.

"This is the steward of our lord county deputy," the people waiting on the side couldn’t help but remind her.

Miss Jun went, ‘Oh’. She bowed to this man as a greeting, but other then that she did not move.

The man did not make anything of it and smiled.

"Then we will come here." He spoke amiably and bowed to Miss Jun before turning around. He was about to leave when he saw the rubble. He looked surprise. "How did the Jiuling Hall collapse?"

It would soon be twenty days since the Jiuling Hall had fallen. The news had long since spread. How could the masters of the county not know.

When the people present heard this, they knew.

This meant that the masters of the county were asking around.

The only one that could deal with the local tyrant Master Yan was the government office.

Miss Jun’s injustice being recompensed excited the people present.

Even the ever dull Lei Zhonglian’s face showed a change.

Of course, it was not excitement. Rather, it was a sigh.

Once he had asked Miss Jun what would happen to the matter of the house. But she had said the house was not important, and hadn’t even asked how it happened of anyone.

But now he could see, there was no need for Miss Jun to ask. Someone would do it themselves.

Other people asking for justice needed to beseech god and Buddha, but Miss Jun only had to sit and wait.

Lei Zhonglian sighed in admiration, while Hu Gui standing behind paled.

Finished, finished, finished.

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