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Fumbling around, with an Evening Dress

My shoulders were being shook lightly.  Then I heard it, a familiar voice.

“Blue Lotus.  You’ve been sleeping for a long time, it’s time to wake up.”

Uh.. Director, always coming to wake me up at such absurdly early hours.  Alright then, just let me sleep a little bit longer.

“Hey, Blue Lotus.  You shouldn’t be saying such stuff at this point.  Everyone is waiting for you.”

Waiting?  Who is waiting for me?

“This is hopeless.  Wake up, Seiren!”

“Uh.. !?”


Following the strange motion of me drawn back to consciousness, was a small scream.  Huh, I still couldn’t see very well, but I think that was Alica-san.  I guess I frightened her.  So it was just a dream.  Director, even coming to wake me in my dreams.

“Seiren-sama, really.  Will you please wake up now?”

“…. uh, yeah.  Did I startle you?  I’m sorry.”

“No, it’s alright.”

Yeah, as I thought.  But this ‘being surprised’ was more what I would expect from Oriza-san.  Well, I didn’t expect she had such apersonality too.  …. wait, what?  I was still lying down on the sofa.  I was sleeping too deeply to move, probably.

“I… fell asleep?”

“Yes, you slept very soundly.”

“I’m sorry.  I’m not certain what happened there.”

Aaargh… it was too much to think about.  Well, let’s figure out what happened there.  Just before I so completely lost consciousness, I can faintly remember saying I needed to rest.  Before that, Minoa-san had given me that heavenly massage… so no, there was no excusefor such.

“I’m back. … Oh, Seiren-sama, you’ve woken up now?”

Just then, Minoa-san returned as well.  In her hands, she carried my old school uniform.  If that’s the case then, the box beneath it was my old shoes too.  Which is to say, they were finished being cleaned already.

“Oh, yeah.  I’m sorry I fell asleep so suddenly.”

“At least it’s good that you’ve woken up again already.  Oh, and your old clothes have been taken care of, here you go.”

“Thank you.”

I received the clothes and box from Minoa-san.  Oh, and they were properly ironed as well.  I was very thankful to have had these returned to me, even if the clothes and shoes were too large a size for me now.  I suspect I’ll never have a chance to wear them anymore, but they were still very important to me.

“Is there somewhere I could store these?  Somewhere in the back of the closet?”

“Of course, there is space for your precious outfit under the shelving at the back.  It was designed to hold a lot of things, so there is plenty of space.”

I went to the location Alica-san mentioned.  After opening the door, under the space used to hang dresses, there was a small bracket in the back corner.  Pressing and turning it, the handle popped out.  Impressive, it had such a gimmick.  I grabbed the handle and lifted the drawer free.  To think the drawer would pull out like this, set as such, half deep into the chest of drawers.  Impressive.

“It’s a very good hiding place, useful to put away anything notably precious.”

“This works out plenty for me.  Thank you very much.”

I express my thanks, while carefully putting my uniform and shoes inside.  I set my hand one more time over it’s surface, in appreciation, very thankful for this kindness.

Resetting the drawer to it’s original position, I suddenly realized something.  Before all this happened, I was told of a reason why I should not fall asleep.

“Oh, I just recalled.  Wasn’t it dinner time soon?”

“Ah, that’s right.  Oh, we still have to get you ready, before dinner time.”

“It’s alright.  I was planning on coming back at this time anyway to wake you from your rest as is.”

Recalling such details finally, I then further inquired with Alica-san who was folding away other clothes, rapidly going through all the light fabrics.  In contrast, Minoa-san had calmly turned to look at the clock.  Ah well, it wasn’t quite six o’clock, we still had a bit of time.

“Oh, okay.  So we’re good for time?”

“Yes, it was just the right timing for you to wake up.”

I see, that’s great news.  Showing up late for dinner, it would have made me feel like an idiot.  Anyway, 6 o’clock.. considering that I’m going to need to get changed, that’s going to put us at around half past 6, maybe even 7, for having dinner.  I got to eat breakfast and lunch rather leisurely, so I guess there was a lot of time set to spend on eating dinner.

“As quick as possible, I’ll bring some hot water here.  After we get your body fully cleaned off, we need to get you set into another outfit and sent off to have dinner.”

“I understand.  Itterasshai.”

Alica-san went to prepare the hot water, sparing a glance at Minoa-san in the process.  She returning pulling out a stool, and set it before a table.  I have to say, how did she stand that mirror on the table?  She even placed a huge mirror on that little table.

