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Since she didn’t understand it, she wouldn’t think of it. Miss Jun and Fang Jinxiu did not say anything more and returned to their room.

Ning Yunzhao was already outside the restaurant, taking the reins of his horse from a servant boy.

He turned his head to look back at the restaurant.

"Noble Son, are we going back to the city gates, or…" asked the servant nervously.

There was a flock of people in the restaurant near the city gates waiting to see Noble Son off; they still didn’t know he had run off.

Ning Yunzhao smiled.

"Partings are painful. Leaving without a word and letting nature run it’s course is good," he said. "Everybody will drink till they’re happy. When they awake from their drunken stupor everyone will have scattered. That’s for the best."

‘But why wasn’t it like that before?’ thought the servant boy.

Right now, he avoided the roadblock of noble sons by coaxing them into a restaurant obviously to meet with a girl.

Was this the legendary lovers before friends?

Scholars really could speak without thinking.

The servant boy of course did not say that, but got on his own horse.

"If it’s like that, then we should hurry to reach the outpost before the sky turns dark," he said.

She was also just worried about his journey.

A smile appeared on Ning Yunzhao’s face.

"Right, we will get to the relay post by sundown," he said, urging on his horse with a whip. "Let’s go."

The servant boy pressed his force to follow. He couldn’t help but smile as he watched Ning Yunzhao speed along proudly in the spring wind.

Noble Son had been uneasy and unhappy since they left home. He had thought it was because he was sad at leaving, but he felt that was strange. Noble Son had left so many times before but had never been this sad.

Looking at his attitude again, the little servant boy suddenly realized something.

He wasn’t sad because he was leaving. Rather, it was because he didn’t bid the person he wanted to see most farewell.

Now, he was fine. He met with who he wanted to meet, said what he wanted to say. Now he could proudly and joyfully set out.

"Noble Son, wait for me," he shouted while urging his horse forward with a whip.

The master and servant pair set out through the dusty road on this spring day.

After a simple meal, Miss Jun and Fang Jinxiu left the restaurant.

This time, Fang Jinxiu did not throw her behind, but rather wore a long face while riding in the front.

"If you like to go faster then do it," Miss Jun said.

Fang Jinxiu snorted twice, rolling her eyes at Miss Jun.

"I am accompanying you," she said.

To avoid someone blocking you, I pulled strings and raised bridges for you.

What was that called?

When she thought this, Fang Jinxiu’s frowned deepened.

Fang Chengyu still hadn't died.

Once Fang Chengyu was no longer alive, she would become a widow, so young and pretty like this, and...

Miss Jun coughed lightly. Fang Jinxiu’s thoughts were plainly written across her face.

"It won’t happen," she said.

‘What won’t happen? Was it that Fang Chengyu won’t die, or she that won’t become a flirtatious widow?’ thought Fang Jinxiu unpleasantly.

She refused to look at Miss Jun, and turned to look at the side of the road to see a familiar face.

"Third Miss, young Lady."

Manager Gao hurried to dismount from the carriage to greet them.

Fang Jinxiu and Miss Jun returned the greeting.

"Are you leaving the city?" Fang Jinxiu asked.

Manager Gao hesitated with his words, then took a step forward.

"I’m going to the relay station," he said. "Several Lord Guards have come from the capital to ask questions."

Lord Guards, that was the Jinyiwei, and they had come from the capital.

Fang Jinxiu nearly jumped in fright, and Miss Jun frowned slightly.

"What happened?" Fang Jinxiu asked seriously.

‘Could it be that the Jinyiwei they met in the Jinyun Hall were picking a fight?’ thought Fang Jinxiu, but she didn’t spare Miss Jun a glance.

Even if that was true, this wasn’t trouble brought by Miss Jun.

"It’s nothing, nothing. Nothing to do with us," Manager Gao hurried to answer. "I was just afraid you would be worried so I didn’t say it."

"Is it about that map?" Miss Jun asked.

