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After blurting that out, Ning Yunzhao immediately felt annoyed.

What was he doing, talking about things that had nothing to do with her.

It really had nothing to do with her, but there was no harm in saying it. Miss Jun smiled in polite acknowledgement.

"I wish Noble Son a pleasant journey," she said.

Calmly calm, sincerely sincere, without any half-heartedness.

It was like this between him and her, like the cordiality he had imagined.

Right now, the one standing in front of him was she who faced off against him at the Lantern Festival. A smile bloomed across his face, but he was also somewhat baffled.

The Jun Zhenzhen in other people’s descriptions was totally different.

It seemed that other people’s eyes could not see the truth, or she was deliberately faking it.

Ning Yunzhao was somewhat lost in thought.

On her side, Miss Jun was also somewhat baffled. It looked like he had something else to say, but he wasn’t saying anything.

She thought for a moment.

"Noble Son Ning, now that you’ve made an engagement for your sister, these youthful, frivolous things are of the past. To be someone’s wife or mother, their conduct must be much more considerate," she said. "I think that Noble Son Ning can relax."

Ning Yunzhao stared.

She thought that he suddenly blurted that out because he was worried about the future conflict and so he was hesitant to leave?

Now the mood was somewhat awkward.

He also didn’t know why he had fallen silent, but being silent after he stopped walking right next to her was inappropriate.

It was like he was reluctant to part.

But in reality, there was no reason for there to be a reluctance between them.

This really was quite embarrassing.

In light of this, he was even more at a loss of what to say.

Miss Jun saw that he was awkward. Telling another person about your family’s mistakes would make them feel awkward.

"And if Tenth Noble Son is here, even if something happens, he will be able to help. So don’t misunderstand me," she said with a smile.

Did this mean ‘if you are here, I won’t worry?’

It’s me who believes in you.

Or is it you protecting me.

His fingernails dug into his palm. His heart swelled with an indescribable sourness, suddenly bulging outwards, but when he looked carefully there was nothing.

He was still silent.

Of course, after that thing with the Lin Family, Ning Yunzhao’s suspicions and aversion to her would be very normal.

He was worried it wouldn’t just be the Lin Family, but also him,  thought Miss Jun. She smiled again.

"I am indebted to Grandmother for taking care of my marriage to Little Cousin. I am content to stay at home and attend to my husband and teach the children. I cannot act the way I did as a young girl," she said. "What I do is not just for myself, but for the whole family."

Ning Yunzhao’s heart awoke from its stupor.

That’s right. He forgot. She was married.

His gaze fell on her once more. Right now they were standing so near in a brightly lit room, unlike the last two times when they had met under the cover of night. He could clearly see her beautiful face, pretty as the painted flowers of spring. She was in her maiden years, but her hair was pulled up. Obviously she was not a young girl, but a young lady.

She was married to her younger cousin, the young master of the Fang Family.

Paralyzed for many years, diagnosed by many doctors to not live more than fifteen years, Young Master Fang.

He was already fourteen this year. That meant he could only live for another year.

She couldn’t really want to be a widow?

She was just fifteen? Even if she was married? This girl had not blossomed and was already withered.

"Why should it be like this," he blurted out.

She went blank, not understanding for a while.

"Even if you didn’t marry Young Master Fang, I think that the Fang Family would have taken care of you," he said.

He said it, why did he suddenly say it?

Moreover, he was concerned about her?

Miss Jun didn’t know what she should say. She even felt slightly awkward.

Ning Yunzhao naturally saw her awkwardness, and regret welled up in his heart.

It was wrong of him to say that. It seemed like he thought that she was the kind of person that didn’t trust her maternal family and was being used.

Of course she wasn’t that kind of person.

"I feel that there are many ways to repay a debt, you don’t just need to indebt your life to them," he said seriously. "Like when my grandfather did that to your grandfather. It really was not right."

She and Fang Chengyu were married, of course, not because of a debt. The marriage was fake.

But of course she could not say that.

As for saying something else, there was nothing good to say.

Should she bewail her fate pitifully, or happily believe that a good deed will be returned, or sincerely say, ‘humans are not fish, so how would they know a fish’s happiness?’

Firstly, acting fake was something Miss Jun couldn’t be bothered to do, and secondly, the person asking the questions was Ning Yunzhao.

"Noble Son Ning is overanxious," she said with a smile, eying him. "There is no need to say this thing now."

Ning Yunzhao went into a stupor once again.

Yes, there was no need to say this thing anymore.

She was already married, in everyone’s eyes she had already become a wife of the Fang Family. Could it be she could undo what happened?

There was no meaning to saying those things now.

Especially by the person asking the questions.

If it weren’t for the Ning Family not acknowledging the marriage contract, how could she marry Young Master Fang. She would be a wife of the Ning Family, his wife.

This thought flashed through Ning Yunzhao’s mind. He felt himself stiffen, his heart pounding like drums.

He wanted to say something, but he also didn’t know what to say.

He lowered his gaze, looking at Miss Jun’s hands lightly clasped together.

Those fair and tender arms seemed to have turned into a stalk of grass hanging over a cliff, like a warm teacup in the winter.

Ning Yunzhao suddenly wanted to grab her hand, like that was the only way his heart would calm down.

Those hands unclasped and fell to her sides.

"Noble Son Ning is setting out on a journey today. Will you make it to the relay station by night?"

She spoke right into his ear, and it was like rain was poured onto the flames of his anxiety.

What was he thinking?

Ning Yunzhao felt his ears burn.

Probably it was because he was blaming himself that Miss Jun married Young Master Fang. But people make their own decisions. Although he felt regretful, apologetic, he could not blame himself. That was just bringing trouble to yourself.

"Not sure," he recovered. "If I don’t make it to lodging, I will spend the night outdoors. It’s spring right now, so there is no fear of cold."

She smiled and nodded.

"That’s very good," she said.

As the topic changed, the former awkward silence was swept away in an instant.

Ning Yunzhao was a straightforward person. He was best at quick sword cuts through tangled hemp. He raised his hand in polite acknowledgement.

"I will take my leave now," he said.

Miss Jun returned the gesture.

"I wish Noble Son Ning a pleasant journey," she said.

The conversation had finally returned to this point. Ning Yunzhao moved past her and opened the door.

Fang Jinxiu turned around from where she was standing outside the door. Ning Yunzhao paid his respects to her before leaving in long strides.

Fang Jinxiu’s lips curled and she turned around. Miss Jun stepped out from the room, seeming like she wanted to say something but was swallowing it down.

Fang Jinxiu saw her hesitance to speak.

She snorted.

"There’s no need to tell me what you talked about. I am not interested," she declared.

Miss Jun smiled bitterly.

"I definitely had no plans of telling you what we talked about," she said.

Because she didn’t know what she should say.

It was like Ning Yunzhao had come especially to apologize to her for the Ning Family not acknowledging her engagement.

But carefully thinking about it, that wasn’t it. Ning Yunzhao personally said that he wouldn’t acknowledge the engagement. He didn’t believe that that was something wrong.

It really was mystifying

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