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Servant girl Liu'er had never needed to be quiet in the Fang residence. Although she made an action like she was speaking quietly, her voice rang throughout the library.

Miss Jun laughed and patted the servant girl's head.

She was really too bullying.

The bully did not feel anything, and the person getting bullied didn't either.

Young Master Fang's expression was still calm.

"Miss Jun, please wait a moment. I will get out of your way," he said. Then he thought of something and paused. "Will Miss Jun be using the library often from now on?"

His attitude was very courteous, but his sort of courteousness was somewhat dissonant.

Miss Jun smiled.

"There is no need for you to leave. I just came here to 'read' [1]," she said, sweeping an eye over the library. "After I finish reading the books here, I will not need to come here. It should take only half a day."

The books here, half a day to finish reading?

He had been reading these books for seven to eight years and still hadn't finished.

Fang Chengyu laughed. Why did he ever start talking to this woman. He was really just looking to be disgusted.

"As expected, Miss Jun is a heaven-sent talent," he said, lowering his head and taking out a book to read.

Miss Jun paid no more heed to them and followed along the bookshelves. Liu'er yawned and leaned against the bookshelves to doze off.

The room returned to silence.

Fang Chengyu could not believe that she had really come here to read books. He hadn't imagined that she would not talk anymore. He couldn't help but take a look to see that woman slowly walking along the bookshelves, her fingers brushing along the spines.

Was she here to find a book?

Fang Chengyu lowered his head and did not pay her any more attention.

The silence of the room, besides the sounds of him turning pages, was only disturbed by the soft sounds of her footsteps and her rustling clothes. When he raised his head again, he saw Miss Jun already standing in front of the third floor bookshelf, moving as before.

She wasn't walking, and she also hadn't deliberately tried to provoke him.

"What are you looking for?" Fang Chengyu couldn't stop himself from asking.

"I am not looking for a book," said Miss Jun. "I am 'reading' books."

Reading books?

Fang Chengyu stared.

Miss Jun gave him a look. Her hand tapped a book spine, and her gaze would follow to the cover. Tap by tap, look by look, the person very quickly made her way through the bookshelves on the third floor. She made her way up to the fourth floor, bringing herself in front of Fang Chengyu.

"'Reading' books," she said again.

She reached out her hand and flipped over the book in Fang Chengyu's hands, looking at its name and then letting it go.

This was 'reading' (looking) at books!

Fang Chengyu looked at her.

"You are ill," he said.

The always elegant and composed young master suddenly became angry.

Not only was his expression unable to hide his anger, but he also spoke impolitely. Moreover, his heart was boiling over with anger.

'Reading' books.

She could 'read' at books this way, she really could.

As for him, who could not do anything else but read books, even if it was like that, he would never dare to 'read' books like that.

He spent every day reading, chipping away little by little. Even if he stayed here to read forever, he would not be able to finish reading everything before he died.

'Reading' books, so she was 'reading' books, huh? She was provoking him, showing off.

She could waste time like this showing off, so recklessly wasting time, because her life was very long.

She could do whatever she wanted to, and not do whatever she didn't.

He looked at Miss Jun and she looked back. She seemed not to see the anger on his face.

"I am not," she said, her tone soft.

Although she was standing on the ramp, she was at the same height as him, who was sitting.

"You are ill," she said seriously.

The little servant boy holding the wheelchair was extremely red in the face. His hands on the wheelchair were trembling because he was using such force.

This bullying was really intolerable, truly intolerable.

It was very normal for Miss Jun to bully people. Bullying the servants, Young Misses, Old Lady and Lady was fine. But how could she bully Young Master?

Bullying even Young Master. She really didn't have a drop of humanity.

The young servant had already thought that if Miss Jun dared to say one more thing, he would ignore Lady's punishments and protect Young Master. He'd go for a bout with Miss Jun.

Fang Chengyu's eyes were red, but his anger had transformed into a smile.

"Right, what you said is right. I am ill," he said. "I cannot criticize you, a non-ill person. A non-ill person cannot waste time."