“So before dinner we have to clean my body, every single day, is that true?”

“Yes, it’s sort of a tradition of your family.  In addition to the members of your family present, this is especially important in situations where there are guests over for dinner.”

“I guess that makes sense.”

“Coming into the company of others, it’s important to leave them thinking well of how kireina you are.”

“Is that so?”

So I’m to take a bath before dinner, wasn’t this something I’ve recognized from before?  While we had dinner at the orphanage, there was always also an order to when people had access to hot water for a bath.  The smaller kids got a time to go in first, followed afterwards with the larger guys getting their turn together later.

Alica-san returned quickly after with the hot water.  I suspect she brought it from the hot water tank I saw yesterday in the bath.  It’s just, it was quite different having my body cleaned by someone else.  From the rinsing to the cleaning, it wasn’t me doing any of it.  After my whole body was wiped down while resting on the sofa, Minoa-san sat on the stool.  Oh, I was worried about how this might impact these soft, expensive cushions.  At this point I suddenly shifted my gaze, and caught sight of myself in the mirror before me.  The face I saw yesterday evening, originally of a girl, has since unsurprisingly and comfortably formed into a true woman.  This was slightly awkward… I lived temporarily as a guy and have since became such a girl, it is slightly amusing thinking about it.

“I’ve finished getting together your chance of clothes.”

Because my entire body had to be wiped clean, I had to put back on new underwear and clothes.  Alica-san had brought a new sort of dress, this one was a deep emerald green.  I was to spend the evening wearing such a dress?  While wiping my own face dry by myself just now, using a brisk motion out of old habit, Minoa-san’s “Please, be a bit more gentle” followed in rebuke.  Truly, she had a point, this amount of force was surprisingly a bit painful.  I Passed the towel from my neck, down over my shoulders, and over my arms.  To fully prepare my upper body, I diligently dried the area which would be covered by a bra.  Proceeding further… I also took care of my buttocks and koshimawari.  Slipping below that, I flew past my buttocks and took care of my thighs while continuing to my feet.  Oh yeah, wasn’t this better than the washing I had to go through last night?  Or how about when I was stuck in bed with a fever, and the Director had to wipe me down just the same.  Actually that left a refreshing feeling, recalling such from that time.

“Do you still feel pain or sore anywhere?”

“Oh no, I’m okay.  My foot feels much better.”

“I’m very thankful to hear such.”

I finished up by drying off my toes, trying to be careful because I’m very ticklish.

With that done, I put on a new set of underwear along with the new dress, then my hair was done up properly.  This dress, it went down far enough to sweep away my feet, flowing over them with a feeling of… ripples?  What could I say, I seemed splendidly beautiful like this.  Compared to the time I spent as a guy with my hair extending only to my neck, Minoa-san needed to do a lot just to get my hair up in a bun that felt about as long.  Then she topped it off by attaching a hair barrette, tied up with a flowery ribbon.

“Does this look really suit me?”

“There is plenty of selections, so you can choose whatever you feel suits you better.”

“…. oh yeah, uh.. thank you.”

Minoa-san response was so decisive, as if in other words, looking like this was perfectly fine.  It’s just, looking back at myself in themirror, to think I would be able to reach as far as being suited for such a look… yeah, it was amazing.

“I’ve also got your socks and shoes here.  I made sure to pick a set that was extra soft, but please let me know immediately if they bring you any discomfort while you are walking around.”

“Oh, okay, yeah.  So if it starts feeling weird or anything harsh like that.”

The socks, they looked like a deep color of brown that would go up over my knees.  And the black shoes Alica-san also brought with them, they were made from a soft cloth.  They had a ribbon that tied at my ankles, looking as if it was designed to keep the shoes from falling off.  I completed my outfit, also wearing the kekkō socks and shoes that Alica-san selected.  Her selection was very similar to Minoa-san and Oriza-san, like they had the same sense of style.  I was a little curious about such.

“So then, we should be off, Seiren-sama.”

“Oh, yes.”

Minoa-san and Alica-san each took me by a hand, helping me stand up.  By the way, the skirt of this dress seemed to flutter slightly as I moved.

“You seem so pretty dressed that way, Seiren-sama.”

Alica-san declaired such so decisively, filled with such obviousconfidence.  Well, she was the one who chose this outfit. ….. still, to be called pretty, it’s scary how much I’ve grown used to it.

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