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Chapter 190: This Black-Hearted…!

Ordering a servant to ask around and taking the initiative to ask around themselves meant two completely different things.

Obviously, they were seeking out Miss Jun, and she would definitely respond to them sincerely.

Finished, he was finished! Miss Jun had the house deed on her side. Now that the masters were seeking her out, the lawsuit to come was beyond his imagine.

The surroundings were dead silent. They were all waiting for Miss Jun to speak.

She had waited so long and suffered such grievance. At this moment, finally the Old Heavenly Father opened his eyes.

Was Miss Jun indignant or excited? Would she stand up or sit to speak?

Everyone was watching on her.

But Miss Jun smiled.

"The house is quite old. It’s collapse was unpreventable," she said.

Everyone present stared blankly.

So it was like that?

She said it was a natural disaster? Not human intervention?

What did this mean?

The steward of the county deputy was frozen. Then he smiled. He bowed to her again and sped away.

News of this scene quickly spread.

Exaggerated depictions of the righteously angered county magistrate asking Miss Jun about the house, and Miss Jun’s benevolent act of not pursuing a lawsuit.

This was the humane heart of a doctor. This was the demeanor of the Jun Family's Jiuling Hall.

Master Yan heard of this and saw this. This time he did not catch wind of it in a second-hand report from his servants, but with his own eyes and ears.

He could no longer remain sitting at home and came personally.

Because he was afraid that people would know who he is, he subconsciously raised his folding fan over his face.

Although this was something he did himself, but Master Yan was also angry. However, after he saw this sean, all he felt was a chill in his heart.

He had lived almost half of his lifespan. He had seen all the tricks and ploys.

And from what played out before his eyes, it clearly told him that this was no ploy.

"How could this be." His face was in disbelief. "Does she really have skills of a deity?"

His gaze fell on the straw shack. Beside Miss Jun, there was a young man taking several steps while propped on his crutches. He neared Miss Jun to say a few words, then left with his crutches.

This young man was the Young Master of the Fang Family, Miss Jun’s husband, a lame person.

"If she really was a divine doctor, why can’t she cure her husband?" Master Yan eyes sparkled.

He heard some people murmuring next to him.

"It’s enough already."

Master Yan turned his head to look and saw an ordinarily looking man who could not be picked out of a crowd.

The man’s accent was distinctively Shanxi.

He was not looking at Master Yan, only at the straw shack and at Fang Chengyu.

"Ai, you said that it was enough?"Master Yan used the fan to cover his scowling face.

The man gave him a look.

"Have you seen a paralyzed person walk?" he said.

A paralyzed person who walked was not a paralyzed person. This person must be sick in the head.

Master Yan frowned and was about to say as such, but the man had left, disappeared into the crowd.


Master Yan turned back to look at the straw shack again, his brows furrowed tight.

If this girl really had skills of a divine doctor, this would be troublesome. Money and power would be cause for deliberation, but no one would waver on their own lives.

No one would dare offend a doctor. Who would dare insure they couldn’t be saved.

You have money and power, but firstly you can save lives.

He didn’t foresee that the people of the county would be so moved.

"Good thing Hu Gui didn’t mention me to her," Master Yan rejoiced to himself. He had once said this before. Of course, this time the emotions behind it was completely different.

But this time he did not have such fortune

. Just as he finished muttering to himself, Hu Gui fell to his knees in front of Miss Jun with a thud.

"Miss Jun, this has nothing to do with me. It was all Third Master Yan’s doing," he yelled.

This villain!

Master Yan went ghostly pale.

"Master, whatever Hu Gui said, no one has verified it."

"That’s right, Master, this has nothing to do with us. The land deed is in Hu Gui’s hands."

"Right, right, we only said we wanted to buy the land, but we didn’t actually buy it. Hu Gui cannot spit blood."

The servants following behind Master Yan were each trying to console him.

Master Yan squeezed his fan. HIs face was black as he charged into the courtyard. The beautiful servant women walked forward bearing tea, but were trampled upon.

"Your mother’s ass!" His anger was unquenchable. He slammed his fan onto the nearest servant. "Who are you taking for an idiot? If the government office wants to, then what can’t they find out? Proof? If you say then you have, if you say you don’t you don’t have. Even if this wasn’t the case, they could still do it Don’t you know how they work!? Are you stupid? Are you stupid?"

