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Fang Chengyu sat in his wheelchair, a low table next to him with a cup of tea on top of it.

Right now, he was very angry.

If another person was angry, they would've hit the table or thrown the cup to the ground to show their emotions.

But he could not. He had less and less strength in his upper body. Even holding something was hard for him. All he could do was use a spoon to drink tea from his cup or turn a book. Hitting the table or throwing down the tea cup would for one, take a lot of energy, and two, be a waste of it.

His energy and time were the same. Both were very precious and could not be squandered.

So no matter how angry he was, he kept calm.

The people in the house praised and admired his ability to keep calm at such a young age. While in reality, this calmness was not innate, but polished by his despair.

"Why?" he asked.

Why believe her?

Even if you turned to any doctor when you were ill, you at least turned to a doctor. Jun Zhenzhen was nothing.

"She said she should cure me, so she must have said something that would definitely make you believe her." He looked at Old Lady Fang. "Grandmother, what did she say?"

Of course, it was because she had said that Fang Chengyu was not sick, but poisoned.

Lady Fang's lips trembled, her face white.

Moreover, it was her who had personally fed him poison. Everyday she fed him poison.

"No reason."

When Lady Fang was about to say something, Old Lady Fang spoke first, her expression decisive.

"If you really want a reason, it's because you have already lived to fourteen and only have a year left. We have not found Divine Doctor Zhang, so we cannot let go of any opportunity. It doesn't matter what nonsense she says or if she has other goals, as long as she says she can, I will believe her."

She rested a warning hand on Lady Fang.

"Anyway, we have nothing to lose. If we let go of caution now, perhaps we will have a glimmering hope. I will not give up on any trace of hope."

Not waiting for Fang Chengyu to say anymore, she pulled Lady Fang away.

Fang Chengyu sat in the quiet room, his expression calm.

"Anyway, there's nothing to lose." He laughed.

In the room, the lamps had dimmed to the size of a bean. The young man limply sat in his chair, motionless. His figure blended into the night.

"Mother, why…"

Walking in the night, Lady Fang could not help but say something.

Old Lady Fang gave her a look, and Lady Fang's voice trailed off.

Although the servants in front and behind them were standing a distance away, this was not something that could be said in front of other people.

This secret could only be kept in her heart, tormenting her day and night.

"There are some things that would be better off to be thought of as the will of Heaven rather than the act of a human," said Old Lady Fang, grasping Lady Fang's hand. "I know that you are not afraid of him hating you and blaming you, but you know that Chengyu, that child, would never blame you and I. But it's that he doesn't blame us that makes it…hard to endure."

Lady Fang nodded, holding back her sobs.

"Mother, about keeping it a secret, I have an idea," she said after breathing in deeply and raising her head.

Old Lady Fang nodded.

"Say it," she said.

"Fake marry Zhenzhen and Chengyu," said Lady Fang.

Old Lady Fang stared.

"Right now, we don't know who that person is. There is a possibility that they are in our family," said Lady Fang quietly. "Previously, I had already arranged for Zhenzhen to be married out. Suddenly canceling the marriage warrants an explanation."

Old Lady Fang did not say anything, but slowly walked forward.

Lady Fang followed after.

"The excuse can be to give him a marriage to cure his illness [1]. With such an identity, she would be able to stay with Chengyu, and when she cures his illness, no one would be suspicious," she said quietly.

"Also, this will allow the Ning Family to finally relax," added Old Lady Fang.

They stopped in their tracks. Lady Fang looked at Old Lady Fang.

"Yes," she said. "This way, Zhenzhen's marriage is settled, and it's better than sending her far away to get married."

All right?

If she doesn't cure Chengyu, will Jun Zhenzhen's days at the Fang Residence be very nice?

People must bear the consequences of their actions.

If she is able to cure Chengyu, she will be given anything she wants. If she cannot, then she will pay a price.

Lady Fang did not back away from Old Lady Fang's stare.

"Of course, she must decide on this herself."

Whatever road she takes is her own. She cannot blame others.

Old Lady Fang nodded.

"Okay, then let's go and ask her," she said.

Seeing Old Lady Fang and her daughter-in-law arriving at night, Liu'er was not pleased.

Could it be that they came now because there previously was no winner or loser?

"Our family's young miss wants to sleep," she said, barring the entry way.

"It's all right now. Please, let them enter. I can wake up from sleep," said Miss Jun from inside.

Young Miss hand spoken, so Liu'er opened the door. This time, she did not wait for Miss Jun's instructions and went to guard the door outside.

Miss Jun had already washed her face, let down her hair, and had put on a short coat.

Perhaps it was because of the faint fragrance in the room or because of the girl's clear, water-like eyes in the lamplight, but people felt very at ease upon entering. This was very different from before.

Old Lady paused. Actually, when she had come the few times before, she was not in the mood to take stalk of the surroundings, not to mention the comfortable feeling of the room.

She did not like this contrast, so she opened the door to see the mountain with her words.

"Of course, the main thing depends on how you are going to cure him," she said. "If you don't need much contact with him, then there is no need for this."

"Have you thought about how to cure him?" asked Lady Fang.

Miss Jun smiled and nodded.

"I have," she said.


Old Lady Fang and Lady Fang could not help but be nervous, so much that they couldn't even ask for more details.

"Through a medicinal brew, and then I will use acupuncture needles to mend his meridians. Although he won't immediately become as good as before, at least he will not die a year from now," said Miss Jun without prompting.


Old Lady Fang and Lady Fang still did not say anything, not knowing what to say.

"So Grandmother, your proposal is very good. I was also thinking of how to prevent people from hearing about this without hitting the grass to scare the snake," added Miss Jun. Smiling, she nodded. "Marriage is very suitable."


Old Lady Fang and Lady Fang were speechless.

Jun Zhenzhen, who felt insulted by even looking at them, actually agreed to marry a member of this merchant family. Moreover, it was a cripple from the merchant family.

"Zhenzhen, this is too harsh on you," Lady Fang couldn't help but say.

Miss Jun smiled.

"What hardship is there?" she asked. "Isn't it fake?"

Oh right, it was fake.

Old Lady Fang and Lady Fang had forgotten that themselves.

"However, we know that it is fake but other people will not. Your reputation will suffer damage," said Lady Fang gently. "We could do it some other way."

If there was another way, then why would you say this one?

And just because you point out a different road to someone and let them choose, that does not make you a good person, no?

Miss Jun smiled and shook her head.

"No need. People who have died once do not care about reputation," she said. "Doing what is advantageous for oneself is much more pressing."

The matter was agreed to this easily.

Lady Fang felt like her energy had been blown out of her, and she had been pricked by this girl's needle. This made her feel that raising the suggestion was a bit silly.

"Zhenzhen." She suddenly stood and paid her respects to Miss Jun.

Miss Jun stood, not avoiding the senior's etiquette.

"If Chengyu can truly keep his life, I hope that Chengyu will give everything that should be his to you," said Lady Fang.

Fang Chengyu was the Fang Family's male heir and successor. Everything that should be his was everything of the Fang Family.

This promise undoubtedly meant giving her everything of the Fang Family.

Old Lady Fang's expression was surprised, but she didn't say anything.

Miss Jun smiled, but this time, she did not decline the offer like a respectful junior.

"Very well," she said, with the seriousness of a child playing a joke. "Aunt, do not forget those words."

[1] Marriage is a very "happy" event so it's supposed to drive out an illness. It literally means "rush happiness"

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