What map?

Fang Jinxiu went blank, then saw Manager Gao nod and smile.

So there actually was something else!

You, woman!

She angrily glared at Miss Jun.

"IT’s about the map, but it has nothing to do with us. I’m just going to validate with the relay station deputy," he said with a smile.

"So they’re actually starting the inquiry here?" Miss Jun asked.

It was being investigated in the capital, but it hadn’t spread outside yet. Lu Yunqi said that’s how they dealt with small issues. A more serious investigation might attract more people’s attention and nothing might turn to something.

The map really wasn’t a big issue.

Something that could make the Jinyiwei come from the capital definitely had to do with someone.

"Did they find the person who made the map?" Miss Jun asked.

Surprise and some admiration appeared in Manager Gao’s expression.

"Yes," he said quietly. "I heard it was the Duke of Chengguo’s heir that made it."

The Duke of Chengguo’s heir?

She raised a brow.

"Zhu Zan?"

Miss Jun knowing the name of the Duke of Chengguo’s heir was quite normal. He was famed for his military brilliance and he had only one son. According to rumors, he was good looking but arrogant. He had dozens of girls as fans in the northern region.

The northwest was also under the Duke of Chengguo’s protection, so Heir Zhu was talked about by the girls here.

Manager Gao made a sound of confirmation.

"Why would he do something like that?" asked Miss Jun. "Could it be for money?"

When Manager Gao had heard the news, he felt it funny but also felt at a loss for words.

He recalled that Miss Jun had praised the person who’d made the map genius for making money that way, but that was for ordinary people. For the heir of the Duke of Chengguo, what was a map?


Moreover, it was also convenient for moving troops under one’s control.

A person who had the authority to mobilize the military would sell a map of the entertainment sites in the capital to make money?

That was like killing a chicken with a cow knife.

"We still don’t know why. The first of the news just said it was him," he said quietly. "So the Lord Guards came to investigate him."

It did involve the Jinyiwei, so Manager Gao couldn’t say too much about it. He smiled and nodded at Fang Jinxiu and Miss Jun.

"So don’t worry, it has nothing to do with us."

Since they had started talking, Fang Jinxiu did not understand anything, but she did not ask any questions. At present, she was even more confused than before.

Miss Jun nodded at Manager Gao.

"If you want me to return the map, get someone from the house to give it to you," she said.

Manager Gao made a sound of confirmation, then stepped back to let them pass.

Miss Jun and Fang Jinxiu continued forward. They maintained their silence.

"Third Sister," said Miss Jun suddenly, turning to look at Fang Jinxiu.

Fang Jinxiu looked back at her impatiently.

"What is it?" she grumbled.

"You really are a good person." She paused. "Very charming."

What the devil?

Suddenly spouting a line like that? I am a good person? I am charming?

What are you thinking? You love me?

Fang Jinxiu stared at Miss Jun.

Miss Jun couldn’t help but smile.

At this smile, Fang Jinxiu spat, then urged her horse without a thought for those left behind.

The servant girls and boys nearly jumped in fright, but they relaxed. It seemed like a shoe had finally dropped. This was Third Miss’ style.

Miss Jun’s smile was somewhat embarrassed.

She didn’t really have any other meaning. It was just that when she was talking to Manager Gao about the map, she felt that Fang Jinxiu was a really good kid. Although she seemed oppositional and noisy, but she had a deep understanding. Obviously she would be curious about what she didn’t understand, but when they were talking she did not make a fuss, and she didn’t pester her endlessly or indulge in flights of fancy. And she didn’t feel resentful that they were hiding things from her.

She really was a girl hard to come by.

So she just wanted to praise her, but not excessively. Too much boasting could scare them away.

Miss Jun smiled, and rambled on forward atop her horse.

All in all, today was a pretty good day.

Manager Gao turned back to see the two girls still going to the city.

"Master, why didn’t you tell Young Lady about the glass cup?" the coachman couldn’t help but ask.

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