He violently smashed his fan on their heads. THey did not dare dodge Master Yan’s venting.

"We are stupid, we are stupid," everyone admitted pleadingly.

I was stupid.

Master Yan violently smashed the fan to pieces on the grown. In a huff, he stormed off.

But who is to blame now. Who could have imagined that the daughter of the Jun Family would return with such wealth. Who would have thought that not only was she wealthy, but she also possessed superior medical talent.

There was no one who didn’t know Old Doctor Jun’s medical talent. For eight generations, the Jun Family’s talent could not cross the barrier of superiority.

Who could have imagined that his granddaughter had medical skills and amazing ones at that?

Wasn’t this too unfair?

Also, since she had that much money, why even open a pharmacy? She should just return home and live happily as a young lady. Why need to come here and make trouble?

It was all a ploy against him.

Now what to do?

Should he stick to saying he didn’t know anything, or that he was deceived by Hu Gui. Anyways, the perpetrators were his own people. They didn’t have to say anything.

"San’er, san’er."

An older woman’s voice came from outside the door, interrupting Master Yan’s rumination. He hurriedly stepped out to greet her.

A gorgeously dressed old woman was being helped in by a servant girl.

"Mother, what are you looking for me for?" Master Yan asked.

"Hurry up, come with me to the Jiuling Hall," Old Madam Yan said excitedly. "Your father’s old rheumatism can be fixed."


Master Yan stiffened.

"What are you just standing there for? I know you don’t believe it, but this time it really can be cured. You know that old man who looks after our manor has the same illness as your father; actually, it’s more severe then your father’s. It’s gotten better; he said that Miss Jiuling cured him," said Old Madam yan. She tugged on her son. "I saw him personally. He could walk and jump with no problem. Your father’s illness of ten years can finally be cured, we must thank the Bodhisattva."

Yes, we really must thank the Bodhisattva, Master Yan shouted in his heart.

Why couldn’t he have some other illness!

"San’er, what are you doing?" Old Madam Yan noticed her son’s strangeness. She smiled. "Relax, this time I am not being fooled by some quack. This is one hundred percent true. Not only rheumatism, this Jiuling Hall said it could use medicine to vanish all ills and return spring with miraculous skills. Many people have been cured; it’s no fake. So you don’t need to worry."

Master Yan wanted to cry.

"Mother," he didn’t know what to say. "We can’t go."

Old Madam Yan was not pleased.

"Why can’t we?" she demanded. "You are a grown up. Do you not want your father well because he will nag at you?"

Master Yan gave himself a slap on the face.

"Mother, I am so unfilial," he said.

He slapped himself again.

"I really am unfilial."

These two slaps confused Old Madam Yan.

"San’er, are you ill?" she said, touching his face.

Just as they spoke, someone ran in from outside.

"Master, master, people from the county office have asked you to pay a visit," he said anxiously.

‘This county office changed boats with the wind, they moved really fast!’ cursed Master Yan in his heart. Then he saw several servants enter.

"What is the county master looking for you for?" Old Madam Yan asked. Without waiting for him to speak, she grabbed his arm. "No matter what it is, you have to go see your father’s illness treated."

She then spoke to the servants and waved their hand.

"Go tell the county master that we have something to take care of first. My son has to go to the Jiuling Hall to get his father treated."

As the local landowning family, she was quite dismissive towards these officials who changed every three to four years.

But this time, the servants faces changed strangely when they heard what theys aid. Master Yan’s expression was also complicated.

"Old Madam Yan, I think that you shouldn’t go first," said one of them, smiling but not really smiling. "I’m afraid it would be a waste to go."

"Why?" Old Madam Yan asked unhappily.

"Old Madam, could it be that you don’t know that the Jiuling Hall’s building was destroyed by someone?" asked the laborer with a laugh.

"I know that." She glared at him. "I don’t know who would be so black-hearted. Good thing that you have come. Go capture that villain, and then we can talk about what other matter you have."

All of them smiled. They looked at Master Yan without saying anything.

Old Madam Yan turned to Master Yan’s pork liver face because of the strange atmosphere and suddenly thought of something.

"San’er, I remember you said you wanted to buy some land to open an apothecary. That black-hearted man, it can’t be you?"

slanderLiterally means third. An affectionate nickname
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