"Do you think that I am wasting time?" asked Miss Jun, suddenly smiling and shaking her head. "No, I am not. I am 'reading' books. 'Reading' books like this is very useful for me and not a waste of time at all."

While she talked, she continued to look at the books on the bookshelves.

"How is this useful?" asked Fang Chengyu with a smile. "Oh, that's right. Miss Jun would feel happy."

"It's not for happiness. My time is very precious and scarce. I do not like to waste time," she said, without looking back in the direction of the ramp. "I would not do things that were useless."

She knew that time was precious?

Fang Chengyu laughed coldly. He wanted to say something, but stopped.

Time was precious. Why was he wasting time with this kind of woman. Who cared about her. The more he looked at her, the more time he wasted.

"Let's go," he said, putting the book in his chest area.

The little servant boy made a sound of agreement, and the wheelchair slowly descended.

Fang Chengyu did not look back, so he didn't know that Miss Jun did not turn to look at him. But he knew that tonight Lady Fang would come and find him.

Who came that night was not just Lady Fang, but also Old Lady Fang.

"Mother, I know. I can take out the books I want to read and don't have to go to the library," he said preemptively.

Old Lady Fang and Lady Fang exchanged glances, their expressions complicated.

"Chengyu, did she really go there to read books?" asked Lady Fang.

These words were somewhat weird. It seemed that she wasn't waiting to appease him or to tell him not to go back, but rather to confirm something.

"Did she speak with you Mother?" asked Fang Chengyu with a smile. "How come Mother didn't say anything to me?"

Lady Fang did not say anything more but looked at Old Lady Fang.

"Mother, she really did go take a look," she said with a trembling voice.

Old Lady Fang did not say anything, but her expression was contemplative.

The situation was not right.

Fang Chengyu frowned.

"Grandmother, Mother, what did she promise to you? So that she went to the library?" he asked.

Lady Fang gave Old Lady Fang a look.

There was no need for her to answer. Fang Chengyu knew the answer.

"What is it?" he asked.

The situation was not right. Mother and Grandmother loathed that woman. They would never listen to what she had to say, and it would be even less likely for them to come to his room to confirm something.

"Chengyu, there is something." Lady Fang obtained Old Lady Fang's look of agreement before saying, like she was embarrassed to talk about it, "She said she could cure you."

Fang Chengyu was immediately stunned. Although he was very surprised, he very quickly grasped the meaning of the sentence, as well as the reasons behind it.

"I know she said that, but how did she convince you?" The youth did not exaggerate his emotions and react, but instead asked them calmly.

To see him, at such a young age, be able to control his emotions so well, as well as being able to think critically, Old Lady Fang and Lady Fang were unable to hide their pride. But when they thought that this child, who made them so proud, only had two years left, they felt like they had been drowned by their sorrow and anger.

This was why in the end, they had agreed to Miss Jun's proposal.

Unresigned, unfair.

"Chengyu, we wanted to try it," said Old Lady Fang.

The words 'try it' were accompanied by limitless sorrow.

Fang Chengyu was still calm.

"How is she worth it for you to try?" he asked.

"She said that her grandfather had passed down medical skills to her. She was very determined in saying she knew a secret cure," Lady Fang said eagerly. "Moreover, she really did go to read books."

When the words 'reading books' entered Fang Chengyu's ears, his rage was ignited.

"What does she call reading books? She calls…" He ground his teeth and paused here. When he looked at Lady Fang and Old Lady Fang, a sudden flash of inspiration came upon him.

{No, I am not. I am 'reading' books. 'Reading' books like this is very useful for me and not a waste of time at all.}

Useful for her, naturally it was to make Grandmother and Mother believe that she was reading books. If she 'read' books like that, then Grandmother and Mother wouldn't know.

That devious woman!

"What does she call it?" Lady Fang suddenly saw her son stiffen and couldn't help but ask.


Fang Chengyu squeezed out that word from between his teeth.

[1] Look at a book or read a book: in Chinese read and look have the same character (看)

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